Monday, November 30, 2015

Schedule For WW3

Following is a video that outlines the schedule for WW3

On a personal note: This info has literally flattened me for days after my briefings.

You are receiving only what I am allowed to share.

The Video:

Schedule For WW3 - YouTube

The News That You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Schedule For WW3

Sunday, November 29, 2015

To Be Ready Has It's Advantages

Please remember that if YOU are ready for this economic Downturn life can have very enjoyable moments.

As the world seemingly falls apart we have earned the right to sit around a fireplace and drink hot cocoa.

We buy Thrive Life food because it is cheaper than Safeway and Kroger, tastes better, Non-GMO and more nutritious and it lasts for years on the shelf.

No "Frankinfish" In Their Lineup.

So - We tried their Hot Cocoa - and it was VERY good. We want you to be just as prepared as we are and this can make life kind of fun.

So - to be prepared, to be ready is to actually have some fun.

It sure has taken the edge off of all this bad news - $100/mo.

Being non-computer literate we had to call Thrive to get signed up - but so do most people.

The Video About Being Ready:

Be Ready Advantages - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Be Ready Advantages

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Obama Outlined His War Agenda Before He Was Selected As President

What you are about to see is the overall War Agenda as put forth by Obama before he was selected to be the US Corporate President.

Watch and learn:

Obama Outlines War Agenda - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Obama'sPromises - WW3 Agenda

Car Wash - A Cheap Thrill

America Is Waking Up

America Is Waking Up - just look at the sales this Black Friday.

They are demanding products that last not the frilly garbage. It is only the beginning.

See for yourself.


America Is Waking Up - YouTube

A message for the White House: If Your White House and their Handlers activate the "Raining Men" refugees (Gay clones - they are chipped and controlled like robots) in America the living GOD will take you and your handlers down.

Mr President And Your Handlers: May I personally suggest you send the Refugees back to where they came from immediately. Obliterating the Lyrian DNA is a really bad idea.
As for that bogus Abortion Clinic Shoot Out near a school - Please - we are awakening to your lies and False Flags. A WHITE MALE shooter, clean cut, actor from Pima Arizona?

Please White House - we all can see through your garbage.

9 injured and the shooter stands up straight to be cuffed?

Yea - Right.

8 more to go before Congress repeals Gun Rights and sentences themselves to death - no one will be left in DC to protect them.

Three killed, nine injured in attack on Colorado abortion clinic | Reuters

The News You Need.

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, November 27, 2015

Must See To Clear Your Mind Before We Discuss WW3 Event Schedule

Please bear with the poor video quality and understand that everything the media has been telling you for the last 14 years about this one event is a lie.

Let Your Eyes See and your Hearts Understand the lies.

Once this is understood then we can move forward with explaining what is about to happen now that WW3 has begun.

You are about to see a series of video that tell the truth about one event that will blow your mind

Pray your families are untouched by this War.

The Video:

Must See To Clear Your Mind Before We Discuss WW3 Planned Events - YouTube

Dr William B. Mount

Must See To Clear Your Mind

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

US Shoots Down Russian Bomber Over Syria

The US Based CIA was ordered to shoot down a Russian bomber over Syria yesterday.

Pray that ALL those involved are completely and permanently immobilized.

Is is any wonder why the Russians and Chinese are planning a Nuclear Strike on DC, Chicago Etc 23 Dec 2015?

Pray this fails and Obama is held accountable for his White House decision immediately.

The video:

WW3 Begins As US Shoots Down Russian Jet Over Syria - YouTube

The News We Are Dying To Hear

Dr William B. Mount

Please pray that all involved are immediately and completely immobilized for the rest of their lives.

WW3 Begins As US Shoots Down Russian Jet Over Syria

The Cure For Acne

Learn how to eliminate Acne.

The Cure For Acne - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The Cure For Acne

Monday, November 23, 2015

Obama: US Supports ISIS

Obama: US Supports ISIS

World Economic Intelligence Brief 20 Nov 2015

Following is a video outlining a World Economic Brief I just received.

This information is NOT available to the general public however I was informed that it was OK to do a video on the highlighted points because my viewership will remain artificially low for --- for ever 10 hits they will allow 1 to be shown --- I will get no money to post it and the low numbers will make people feel like no one is watching it.

Frankly - it scared the  "")(*&^%$#@!""  out of me.

