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Monday, November 2, 2015

Proof Hillary Wants Nuclear War - Her Emails

What you will see in the next video is the actual proof Hillary wants, no - is Demanding - Nuclear War.

You will also be shown a series of stories where Obama has tried to either obliterate US bases with Nukes and this years tried to launch a Full Scale Nuclear Attack against a "Family Of Nations" - Iran, Syria, China, Russia and North Korea.

The You Tube Video: Proof Hillary Wants Nuclear War - Her Emails

The News You Need

Dr William Mount

A Statement Of An American:

I would like to state that we the American People (Not the illegal Aliens) are completely opposed to this war and find it horrifying the real attitudes and actions of the leaders of the United States Corporation

We call on the help of the International Community to stop these Insane People demanding, and attempting, Nuclear War.

If you would like to place this Ambassador in a room playing Harp Music with Hillary and Obama all alone with a camera tuned to International Television we can solve this problem of Nuclear War Post Haste.

Hillary, Obama - I am calling you out.
Sorry about the spelling errors created by US Army Cyber Command. Just re-posting this caused 12 Spelling Errors. Thanks US Army.

We must be on the right track is they care so much to try and destroy the message, right?

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