Monday, August 31, 2015

In The Eye Of A Tornado

Over the last weekend I attended a Washington Civil War Association Event. I portray a Russian Observer.

The Russian Cesar (TSAR) would be proud of me.

As such I belong to a Union Unit. Russia guaranteed England, France, and Spain  would stay out of the war by threatening to invade Colonies like India and Afghanistan if they got involved in the American Civil War.

Prior to the US/UK/FR Killing of the Russian Tsar and the theft of their wealth the Tsar, and their people, were great allies of America and made great strides in freeing their surfs and in Free Trade with our nation.

On Saturday (Two Day Ago) we experienced severe winds with many dust devil in outr area just Norht of hte town of North Bend, Washington.

At about 2 PM we all watched a severe Wind Gust along the tree lines, it made an abrupt left tun and a right trun and headed right for the center of the camp. I stood up and raised my left hand and as the tornado touched down where I was standing I said: "You Nasty Demon get out of here in the name of Yeshua - that Jesus you scum bucket - now get out I command you in HIS name."

With a few tables and chairs and tarps swirling around me I held my ground - you could feel the evil.

No sooner had I finished speaking than it left. Five tents were literally dropped and the tarps flew a ways and then dropped.

Total damage to the individuals included was mainly repairable with some sewing and pounding. we will, however, need to repair our poles an d buy a few new ones.

Twice more the Demon came back and twice more I stood my ground repeating myself.

The second pass came directly at us and it raised up and went over our heads just before it hit.

The third pass I raised my hands and remained silent and the tornado turned left and touched down in the willow trees about 300 yards away.

After these left most if us just stood around where our camp had been in utter shock. The pressure change was similar to a 155 Artillery Round landing a hundred yards away. I still have a headaches.

After about 10 minutes we were busy putting the camp back together - these guys and gals are great.

I had no damage to any of my gear but am signed up to go to two work parties to help rebuild the gear and it appears every one will chip in to replace the poles. I have agreed to buy the lumber. It is the right thing to do.

When I got home yesterday another "Dust Devil" came down my street and again I stood in the open and stated:"In The Name Of Yeshua Go Around Me You Scum Bucked Demon."

The wind went completely around my 1/2 acre and hit my neighbor's yard.

We are in one heavy duty Spiritual Battle.

Stand your ground.

Mohamed talked about Jesus (Yeshua) more times than any other figure. Yeshua is not a profit but the Son Of God.

In the Koran Abrams 28 Mohamed stated: "I sent you the old testament profits and you did not listen. God sent you Yeshua and you did not listen. I have come to tell you again - follow GOD's Laws."

Buddha stated a man will come after me who will have round holes in his hands and round holes in his feet and scars on his head who is the Son of the Most High GOD and after HE comes we will never reincarnate again but live one life and be judged.

No other name under heaven or on Earth would have made that Tornado go away and gently plop all 5 tents down where they had been lifted off of. Only Yeshua.

Faith a little weak?

Pray that your faith grows and that YOU spend more time in prayer.

In The Eye Of A Tornado - YouTube

The Civil War Reenactors are incredible people and I am honored to be part of this group right now.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

On an economic front - GOD told the Chinese, Russian, Federal Reserve, and US Corporate leadership what they needed to do to stabilize the economy and until they do it GOD's Curse will lay on leaders like Obama, Rothchilds, Rockefellars, Putin, Medvedev, Li and a whole host of others who are currently being terminated a s you read this.

No other method will remove GOD's Curse form their lives - so it has been stated by the Living GOD and so it shall be now and for eternity for these nations unless they do as GOD has directed them to do.

And yet another attempt on Obama 17 Sep, Putin 12 Sep, The Chinese Leadership in ----- very soon.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Cure For Autism Video

Following are the procedures we have used to help walk about 202 children out of Autism.

Moms - you are not a failure. You did not do this to your child and there is hope.

You are about to embark on a wonderful journey with your children that will be both frustrating and filed with joys that are unimaginable - like the first time your autistic child can say their first word, or begin to read.

Each journey is so different in Autism it is hard to to generalize about your personal own journey.

Each journey begins with a single step

I sell nothing - and the video you are about to watch will allow you to take that first step.

May GOD bless each and every one of you for starting down that long road to recovery.

With tears of Joy I present to you:

The Cure For Autism - YouTube

The News Moms Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Asteroid Kill Zone 23 Sep 2015

The following video shows the expected KILL ZONE for the US Nuclear Blast (Asteroid) set for 23 September 2015. Sorry about the Low Tech Map - but you need to know today.

Asteroid Kill Zone, 23 Sep 2015 - YouTube
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS: DC, 2 Sep in your sewers, Pine and Madison.

For your nitwits in DC - that is the Washington Monument I believe, although all I got was Pine and Madison 2 Sep Poof!

I would give more - but your last thank you DC White House Staff was underwhelming.

PS - Your stories are great Will

We may see a huge change this fall in DC - Huge change.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Message For World Leaders Of The Carribean Nations

This is a message to the World Leaders who live in the Caribbean.

Pray - Pray (Visualize) that the US Homeland Security Corporation does not obliterate your nation in 4 weeks.

Leaders of Mexico, Cuba, Texas, Alabama, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Venezuela, Columbia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, Dominica, Peutro Rice, etc.

The already known impact is estimated to be about 100 milers South and East of Houston and should create a tidal wave large enough to completely destroy your entire nation - 100% casualty rate.

Confirmed!! Comet Coming This Way!! September 2015 - YouTube

Please understand that in 1950 the US completed it's first Anti--Gravity Craft at Forrestal Research Center - the SKY CRAFT. She was white colored and very beautiful. The speed exceeded the NAZI VRIL craft built in 1936-1945.

In 1962 the US and USSR landed on Mars

Us-Ussr Landing On Mars 1962 Using Alien Technology - YouTube


In the late 90's I worked with men who built these craft and we discussed it.

During the last two UN Conferences the employees of Lockheed Martin discussed their Space Exploration.

