Sunday, April 27, 2014

Michelle Obama: America's First Drag Queen - Michelle has an Adams Apple

Vimeo: Irrefutable Proof that Michelles Obama is a man.

Number 44 OSU Fornt Line Tackle, 1918-1982.

He has an Adams Apple and Male Parts, watch the video.

President Obama holdong a T-Shirt with Mike Ramseys's (Michelle Obaam's) number on it:

Barack Obama and David Ortiz take a selfie.



Dr William B. Mount

Oil Discovered on Bundy Grazing Land

The land Clive Bundy's family has been grazing on in South Central Nevada since 1877 had oil discovered on it several decades ago - which is exactly when the US Corporation sent in their thugs and Brown Shirts.

Please pray that the US Corporate Thugs run with their tails between their lags immediately.

When I was a child my neighbor worked for the California Department of Geology and had started hi career by working for Standard Oil discovering Oil. He showed me just exactly where huge oil deposits were inhtis nation.

The Oil was discovered in the area Clive Bundy was grazing his cattle and the BLM immediately told him to get his cattle off of the State Land, he sued.

Grazing Fees for this are in Nevada usually ran about $2 per head per year - so with 1,000 head of cattle how could he accumulate millions of dollars of grazing fees?

Exactly. They US Corporation lied about what he owed them so he sued - and won.

First: The lnd he was grazoing on was free until oil was found.

Second: Look at the map, The area belongs to the Nevada State (Corporation). Governor (CEO) of Nevada knows this.

Finally, the "Turtle Zone" that he was supposedly kicked out of has oil seeping up through a few springs just south of Mesquite, Nevada - the oil is only a few hundred feet down.

Harry Reid not only wanted a Solar Power Plant, he wanted an Oil Powered Plant he also wanted the Oil.

Dirty Harry: You are a Wide Mouthed Cow that is about to get Pregged in the fall.


SO lease pray with me - focus hard - that the US Corporate Thugs (BLM, USFS, ABCDEFG, Etc.) leave immediately with their tails between their legs.

The 13 Illuminati Blood Lines we must pray to turn to GOD to overturn this Petro Dollar and stop the US Corporation from their constant murders. These are those Lucifarians who run the Vatican and P-2 Lodge in Rome, and control the Rothchilds (Bauers) and thus the Rockefellars:

House of Borja
House of Breakspeare
House of Somaglia
House of Orsini
House of Conti
House of Chigi
House of Colonna
House of Farnese
House of Medici
House of Gaetani
House of Pamphili
House of Este
House of Aldobrandini

You heard this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

Oregon Burning Aborted Babies For Power

It's all about money and control.

Please pray - visualize - with me that these despicable practices stop.

In fact - this article has been repeated over and over again all across this nation: Aborted babies burned for power and heat.

It's OK, right because 95% of the babies are now white babies?

The practice of burning dead bodies for heat and energy goes way back to Jolly Old England - where dead bodies were burned in hospital incinerators to generate heat and to dispose of these unwanted, and usually infected, waste.

What the NAZI's did to the Jews the US Corporation does to our babies.

Think this odd - please reread the APFN Story about Soilent Green, where half of the Human Population has had their DNA changed (CODON 127 turned to CODON 129) because they have eaten Human Brains in their processed meats. Without the use of a Food Grade Surfactant like Immusist this ( insures Alzheimers Disease.;article=138870

Oh - I forgot - a US corporate Agency outlawed it, for a few days anyway.

At the VA in Phoenix an recent article on CNN showed these VA Employees purposely killing vets - you should see inside the hospitals. After they die they rip out as many body parts to sell as possible before "Disposing " of the body. It is one sick process run by sick men like General Shesenski - a Lucifarian Priest, a man who is incapable of getting within 100 yards of me he is so evil.

In Russia there was a factory cutting up Dead humans to make meat for the market.

(((((I had to sleep on the couch for 3 days after doing this story on Channel 77 Seattle.)))))


If I walk you through certain oriental sections of Seattle I can buy Human Body Parts for eating - hand, eyes, ears, livers, etc. It is a religious thing.

So now that you are totally grossed out and sick - let your eyes and ears be opened as to what is really going on around you.

This is a real spiritual war we are fighting and we need to focus on Lucifer and his forces of evil to be expelled from Planet Earth as soon as possible.

