Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jade Helm - Russian Intel Reports

Here is what the Russian Intelligence is saying about Operation Jade Helm:

Video: William Mount Jade Helm - Russian Intel Report

Jade Helm - Russian Intel Report - YouTube

Articles Confirming what the Russian Intelligence Services say on Pravda:

US army exercise on preventing civil unrest spread to Tennessee - English

Marines to suppress domestic disorders in the US. Video - English

US plans military operations inside USA in response to statement from Chechnya Parliament speaker - English

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

More on the 17 May Detonation when Info comes in - but after the 8 Feb Nuke in the Ukraine and the Nuke Hand Grenade near the White House causing the Power Outage (Both Nuke I tracked) there does not seem to be much interest in a Nuclear Detonation from any Intel Service.

Not from the Fudge sickles from Langley, or the Russians, or Chinese - or anyone for that matter.

How odd.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Call To Prayer

For the first time in many years I am worried.

I am able to see through the veil and see what Lucifer is planning for America and it is not pretty.

I am asking every one to pray that those who worship Lucifer/Satan are immediately and completely immobilized for the rest of their lives and that Lucifer himself, the Big Coward, is sent away immediately for a thousand years.

Current Situation:

1) The US did not pay on a Chinese Debt 17 April and, in a Dejure Manner, declared Bankruptcy but vetoes action in the IMF and World Bank.

2) This Veto Action by the US is no longer valid. As it was with the Bretton Woods Agreement hthe US Veto Power ran out 15 July 2014. This is in the original Bretton Woods Agreements, the IMF initiation paperwork and the World Bank Initial Charter Papers. The

3) The treaties are in The Treaty Vault. The US Can No Longer Veto Anything Legally.

4) The US is pitting China against Russia - an action that when the Red Dragon Family finds out and contacts me will back fire on the US State Department.

5) Greece refused to pay on the Euro Debt and will now begin to trade in Rubles.

6) Seventy Years after the destruction of the NAZI Government they are once again rising their ugly heads and stirring up trouble in America and plan on rounding up the Blacks and then Jews. They plan on destroying America, France, England and all  other nations that opposed them in 1945.

7) This is what Baltimore is all about - same actors in Sandy Hook Fake Shooting, Boston Marathon Fake Bombing, Furgeson Fake Shooting and now Baltimore.

8) The American's are the last opposition to the new World Order and Currency.

9) America must be destroyed to bring about this New World Order and unless the Chinese and Russian leaders do as GOD has asked they - along with all other World Leaders - will be terminated with the rest of us.

10) Yesterday a Lowes in Riverdale Geogia was occupied by a bus load of FEMA employees. It has begun and Jade.

11) Further - a Nuke is ready to detonate 17 May just SE of Indianapolis. Apparently the Langley Fudge Boys have about 12 Nukes pre-positioned and ready to detonate.

12) Riddle Me This Li and Putin and Medvedev, Obama and Biden, Bush's: What do those Fascists living underground need with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressman, Senators, CIA, FBI... - worthless Food Eaters. You will die with the rest of us unless you MAN UP and stop this insanity now and we all know where YOU are going when YOU die, don't we?

Perhaps it is time to work together to stop these Fascist Pigs?

GOD has the answers - all you need to do is ask.

PRAY - YouTube

Do not fear the Mark Of The Beast. Whatever they do to your body can not change your relationship with the Living GOD.

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Dr William B,. Mount

Fountain Of Youth Discovered

Using the following products and procedure your life span should reach 600-900 years.

As in the Days of Noah, so it shall be on Judgement Day

Fountain Of Youth - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount

Puritan Products

Main Coast Sea Weed

Video: William Mount Fountain Of Youth

How To Film Covertly

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel you need to film but it may be unsafe - then film covertly.

Please - stay out of the way of the Police ad CIA Rioters. They are both armed and dangerous.

Film Covertly - And Stay Out Of Trouble - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount

Video: William Mount Film Covertly - And Stay Out Of  Trouble

Monday, April 27, 2015

Nepal Earth Quake - US Caused

We the people of the United States are very angry at the culpability of the United States Forces in indirectly causing this Earth Quake in Nepal.

Amy those that caused these horrible Earth Quakes be damned to the Eternal Fire Forever.


See Video: Nepal Earth Quake - US Caused

The Red Dragons, which now control these US Forces, should be furious about now.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount


Aging Reversed

We are ready to share with the world how to reverse the aging process.

We think we have extended the Human Life to 700-1000 Years.

Along with this we see the following Reversed (Cured) :::: Cancer, Heart Disease, MS, Traumatic Brain Injury, Lupis, Malaria, Babesiosis, Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, HIV, Pneumonia, Autism.........

We also see toxins leave the body, and Radioactive Material leave as well.

"As in the days of Noah, so shall it be on Judgement Day."

Aging Reversed - YouTube

See You Tube: William Mount Aging Reversed

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Saturday, April 25, 2015

US Perpetual War Machine - Why

The US has been at war since I can remember - and I am almost 60 years old.