If the United States Corporation or Russian Federation wished to destroy this "Asteroid" they would.

If this Asteroid does impact Planet Earth and create such devastation so as to destroy entire nations then know this: The US Corporation and it's allies wishes it to destroy these nations.

On 25 May 2015 a Nuclear Weapons was set to go off about 4 blocks West of the DC White House - one as large as the Hiroshima Bomb. It was set there by other US Forces who wish to start WW3 and was confirmed in the DC Police Blotter as a "Pressure Cooker Bomb."

It is not just you they want dead - it is every one.

Lucifer is at war with Life itself.

Please pray with me - in fact - please openly pray on your Radio and Television networks - that the plans of Lucifer are foiled. If you wish me to lead the prayers I will - just watch the video THE CURE FOR CANCER  or THE CURE FOR DIABETES for my contact number.

If this "Asteroid" hits where they say it will then Planet Earth is literally going to shake. It is likely many volcanoes will ignite, the Yellow Stone Caldera, and the oil under the Mississippi (Thunder Horse) now laced with Phosgene Gas (Thank You Homeland Security) will blow and kill; the South Atlantic Ocean.

My guess is - this is a planned Nuclear detonation similar to Oppenheimer's Planet Earth Killer he discovered built in the early 1950's - a medium sized nuke with plenty of Lithium 6 Accelerant in a submarine placed deep in the ocean.

Either way Presidents - the US State Department will deny it, Obama's Doubles will ignore you, and Homeland Security will likely ask the CIA to kill you and replace you with a double if you bring it up.

The Roman Pope is expected to address the United Nations two days later about this disaster and ask for people to accept the Chip so they can receive food because the master computer was damaged - something like that. He is a Murdering Jesuit - this is who he is.

You have one chance - turn to GOD and ask for prayer all across your nation.

This is the largest ACT OF WAR any nation has ever attempted and if it is a lie this is the biggest lie in history perpetrated by the US Corporate NAZI  SS (Homeland Security).
The News You Need

Ambassador William B. Mount

Friday, August 21, 2015

UN Seen Starting Fires In North Central Washington

I just received a report from an eye witness that watched a White Colored UN Helicopter land on a mountain near Republic Washington and 2 men got out and started a brush fire.

This eye witness (Infantry Veteran) also sighted another odd looking aircraft fire a light beam into the woods and a forest fire erupted shortly afterwards.

These reports are spot on when it comes to location of the fires and is identical to reports of other fires starting across Washington State I have received.

Basically: These fires are being started by  US And UN aircraft.

Washington State is under attack by the United Nations and United States Corporation and since the US Nationals Forests currently belong to the government of China they are technically AT WAR with China and thus (According o the original and 2nd treaties signed) at war with the entire "BRICS Set Of Nations."

Please remember that the UN Lucifer Trust folks stated several times in the last two months they intend to "Turn Up The Heat"

I have a personal friend who makes a very inexpensive Non-Toxic Biodegradable product that you can spray on either grass or trees that prevents them from burning and he was told to "Stay The HELL Away From Us:" by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources Procurement Officer.

They want you dead.

One last note - I studied Fire Weather Behavior at UC Berkeley and fought fires in Forestry for 7 years with my last assignment as the Commander of an Army Reserve Fire Camp.

Until about three years ago ALL fire weather was completely predictable.

With all the spraying the 60th Airwing out of Fairchild Air Force Base, the 9/10th Airwing out of Omaha  and Evergreen Aviation the fires will now get very how very fast and there is little prospect for rain.

If the Governor of Washington had any guts he would shoot down the planes starting the fires, buy the product to stop the fires, and force down the jets spraying chemicals to block the rain.

If he had any guts - and was not a flaming coward.

(((Please Pray (Visualize) that those burning up Washington State are destroyed immediately)))

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - It is hard to write with the number of jets flying in and out of McChord Air Force Base right now -

And - China has pulled out of the IMF and will now introduce the Gold Backed Yuan as the New World Currency for the 140 BRICS Nations.

Folks - Be Prepared Cause Here It Comes

Are you scared yet?

The Wall Street Journal Headlines reads:


The article mas absolutely no sense. The Stock market is collapsing because we think the economy is about to grow?

 The entire article makes no sense and is designed to confuse and scare you.

Further news states China pulled out of the IMF and is now working exclusively with the BRICS nations to form their World Currency. The Dollar is about to go away.

Suppose you had 3 months of food and water and heat and the market collapsed, looting, rioting?

You just close your doors and wait it out, right, especially if you had a gun or a bow and arrow?

Here is what you need:

1) Food:

   a) I have 2  - 50 pound bags of Rice and Beans mixed with Diatamations Earth I bought at the feed store - total coast about $100.

   b) I buy Flash Frozen and dehydrated Thrive Food - I set aside $200 per month and the food is incredibly good and it saves me money because it is cost effective. I joined the company and have a monthly "Q" of around $205 of Gluten and GMO free food delivered to my door.

   I spent 7 years in Forestry and every September through December it is fire fighting time. Well - UPS and the Post Office always deliver - even in most disasters.

   It will be very important to be part of a Food Manufacturing Company in the months ahead. Imagine riots over food and UPS brings yours to your door!!!

   Thrive can be reached at 1-877-743-5373

   Use my number THRIVE Number to sign up - it is around $130 - my Super Duper Number is 17266 and if you want my profits to go to Patch Adams just say so. It's too late for us to worry about profits. Just start getting Good Food in your house for your family.

    Besides - Patch needs the money for his 2 free hospitals and it would make me very happy to be able to help his hospitals out and you will know our profits are going to him.

  I do not work the Thrive business so I only know the food is good and it is cheap and in all the disasters I was assigned to the UPS guy almost always delivered..

Thrive Life - A more convenient way to prepare your meals.

