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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ukriane's Eastern Provinces Are Voting To break Away

As you read this the two Eastern Provinces of the Ukraine are voting to break away from the Ukraine in accordance with their 1991 treaties with Both the Soviet Union and Mother Russia.

(((Please continue to pray (Visualize) for Continuous Gentle Rain in the entire American South West  - as it is raining in Sante Fe right now, and continue to pray (Visualize) that Lucifer and his evil bunch are completely immobilized here on Planet Earth)))

WHen the former Soviet Union was torn apart by western Bankstas in the early 90's each nation that broke agreed to let their individual Counties within their countries the right by vote to either rejoin Mother Russia or become it's own, Independent Nation. President Yushenko was aware of this, President Yanakovich was not. The member of the Ukrainian Legislature are also not likely to remember these treaties as well...which make implementing them rather tough.

I remember them.

Crimea was the first and voted to rejoin Mother Russia - but for now they are treated as The  Independent Nation on Crimea.

The two Western Provinces - the Donesk and Lugants region will, in a few hours, vote with an over-whelming margin to leave the Ukraine.

The leaders of the Pro-Ukraine troops that are currently raping and murdering children have openly stated that if the Ukraine does not fundamentally change they will then go after the the current leadership in about 6 months. These are the men the US COrporation has funded - murders and rapers.

So the situation remains tight. Once the vote is counted the area may then be fully protected, in accordance with their international treaties, by the Russian Federation.

Both NATO Corporation (Formed to sell weapons form the US to Europe) and the UE COrporation have condemned the elections - as has the US Corporation. All three corporations lead right back to David Rothchilds as the owned, which is controlled by the Frankfurt Bankstas, which are controlled by the Vatican Trust and controlled by the Roman Pope.

Please pray (Visualize) hat these Vatican Controlled Corporations become totally inept immediately and forever.
A Note For US Corporate Air FOrce One

Your porcelain wires are cracking.

In the current Air Force One sit in the Plot's Seat and place your right hand on the Instrument Panle near the top - lean forward a bit. Kind of hot.

Those "Top Secret" Porcelain Wiring and Harnesses are beginning to crack. Some idiot subcontracted them out to South East Asia.

Further - you have some Kevlar Core Wiring - right?

Kevlar surrounded by an Iron Sheath, then covered with rounded Copper Nickle Wire, then graphite coated with a silicone topping, then a fiberglass braid over them and then top coated with more Silicone?

Like Spark Plug Wires they wear out and need to be changed yearly.

You forgot about that in your maintenance manuals - didn't you?
As for dead bankers:

Sorry about the incorrect name of one of the last bankers who dies - the name was changed after I posted the story - busy CIA I guess.

These two stories are from What Really Happened and are as follows:

1) 14:23: Banker SHot Dead Wife turning the Gun on Himself After Custody Dispute WHile 13 Year POld Child Watched Form The Car.

Scott Gamble, a Deutch Banker who started City Wide Mortgage and was currently working for FPZ bank as their Chief Executive Officer went a little insane.

2) 13:58: B of A Banker Arrested in Hong Kong for Double Murder of Two Prostitutes, One Victim Was Stuffed In A Suit Case.

That is pretty self- explanatory. Unlike here in the US where I have a 4 time convicted Child Rapist and First Degree Murder living behind me collecting welfare from the Prison System (AUX, GAU) - the penalty for First Degree Murder in China is Death.

GOD warned these Western Bankstas they would meet GOD's Demands on 12 June or start dying. Personally - I am enjoying the show.

As for the Red Dragon Family, which recently took over the IMF, These Bankstas have already been rattled by GOD and will do as they were asked by Full Moon 6 November for GOD will begin dropping them like flies.

If they had any brains they would look around at what is happening to the Rothchilds (Lady Rothchilds and David Rothchilds Son both dead in the last 60 days) and their Bankstas and do as GOD is directing.

Based on the Arrogance of your Red Dragon Ambassador - my guess is that your noses are pretty high in the air so you are not likely to comply with GOD so now the Living GOD will  have to cut your nose down to size.

Maybe after 8 or 10 members of the Dragon Family Drop Dead you will listen?

Fine with me - ignore GOD - I will enjoy the show.


You will obey international laws and do as the Living GOD has asked you to do or your family members will start dying, so HE has said it, so it shall be. The longer you wait - the more HE will hit you.

Is that perfectly clear Red Dragon Family?

All that you have done, all those years you have worked to get to where you are, all will begin to unwind because of your arrogance; completely unwind.

Since your "Ascended Masters" have not been able to touch me consider that My God is apparently much higher up the Galactic Food Chain than these Great White Spirits.

What you do is up to you - but may I suggest you meet with me and do as GOD has directed.

6 November.

Look up Red Dragon Family - you will not like what is coming if your ignore the Living GOD. He has a big stick.
The News You Need

Dr William Mount


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