(Please pray (visualize) that these War Hawks become so sick they cannot even speak for the rest of their lives)

This video tried to answer not only why the US Corporation has been at war for over 60 years but who is in charge as seen by an Ambassador - An Acting President.

 US Continually At War - Why - YouTube

Dr William B Mount

Thursday, April 23, 2015

US 5th Fleet Blocks Iranian Supply Ships Headed to Yemen

This morning several supply ships from Iran left the harbor and have been blocked form delivering "Humanitarian Aid" to the nation of Yemen.

(((Please pray - Visualize - that those wishing to start WW3 become so sick that they cannot even speak for the rest of their lives)))

This action by the US 5th fleet has been almost completely ignored by the western media so let us take a deeper look at what is going on.

Under the Bretton Woods Agreement, and subsequent treaties, the US Military under the control of the US State Department of Population Control (Control being dropped several yrs ago)  is tasked by the IMF (USC 2, Sec 286) with doing exactly what the IMF tells them to do and this outfit is currently being run by the Red Dragon Family members.

Under their orders the US Military sold weapons to the Hootie Muslims last year and supported the War Lord that was ruling Yemen. Since the population exceeded certain limits the US Military is tasked with starting a war to reduce their population.

Furhter, with the advent of the BRIC Nations the US must support it's Federal Reserve Dollar by placing in power Puppet Governments that use US Debt to fund themselves.

In exchange every Felon from Yemen will be shipped to the United States and given $4,000 Social Security Refugee Pay per month (Plus free medical and dental) and given "No Interest No Pay Back Loans" from the US Small Business Administration to buy whatever small business they wish an long as their government uses US Debt Notes to trade with internationally.

Additional State programs funded by the US Treasury pay for the immigrant's home for 2 years and if the immigrant  remains there in their home  the County is given additional funds to give them the house at no tax consequence to Felon brought into America.

Thus we have millions upon millions of convicted murderers and child molesters being shipped into the United States and they cannot be incarcerated under thees treaties - they may thus rape and kill until they are killed themselves. It is in the treaties.

Take away our guns and we have massive murder in the streets - a Joy for Lucifer and his bunch of nasty little Demons.

In the mean time the 4,000 American Citizens who are trapped in Yemen  and being bombed by US planes painted to look like Saudi Planes are forced to stay and spend their US income there in Yemen to boost their economy. This is why President Obama has ordered these US Citizens not to be evacuated. It really does not matter how many US citizens Obama kills, as long as they spend their money there to support the local economy while the killing continues.

The longer the war takes the better - more death and destruction for Haliburton to rebuild. If you notice the supplies to rebuild Yemen in the image of the US Corporation are already staged in Europe in military bases.

 As an US Army Engineer I have been offered over $300,000/Yr tax free to help rebuild US war-torn  areas all paid for by the US Tax Payer to spread the US Dollar world Wide --- and Maintain the Empire of the IMF, which is owned 54.5% by the Rothchilds (Real Name Bauers) , which bank with the banks in Frankfurt, which are owned by the Vatican Bank, which is controlled by Lucifer Incarnate --- as he declared himself in 1869 - the Roman Pope.


The US Corporation (Under the IMF) set up the "House of Saud" to run Saudi Arabia and the oil the US Corporation receives from Saudi Arabia it gets for free and in turn protects Saudi Arabia from the evil Russians and Evil Chinese. In exchange the US pays for the Saudi Arabian Army and pimps them out to do their killing for them.

The US Corporation then resells the oil to the Oil Companies at about $15 per barrel and has done so for about 50 years now. Oil for 450 a barrel never has existed - and it only exists in the world of speculation.

You have been lied to again.

Remember John Shapiro, Assistant Secretary of State 1 June 2012 under Hillary: "The Purpose of the State Department is to sell weapons."

NATO was established under treaties written by Colonel Terry Schwan in the early 1950's and they clearly state the purpose of NATO is for the US to have the exclusive rights to sell weapons to Europe.

According to US Secretary of State John Kerry the Marshal Plan  is still in full effect in Europe. What this means is that the US Tax Payer is paying for the arming of Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Etc. This guarantees the spread of the US Dollar world wide. It is part of the Bretton Woods Agreement.

Without the US Federal Reserve Dollar Input the Socialistic Governments of Europe will collapse almost instantaneously. This is why the Euro is tied to the dollar.

Thus the US is tasked by the IMF (Red Dragon Families) and thus the UN to block aid going into the nation of Yemen in order to create the maximum amount of Anarchy and Death before the US Marines  re-enter the nation and set up another Puppet Government.

Any Non-US Ambassador (Acting President) knows these facts.

Take their guns, force them into a religion they do not understand, and control them like little slaves.

Multiply this by 25 other countries and you understand why the system is about to fall apart.

IE - Operation Jade Helm.

Complete control of the population and elimination of those who oppose these Evil Satanists at the top.

That is exactly what is happening.

As for the US Intel Machine - when the killing begins you know too much and you will be the first to go --- Fudge Boys at Langley, US Army Intel, etc and the Enlisted die since the Officers already have well stocked underground bases to hide in.