Contact Us

2) Water:

    a) I have about 40 - 15 gallon containers. They cost around $40 a piece but if you buy 2 you will have 30 gallons of spare water.

     b) Hot Water Tank: I turn off the power and drain my hot water tank yearly and therefor have 38 gallons of spare water just in my tank.

   c) Bottled Water - we usually keep a case in each car and a couple at home. It saves on buying water when we run around so we actually save money by doing this.

Plastic Drum - 15 Gallon, Closed Top, Blue S-17007 - Uline

3) Toilet Paper

   a) I keep about 4 months worth on hand. No TP and your life is miserable.

   b) Keep in mind you need a place to poop. That's OK if you have the reserve water to flush your toilets - one gallon per person per day and you flush after every poo. Otherwise - buy a shovel and dig.


   a) You Need One rifle or Pistol, or Bow and arrows - or a way to secure your house from looters.As we speak the fores in Eastern Washington are causing tremendous looting so people cannot leave for fear of being looted. You need to protect yourself.

5) Heat

   a) You need some form of heat - a fireplace, wood stove, Mr Heater, etc.

6) Communications

   a) You need to be able to call on help form your neighbors if you need it. A fog Horn, a runner, 2 tin cans and a string - someway to get help when looter come.

7) Medications:

   a) See: Be Ready on you tube for this one.

BE READY - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, August 20, 2015

US Bombs Yemen For Oil

The US is aiding Saudi Arabia in destroying Yemen so they can steal their oil.

(((Please pray (visualize) that those destroying the planet are immediately and completely immobilized)))

Much of this oil is then given to the US Corporation in trade for Weapons and troops to protect the Royal Saudi Family.

This - of course - supports the US Military Industrial Complex.

Other large oil deposits nit yet tapped include: Tibet, Mongolia and the middle of the Sahara Desert, Deep under Israel, Gull Island, and a host of other places all across the world.

With a large military and a determined Bush Family this US Corporate Empire could stay afloat for another century, further destroying Planet Earth's to the point where she dies a slow miserable death.

See the video for more:

US Bombs Yemen For Oil - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Weekly News Update 14 February 2014 | Yemen Digest

Yemen’s hidden oil and gas reserves in Jawf a reality<div style="display:none">click here <a href="">click</a> read</div>- Yemen Post English Newspaper Online

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

BRICS Strike Back At US/UK

The Real Putin is back and he is very upset.

The BRICS are tired of being pushed around by those in London and DC and are now preparing to strike back.

After the recent US Made Hurricanes that hit Northern with winds so horrific a bridge actually blew down, then the destruction of an Ammo Ship in the main Northern Chinese Harbor the BRICS have had enough.

China was ready to sign off on $3 Trillion in US Debt but has decided to take it out of the hides of the US/UK Bankstas. They are dead meat - their underground homes will either be blown, poisoned or have either power terminated. It's Over.

Eight years ago a letter was sent to the White House explaining this and this Ambassador was called a nutcase, a cook. These folks (I know several) are not laughing any more - they are genuinely scared.

There 8 years are up and they are about to be dealt with by GOD. Not one nation has done as GOD has asked.

What we stated 1 October 2007 applies today - so - Bankstas and Lucifarians - be afraid, be very much afraid.

What we said needs to be done to stabilize the situation has not changed ONE IOTA. You in DC/UK either do as GOD has directed you or your system will come crashing down on your heads and you will be terminated:  so HE has said it, so it shall be - and death means an eternal damnation in a lower harmonics.

Now you even  have President Putin  upset that a US paid Oligarc shot him and is ready for War - I mean Real War. You know - Nukes detonated in your underground hide outs, gas canisters going of down there, power being terminated, etc.

Last night I got a call about Russian Troops lining up to take Southeastern Ukraine to seize mines that have a certain mineral that is apparently sold to a large saucer that sits about 30,000 feet over that part of the Ukraine - they harvest a mineral that cannot be Grown like Gold, Silver and Iron and the US Forces are demanding an unfair price as they murder millions of Yemen'. Iraquis, Ukrainians by order of the Rothchilds and the Roman Pope.

This was confirmed in a story on

So after a heavy artillery barrage by last night by US Forces to kill  Ukrainian Civilians the Russians have decided to move 5 divisions into the region to stabilize the economy and feed the local people.

It is time to pray and take care of your own families. It does not appear that either China, Russia, the Corporate US and those Supreme Commanders in Brussels will do as they have been asked by GOD - they have chose death so let them kill each other.

Take care of your family and prepare for 3 weeks to 3 months of no power. If it is truned off it is Homeland Security that will do it  - can we Zeig Heil yet?

Please watch the video to learn more.

BRICS Strike Back At US - YouTube
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Just please be ready:

BRICS Strike Back At US - YouTube

Cute - Rescue Cat Eats Ice Cream

Our last rescue cat ate Roses, this rescue cat loves Non GMO Ice Cream.

Cute - Rescue Cat Eats Ice Cream - YouTube

Fun News

Dr William Mount

Monday, August 17, 2015

Why No GMOs

To be quite frank: Genetically Modified Foods are designed to kill you.

The following video helps you sort through what you can and can't eat.

Foods to avoid are primarily:

1) Wheat - Eat Spelt Bread Instead, the original wheat.

2) CANOLA Oil - or, Rapeseed Oil. It shuts down your liver and you get fat

3) Soy Bean Oil - most people are allergic to it. Use Olive Oil or Coconut instead.

4) Beet Sugar. Eat SC & H Pure Cane Sugar instead. We eat Xyletol sugars because they harden our teeth.

5) Avoid Chemicals:

   a) MSG - It kills Brain Cells.

   b) Propolene Glycol - Used to make cows fat.

    c) All Sugar Substitutes like the Pink or Blue or Green Packets.

     d) If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it.

The video will help you allot:

Why No GMO - YouTube

Why No GMO - YouTube
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Never Let A Good Disaster Go To Waste

President Obama: Never Let A Good Disaster Go To Waste

All across America States, Counties and Cities are declaring "States Of Emergencies" to raise taxes without voter approval.

