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Monday, November 16, 2015

Paris False Flag - Who Done It And Why

The following video will tell all.

Who put the False Flag Together

What was the name of the Operation

Why these Generals did this

What does it mean to you

How can you stop the next one - and yes - they have several more planned:

1) 23 Dec 2015: Nuclear Take Out If US Command Structure And Invasion

2) 17 January: Next attempt by CIA on Obama. I believe the Operations Order states he and his Enterage' of Murderers will be on Air Force One at the time and they will blame the Chinese.

3) 5 March 2016: Next attempt at Full Scale Nuclear War and invasion of America.

4) We think AMEC Corporation, as contracted by the CIA,  will blow their nuke off under Yellowstone right before March of 2016 claiming it merely "Erupted." Several US Satellites have been heating up Yellow stone for years now using FM frequencies.

Ever wonder where the missing 3,000 nukes from the Air Force went?

Watch the video to find out more info.

One last thing - China - the US will demand war by March with many False Flags.

The Video:

Paris Shooting: Who Done It And Why? - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Lets just say: NATO Employees talk allot.

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