OK - Thats Enough For Now.
Everything we have stated may be confirmed on the Intenet.
For those following GOD - HE will take care of you. HE always has and always will. No mark by Lucifer, no chip in your hand, no tatoo on your arm, no scar on your legs,  or chips implanted in your head will take away your relationship with GOD.

Nothing Lucifer throws at you can change your relationship with GOD. Do not fear what is coming - HE has it all under control.

The Illuminati has stabbed me, shot me, poisoned me many times and this has only driven me closer to the Living GOD. The VA even put a chip in one of my teeth and filling fell out. Nothing they do to you can remove your relationship with GOD. Nothing.
The News You Need

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
Cpt (Ret) USA
Knight of Malta - Russian

Please see the videos on You Tube:

Why Walmarts Are Closing

Operation Jade Helm - Why

The Cure For Cancer

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Operation Jade Helm?

Every country has military exercises in the summer, but US Operation Jade Helm is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

Tell everyone about this and and pray (Visualize) that the those ordering the destruction of America become so violently sick they cannot even speak for the rest of their time on Planet Earth.

Video: William Mount WHY JADE HELM

The News You Must Have To Live

Dr William B. Mount

Saturday, April 18, 2015

And So The Destruction Of America Begins

While most of America is nestled down in front of the Television bringing these Perverted Movie Stars into their homes the SS (Homeland Security) is busy destroying the Land of the free.

(Please pray the living GOD protect you and your family)

Seventy Years ago the forced of America stomped on the Third Reich - and the remember this so on the 70th anniversary of their defeat they have launched a the destruction of the United States.

Today we see:

1) Huge fish die off on the California Coast caused by the SS (DHS) allowing the dumping of millions of barrels of Toxic Waste just off the coast and turning on the cables under the coast line in to fry their brains. These chemicals are created in the manufacturing of Nylon and other plastic found in YOUR house.

2) The sky is filled with all sorts of parasites, heavy metals (Including Uranium), viruses, bacteias, and fungi meant to make your day very special.

3) You eat GMO foods designed to kill you. Primarily: Wheat, Soy Bean Oil, Canola Oil, Beet Sugar and corn.

Take Canola Oil - it comes form the Rape Seed Plant and this is toxic to cattle - and you eat it - really?

4) WE have published the video: THE CURE FOR CANCER and yet you go to the doctor for cancer treatment because the average doctor lives to the age of 56?

5) Fracking pollutes the ground water and kills Americans.

6) A few days ago there was material form a dirty bomb stolen from Mexico and the NAZI SS (DHS) is has allowed this to be transported into the US - it his headed to the North East for a US Dirty Bomb Drill to start Marshal Law.

7) The FBI is currently counterfeiting $20 bills to destroy the currency within the United States by order of the White House Fascist Pigs.

8) The droughts in the South West being created by Evergreen Aviation are being done to not only kill Americans but to allow the Rothchilds to simply create more money on their computers and buy the parched land so that when the killing ends they will own large tracts of prime farmland and no one is Man enough to stop them.

9) Finally - for this segment -  the US "SS" (DHS) in conjunction with the Langley Fudge Boys and Girls (CIA) have just released a virus meant to cripple you r dog and kill American Poultry.

If you watch THE CURE FOR CANCER you will have the cure for this new US SS Created Virus.

Remember - you, the Armed American Public - are the worst enemy the SS (Department of Homeland Security) has.

Do not expect any help form outside the United States. Apparently the leaders of China, Russia and the rest of the world are scared little pups afraid to tackle these Fascist Pigs swarming all over America today.

Even the Famed Red Dragon Family appears to be cowards when faced with the SS. Oh - they have HIT MEN, but their leaders are down right cowardly. Why else would they not pay what they owe?

The Red Dragons appear to hide behind their skirts just like the Russia General Staff.

Prove me wrong Red Dragons and Russian Staff - Prove your selves as Men! GOD challenges you, I challenge you.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) FBI - You stopped the Obama Assassination 14 April despite the rumble in the White House that night.

2) Hope like heck you get 17 May correct and maybe -well - we shall see about June of July but know this: Fascist Pigs in London never rest.

3) As a side note - the reason the US Military is seizing Walmarts is because they use the same computer logistics programs the US Army does. You can actually order a Nuclear Weapon or a Helicopter through the Walmart Ordering System.

You can expect more Walmarts to be seized in the near future as the Obama Handlers move to destroy more and more of America.

Home Depots may also be seized as well very soon. If you work there you will be fired with NO unemployment - you are so screwed.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

CIA-ISIS Bio Attack Warned Spells Death For All Dogs In America

Dirty Bomb Material Thefts In Mexico-Drills In The U.S.

Mass Animal Deaths 2015 - Updated List of Worldwide Die Offs

Monday, April 13, 2015

An Answer To The Virginia Fudge Factory

I received a call from a very interesting group of people. They are very polite, nice and very influential in international politics. Who they are and what they do is not important - but here is the answer for these folks.

