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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Operation Filia - The Coming Thanksgiving False Flag

The CIA has cooked up yet another Real False Flag to be conducted during Prayer Time on Thanksgiving.

Filia meaning child, so the operation is about killing children. This the name I was given - but it may be a bit different - this is the "Scrubbed" name I was allowed to have.

This time they have imported 4 CIA Murders into America and are planning to hit either Boston Commons where the Open Air Market is  or a School in either Rhode Island or DC 25 November 2015 +- 3 days.

The planning is still going on as to exactly what they wish to blow up.

These Fudge Boys from Langley are also considering blowing up something to do with Freedom in Boston - some famous building.

The School attacks they are bantering around are to destroy old schools not set up as FEMA detention camps yet, have no bulet proof glass or fences around them.

The idea is to kill as many American''s as possible, Maximum Carnage is the order of the day here.

apparently the 12 School Shootings planned by the Obama White House is not enough to start this Nuclear War or take guns away.

Yea - Shoot up America and take Guns Away - Yeah, right.

US Army Lieutenant General Ron Lewis (3 Stars)  authorized the transport of 4 CIA Hit Men into Andrews Air Force Base to conduct these shootings and bombing and will coordinate with 10 Operatives under the directive of the CIA East Coast Director.

Colonel Knight, previous commander of the Air Base, Assisted in creating this Operations Order and the new commander - Colonel  Kendell Peters I believe - will help carry it out by providing munitions and explosives of Russian Origin, thank you Victor Bout.

Col Peters is a great "YES" man with no morals and will do as he is told - including assisting in the killing of innocent America's if he is so ordered. He is a Spineless Demon Possessed shell of a man, barely able to think outside the box so he is the man to use for this mission. If he is ever questioned on the matter - he will simply "Vanish." and no one will be the wiser.

This is all - of course - hush hush but not apparently either classified or secret.

You - the Public - will just have to "Suck It Up" and the people they plan to kill are simply part of the Operations Order. They are "Collateral Damage" to the destruction of America.

You will not complain or you will be targeted by these Evil Demon Possessed COWARDS and they will use YOUR money to destroy YOU.

Pray - please pray that these 4 CIA "Shooters" are immobilized and the plan falls on its face and all those involved become violently sock for the rest of their lives for planning these murders.

If you see someone shooting up an area - kill them and then run.

If you see agents working with them  film it and then kill them - and then run.

If you are not part of the area pray that the shooters are immobilized for life.

More details may be found on Sorcha.

By the way - the CIA just took down APFN.ORG so please be aware of the fact that You Tube Channels and other Free Internet Sights may be taken down as well.

It is time for the destruction of 6 Billion Surface Dwellers and FEMA Operation Devolution is fully implemented and then CONPLAN 8010-12 is implemented - the Nuking of a Family of Nations ---- (China, Russia, North Korea, Syria, Iran) although the Channeler from Ashtar Command I know says this will not be allowed and these leaders will soon be dealt with in a very harsh manner.

Please keep up the prayer to flatten those who order your death.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

I would like to thank the Sisters of Sorcha for their efforts in bringing this forward.

Russia Warns America Facing Thanksgiving “Bloodbath” Next Week

When I began writing this story it was 12:25 PM, when I went out for tea after this story was written it was 12:25PM. That may be verified based on my phone logs and when this story was published.

When the Police Logs identified the Ticking Nuke 2 blocks form the White House 25 May - that would have destroyed Obama's Entire Staff - they placed it exactly where I told them to on this blog - that was weird as well - but they found it and defused it.

Shall I go on?

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

One last note - put Obama and Putin underground on Thanksgiving as the air might be filled with very fast moving little pieces of a dense sort of metal.

Within 3 months, under the orders of the Rothchilds, there will be another attempt to take down Mighty Russia as was done in 1917-1920 as millions die shooting each other in another revolution. Their leaders did not do as GOD asked them to do, did they?

Will these Perverts never cease?

Coming Thanksgiving False Flag - Operation Filia 2015 - YouTube

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