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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Doing Business in America, Think Again

Think of relocating a factory or business in America?

1) Consider Missouri:

Are you being smozhed by Governor Jay Nixon for special tax advantages in this state?

This governor Jay Nixon goes in the same category as Governor risk Snieder the Pervert of Michigan, who is still forcing Organic Pig Farmers to shoot their own Piglets and then "reviewing The films" in his mansion.

(Pray - ( Visualize) the scum involved in this incident are terminated immediately)

In the case of this Murdering Governor Jay Nixon he allowed his Missouri Police Officers to illegally seized property form Jeffery Weinhause's House, set up a rendezvous to return his property, and then gunned him down with several Back Up Patrol Officers nearby and a pack of FBI freaks in the parking lot to ensure he was killed.

Jay Nixon the Murderer for President?

Granted - Jefferey did threaten the President, he smoked Dope, and he did  carry a gun - but it was a set up and the Governor knew about it.

Jeffery did manage to live, so he was then sent to prison 25 years for getting shot by a Missouri Cop 4 times. They called that "Resisting Arrest."

His stolen property was never returned.

(My back door neighbor has 4 felony convictions of Child Rape, 1 of 1st Degree Murder, a rap sheet a mile long,  he was in prison for a couple of years, and now he is living with a 13 year old girl)

So if you plan to do business in Missouri, or Michigan, or California with Governor Moon Beam - think again. Your property can be seized for no reason other than the fact the cops wanted the property, your children raped with no prosecution, and your money stolen in transit to the bank with no record of the stop.

America is no place to do business any more.
2) Further - if you fly through America you had better not be carrying a Potato.

Yup - Homeland security has hired Affirmative Action Employees with dogs to patrol the airports to ensure no Non GMO potatoes are brought into America in a person's luggage. See yesterday's Wall Street Journal.

They are Homeland Securities Potato Police, paid for by Your, the tax payer.

Apparently Non-Genetically Modified Foods are no longer allowed into America.

It appears that these Fascist Pigs in the Obama Administration simply and plainly wants you dead.

So - why set up a corporation in America - the New Fourth Reich?
3) Further - the US Treasury just issued $1.04 trillion Dollars in New Treasury Bonds in the last 8 weeks and only took in 4$341 Billion.

That leaves an annual debt of around $4 trillion dollars - ,meaning that out of a 416 Trillion Dollar GNP 25% of it is created by debt ---- meaning a Long Term Inflation rate of 33% per year.

This means we are about to hit a period of Hyper Inflation, does it not?

Don't Worry - the US Treasury has issued the $1 trillion Dollar Coin, Despite their claims they have not. 

So - why do business in America
4) Finally - consider Obama care - where the Average Family of 4 will soon pay half their income into Medical care - or you as the Employer will have so subsidize this amount or have your property seized and perhaps be shot over and over again.

can we ZEIG HEIL yet?

So why take the risk?
There are good people ion America - it is just the WHITE HOUSE RAT PACK and their leaders like the Rockefellars are murders, rapists, and evil to the core.

Evil must be purged, you cannot negotiate with it.

Pray - Visualize - the Evil is purged form Planet Earth immediately.
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Dr William B. Mount

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