Eons ago the Planets of Adama and Murduke were blown into little tiny pieces by Lucifer.

Later Lucifer blew the face  Mars out of existence in a nasty Nuclear War - a recent Chinese Satellite Richard Hoagland discussed on Coast To Coast (Enterprise Mission) that recently landed on Mars clearly shows the particular remains of a planet destroyed by Conventional Nuclear Weapons.

Now we face the possibility that Lucifer is about to torch off another Nuclear War and turn this planet into a Nuclear Waste Land - or more than likely - little pieces of radioactive dust racing through the Galaxy.
Remember - Planet Earth hollow.

So here is what GOD says about it - Pray (Visualize) that those in charge are immediately immobilized through sickness so badly they can give no more orders.

Further - GOD set me up as a messenger and HE makes the rules and quite frankly some of them suck.

I have no Computer codes but I do know that those who refuse to pay me based on what I have submitted will be dealt with by the Living GOD very soon and completely. You my take that for what it is worth.

Since the VA sells military records worldwide many US Soldiers defected and went to China and brought the Algorythms to enter US Computers with them on their Call Phones. Now all US Companies and Departments have been hacked by the Chinese/Russians/Iranians/Finish/etc.

Not one US Department or Agency has the Hoodspa to stop this - not even the Federal Courts. They are all Spineless Worms. Not event he CIA or FBI stepped forward to stop this espionage ---- and they wonder why no one respects these Spineless Parasites.
As for the Jesuits:

The Chief of the Jesuits stated on 4/15/2000 that if any man challenges the Jesuits in the name of the Living GOD in the media then:

1) The Jesuit Order will be utterly destroyed.

2) Any one who tries to hurt this man must be killed by the Jesuit Order by orders of himself, Hanz Kovlenback. This means holding back this money as well - these in the Russian Central Bank, Deutch Bank, US Treasury Department, Federal Reserve Bank, Red Dragon Family Leaders (Controls the IMF)  and CIA are under orders to be terminated by the Jesuit Order.

I am that man and I Challenge the Jesuits in the name of the Living GOD and order you to disband your organization or face destruction by the Living GOD.

I have no power or special computer codes - only know this: GOD Does Not Need Computers To Destroy Your Organization Or Your Souls. HE could take down the Matrix in a Heart Beat simply by terminating the frequencies coming from the center of the Galaxy. Poof - you are gone forever.

Further - Russia made me the Mantle FEO and then tried to keep me in St Petersburg and put me in an Apartment over a Whore House.


The Mantle FEO is the Direct Representative to the Christ - and the European Economy will not recover until he is returned to Europe in a manner GOD has set. What you gave me is really horrible burden and you should have given this to someone much better than me.

Further - Albert Pike in his book clearly stated that all Masons must obey the "Mantle FEO" or must be killed by order of his lord and master Lucifer.

I have ordered these presidents who are Masons (Putin, Obama, Li, Etc) to pay me what I have already submitted and they have failed and therefore must either be killed or the people in the Masonic Order will be utterly destroyed down to their souls.
So Virginia Fudge Factory Boys and Girls - I hope this openly explains things. You know where I live but for you - the phone is OK. I would rather keep your fudge at a distance. I do not like to arm myself and prefer the Peaceful Route.

For 8 years I have used the media to stop presidential assassinations and Nuclear False Flags and you have sent me much Fudge - thank you.

Virginia Fudge Factory Workers  - you are alive today because of these notifications and you still send me even more fudge. Yum!

So hold on to your hats as you may experience a "Change of Conciousness" since most of your Fudge Workers now have their names and addresses and family pictures published in a New Crowley List.

I hope you are successful and the Pope's Power does dissolve tonight - that is not my area of responsibility but know this - Rome was almost destroyed a year or so ago --- two weeks after this Pope took power and I again broadcast where the nuke would be (2 Separate Attempts) and they were stopped and not one thank you from the Vatican - Only more Fudge to put in my kitchen..
To some new friends: Planetary Logos and Gia - Good Luck, I wish you the best. We can talk in the morning.

For the 20 or 30 readers - this is real international politics in action.

I hope you enjoyed the codes in this message. If they are received and followed by those in the Virginia Fudge Factory Planet Earth may not eb destroyed. Otherwise we will have a New Heaven and a New Earth just like Revelations Predicts.

If nothing else - it will take you a little time to decode this message but it is pretty straight forward.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

See the Video on You Tube: THE CURE FOR CANCER

One last note Fudge Factory Workers: The New Fiat gets 28MPG here in the states but 300MPG in Finland and Germany.

That's 300 MPG - in Europe.

Please explain why I have to drive this kind of Fudge Sickle?

How To Perpetuate A Lie

When Adolf Hitler took power in Germany he and his cohorts of the NAZI Party mastered how to perpetuate a lie.

Following in information provided by the American Advertising industry the NAZI regime learned techniques to literally Brain Wash 60 million (Minus 6 Million Jews) people into thinking they could rule the world.

Today the Third Reich is alive and well in London (Which runs  the United States as their military wing to control the world) as these Fascists see fit in accordance with their masters in the Vatican and their lord Lucifer (Satan).