Look around you - do not ask GOD why he is trashing the economies of the world - the world is Evil run by Evil Men.

Ask instead how GOD can protect you and how YOU can pray to end this evil here on Planet Earth before we end up like Adama, Marduk, Mars and now Earth.

As you recall, we did a story on the Chinese grinding up dead babies and selling them as PEP PILLS. 

You saw this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Russian Insurgent In Ukraine Are Wearing Clothes Purchased In America

he Russian Insurgents show on the front cover of the Wall Street Journal were again wearing shoes available in America, not the Ukraine.

(((((Please pray with me - visualize hard - that the US Corporate Government stops these needless wars world wide immediately.)))))

If one goes to the Front Cover of the Wall Street Journal you will see several strange things about a picture in the "Ukraine?"

1) First, the Ukrainian Soldiers are wearing American Tan Colored Combat Boots. Did the American Army REBOOT the entire Ukraine Army in a week?

2) There is a stop sign on a dirt road. Excuse me - there are scant few Stop Signs in the Ukraine, let alone a sign on a Dirt Road where a "Government Building" is?

3) New Tires thrown away in the Ukraine - they wear the tires out until they are bare.

Now go to page A-8 and look at the next picture.

1) Civilians lolly gagging around during an armed confrontation?

2) The shoes are, I believe, QMUniform.comn 5.11 Tactical Trainer Mid 2.0 Shoes - cost, $100. Now where does a Ukrainian get $100 for shoes if their average wage is around $200/month?

3) Note the Shoe Laces: Unavailable; in the Ukraine.

4) The hood is a Lawpro premium watch cap with eyes cut out.

5) It is currently about 18*C, or about 50 Degrees F, yet a guy is lollygagging in the left background wearing a T-Shirt?

So perhaps - just perhaps - the writers being in both Moscow and DC had their names attached to a story that is Propaganda?

Arn't you tired of being lied to APFN audience>

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nazi Corporation Demands War Anywhere and Everywhere

The Nazhional Zocaleest (NAZI) US Corporation is demanding war any where and every where.

Please pray that those in the Vatican, London Financial District and New York City that are demanding war are made powerless immediately.

Fascism: When a nation is run by corporations - the merger of Government and State. By definition the US Corporation (USC 2, Sec 286, United States Senate Report 93-549, Organic Constitution of 1871) is a Fascist State - Nazhonal Zozhaleest - NAZI.

For any one with a head on their shoulders that should scare the bejeezus out of them.

Since the Obamas (^ Doubles) took office this has occurred, as ordered by the Vatican through the Roman Knights of Malta, Jesuits and US DOD:

1) 74 attempts to kill Obama, see APFN, Pravda, Euronews, Ch 77 Seattle.

2) Over 100 Nuclear False Flags created by the US Corporation - (this actually started 2 years before he took office).

3) Obama receives Nobel Peace Prize.

4) Destruction of Egypt by US, killing of their President.

5) Destruction of Libya by US Corp, killing of their President.

6) Destruction of Serbia by breaking off Kosovo - an illegal nation.

7) Destruction of over 35 countries in Africa nd the deaths of countless African Leaders.

8) Destruction of Santiago Chile with an Earth Quake Generator.

9) The destrution of the economy of the world.

10) Open selling of weaons in Afghanistan.

11) Open selling of weapons all over Iraq and trhe complete destabilization of this nation with thousands of deaths attributed to this.

12) Weapons sales up 15 times. John Shapiro, Ast Sec of State, 1 June 2012: "The Purpose of the State Department is to sell weapons."

13) Countless threats of Nuclear War against China and South Korea.

13) Acceleration of tensions all over the Middle East - the ARAB SPRING.

14) The Demands for Yangsha Island (Scarburouigh Schoul) because it has enormous amounts of gold.

15) Denial of requests to return gold stored in the US vaults, that no one knows where it is?

16) Countless attempts to start WW# with Syria and Iran.

17) The purposeful releasing of Nuclear Radiation form Fukushima, Carlsbad Canyons, English Nuke Reactor,, etc. See:


18) Murder of countless folks around the world through the use of GMO foods and vaccinations - they laugh at the world when your people die --- it is fun for these folks in DC, NYC, London and the Vatican. It entertains them and YOU can't touch them ads your sons and daughters are crippled and die.