Here goes:

World Economic Intel Brief - YouTube

The Truth You Need

Dr William B. Mount

World Economic Intel Brief

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Coming Thanksgiving False Flag - Operation Filia 2015

Operation Filia - The Coming Thanksgiving False Flag

The CIA has cooked up yet another Real False Flag to be conducted during Prayer Time on Thanksgiving.

Filia meaning child, so the operation is about killing children. This the name I was given - but it may be a bit different - this is the "Scrubbed" name I was allowed to have.

This time they have imported 4 CIA Murders into America and are planning to hit either Boston Commons where the Open Air Market is  or a School in either Rhode Island or DC 25 November 2015 +- 3 days.

The planning is still going on as to exactly what they wish to blow up.

These Fudge Boys from Langley are also considering blowing up something to do with Freedom in Boston - some famous building.

The School attacks they are bantering around are to destroy old schools not set up as FEMA detention camps yet, have no bulet proof glass or fences around them.

The idea is to kill as many American''s as possible, Maximum Carnage is the order of the day here.

apparently the 12 School Shootings planned by the Obama White House is not enough to start this Nuclear War or take guns away.

Yea - Shoot up America and take Guns Away - Yeah, right.

US Army Lieutenant General Ron Lewis (3 Stars)  authorized the transport of 4 CIA Hit Men into Andrews Air Force Base to conduct these shootings and bombing and will coordinate with 10 Operatives under the directive of the CIA East Coast Director.

Colonel Knight, previous commander of the Air Base, Assisted in creating this Operations Order and the new commander - Colonel  Kendell Peters I believe - will help carry it out by providing munitions and explosives of Russian Origin, thank you Victor Bout.

Col Peters is a great "YES" man with no morals and will do as he is told - including assisting in the killing of innocent America's if he is so ordered. He is a Spineless Demon Possessed shell of a man, barely able to think outside the box so he is the man to use for this mission. If he is ever questioned on the matter - he will simply "Vanish." and no one will be the wiser.

This is all - of course - hush hush but not apparently either classified or secret.

You - the Public - will just have to "Suck It Up" and the people they plan to kill are simply part of the Operations Order. They are "Collateral Damage" to the destruction of America.

You will not complain or you will be targeted by these Evil Demon Possessed COWARDS and they will use YOUR money to destroy YOU.

Pray - please pray that these 4 CIA "Shooters" are immobilized and the plan falls on its face and all those involved become violently sock for the rest of their lives for planning these murders.

If you see someone shooting up an area - kill them and then run.

If you see agents working with them  film it and then kill them - and then run.

If you are not part of the area pray that the shooters are immobilized for life.

More details may be found on Sorcha.

By the way - the CIA just took down APFN.ORG so please be aware of the fact that You Tube Channels and other Free Internet Sights may be taken down as well.

It is time for the destruction of 6 Billion Surface Dwellers and FEMA Operation Devolution is fully implemented and then CONPLAN 8010-12 is implemented - the Nuking of a Family of Nations ---- (China, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Iran) although the Channeler from Ashtar Command I know says this will not be allowed and these leaders will soon be dealt with in a very harsh manner.

Please keep up the prayer to flatten those who order your death.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

I would like to thank the Sisters of Sorcha for their efforts in bringing this forward.

Russia Warns America Facing Thanksgiving “Bloodbath” Next Week

When I began writing this story it was 12:25 PM, when I went out for tea after this story was written it was 12:25PM. That may be verified based on my phone logs and when this story was published.

When the Police Logs identified the Ticking Nuke 2 blocks form the White House 25 May - that would have destroyed Obama's Entire Staff - they placed it exactly where I told them to on this blog - that was weird as well - but they found it and defused it.

Shall I go on?

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

One last note - put Obama and Putin underground on Thanksgiving as the air might be filled with very fast moving little pieces of a dense sort of metal.

Within 3 months, under the orders of the Rothchilds, there will be another attempt to take down Mighty Russia as was done in 1917-1920 as millions die shooting each other in another revolution. Their leaders did not do as GOD asked them to do, did they?

Will these Perverts never cease?

Coming Thanksgiving False Flag - Operation Filia 2015 - YouTube

Who Is Really Behind The Immigration Crisis?

Examine the pictures of those who are Rioting around the world against Immigration.

Look very closely and you will see who is behind not only the Immigration Crisis but who is creating the Riots.

The Video:

Immigration Crisis: Who Is Really Responsible For It? - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Russia: APFN has been taken down. No more warnings through them.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ashtar Command And Where They Come From

Who and what is Ashtar Command?

In order to understand what is going on around you  - you must fully understand the structure of the Universe.