So let us look at one little lie: A President Obama Double read on TV several days ago a speech indicating that the United States Corporation has d a deal with Iran concerning their Nuclear weapons Program.

Following the Speech the Wall Street Journal Headlined the Following stories:

a) 6 April: Political Battle Ramps Up Over Iran

b) 9 April: Iran Pact Threatens Assad

c) 10 April: Ayatollah Blasts Accord Terms

d) 11-12 April, Page 9: Iran Would Extend Nuclear Talks Beyond June Deadline

These stories have been headline news across the United States and Canada for days now.

As we all know - these stories were written before the Obama Speech and there is no US/Iran Deal and the he entire set of stories are complete and utter lies, fabrications.

As a confirmation of this yesterday the head of Irans's Islamic  Revolutionary Guard Corp (IIRGC) Major General Ali Jafari stated on TV that there is no deal and the United States needs to be destroyed.

PressTV-‘Sanctions relief ambiguities must go’

So after I personally went to Iran and Russia pulled 350 Nukes made in the USA out of Iran - why talk about this now, especially after the Obama administration gave North Korea Nuclear Armed Minute Man 1 Rockets?

To lie and keep your eyes off the real issue. More on this later.
A Note on Coast To Coast AM.

George Noory is the best Talk Show host I have ever heard but Coast To Coast sold out just before Art Bell left.

With about 500 stations Art Bell drew in about 12 - 15 Million listeners - or about 30,000 per station between 10 and 11 PM West Coast Time.

Today this number has been reduced to 250,000 listeners nationwide - - or about 500 listeners between 10 and 11 PM West Coast Time.

500 listeners per station - or about 250 listeners per station during the 3rd and 4th hour.

So to keep you from hearing the truth Coast To Coast has purposely lost almost 98% of their listeners.

When John B Wells was there the audience was at about 1.2 Million Nationwide in the First Hour - but he left because he told the truth about a host of subjects not Approved by Coast To Coast
So How Do You Perpetuate Lies?

1) Tell a lie often.

2) Prevent the Truth from being broadcast at all costs - including murder.

Can we Zeig Heil yet?
The News You Absolutely Need

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Destruction Of Russia 2015

Recently revealed documents on 'The Saker" clearly exposed what we wrote about way back in Early January of 2014 on APFN and here.

(Please pray - Visualize - that those planning more wars are immediately immobilized for life)

The documents clearly show that the Take Down of Russia will be done just like it was done way back in 1917 - same Operational Orders, or Oporders.

Fast forward to where in the Late 1980's Ambassador Wanta was given about $25 Trillion (Trillion) by President Ronald Reagan to destroy the Soviet Union and break it apart.

We traced where that money is and as an Ambassador I officially requested the now $76.4 Trillion be returned to the US Treasury - enough to pay off all the US Home Loans, Credit Cards and National Debt. Further - a Treasury Form 211 was filed to document the where abouts and demands for a 15% reward were made to futher document this theft. Goto TOMFLOCCO.COM to verify this.

To date the US Treasury refuses to take these finds back or pay any reward - so they must be destroyed - so says the I Am That I Am. The Department must be completely dismantled and rebuilt from the bottom up and it's employees dismantled from head to foot.

Vice President Richard Cheney took $8 Trillion Dollars of these $76.4 Trillion Dollars (According to Wanta) and has it in a personal fund.

As of today the CIA plans on spending around $1 Trillion Dollars of this $8 Trillion to directly take down President Putin and PM Medvedev of Russia. An easy task considering they have ignored their Mantle Feo - GOD may just let it happen - all 3 of Putin's Doubles and Medvedev's 2 doubles.

Further - as of 1 October 2012 the Federal Reserve System has access to all banks and bank accounts world wide and plans on seizing assets of all of President Putin's Buddies and if Russia nationalizes it's currency the American Ambassador to Russia recently stated he would order all of Putin's Staff to be killed, along with all of Russia's Billionaires. See my previous reports.

This type of Boldness at this point could backfire CIA - and you are charged with maintaining the United States Corporation as an asset of the Rothchilds, as the CIA is owned by the Queen of England and her assets are controlled by the Rothchilds, which is run by the German Banks in Frankfurt, which works for the Vatican Bank, whose leaders worship Lucifer - see the Pope's recent mass to Lucifer.

At this point in time the implementation of these plans would lead to the total destruction of the United States Corporation and it's employees - including all members of the CIA.

The goals here is the Preservation of Feedom, America and the US Corporation, and in that order.

Wantant destruction of the United States Corporation by the Scummy Jesuits must be stopped and the Jesuit Order terminated or Planet Earth will cease to exist. May I remind you of Planets:  Adama, Marduk, Mars and now planet Earth. The same Lucifarian Scum was present there and they caused the destruction of those planets.