Pray (Visualize) that those who are doing these evil deeds are immediately and completely immobilized for the rest of their lives and that their Demons become so confused they cannot hurt us.

The Video:

Never Let A Good Disaster Go To Waste - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Saturday, August 15, 2015

China Strikes Back, Air Traffic Computers Down In DC

For those of you who are watching you have noticed that there is now a shooting war started by the United States Corporation, as run by David Rothchidls, against the BRIC Nations.

(((Pray that the Rothchilds and their allies are immediately and completely immobilized for life)))

Three days ago two US Soldiers of Chinese Ancestry blew up a ship in Tajin Harbor in retaliation for the China devaluing their Yuan..

Today China knocked out the Washington DC Air Traffic Control Computers. In addition, if the US does not call a truce they may take down other computers.

As many of you recall - one of my battles for the veterans and the United States Corporation is to stop the Veteran's Administration Corporation form selling military records across the nation - they are illegally accessing Department of Defense Corporate Records.

I took a case to the US Supreme Court as a Foreign Ambassador and they refused the case because I was not a State - allot of BS for stating we will not hear your case.

In response some members of the US Military took all of the US Algorythms to enter US Based Corporations to China and they now have access to all US/UK based computers, self destruct weapons for our underground bases, etc.

Thus - at the stroke of a Key Stroke the US Air Traffic Control Towers can be taken off line by China, Russia, Iran, and 8 other nations.

As for the earthquakes that took out Trinidad and Mineral and created the last DC Earthquake - it was proof of this ability by China.

All attempts to disconnect our Underground Self Destruct Nukes form the Net have failed with a detonation - oops.

When your boat is sinking the first thing you do is plug the hole, then you bail it out.

Perhaps we should close the door - stop the VA form selling military records around the world and arrest those responsible for this violation of National Security????

Perhaps CIA/FBI Geniuses we should plug the hole - run my case through the US Supreme Court at Gun Point before we shut down the grid and the economy and your underground bases are either blown, filled with Cyanide Gas or loose power permanently and you die of suffocation?

Do you not see that the BRICS can systematically shut this nation down and blow your Underground Bases?

Are you that stupid CIA/FBI/NSA?

The US will respond very harshly in 3 days (+-3). The Rothchilds have already set in motion something China/Russia will hate. IF I told you then likely this will never end - just do ass GOD says and you win or wait until your leaders start getting bumped off - not your politicians, but your Masters in China.

As for those who believe the Latest Story about an Underground Nuke going off - not an Ammo Supply Ship - put your heads back into the sand. It is much too late in the game to try and wake you up.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Oceans Are Dying

It can not longer be denied - the oceans are dying.

(((Pray - visualize - that those ordering the death of Planet Earth are immediately and completely immobilized - Focus hard or it is the death of Planet Earth.)))

Between the Commercial Fishing, dredging if the Ocean Floor for Coral, US Testing of their new Radar, Undersea Cables going out 200 miles into the ocean, Nuclear Testing (Still going on) dumping of Crude Oil and Toxic Waste, Fukushima's 4 Million Pounds of Nuclear waste (250,000 Times the amount used to blow Nagasaki) the ocean sea life is dying.

On Jacque Custeau's last TV program he warned about this and the show was then cancelled.

You say oil?

Yes Oil. When a ship burns oil for fuel it burs about 10%m, the other 90% is dumped out of the smoke stack as Bunker Oil to pollute the oceans. When the oceans are dead we die.

To copy parts of a story found on The Event Chronicle 3 days ago:

Ocean conditions have ‘gone to hell’ — Salmon covered in fungus, red lesions all over, big gaping sores — Extinction concerns, “it could be the end” — Experts: It’s crazy… Unprecedented… Catastrophic… Worst they’ve ever seen…

USA Today, Jul 31, 2015 (emphasis added): … weather in the Pacific Northwest is killing millions of fish
AP, Jul 27, 2015: More than a quarter million sockeye salmon returning from the ocean to spawn are either dead or dying in the Columbia… wiping out at least half of this year’s returning population… [NOAA’s Ritchie Graves] says up to 80 percent of the population could ultimately perish.
Eureka Times Standard, Jul 29, 2015: With recent fish counting surveys on two Klamath River tributaries showing alarmingly low numbers… fisheries experts are growing increasingly concerned… The South Fork Trinity River is also showing a low presence of wild Chinook salmon adults… Fisheries experts are not certain why the tributaries have such a low salmon population
Washington Post, Jul 30, 2015: … Native American tribes are becoming increasingly worried [wild salmonmight disappear… the current threat is worse than anything they have seen… “We’re very worried,” said Kathryn Brigham, chair of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission… An estimated quarter-million salmon, more than half of the spring spawning run up the Columbia River, perished, likely killed by a disease that thrives in warm water and causes gill rot…  Adults stay in the Pacific Ocean from three to seven years… Some populations “could go extinct,” [Greg McMillan with Oregon’s Deschutes River Alliance] said.
KOIN transcript, Jul 27, 2015: Half of the sockeye salmon in the Columbia River are dying… Biologists are calling this die-off unprecedented… (Nick Blevins, fisherman:) “The fish are not looking in good condition… Some of them will have lesions… The sockeye already have gill diseases“… It could be the end for these endangered species. (Blevins:) “For something that’s been here longer than us that’s going to go to extinction, we’re not too far behind then.”
Spokesman Review, Jul 24, 2015: “Never in my entire (29-year) career have I seen anything like this,” [Jeff Korth, fisheries manager] said. “A minimum of 300,000 adult salmon have died… We’re seeing big gaping sores… 15,000 sockeye tried to go up the Okanogan last week… They all died… My goal was to retire before ocean conditions go to hell again.”
Seattle Times, Jul 27, 2015: … the Columbia [has turned]into a kill zone where salmon immune systems are weakened and fish die of infections… Some [are]suffering from a bacterial disease. Others have backs covered with a mottled white fungusAll are expected to die… Mary Peters, a microbiologist who works for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [said]“It’s crazy.”… Salmon also face challenges in the ocean… “My guess is that this is going to be one of the poorest years for salmon (ocean) survival” said Bill Peterson, a [NOAA] scientist… “Things do not look good”… Diseased fish with red marks that are signs of a bacterial infection have been found… Some of them actually have red splotches all over
Daily Record, Jul 31, 2015: [Toby Kock,  Columbia River Research Laboratory biologist is] seeing a great many fish suffering from columnaris bacterial infections which shows up as frayed or ragged finsulcerations and fungus-like white patches on skin and gill filaments.
Spokesman Review, Jul 17, 2015: “Catastrophic“ is a word that’s being used as scientists begin to unravel the mystery… [They’re] finding dead fish, both shad and sockeye… the words scientists use to describe what’s going on are freakier than the photos:
  • WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife: “Very bad news… carnage is ugly… conversion rates… 2-5%”
  • Scientist from B.C., Canada: “Catastrophic losses… have begun to occur… It may be advisable for DFO communications to identify “talking points”… very soon to get out in front of events… [in] more than 40 years and cannot remember anything comparableto what were currently seeing unfold on the coast!

