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Sunday, November 29, 2015

To Be Ready Has It's Advantages

Please remember that if YOU are ready for this economic Downturn life can have very enjoyable moments.

As the world seemingly falls apart we have earned the right to sit around a fireplace and drink hot cocoa.

We buy Thrive Life food because it is cheaper than Safeway and Kroger, tastes better, Non-GMO and more nutritious and it lasts for years on the shelf.

No "Frankinfish" In Their Lineup.

So - We tried their Hot Cocoa - and it was VERY good. We want you to be just as prepared as we are and this can make life kind of fun.

So - to be prepared, to be ready is to actually have some fun.

It sure has taken the edge off of all this bad news - $100/mo.

Being non-computer literate we had to call Thrive to get signed up - but so do most people.

The Video About Being Ready:

Be Ready Advantages - YouTube

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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