19) Destruction of Organic Pig Farms nation wide so we must eat commercially grown pork that has a vaccine that sterilizes you and since most blacks eat pork - it terminates their population ----- ordered by a "Black President?"

20) Murdering of 51 Cattle Ranchers in Nevada and now the coming attack on the Bundy Ranch by US Cowards ordered by Obama the Coward?

I called the Governor of Nevada on this and "Girly Man Governor Sandoval" has been ordered to Stand Down. They told me:


Can we ZEIG HEIL yet?

Shall we go on?

WHAT DO NAZIS DO TO: Americans, Germans, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Iranians, French, Spanish, English, Dutch, Scottish, Finnish, Swedish, Norweagens, Italians, Indians, Pakistanis, Africans, Australians, Indonesians.....


President Putin and PM Medvedev: Seven years ago Putin's Personal Priest (Antonio) was serving as the head of the Orthodox Chuch in Russia (Not Russian Federation). He gave you a personal gift but YOU TWO let it leave Russia, Leave the Russian Federation and go to Kiev.

There in Kiev in the Hotel Ukraine (7th Floor) you fed it radioactive water and almost killed your gift.


The gift, if left in Europe (Anywhere in Europe), would have stabilized the European Economy (US as well) and brought a new prosperity to the Russian Federation.

Your gift is now far far away watching you move Headlong into WW3 - against a nation that has 65,000 Nukes, over 250,000 Air TO Air Nuclear Tipped Missiles, and allies that have another 30,000 Nukes and an anti-gravity fleet that rivals the world and they are all pointed at China, Russia, Syria, Iran and north Korea.

This gift could have opened a Star Gate in Machu Pichu, and found the oldest base on Earth that would have pulverized your enemies.

Your lost Soviet Satellite Countries (15 In All) would have come back to Mother Russia to from an Economic Council - a Soviet Type Economy.

Instead you have let your gift rot in America where is is illegal to say his name on the Radio or on TV.

There is still time before the Nukes are launched on Moscow you old Buzzard.

What you do is up to you.

Let the Russian People know that their leaders could have prevented the coming Nuclear War.

As you read this NATO mobilizes for war - it will take the US about 7 seconds to make Moscow a desert --- SCRAM NUKE from London.

Heck - 4 Compressed Titanium Rods form one of the cloaked x-37Bs would also do the job quite well - and once launched President Putin you would not even have time to wipe your rear before the rods hit the ground.

((((((15 May - next False Flag ----- Small Nuke in a US City, most likely Chicago or Detroit and a trip for Obama to the Promised Land - keep him underground. Since Obama wants to cover his tracks he is most likely to kill his "Friends" in the Chicago Financial District.))))))

((((((On the street, in a small package. 2KT load, with strange Bio Weapon Spores. delivered in Diplomatic Vehicle Black in Color - very official like. Strange License Number. Suicidal Maniac Bomber, American with an accent, Male, 35-50, thin, wiry, 5'6"?. False Flag, then WW3. Oodachia.))))))
The Equipment to destroy Russia is on it's way to Europe.

The Troops to kill Bundy are on their way to Nevada - hundreds and hundreds of them, then Marshal Law and a revolution.

The troops and equipment to destroy China is already in place.

The Nukes to destroy Iran are now ready to be mounted on F-15s in Israel.
The sixth and final war - 6,6,6

Adama, Marduk, Mars and now Earth

The End.
Please pray - visualize - that these insane Demon Possessed Nut Cases that run the world are stopped.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Just a personal Note: When I am done with a story like this I am exhausted.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fukushima Number Seven

Please pray - visualize - that this Radioactive Melt Down is neutralized as we have already shown how.

The leak is so bad that within a few days the radiation was detected over 20 miles away.

Unbelievable but true.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) Obama is in Japan, Martha Vineyards and Oso Washington at this very moment VP Biden in in Kiev. The Assassination Attempt there set up for an Obama was Biden's Doing - for this he was promised a place in history as President by the CIA - Cocaine Import Agency.

2) In the mean time an Obama has ordered Putin and his VP and PM to be stripped of their wealth and then terminated permanently just as soon as possible. PM Medveded will be left alive if he shuts up and obeys the forces in London like a good little puppy dog.