Related Posts

  1. Reports from Alaska: Many salmon with strange growths inside, concerns about health and safety — “Skin illness on white fish raise concerns… Never caught any like this” — Gov’t predicts ‘catastrophic’ king salmon run (PHOTOS) January 28, 2014
  2. Unprecedented emergency statewide fishing closures enacted in Pacific Northwest — “We’ve never had to do anything like this” — “Very alarming” mass die-offs linked to disease outbreak — Nearly 100% infection rate in some areas — Rotting gills, distended bellies — NOAA: It’s a ‘head scratcher’ (VIDEOS) July 17, 2015
  3. Gov’t Experts: Hordes of jellyfish 10 blocks long off west coast of Seattle; So dense it’s like you can just walk on them… Disturbing when all you pull up are huge masses of jellyfish — NPR: They seem to be replacing fish in food chain — Herring disappear, mysterious spike in salmon deaths (PHOTOS) May 14, 2015
  4. “Sea creatures sick, dying or disappearing at alarming rate all along Pacific coast… Some wonder if it’s fallout from Fukushima” — New York Times: “Ocean Life Faces Mass Extinction” — Study: “We may be on precipice of major extinction event” in marine wildlife (VIDEO) January 18, 2015
  5. 10,000 baby sea lions dead on one California island — Experts: “It’s getting crazy… This is a crisis… Never seen anything like it… Very difficult to see so much death” — TV: “Numbers skyrocketing at alarming rates” — “Woman is burying the rotting mammals” after digging graves at beach (VIDEOS) March 16, 2015
Millions of fish dead in Pacific Northwest » The Event Chronicle

 The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau 16 Mysteries of the Hidden Reefs -720p - YouTube

FOCUS - Those killing Planet Earth are themselves immediately and completely immobilized for the rest of their lives.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Inhaler Manufacturing Company Cooling Tower Infecter With Legionires

Today the Cooling Tower for the GlaxoSmithKlien Factory in North Carolina that manufactures Inhalers - especially bound for the VA Hospital's - have mysteriously been found contaminated with the Legionaire's Disease and - of course - the 5 New Forms of TB that have mysteriously appeared at the Pittsburgh VA Hospital.

Apparently the US Corporation is not waiting until September to do the mass spraying.

I urge vets to see the video: THE CURE FOR CANCER.

This new type of TB now being injected into these inhalers has a 100% death rate in 18 months and you die a slow, miserable death unable to breath and coughing up blood.

TB is no fun.

Please see the videos and use the products we recommend and avoid this infecion.


This is not, however, the first time these Murderers have sold contaminated inhalers for use by YOU , the Public.

Apparently in 2010 this happened after the FDA ordered these inhalers destroyed.

The Lot Numbers were:

Lot 9ZP2255 -- NDC 0173-0696-00, Advair Diskus 250/50, 60 dose, expiration Sept. 2010 (14,400 inhalers)
Lot 9ZP3325 -- NDC 0173-0697-00, Advair Diskus 500/50, 60 dose, expiration Sept. 2010 (11,200 inhalers)

No arrests or fines were leveled at GlaxoSmithKlein manufactutingg facility for purposely selling these know contaminated inhalers. 

Please pray - Visualize - that those responsible for these "Acidents" are immediately and permanently immobilized for life for the murders they committed. 

Potentially harmful stolen asthma inhalers show up in pharmacies, FDA says - DailyFinance

Glaxo drug plant where inhalers are made is quiet for 2nd day over Legionnaires' bacteria | Fox Business
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Chinese Ship Explodes In Port - China You Were Warned

Today a ship exploded carrying ammunition in the Chinese harbor of Tanin and China was warned and took no action to stop it. Sorry the warning was not presented ion a Gold Platter with silk - but


(((Please pray that those who took no action to stop this accelerating war are completely immobilized for life)))

This war here on Earth between the East and the West has been going on for centuries and many say for Millenium. It is an extension of the Wars in the Heavens.

Let us go back to the point where the Chinese get serious about taking control of the IMF to help stabilize the world's economies. At this time the US was busy replacing Chinese manufacturing facilities with new one in Vietnam, India and the Philippines to trash the Chinese Markets. So here goes:

1) A Nuclear Weapon left the underground facilities at Cheyenne Mountain bound for London to destroy the World's Financial System and start a World War. So - we contacted the Chinese and they intercepted this at Halifax with 2 Submarines. The next day they took over the International Monetary System  in Late October 2014.

2) We warned China again that unless they cleared their balance sheet with GOD HE wouls strike them again. Two days later on 28 July China lost trillions as their market falls just as GOD had promised and it will continue to fall unless they do as GOD has asked them to do.

In fact - it has become so bad China has announced QE To Infinity.