This video explains the Structure Of The Universe:

The Structure Of The Universe - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

This morning Ashtar Command Ship Commander near Los Angeles  stated that ALL Nukes were being watched and the Nuclear War planned by NATO/Russia/China/US will not occur 23 December, 5 March, or any other date.

As for the Syrius B and Syrius A fleets now arriving over Alaska and northern China - there are about to be some changes.

Syrius A (Wilhelmena Star System) has a bone to pick with these evil entities here on Planet Earth and they WILL be victorious this time and they will finsish what they left incomplete when they abandonwed Archenoden and Nephrotite.

The Structure Of The Universe

Immigration - Who Is Behind It

What is the immigration crisis and who is behind it?

Watch the video and find out.

Please note the signs in the Croations Protest are in ------ English ---- do we smell CIA?

You tube Video:

20151119 165702 - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How To Stabilize A Hillside

How To Prevent A Mud Slide

This video shows you various techniques for stabilizing a hillside.

With the weather coming this is absolutely essential for those living near, or on, a hill - especially in areas that experience high rains or live on hills that are prone to sliding.

When I was a child I watched hill side after hillside slide in the San Francisco Bay Area taking homes with them.

In almost every case the Mud Slide could have been prevented using these techniques.

The video:

How To Stabilize A Hillside - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, November 16, 2015

Thrive Cooking For Fun #6: How To Join Thrive & Make A Pizza

Thrive Cooking For Fun #6: How To Join Thrive & Make Pizza

In this video we show you how to join Thrive Life and save money plus Fat Free Pizza  that tastes great.

The best part of the video is we made a Fat Free Pizza that tasted great.

I need to take my belt down another inch since switching to thrive and the money we save - well - that's

The Video - which YOU will love:

Thrive Cooking For Fun #6: How To Join Thrive & Make A Pizza - YouTube

We also have Black Friday coming up and we plan to buy lots on that day.

Our commissions goes to products to reverse Cancer.


The News We All Need

Dr William B. Mount

I Love Thrive Life Because I loose Weight Eating It.

Paris False Flag - Who Done It And Why

The following video will tell all.

Who put the False Flag Together

What was the name of the Operation

Why these Generals did this

What does it mean to you

How can you stop the next one - and yes - they have several more planned:

1) 23 Dec 2015: Nuclear Take Out If US Command Structure And Invasion

2) 17 January: Next attempt by CIA on Obama. I believe the Operations Order states he and his Enterage' of Murderers will be on Air Force One at the time and they will blame the Chinese.

3) 5 March 2016: Next attempt at Full Scale Nuclear War and invasion of America.

4) We think AMEC Corporation, as contracted by the CIA,  will blow their nuke off under Yellowstone right before March of 2016 claiming it merely "Erupted." Several US Satellites have been heating up Yellow stone for years now using FM frequencies.

Ever wonder where the missing 3,000 nukes from the Air Force went?

Watch the video to find out more info.

One last thing - China - the US will demand war by March with many False Flags.

The Video:

Paris Shooting: Who Done It And Why? - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Lets just say: NATO Employees talk allot.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Social Security Changes for 2016

You will be stunned, shocked, and very angry at the coming changes.

Per Your Request:

This time we wrote them out so you can read them.

Social Security Changes 2016 - YouTube

Tell Everyone

Sandwich Generation: Be Ready For Mom, Dad, And your children to come home to roost.

Pray they fail at destroying Social Security

Dr William Mount

Social Security Changes 2016

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

General Talk Outline

Topic Outline: Geo Engineering, November 2015


1) Who I am and how I got involved in this mess. It is not important who I am but what YOU get out of this talk.
2) Video: Mind Control Patents Update 1
3)Who They Are -

a) Bandwidths of Life:
    Plant Life
    Animal Life Plain
    Human Life Plain 70 Mhz
    Astral Plain 70 MHZ x 100
    Ganlactic Plain 70 MHz x 100 x 100
     Celestial Plain 70 MHz x 100 x 100 x 100
b) They call themselves Extra Terrestrials inhabiting a Human Body, Fallen Angels, or Walk Ins.
c) PM Medvedev discusses them on the internet.
4) How We Perceive Them: Run Out Of Rome - All Roads Lead To Rome and their 2,000 year old Banksta Mafia - 7 Families. They live on this plain and above this plain so we are merely Slaves to that must follow them.