3) On the Ukraine Front: The US Forces - prisoners being released by Eric Holder - are being sent to the Mezyn National Park as it now belongs to the IMF. There should be some shootings in, and near, Shoosta in the next few days by "Russian Troops" fresh form American Jails.

4) Follow English and US Embassy Workers headed East from Kiev - stop them and search their cars for arms and large pots of cash.

5) Shoot to kill cloaked US vehicles flying near the Eastern Ukraine right now. Tye are air dropping food, munitions and other such supplies for these Soul Less Prisoners.

6) Harry Reid is still a Wide Mouthed Cow that is about to be Prepped - and he will soon have a stroke, so says the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

7) It is show down with GOD for the leaders in London, Moscow, Peking and other major world leaders.

8) If you think the rich are not being destroyed for ignoring GOD goto and look at the number of homes over $2 Million on there. Over 50% of all home sales are now by investors backed by money created on a computer in London.

9) Russia - the Nuke the CIA took when they killed your agent is now sitting in a CIA/FBI house just North and West of Chicago and is fairly unguarded. It will only yield 1-2 KT BUT it will project this new "E-Boli Spores" hundreds of miles.

10) E-Boli - hockey puck. It is a new GMO designed by you know who - the cure sits on my desk.

11) US Space Command in Kings Mountain - (((oops, top secret - so after reading this article you must kill yourself))) - you are about to get your wings clipped.

12) In Iraq today 105 were killed, 127 injured. Our military forces are still in Iraq to insure the weapons sold last month reach their destination. Sell sell sell, missile launchers, rifles, ammunition, - US weapons sale are up 15 times since Obama took office.

13) Eric Holder plans more seizures of US held pistols and rifles.

You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William Mount



Any questions?

Fukushima Number 7

Please pray - visualize -- that the world turns to alternate power immediately. Alternate power being: Solar, Wind, Tacheon Generators, Water Powered Cars, Nuclear Fusion Reactors, Etc.

Here we go again - more large amounts of radiation are now discovered outside the Cumbrian England Nuclear Storage Facility.

Here in a small town named Driggs on the West coast of England - just East of the Isle of Man, lies a fairly large Nuclear Storage site.

Radioactive liquid is simply dumped into a sand pit. It then travels about 100 yards into the ocean.

Form the pictures of Driggs you will see a huge, and strange, Algea Bloom just directly west of the dump site where the radiation goes. It is also toe end of the road where folks in the town go to swim and play on the beach.

So now count them:

1) Chernobyl, caused by the CIA.

2) Fukushima

3) Nuke reactor in England that we showed a few weeks ago here on APFN that is now leaking.

4) Hanford - which now leaks enormous amounts of radiation into both the Ground Water and Columbia River.

5) Spokane Indian Reservation. Here we reported on over 100 ongoing dump sites of raw radioactive materials - thus causing great harm to the Spokane Indian Tribe.

6) Driggs, England.

7) THE CAVES - East Central New Mexico - which has has a Nuclear Melt Down making Fukushima look tiny.

Here on APFN we were told by hthe Living GOD that one Fukushima would break loose per month for the next 12 months - all ordered by the Rithchilds in London.

Yet the DOD Joint Chiefs of Cowards (Staff) remains Inept and unable to fix anything - only desiring to provoke Nuclear War with nations that have no malice towards Americans.

No wonder the head of the Joint Chiefs of Cowards, General Dempsey, has ED - he is absolutely Inept and Limp D....

Please pray that these Joint Chiefs of Cowards are removed from office immediately and replaced with real MEN.

Forget about the 2,300 vials of Eboli the Joint Chiefs gave to terrorists.

Forget about the "New Eboli" that is genetically modified to kill 95% of all Brown Eyed Folks that has now broken loose in Italy.

Forget about the fact that the New GMO Wheat contains over 300 frequency activated GMO Viruses.

Forget about the fact that Putin and his staff are about to have their accounts zeroed out for not listening to GOD.

Forget about the fact that Senator Harry Reid is a "Broken Mouth Cow" and about to be "Pregged."

We now have another Fukushima leaking into our oceans - the North Atlantic - ordered by David Rothchilds, who works directly for the Roman Pope.