3) Again - Several days ago the Chinese Leaders were told the War will begin with many being killed and then it will go to the assassination of their leaders using Satellites, poison, etc.  Their nation will be squeezed by the Rothchilds so hard they will scream.

4) China lowered the value of their currency to spurn the dying manufacturing centers.

5) The Rothchilds immediately retaliated by blowing a ship in Tanin Harbor (Being's Port) loaded with ammunition, crippling the for for weeks.

6) The next step by the Rothchilds is to create a Revolution in parts of China to break it apart - just like they are trying to do in South Western Russia - which should experience a terrorist attack in a Fortnight because like the Chinese the Russians are hard of hearing as well.

Let the games begin, let the World Leaders and their Bankstas be the targets.

Whoever does as GOD has asked wins this game.
PS - The EPA Release of Millions of Gallons of extremely contaminated water was on purpose to destroy a population that lives in an area that refuses Fluoride. Please note tat no one went to jail and the Environmental Protection Agency Corporation was not find and their director will get a huge bonus this year.

Just put me in a room with the EPA Director for 10 minutes as an Ambassador alone and he will tell all. He is laughing all the way to the bank.

We pray because we fight not against Flesh and Blood but against Powers and Demons. They run form us when uncovered but use Humans as they shields against prosecution. Please rpay that those in charge of hte EPA have their banks accounts shut down immediately and permanently until they clean up this mess.

Missing Nuke In Colorado Sparks Intense Russian Fears

China stages biggest currency devaluation in 20 yrs to revive exports — RT Business
Chinese Markets Uneasy After Huge Sell-Off - The New York Times

Chinese Markets Uneasy After Huge Sell-Off - The New York Times

Gold mine's toxic plume extends to Utah

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Dr William B. Mount

Monday, August 10, 2015

UN Broadcast 10 Aug 2015 - Triangles

This morning, while most of you were at work, the Lucifer Trust fund broadcast on of their most interesting seminars they have ever had.

The group that met today deals with Triangles - forming triangles of Meditation around the world and then registering these triangles at their headquarters.

Each day, or maybe twice daily, you meditate as a group. It may be at 9PM, it may be at midnight - but you come together for a common good. You literally extend your Auras (IR Heat) across the world to your triangle partners for 3-5 minutes and connect mind to mind and meditate.

Thus your Auras actually extent and touch each other forming an irregular Energy Grid around Planet Earth.

These Auras apparently stay in the upper atmosphere and form this energy grid in a higher harmonics and allows easier communications between those projecting the Auras and the beings - the Asherons - from the higher plane (Dimension).

Further - it is these combined thoughts that actually form many of these beings now being created, and brought down, to Earth.

The purpose of all of this is to bring about THE PLAN - Compete Anarchy and Revolution.

This fits in with, for Example, the CIA paying Farakan to go to a church yesterday and demand Blacks start stalking, and killing, whites. In this way the CHAOS of rounding up 40 Million Blacks and Jews and moving then to FEMA Camps to act as Cheap Labor for our New Masters (the Chinese) will be accomplished --- kind of lie the Jews in NAZI Germany.

The transition we are currently going through will end when man realizes we are greedy and that the Spiritual Plane is real and this material plane is actually an Illusion.

This also explains why the Collider at Hadron in Cern (Switzerland) will be cranked up to Maximum Power 15 August during a special planetary alignment to try and kill GOD's Angels and force Man Kind to accept the ways of Lucifer, the PLAN, complete Anarchy, and then The New World Teacher and Lucifer as our god. Only then will we truly realize that these material planes are illusions.

Then the planet will be rebuilt using  "Spiritual Principles" rather than the desires for material and greed as the main driving force. The luxuries of this world must be cast off forever and we must all come together.

The Need Of The Many Over The Rights Of The Individual

By using the Maharishi Effect (One Percent of the Population Meditating on one goal) the entire direction of a town, a state, and even a nation may be changed. So by having 1,000 people meditate on a direction for the leaders of Planet Earth these leaders can be directed to change course for humanity.

Large Hadron Collider - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Will Farrakhan be arrested for call to kill whites?

Maharishi Effect | Maharishi University of Management
This is why we write - to have people pray on one subject and change the course of this nation and the world.

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Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Friend's Choice To Die

How do you deal with a Friend's Choice to die?

So what do YOU do when a GOOD FRIEND  decides that the most logical course of action is to do nothing and die?

It's one thing to have a friend die on the Battlefield or have a close friend drop dead of a Heart Attack or stroke or car accident - but what if they have a choice of treatments - one to live and one to die?

This is not like a President - you warn some one like President Putin and when he got shot - because he refused to listen this time - oh well. After his recovery maybe he will listen next time - like 12 September in his office by a military general with a whole lot of stars.

This is a GOOD friend who is dying, not some ungrateful politician.

What about how their wives or husbands feel about their choice?

How do YOU - the one left behind - how do you feel?

When they die your life is forever changed and the hurt goes so deep - you want to go back but you know you cannot ---- you can only move forward.

My wife and I have a family we have known for many years. About 6 years ago the Husband had a massive Heart attack and after a dozen hours of surgery the surgeons patched him back together.

Then came the Statins - they made him mean, and he began to forget and he gained over 200 pounds.

After the Statins came then came the Anti-Depressants that made him depressed.

Six years later he takes so many drugs on a daily basis he cannot even think straight - he gets confused easily and has a hard time focusing but since he is a Stubborn Swede no one really notices.

So now we find him in a hospital with a massive infection and the doctors ready to insert a Temporary Pace Maker until his staff infection goes away. This means stopping his heart and the survival rate is about 50% for this procedure, and even if he does live his chances of ending up a complete vegetable are huge.

What the heck is a temporary Pace Maker?

I just sent him a text that we can reverse all of this with Immusist - but he refuses to listen. He has chosen death. It is his choice to listen to the Medical Community and die. Today he called his attorney to ensure the will is updated.

He has chosen death and we must all respect this choice.