May I suggest Russian Leadership you read this very carefully as your lives are now on the line and I am required to tell you  as an American, US Corporate Officer and Passport Holder aa-00029 of Russia. The destruction of Planet Earth would not be good for the preservation of any of these entities, would it?
For You Intel Geeks:

On 14 April 1865 the Jesuit Scum killed President Abraham Lincoln for delaying the implementation of the Organic Constitution. If you have not read Hanz Kovlenback's Interview 14 April 2000 - read it.

Obama claims to be Abraham Lincoln and a Rogue sector of the CIA made up of 30 men and 1 woman (Acts and looks like a man) is planning on shooting Obama in the back of the head 14 April at the exact time the Jesuit Scum shot President Lincoln in Ford Theater 150 years ago.

Obama and his handlers have agreed to go to a Gold Standard and bow to the Chinese and have signed the US Corporation over to the Red Dragon Family lock, stock and barrel.

Not only is this the 150th anniversary of the end of the American Civil War and the Jesuit killing of a President, it is also (In the minds of this 30 +1 Committee) a great time to kill  Obama and start a Civil War to destroy both North America and the US Corporation.

FBI - the Secret Service has proven to be, under Obama, a worthless bunch of scum, loyal to prostitutes and violence. As much as you are scum and run drugs and steal wherever you can you may be the only outfit that can keep one of Obama's 5 doubles for\\rom being killed in public in 2 days.

FBI - Protect the G.D. President NOW from a close encounter from behind.

If he does get killed  - let this record stand. You allowed it.

Russian Federation and Red Dragon Intel Agencies - if Obama dies your Bankstas are dead. You would do well to help in this arena.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

From Fourwinds10 - a great website:

Retired CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: 'I Killed Marilyn Monroe' >> Four Winds 10 - Truth Winds

Form The Saker

Documents showing how the Empire plans to overthrow Putin | The Vineyard of the Saker

From m discussing the coming destruction of Russia 16 months ago as GOD laid it out - they will either do as GOD states referring to their Mantle Feo or be destroyed.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April UN Broadcast, The Red Dragons, And You

The real question about these broadcasts is how do they effect you, either directly or indirectly?

Is it worth your precious time to try and read some UN broadcast by a bunch of Nuts near the top of the worlds economic  and political pyramid?

How will these broadcast summaries help YOU with better relationships with your children, making more money, traveling, or better getting better health?


Understanding how the World Leaders think allows you to understand who runs this planet and how they think.

The world leaders think that everything revolves around Astrology. For example: 3 April (+- 3 days) represents the Full Moon of Aeries, the birth of the Christ, a Lunar Eclipse, a Blood Red Moon, Easter, and a host of other things.

When they set up the Nuke to go off in DC (Serial Number B725825) there was a corresponding set up of Marshal Law and the lead in to a Full Scale Nuclear War - but that was diffused through prior notification - like the 17 May 2015 Nuke headed into North West DC - a Big One. That is an astrological Event I am not too familiar with but significant to the Rockefellers.

When the Nuke went off it signaled the Cracking of the Dollar - the End of the US Dollar as the World's Reserve Currency and the end of the wars - and the coming of Peace in this New Age Of Aquarious.

The current war in Yemen where US Carriers are launching Air Strike against the Yemen People - a war we talked about 6 months ago and tried to stop - all corresponds to the Celestial Dates surrounding 3 April 2015.

The energy of this time - Aries - is that of the First Ray - the basic energy of Fire and Change, purging of societies, Mass Annihilations, Human Exterminations. It has been like this for 4,000 years.

What this means to the investor is: These Mass Murders we call war means that those who manufacture weapons - like Boeing - will be directly effected financially. In the Spring these weapons are used up and must be re-ordered. Profits for all of the stock holders.

As the dollar begins to crack what this means to us is that:  the United States Corporation moves closer and closer to an economy like that of China - No welfare, no disability except for those who were hurt on the job, no VA Disability except for those who were hurt on  the Job, great US Military Retirement, and the elimination of most Federal, state, city and county Departments.

What this means to the Red Dragons: They are now to move forward with their financial deals and they feel all will now fall into place for them to stabilize the the World's Economy and they will become the New World Leaders for the next 70 years with a New Bretton Woods Agreement.

These Red Dragon Family Elders are still very, very angry they were not told about the coming Nuke Detonation in DC while their delegation was there although they could have read my stories and figured it out themselves.

What this means in Russia: Since they dd not pay what they owed they will move forward with China and the Mighty Russian Leadership will play second fiddle to the Chinese until they honor what they owe according to hte BOSS upstairs.

This Cracking of the Dollar means for Criminals:  tougher Jail Sentences - you rape a child, kill someone while dealing in drugs, you burglarize a home - you die. Period. You go to jail - you are treated like human scum. No TV Time, no Dungeons and Dragons time, no time in the weight room, no time in the Law Library - you work and then you sit and read.

By the end to the Festivals in June what will be set in place is the Ending of Social Order in the United States and the US Corporation will try and force  riots by July and August to destroy this nation to murder 350 million Americans. Every means will be employed to do this just like the US has done to the Ukraine, Yemen, Libya, Yugoslavia,  Ethiopia, and is now doing to California and then to Sri-Lanka.