Pray hard - Visualize - that these radiation leaks are contained and neutralized.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B Mount

President Obama in Japan and Washington State at This Time

Please pray that this NWO garbage unwinds as Lucifer looses control.

Right now, this very second, as you read this President Obama is in both Oso Washington and Japan.

There is also a website that states that President Obama is in Martha Vineyards - at this very moment.

So - what is going on?

And there are pictures all over the web of this?

These stories are being put on the net and taken off the net at a record speed.

You have never seen so much White Washing and covering up in my life.

First he is pictured at Martha Vineyards, then Oso Washington, then Tokyo simultaneously. Now the stories are being changed as you read them.

the First Obama has warts on his left side and dark spots on his left side, looks old and skinny, the Second Obama  has two warts on his left side, the Third Obama ........

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Putin And Friends To Be Stripped Of Bank Accounts

As you read this pray that Putin and his staff do what GOD told them to do 7 years ago and their personal fortunes will be left alone.

Today it was announced by one of the President Obama's that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his closest associates will have thier bank accounts located and seized by the IMF. through the Federal Reserve System.

As you recall, about 3 1/2 years ago on TV (Ch 77, Seattle ALL DAY LIVE TV Show) we announced that the Federal Reserve System had obtained access into ALL bank accounts cross the globe.

Now these Demon Possessed Bankstas will "reach Across The Oceans" and begin to personally destroy the assets of all of the Russian Industrialists.

The US Took down Victor out and seize the assets of the second largest airline company in Russia just a few short years ago because Victor refused to haul CIA Opium from Afghanistan to Southern California

Now these same Bankstas are targeting

1) Pres Putin,
2) PM Medvedev,
3) Vladislov Surkov, Putins Deputy Chief of Staff
4) Valentina Matviyenko, ......

The list goes on and on.

Pres Putin and, at the time they were warned by me 7 years ago President Medvedev, may find themselves out quite allot of money.

It is rumored that Pres Putin's Investment Assets total around $52 Billion.

Don't think your Alien Allies will assist you either - money is not their Cup Of Tea.

When GOD asks you to do something President Putin and PM Medvedev why do you think you are above HIM?

Now you will both pay with your own money, and pay and pay and pay - until you both have nothing, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

Forget about the E-Boli outbreak in Italy, it's not E-Boli any way but a new Virus Strain targeting the brown Eyed folks. The cure sits in my office.

Forget about the fact that your technology now matches that of the US fleets and you can shot down a cloaked Drone at will like you did last night - see Sorcha.

Forget about the Gold Backed Rubble or Gold Backed Yuan.

You are about to be striped of your entire portfolio because YOU and YOUR STAFF refused to do as GOD asked.

It's your money not mine.
You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Gas Pipelines To Pypass Russia

As you read this please pray that the situation in the Ukraine calms down and that US/UK military and paramilitary forces stop killing hte people there.

Almost the whole of Europe is dependent on heat from Natural Gas. The nations West of the Ukraine use almost 400 Billion Cubic Meters of Natural Gas per year for heating and cooking.

Russia contributes not only ALL of the Ukraine Natural Gas but about 160 Billion Cubic Meters to these nations.

Two new gas pipelines have been prepared that would feed Natural Gas directly to Europe and completely bypass Russia.

First, an underwater pipeline from the area just off the Western Coast of Norway that would come onto land, skirt the coast land, and run across the bay into Denmark. This would provide between 4-40 million cubic meters of Natural Gas per year.

The cost here varies depending on the number of gas wells used, but cost estimates top $20 Billion.

The second proposed pipeline would actually steal Russian Natural Gas, sucking out of the Caspian Sea, running through Armenia, Southern Georgia, Turkey and across the Meditteranian into Greece. Form there two pipelines would be split - one north and one into Italy.

The second pipeline would run about $45 Billion.

If things go in Europe as they have in the last few years, you can pretty well double these cost estimates.

So while the US is slathering up Europe for a war with Russia they are stabbing them in the back by literally creating money out of thin air and running additional pipelines into Europe to cut Russian Profits.

Estimated completion time for both pipelines: 24 months.

IN addition, the US is now beginning to export oil directly to Europe to make them completely dependent on US Crude and Gas.

Estimated loss to Russia: About half your oil income - or about $75 Billion Dollars per year in 5 years.

Russia's Oil Barons are likely to be very angry and their Military Budget severely effected.