Knowing how cheap it would be to reverse all this it is hard for me to accept his choice of death. We are taught to respect the Life GOD has given us.

Yet --- I have never walked a mile in his shoes so I really have no idea what he has gone through and why he would now choose death - a wealthy man with everything to live for ---- yet ---- it is HIS choice.

We must accept his choice.

We - the ones left behind - must accept his choice whether we agree with it or not for in the end it is his choice, not ours.

My hope in my own life is that it is so exciting I hold onto life dearly until my last and final death breath.

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Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Friday, August 7, 2015

Its The End - Chocolate To Be Genetically Modified

In the video we show you that the US Department Of Agriculture Corporation, in conjunction with the Mars Bars Corporation, have conspired to modify up to 70% of all Cocao Plants world wide.

Ladies - it's Over. You most sacred food is being destroyed by the US Corporate Department of Agriculture. Time to revolt.

This once Sacred Food is being utterly thrown under the bus for Corporate Profits.

Ladies - Its Over - Chocolate Is To Be Genetically Modified - YouTube

Please pray - Visualize - that those doing this evil act immediately become violently sick for the rest of eternity.
On a moire serious note: CIA you had better get that Nuke headed into DC in front of a Small NSA Outlet in DC 17 August (+- 3 Days).  If you do not the world will come unglued.. The driver carrying the weapon plans to give some 22 year old kid $100 bucks to leave the Backpack in front of your store front.

Maybe your "Psychics" can gleen more info on this one - NOT. The Living GOD will block them.

Deal with it.
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Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CDC Names 171 NEW Vaccines

With many states voting to make Vaccinations Mandatory this story has real relevance in your life.

Already the CDC (Corporation of the US Department of Defense) has named 171 more vaccinations you will have to give your children

Already these NAZIS have mandated 45 vaccinations by the age of 5.

Autism is a real concern. With 1 in 88 children now Autistic after working with so many we find that these children have 3 things in common that do not show up in either their parents or their brothers and sisters:

1) Their Auras are Indigo. The Chrystaline Aura children are usually killed.
2) They have high levels of Uranium
3) 95% test positive for Lyme's Disease, which means they usually test positive for a host of other diseases like Malaria, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, etc. .

Please keep in mined Lyme disease is patented and Made In The USA.

The Cure For Lyme Disease - YouTube

Please keep in mind that the only people who test positive for Lyme's and Uranium are these Autistic Children with the Indigo Auras.

Estimates of Profits top $100 Billion by 2025 for these vaccine companies - - - all paid for by YOU, the Tax Payer.

Profit over Safety – Centers for Disease Control Names 271 New Vaccinations

So here is how it stands as of today:

a) We now have 14 Mandatory Vaccines with 56 booster shots that vaccinate us (Give Us) 45 different disease by the age of 18 and mandating Stupid children (50% Drop Out Rate by age 18, Tacoma School District Corporation) and a 1/88 chance of giving your child Autism.

b) we will have around 20 vaccinations with 100 boosters by the age of 18 giving us 226 different diseases and it is likely that the Autism rate will rise to 1 in 5.


Add genetically Modified Food most American's eat and the outlook for America is very dim.

Remember - the Lucifer Trust Fund did sate that they are going to now implement "THE PLAN"  - total anarchy and murder to usher in the NEW WORLD TEACHER and the AGE OF LUCIFER. You will bow to his statue or be destroyed. The chip is not the Mark of the Beast, Bowing to Lucifer is.


BE READY - YouTube

Please pray (Visualize) that those destroying America are completely and immediately immobilized forever.
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Dr William B. Mount

Call Service Was Out For Thousands Across America

From Tennessee to California and up into Oregon call service has gone dead for thousands. Please be aware that this is merely a test by the SS (Homeland Security). Following is the story:

Cellular service appears to be down across every major provider throughout Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky with Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville being the hardest hit. According to the website Down Detector, more than 10,000 AT&T, 1000 Verizon, 7,000 T-Mobile and 300 Sprint customers are without internet or phone access. None of the affected companies have disclosed the reason for the outage yet, though they all have already issued vague statements about how they're working on the issue.
Verizon issues the following statement after fielding numerous complaints on its Twitter account:
A connectivity issue is causing a service interruption in our market. Our engineers are aware of this issue and are working with our vendor partners to resolve this issue quickly. At present we do not have an estimated time of resolution.
Outage Map:

Both Verizon and ATT stated that it was a problem with a local carrier - yet it was nation wide but only in various pre-designated areas. In other words - both ATT and Verizon Spokesman LIED.

Most of the sites are  now back on line.

Cell service out for thousands across the American SoutheastCell service out for thousands across the American Southeast

I will say this - getting you this story was a real pain. Somebody does not want you to know about this.
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Dr William B. Mount

Monday, August 3, 2015

UN Broadcasts 30 July And 3 August - Coming Destruction

Following are the summaries of three broadcasts frm the heart of the United Nations in New York City and London.

first of all I would like ho thank those in the united Nation for allowing me to listen to these broadcasts. They know how I feel towards Lucifer but appreciate being able to listen to, and participate in, these short seminars.

1) Today:

The combined efforts of those who participate in the Lucifer Trust's Triangle Groups creates a triangular form of energy - Ley Lines - across the globe in a higher frequency. It is we humans that are creating this.

Like a Geodesic Dome the more we use our Creative Imagination to link with others the bigger, and stronger, these Ley Lines become. Since writing these summaries the number of listeners has grown in large numbers and the Ley Lines are getting brighter and stronger.

Apparently this energy being poured into these Ley Lines  is now becoming so strong it is blowing up on the planet surface in many ares: IE Rhode Island.

“Ley Line Surge” Explodes Rhode Island Beach, Kills 23 Russian Troops

2) Full Moon of Leo: I AM THAT AND THAT I AM

Leo is the exact opposite of Aquarious and in this Full Moon the Earth is in perfect alignment with the Dog Star Syrius - the creator's of life here on Earth. The Sun (Golden disc Of Ligh) seem to be a Star Gate through to Syrius.

