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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Call To Prayer

For the first time in many years I am worried.

I am able to see through the veil and see what Lucifer is planning for America and it is not pretty.

I am asking every one to pray that those who worship Lucifer/Satan are immediately and completely immobilized for the rest of their lives and that Lucifer himself, the Big Coward, is sent away immediately for a thousand years.

Current Situation:

1) The US did not pay on a Chinese Debt 17 April and, in a Dejure Manner, declared Bankruptcy but vetoes action in the IMF and World Bank.

2) This Veto Action by the US is no longer valid. As it was with the Bretton Woods Agreement hthe US Veto Power ran out 15 July 2014. This is in the original Bretton Woods Agreements, the IMF initiation paperwork and the World Bank Initial Charter Papers. The

3) The treaties are in The Treaty Vault. The US Can No Longer Veto Anything Legally.

4) The US is pitting China against Russia - an action that when the Red Dragon Family finds out and contacts me will back fire on the US State Department.

5) Greece refused to pay on the Euro Debt and will now begin to trade in Rubles.

6) Seventy Years after the destruction of the NAZI Government they are once again rising their ugly heads and stirring up trouble in America and plan on rounding up the Blacks and then Jews. They plan on destroying America, France, England and all  other nations that opposed them in 1945.

7) This is what Baltimore is all about - same actors in Sandy Hook Fake Shooting, Boston Marathon Fake Bombing, Furgeson Fake Shooting and now Baltimore.

8) The American's are the last opposition to the new World Order and Currency.

9) America must be destroyed to bring about this New World Order and unless the Chinese and Russian leaders do as GOD has asked they - along with all other World Leaders - will be terminated with the rest of us.

10) Yesterday a Lowes in Riverdale Geogia was occupied by a bus load of FEMA employees. It has begun and Jade.

11) Further - a Nuke is ready to detonate 17 May just SE of Indianapolis. Apparently the Langley Fudge Boys have about 12 Nukes pre-positioned and ready to detonate.

12) Riddle Me This Li and Putin and Medvedev, Obama and Biden, Bush's: What do those Fascists living underground need with Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressman, Senators, CIA, FBI... - worthless Food Eaters. You will die with the rest of us unless you MAN UP and stop this insanity now and we all know where YOU are going when YOU die, don't we?

Perhaps it is time to work together to stop these Fascist Pigs?

GOD has the answers - all you need to do is ask.

PRAY - YouTube

Do not fear the Mark Of The Beast. Whatever they do to your body can not change your relationship with the Living GOD.

The News You Need

Dr William B,. Mount


  1. Dr. Mount, a nuke was never detonated in TN. Why?

  2. Dr. Mount, a nuke was never detonated in TN. Why?

  3. No - it was not. The carrier has exchanged the nuke for Diplomatic Immunity and annonimity to a far away nation. If I woked alt Langley I would begin to shiver in fear. The nation what took the man in will not be mentioned but may also give the 2 Ukrainians South and West of Arch Angel the same deal - if they can find them. This gives them an active Nuke in Russia and the US. Pretty smart.

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