To the Investor what this means is sell your land and water rights and get the heck out of these nations

So as a person on this planet understanding HOW the world leaders think is very, very important you YOU.
This particular UN broadcast focused on Group Meditation and Unity.

The UN speakers spoke about the Festival of Easter where Christ was sacrificed on a cross to show us hte pain necessary for the awakening of the Human Soul and that in this coming of the Age of Aquarious the Cross will represent the Joy of growing into "Cosmic Conciousness" and coming together with the Galactic Brothers in a higher harmonics.

What Cosmic Conciousness means is unifying, in our mind, with beings in a  higher harmonics.

In order to bring about "THE PLAN" here on Earth we must focus on unifying our minds with the higher beings and being at peace with the Coming New Age and New World Order and the New World Order Religion.

Within the last 2 years YOU, the American Tax Payer, just paid about 60% of the $2.5 Billion Dollar UN renovation to prepare for these coming changes. Whether you like it or not - you are paying for these coming events.

So for 2 days prior, during, and two days after the Full Moon the leaders of the world meditate on acquiring their particular goals  an their thoughts are unified and strengthened by those who participate in these broadcasts with the United Nations.
As for the quality of the broadcasts both broadcasts were absolutely 100% error free - for the first time in history. Absolutely no audio problems. The workers both in London and New York City worked hard to make this happen and changed the entire audio network.
As a side note: THE MARK OF THE BEAST is not a computer chip. GOD stated over 3,400 years ago that the MARK OF GOD was on our fore heads and our hands - it is in what we do and say.

Yeshua said:  "They will know you by your fruits"

The NWO can chip you, cut you, beat you, shoot you, stab you, poison you, steal all you own - all of this they have done to me and more - but who YOU are determines whether YOU am marked by the beast or not - not some funny computer chip on my arm or hand. So do not fear this "Chip."

Your hand represents what you do.

Your Fore Head carries your personality, who you are.

And Yes - I did remove the chip.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

A thanks to the Lucis Trust for allowing me to participate in your April Broadcasts.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Red Dragons Negotiate With White House As CIA Blows DC Power Grid

Explosion At DC Power Plant Knocks Out DC Power

At 9:50 AM DC Time (6:50 AM My Time) an small explosion (Mini-Nuke) knocked out the DC Power Plant in Maryland.

We warned you about an attack - 3 April (+- 3 Days) what - 90 days ago, in January?

We even tracked 3 nukes for a while.

No help from the FBI or Secret Service or FBI or any US agency. Nothing.

No help from the Russian or Chinese Intelligence.

If you had assisted we could have pinned this down to the T.

You ignored the Nuke that went off in the Ukraine 8 February 2015.

You ignored the Nuke that detonated here on 7 April 2015.

Sorry - I was 6 minutes and 50 seconds late. Not bad for 90 to 120 days out.

Has the intelligence and Law Enforcement agencies in the US and Russia and China lost their  abilities to read?

The Red Dragons told the Japanese on Friday they will take over the Entire Financial System and today they were currently telling the White House to prepare for a change in leadership - and you ignored the warning we stated 90 and 120 days ago?

Are you MAD?

WE have been correct - what - 100 times and now you ignore us?

GOD will now move - HE is very upset.
Fear not - the White House and other Corporations like the Treasury Department and House of Congress have alternate generators but the people suffer.

What more can we say.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Explosion at Power Plant Responsible for D.C. Area Outages « CBS DC

Friday, April 3, 2015

New US Corporate Weapon: Genocidal Weapons

The US now has a New type of weapon: The Genocidal Weapon.

Ever wonder why 60% of our troops coming back form the Middle East are sterile/

The US corporation is currently conducting operations to spray Middle Asia with Uranium Oxide Aerosol.

Using this method men in Central Asia will become sterile and their nations will die within 40 years - one generation.

The spray is being done on the ground, in the air through Commercial Airliners, and higher in the air with military jets.

What better way to stop the conflict that to kill off All humans in a peaceful, nice sort of way. Sterile them with an unseen product.

Veterans are flocking to Sperm Banks to store their sperm so that they can have a family when they get back so yes - the VA is now sharing military records with many, many sperm banks across the world.

Thus the Veteran's Administration is again conducting "Espionage" against the United States Corporation.

PTSD, infertility and other consequences of war | Veterans Today

If you watch the video THE CURE FOR CANCER then you will see how to reverse your steriliztion caused by Uranium Oxide Aerosol.

The Video: New US Genocidal Weapon

US Corporation New Genocidal Weapon - YouTube

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

US Next Target Is Sri-Lanka

The US Next Major Target will be  the peaceful nation of Sri- Lanka.

Yesterday US DOD Forces knocked out the Turkish Electrical Grid and bombed a Yemen Refugee Camp - lots of terrorists there.

Today the US is trying to initiate the Re-drawn Middle East and planning  strikes on Yemen as it seizes more wealth from Venezuelan and Russian  millionaires through the Federal Reserve System, both of which are supposed to be controlled by the IMF, which currently is run by the Red Dragons.