Syrius consists of both the A and B Star Systems - with Syrius A being the Wlihelmena Star System containing Humans that are slightly Red in color. President Clinton is a "Red" Syrian A system alien for example. This is why he signed NESARA to give us back our Republic but President Bush Jr refused to obey this law. Preident Clinton thought he would have help on this. It may happen soon.

Syrius B is inhabited with very advanced Humans.

There are currently over 3 Million "E Ships" in out autmosphere and there is nothing Lucifer and Planet Earth have that can touch them - nt lasers, not Missiles - nothing. .

In Leo we progress from Self Awareness to Group Fusion to a form of Group conciousness where the needs of the group outweigh the needs of the individual.

Beginning today we will head into the Fires Of Destruction on this PLANET OF PAIN and this will unite all of Planet Earth under one goal - survival so expect Lucifer to throw everything and the Kitchen Sink at you.

Our battlefield is the battlefield of Materialism vs Spiritualism and already those that have accumulated huge amounts of wealth at the expense of the little guy have lost the battle in the Heavens and now the battle will move to planet Earth.

Things such as Climate Change, wars, Famine,new Diseases being released, environmental Destruction of Planet Earth are all being done to fulfill THE PLAN - total CHAOS and Destruction to usher in the New Age of Lucifer and Aquairious.

In 1767-68 Pluto and Syrius were in opposition and this ushered in teh Great Age of the American Revolution.

Today Pluto and Syrius are in opposition and this is ushering in a New Age of destruction and Rebuilding a new form of Liberty.

Liberty and Freedom (You Are King Of The Land On Which You Stand)  are an illusion. We must first free our selves of Material Desires before we move forward within ourselves.

Freedom on Earth is an illusion and it must be absolutely and completely destroyed so we can find freedom in the mind. If we become SLAVES we will find Freedom in the mind. To this end Lucifer will now destroy Freedom and make Human's complete and utter slaves.

The Plan must be fulfilled: Complete Anarchy, War.

we aer in deep doo doo America

Opening Star Gates (Wormholes) is done in two ways: Gold Keys and Notes or spinning high frequencies at a certain speed and frequency.

This Full Moon is our chance to Contact Syrius and the life on these planets. It is a Powerful Doorway for us to contact our Hierarchy and the Asherons.

When we are in THE LIGHT we cannot star into it or remain there long. We must stand in the light on a revolving door and let it reflect off of us to shine on others.

In other words - help people when you can because we are all in this together.
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Dr William B Mount

Legionaire's And TB/VA Being Tested In New York City

Like many diseases, the most likely test area for new disease has been New York City. Based on the Dozens News Stories based on this, and the US Department of Defense Corporation Releases, this type of testing has been going on since World War 2, and possibly since long before that time.

Today there are around 60 people who have been found positive for this Legionaire's disease in The Bronx and as of yet no one knows the source.

we do know that the Cooling towers for the NYC Verizon Building, the Streamline Plastics Building and the Concourse Plaza Yankee Stadium have tested positive for Legionaire's so it appears it is now Airborn in New York City. Somebody had to have sprayed it fm the air to to infect this many places.

Unfortunately this Lesionaire's is a "Marker" so see how far the other diseases associated with this spread have traveled. So far this "Legionaire's complex, complete with the Tuberculosis Version VA (TB/VA) remains in the Bronx.

Officials Seek Source of Legionnaires’ Outbreak in the Bronx - The New York Times

va hospital in hte bronx - Google Search

 This means that these 5 strains of TB/VA have infected central NYC and TB/VA cases will begin to sprout up as soon as the "Legionaire's Panic" dies down. The death rate of the new TB/VA  seems to be  about 95% in 18 months.

The US Department of Defense will conclude this study and then begin to prepare for World Wide Distribution in all major cities sometime between September and December.

China, India, Red Dragon family, Russia, India, were warned and told what to do to avoid this but your Bankstas and Presidential Handlers did not listen. Are you ready to listen to GOD yet?

An Airborne TB/Va will enter your underground bases and infect YOU.


BE READY - YouTube


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Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, August 2, 2015

VA Releases New TB In Pittsburg Hospital

As you recall the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Pittsburgh released Legionaire's disease and killed several hundred Veterans in their Pittsburgh Hospital last March in 2024.

If the Maintenance on the Air Cleaning filters had been done as scheduled then this  would never have happened.

The Director was given a $60,000 bonus and fired - retired actually - for Murder.

During the release of this Legionaire's disease they also released 5 different types of Man Made TB - tuberculosis we shall call this Tuberculosis Variety VA - or - TB/VA.

The initial tests show that standard antibiotics used to battle standard TB are completely ineffective.

The current patients suffering form these 5 NEW types of TB/VA are given the standard types of antibiotincs used to TB and the hospital Director (Robert Forsha) refuses to authorize the testing of things like tertracycline and sulfa Drugs despite the ineffectiveness of these Standard Drugs.

In other words - the Director is either dumber than a rock or under orders to see how long it takes to kill these veterans with these 5 new strains of TB.

Funny - non of the Employees died from the Legionaire's or TB/V outbreak?

THE VA Hospital Employees had NO COMMENT.

Apparently after the "Planned Incident" happened several of the Maintenance men were fired and all record of their employment seemed to vanish.

It is my firm belief that these diseases - which are now Airborne, will be released by US forces in December worldwide through US Air Force Transports, it may be as early as October depending on how this "Currency Exchange" happens. This is the "Plague" that will force the "Chip."

VA Releases New Form Of TB - YouTube

Please pray (Visualize) that our tests are effective and that those who were involved are themselves made completely sick for the rest of their lives immediately.

Russia, Germany, France, China, India - are you ready for 5 New Forms of TB scattered through out your entire population?

Capable of being Airborne and seeping through rocks into your underground shelters?

Lucifer is at war with life.

VA hospital knew human error caused Legionnaires' outbreak - CBS News
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Dr William B. Mount