a) Rothchilds - Financial Managers - London 677 Acres
     US - NY City, Rockefellars
      Europe and Africa - Paris
      East - Singapore
b) Jesuits are the Hit Men
c) Roman Knights of Malta Control Everything - Like Ronald Regan, Colonel Oliver North, Rick Santorum.
5) What they are doing to us: Their goal is to “Put Us Under Stress To Allow Us To Advance Spiritually” according to the United Nations Conferences.

a) Financial Stress - I earned $10/Hr in 1977 at UC Berkeley
b) Physical and Emotional Stress Through:
      Food - Pesticides, Herbicides, GMOs
      Water - Fluoride, Chloride
      Air - Just look up. Parasites. Viruses, Heavy Metals like Aluminum, Nano Chips to Enhance our DNA Read Out (Triangular and Rod Shaped Gold Tipped)
e) Frequency Manipulation
f) Destruction Of Land - In 1977 I watched people grow Iron in a Metalergy Class at 10 to the 14th Power. So why are we still mining for metals?
g) Oil - The US just outlawed VW form importing a Full Sized Car that got 200MPH like the VW Polo overseas and a dozen other cars sold outside US Military Bases that say 300MPG, not for sail in US.
6) Who Exactly Is doing This To Us here in the US, who are their Workers:

a) Financial - Rothchilds - Rockefellars
b) Food - Monsanto GMOs laced with Frequency Activated Viruses like The Plague, Intestinal Problems, etc. My experience.
c) Water - FDA Radioactive Stannous Fluoride, Chloride, Other Chemicals we can not identify
d) Air - Spraying and weather manipulation: 60th Air Wing Fairchild Air Force Base, 9/10 Air Wing out of Omaha and Evergreen Aviation  - Show Spray Devices
e) Earthquake generators - This is what Tesla worked on - Fukushima, Chile
f) Frequencies - GWEN Units - CIA
g) Submarine Weather Generators, go back to 1970 in Vietnam - US Navy
7) HAARP - This requires a whole new chapter. The goal of HAARP is not only as a weapon it can be used to blanket areas with thoughts, electromagnetic waves that kill, agitate, put to sleep. There are 6 HAARPS around the world, & 6 CERNS

Yes - the US HAARP is still running and includes HAARP and tens of thousands of antennas on the top of thousands of buildings.
8) Cell Phones - the same frequency as your Radar Range - Microwave - they fry your brain.
9) Television: The Mind Manipulation Device Installed On Ch 77 TV Station SCAN TV and Jim.
10) What Their Goals Are

a) Georgia Guide Stones - 500 Million People
b) Hanz Kovlenback Interviews 4/15/2000
c) DARPA recent realize: US To Be 69 million By 2025
d) UN  Conference - THE PLAN - Anarchy In US
e) Picture Of Mars - Chinese Satellite just revealed that Mars was destroyed by a Nuclear War,

Film: The Cure For Cancer - show it - 22 Minutes

 OK - Now - What Can We Do About It

What you are about to do is to not only open your mind as to what is happening around you but to go down a road that will be fin and exciting.

1st - Stop Eating GMOs and stop drinking Fluoridated Water.

GMOs: Wheat - Eat Spelt Bread From Famous Dave
               Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil) - Use Coconut oil Or Olive Oil
               Soy beans - Eat Organic Non-GMO
               Corn Oil - Use Olive Oil
               Sugar - Eat C & H Pure Cane Sugar and Xyletol
2nd: Eat No Chemicals. You can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it.

     No MSG
     No Propyene Glycol - Cattle Fatner
     No Aspertane - Designed To Kill Rats
     No ink Artificial Sweetner - Pig Fatner
     No Yellow Artificial Sweetner - It Bleaches You Liver and Kidneys
     No Stevia - It was designed to sterilize you.
3rd : Add The Right Foods To Your Diets like Sea Weed and Organic Fruits and Vegetables.
4th: Start one 4 by 8 garden - a small one. Plant a few tomatoes and potatoes. See what happens.
5th: Start Learning - this will be a fun road to go down as a family. News Sources we go to are:
     Jim Willie Golden Jackass Award
     Investment Watch
     Steve Santilli On Line Radio, Project Camelot With Kerry,


Who Is The US President, And Is He The Last US President?

How To Trim Pigs Teeth

ALF Eats A Lemon Pie

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Cure For Alzheimers

US Mind Control Patents

US Mind Control Patents

You Are Not Crazy - They Do Mess With Your Mind.

Even NESARA Just Had A Video Explaining The Mind Control Techniques They Use - Such As Controlling The Number Of Hits You Get On You Tube By Decreasing Or Increasing The Real Number Of Hits To Frequencies On Cell Phones Making You Go Crazy.