(((Lets pray - visualize - this violence ceases immediately)))

As the currency war heats up the world is beginning to demand payments in either Gold Back Currency or in Gold. The problem is: The United States Corporation has no gold and what they grow never makes int into the US Treasury. According to Ben Fulford last week the US missed a payment to China and the US Treasury has currently declared De Jure Bankruptcy.

In other words - the US is broke.

Way back in 2012 surveys for gold were done on Sri-Lanka (Ceylon) and the amounts of gold found were significant. Unfortunately the current governmental infrastructure will only allow surface mining so as not to destroy the environment. Chemical extraction is not allowed in the nations of 21 million people.

Well that's not good enough for the US Corporations.

In order to hold the "Empire" together the US needs gold, and lots of it and Sri-Lanka has it and the US Corporation wants it very, very badly.

The plan is to create an incident just North of Sri-Lanka near Tiger Island and begin a limited war with China to cancel debts - a war cancels debts. This incident would be almost identical to the a "Gulf of Tonkin  Incident" that started the Vietnam War. Perhaps a pre-placed charge just below the mid-section on the starboard side would work - just enough to cripple the ship. The charge may be on the port side - it will be wired up tomorrow.

Who will stop the US corporation?:

1) Russia and China - they can't even cash a bond for a Russian Citizen or return the Mantle Feo to Europe!

GOD laughs at them - 3 Putins and all. Their arrogance amuses GOD and me.

GOD has pretty much let these nations be useless until they do as they have been asked. Until then - GOD has cursed their leadership to be resounding gongs. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

In an interesting interview two days ago the US Ambassador to Russia he stated he would have all of Putin's Staff killed if they did not follow US Orders.

In other words - the US Handlers for the Ambassador told the Russian Staff to Bow Down to the US or die. Get on your knees and beg for mercy and the US Handlers may spare you.

Do you see Russia fighting back like MEN or remaining in submission like little slaves?

2) India - Ha - they try and get involved and the US will split another 2 nation off of them in the North East and the North West.

3) Venezuela - Ha, they are about to have their entire infrastructure replaced with prejudice by the CIA and they are too stupid and afraid to kill the CIA Jesuit Hit Men - so they will die unless they fight back like MEN.

4) Germany or France - Ha - the Marshal Plan would be terminated and they would loose billions. Yes- according to Dumb  Dumb John Kerry the Marshal Plan never ended. All those Solar Panels and New Banks in Germany - bought and paid for with US Debt.

5) Mighty Spain - yea - right. King Carlos of Spain is a Drug King Pin and is too easy to bribe - as is his replacement.

6) Japan - Ha - their leadership under Abe is a real mess, completely corrupt and paid off by the US White House Handlers.

7) Italy - yea, right. The Vatican tells the Rothchids what to do and they Pimp us out as US Soldiers to do their work as their little hoes.

8) Austro-Hungarian Union - Ha - the latest CIA manuals state if someone opposes the US they are under orders to replace their entire governments. They will kill you and you are too stupid and afraid to kill hteir Jesuit Hit Men.

So very soon this peaceful little nation will be infiltrated by US Mercinaries claiming to be Muslim Extremists and begin killing everyone ---- Car bombs, Uranium Oxide Gas to sterilize the people.

Yes - Uranium Oxide Aerosol is currently being used to sterilize Central Asia of about 1 Billion People. If they can't have children the society dies - right?

Ever wonder why more and more men are becoming sterile?

Jet fuel - it is laced with Uranium Oxide thanks to the United States Corporation.

So the Muslims will move in to Sri-Lanka and the US Will send in "Humanitarian Aid" for the poor starving people and split the nation in tow because for the "Failing Government."

The people of Sri-Lanka will not even know what hit them.

When all is said and done the US will own the two Sri-Lanka's and the people will be utterly turned into slaves to mine the Gold, Saphires, Ruby's, Moonstones, and - yes - oil.

The US Corporation will make Billions and Sri-Lanka will be sterilized for tens of thousands of years - just like Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Khazakstan,  several of the Marshall Islands, many of the Japanese Islands - and soon many major cities.

It's not about resources - for Lucifer it is about destroying GOD's Creation and causing pain. Money and health are just a way to do this.
Please pray they fail miserably and those wishing to do evil fall too ill to even speak for eternity.

Ceylon Today | US seeks to eventually partition Sri Lanka - – Tamara Kunanayakam

Google, Facebook “War Moves” Put Russia On Full Nuke Alert

Putin announces he will nationalize Rothchilds Central Bank: US Ambassador replies he will have Putin's Entire Staff killed:

Putin´s Confident: Putin to Nationalize Rothschild´s Central Bank and Purge “Collaborators” with West. “War till One Side Collapses inevitable” | NEW.EURO-MED.DK

Russia and China - you need to remove the US, UK, and French  embassies from your soil immediately or face the consequences President Yanakovich faced. These are not idle threats.  You have been warned by the Living GOD.

You will either listen or face the consequences - it is your choice. Free Will. Listen to GOD or die and be replaced with a double.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount