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Sunday, November 23, 2014

US Corporation Has Gone Over The Top

The US Corporation has gone over the toop - again.

What you are about to read has made me sick - physically ill.

(((Please pray - Visualize Hard - these evil Minions in the US Corporation leave Planet Earth Immediately)))

As you read this the US corporation is sending two plane loads of weapons to the Ukraine.

The proposed rout is through Ireland and then into the Kiev Airport at Boryspol?

The money for these arms was routed through Saudi Arabia and into the US Arms Manufacturers. Many of the weapons were purchased overseas. PM Abe of Japan has his fingers in this - which is why he is calling for an immediate election in Japan because it was rigged in his favor by the Saudis to start this war.

If the two US Transports have a Very Cold Freezer on board then they are carrying the more Atomic Bullets (A few Nuke Hand Grenades and two working Brief Case Nukes from Laurence Livermore))) - many of which have degraded and do not work.

The Mercenaries that will be given these Special bullets - Red in color I Believe - will be dead within a month after using them - radiation leakage.  

The US Transports are carrying "Medical Supplies and Humanitarian Aid" from the UN and Red Cross.

Did we mention the Orange Bullets loaded with Sarin Gas also in this inventory.

It will be wholesale Slaughter - Genocide, the start of WW3.

It is like watching the start of WW1 in slow motion crying: "No, Stop, No, No" - and no one is listening.

When I found this out I became physically ill because I see what is coming.
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Dr William B. Mount

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