Watch This Short Video And See The A Dozen Plus US Mind Control Patents.

US Mind Control Patents - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Petro Dollar Ain't Dead Yet

The Petro Dollar is not dead yet.

We hear about the devaluation of the US Dollar and the death of the Petro Dollar.

we hear about the Alternate Energy Machines coming on line  like the Water Powered Motor (P51 Aircraft WW2), the Tacheon Generator (Powered a Limo in 1930), the N-1 Generator (In India) being mass produced - yet they are not on the market yet are they?

Nor can you build a tiny generator in a creek to power you home without over 21 different permits. 

Mobil Oil and Shell Oil in England (Both run by the Rothchild's Bankers) has over 60,000 Mercenaries and an unlimited budget and when combined with the US Military can destroy any nation they please and force them to use the US Dollar forever.

No one is Man enough to stand up to these bullies: Not China, Not Russia - No One.

See exactly what these Bankers have done just in the last 2 weeks to keep their power alive:

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, November 6, 2015

Dollar Devalues - What Happens To You

Dollar Devaluation And You

So - What happens to YOU if the US Dollar devalues by 90%?

What happens to you?

How does it effect YOUR family, your income, your life style?

Find out - watch the video:

Dollar Devalues - What Happens To You - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Be Ready:

BE READY - YouTube

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Obama Economic Flop

Proof: Obama's Economic Flop

Here Is A Video Showing Physical Proof  That The Obama Economy Is A Flop.

This Is Happening All Over The Nation - Except In DC Where Th Shows Are Filled With Departements Using You r Money To Prop Up Their Economy. Only 40% Of A Moneys Going Into DC Leave DC.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words:

The Video:

Obama Economic Flop - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tougher Gun Laws Mean Higher Murder Rates

Tougher Gun Laws Mean Higher Murder Rates

Find out the truth - watch this short video.

Be informed.

Tougher Gun Laws Mean Higher Murder Rates - YouTube

Remember Congress - tougher gun laws make you a target, there is no one to protect you once the public finds out what you are really doing.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tougher Gun Laws Mean Higher Murder Rates

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thrive Cooking For Fun # 5 - Easy Smeasy

The world is falling apart and we are showing people how to eat with food that lasts 25 years.

Survival Food does not have to be flavorless or loaded with chemicals and salt.

Learn how to cook foods that store for 25 years, taste fresh and is nutritious.

Rice and beans after 3 meals gets really old.

Hear we show how to make a meal for about 12 people really easy with no clean up.

Thrive Cooking For Fun #5 - Easy Smeasy - YouTube

The News You Must Have

Dr William B. Mount

Rescue Cat Prefers Sleeping In Drawers - Cute

Thrive Cooking For Fun #5 - Easy Smeasy

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Flight 9268: What Really Happened?

What you are about to see in this video will shock you.

You have been lied to about what is happening in the Gulf.

Learn the truth - watch the video.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The Video: You Tube: Flight 9268: What Really Happened?

Russian Flight 9268: What Really Happened? - YouTube

The news you need

Dr William B. Mount

Thank You Pete Santilli (Radio Program) for alerting me on the vortexes.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hillary's Emails Prove She Demands Nuclear War

Hillary's Emails Prove She Demands Nuclear War

This is a re-posting as the original story was compromised.

Here Is The Video:

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Proof Hillary Wants Nuclear War - Her Emails

What you will see in the next video is the actual proof Hillary wants, no - is Demanding - Nuclear War.

You will also be shown a series of stories where Obama has tried to either obliterate US bases with Nukes and this years tried to launch a Full Scale Nuclear Attack against a "Family Of Nations" - Iran, Syria, China, Russia and North Korea.

The You Tube Video: Proof Hillary Wants Nuclear War - Her Emails

The News You Need

Dr William Mount

A Statement Of An American:

I would like to state that we the American People (Not the illegal Aliens) are completely opposed to this war and find it horrifying the real attitudes and actions of the leaders of the United States Corporation

We call on the help of the International Community to stop these Insane People demanding, and attempting, Nuclear War.

If you would like to place this Ambassador in a room playing Harp Music with Hillary and Obama all alone with a camera tuned to International Television we can solve this problem of Nuclear War Post Haste.

Hillary, Obama - I am calling you out.
Sorry about the spelling errors created by US Army Cyber Command. Just re-posting this caused 12 Spelling Errors. Thanks US Army.

We must be on the right track is they care so much to try and destroy the message, right?