Seems like I got involved in this 7 years ago - saving Russia about $100 Million in oil income per year and they were not really grateful. IN fact - they cast me out to the wolves.

The 7 year cycle is up - now it is GOD's turn.

Should have listened Pres Putin and PM Medvedev.
For You Intel Geeks:

Seems like there is a 15 day, 6 hour, 6 minute separation between False Flags now - the pace has accelerated.

Think 14 April - 15 May - both Full Moons. One the Easter Full Moon, the next the Wesak Full Moon.

15 add up to 6 - so 6/6/6 - same weird cycle as before --- ever 6 months, 6 days and 6 hours?

Remember -

1) 30 Sep 2006, 12 US Cities to be nuked, WW3

2) 6 Apr 2007, Kill Bush, Nuke Salt Lake, WW3

3) 14 Oct 2007, Kill Bush, Nuke Chicago I think, US Special Forces Blew Up Nuke in Iranian Desert, stopped False Flag, S.F General Fired for this act.

4) 21 Apr 2008, Kill Bush, Nuke DC, car delivering nuke Lic: 987-JFK, Lincoln Memorial

5) 28 Oct 2008,...........

Now connect the dots - 15 days, 6 hours, 6 minutes - 6/6/6/.

This is coming directly form the Vatican - unless you prefer WW3?

I am just a messenger.
You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William B Mount

Gas Pipelines To Pypass Russia

Another Banksta Bites The Dust

Another major Banksta has died.

As we read this article please focus on - Pray - that those who follow Lucifer are unsuccessful in everything they are trying to do to destroy America.

We think of Banksta as those who work specifically in a Bank, yet most Digital Money is held by Mutual Funs and large Financial Institutions.

You will also notice that there is a moratorium on reporting Dead Banksta - the Rothchilds have given the orders to make everyone believe the economy is doing well - just as GOD stated they would do at this point in time 5 so many months ago here on APFN and on PRAVDA.

This Banksta was the manager of Franklin Growth Fund -

Vivian Jerry Palmieri was still at the helm of this very conservative funds when he passed away on the 6th of April at the age of 85.

Form this day forward ALL news that exposed the collapsing economy and the murders of those in the financial world will be hidden by the US Army Cyber Command/Allied Signal Group - both controlled by the CIA.

You will now have to dig for the real truth, really dig.

Stories will now be posted all over the net to not only discredit APFN and it's writers, but disinformation will also be posted here on APFN.

Already the DOD relentlessly harasses Internet sites like PRAVDA with their lies and innuendos.

If you examine my stories closely and then go to my website you will find that the stories on my website have NO spelling errors or errors in grammar, yet here on APFN they are often loaded with these errors.

Remember - there is a good spell checker here on APFN.

So read these stories but verify everything.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Another Banksta Bites The Dust

Another major Banksta has died.

As we read this article please focus on - Pray - that those who follow Lucifer are unsuccessful in everything they are trying to do to destroy America.

We think of Banksta as those who work specifically in a Bank, yet most Digital Money is held by Mutual Funs and large Financial Institutions.

You will also notice that there is a moratorium on reporting Dead Banksta - the Rothchilds have given the orders to make everyone believe the economy is doing well - just as GOD stated they would do at this point in time 5 so many months ago here on APFN and on PRAVDA.

This Banksta was the manager of Franklin Growth Fund -

Vivian Jerry Palmieri was still at the helm of this very conservative funds when he passed away on the 6th of April at the age of 85.

Form this day forward ALL news that exposed the collapsing economy and the murders of those in the financial world will be hidden by the US Army Cyber Command/Allied Signal Group - both controlled by the CIA.

You will now have to dig for the real truth, really dig.

Stories will now be posted all over the net to not only discredit APFN and it's writers, but disinformation will also be posted here on APFN.

Already the DOD relentlessly harasses Internet sites like PRAVDA with their lies and innuendos.

If you examine my stories closely and then go to my website you will find that the stories on my website have NO spelling errors or errors in grammar, yet here on APFN they are often loaded with these errors.

Remember - there is a good spell checker here on APFN.

So read these stories but verify everything.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, April 17, 2014

CIA Funded Cuban Twitter To Destroy Cuban Government

As you read this please pray that the CIA attempts to shut down those who speak the truth fails.

as we all have read on the APFN Website the US Corporation has maintained the funding of organizations, like Allied Signal Group and US army Cyber Command in Fort Belvoir Virginia, to harass those who seem to speak the truth.

IE - My last story had a letter removed from the title.

The CIA is also using Twitter and Facebook to destroy the reputations of those who apparently do not bow to their Fascist Regime's Ideas.

For Example: Apparently all APFN Writers have 35 wives and about 500 children all over the world and are rotten racist Fascist Communist Pig Nut Cases, bla, bla bla.

It has come out that the CIA has also been using YOUR TAXES to fund a Twitter Campaign to take down the Evil Cuban Regime.

Using such companies they own such as "US Aid", "World Vision", UN NGOs" and dozens of other Front Corporation this CIA Corporation (Owned by the Queen of England) sent it's employees into Spain to hire folks to Twitter about the Castro Regime torturing their relatives, stealing their money, etc.

The real threat began when these Hired Internet Thugs threatened to do harm to the leadership of Castro - which amounts to an ACT OF WAR between the UK and Cuba.

Now Cuba has signed the BRIC treaties so these harassments tantamount to an ACT OF WAR against 140+ nations, like Russia, CHina, India, Brazil, Vietnam, etc.

If the BRIC leaders pushed the issue there would be necessarily a boycot of the entire English Island, and they would be under treaty obligation to do this.

I am not saying Castro and his staff are not utter pigs and when they visited a friends house back in the late 50s to give a speech at Princeton did not poop under the couch cushions, pee behind the curtains and wipe their behinds with the curtains.

Castro was welcomed by our personal friends openly and returned the kindness with the filth that they are. His entire house had to be gutted when these Castro Pigs left Princeton, New Jersey.

Regardless of how barbaric and ungrateful this Pig Castro is he and his nation have a right to exist without US Corporate, or English Crown, harassment.

American Taxes do not need to be used to harass the Castro Regime.

What is most amazing about this story is that it was exposed.

This was supposed to be a "Top Secret" operation and it was completely exposed for all to see.

Perhaps the selling of US Military Records by the VA records helped expose this little escapade?

Either way -- the CIA Dirty Laundry is once again exposed for the world to see. Names and addresses of the perpetrators, employment locations, companies names - all open for inspection and retaliation by foreign nations.
You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Security On Fort Lewis Was A Joke

Please pay - visualize - with me that the United States Corporation gets new leadership fast.

today we decided to go onto a local Army Post - Fort Lewis. My Car Tags had expired and they needed ot be updated.

We went to the Main Gate and presented the Military ID card, Car Insurance and Reqistration papers and were told: "We no longer look at these papers - we just look at your ID card."

No Reqistration or Insurance Check?

As we drove through the Main Gate the guard had us swipe my Military ID through a reader and the gate automatically opened -

No one checked to see who was in the car with me.

No questions or signage about taking weapons into the post.

No scanners looking for Nuclear Weapons.

No one even looked at my Wife's ID card.

No one even looked at my wife - and she was wearing sun glasses and a hat.

As I drove away my wife's jaw dropped.

Here we are supposed to be on the verge of a Nuclear War and our security is "LA DEE DAH"?

Is the President MAD - Utterly MAD?

Is the Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff utterly MAD?

The only answer to that question is YES - those who run the US Army, the DOD and the US Corporation are completely MAD.

Who in their Right Minds would not secure Nukes?

There are Nukes on Fort Lewis. My security Clearance is higher than Gen Dempsey's - commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - and I know that there are active Nukes under the Air Field and we just: "Drove on post, La Dee Dah, no big deal."

Hello Joint Chief's of Staff?

Your Nukes are unsecured!

OK - you are worried about Russia buying 500,000 Barrels of oil from Iran a day and flooding the market with Gold Backed Rubbles - that's about $1.5 Billion Dollars a month, for 15,000 barrels of Crude Oil per month --- or around $100 for a 42.5 gallon barrel of Crude Oil.

That's about $2.20 a gallon for Crude.

You are worried that Russia is currently building 2 Nuclear Reactors in Iran, but the CIA will not be able to mess with them and to to them what they did as Chernobyl.

Much of this can be found at: THEGOLDENJACKASS.COM

As Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff don't you think you should be a little bit concerned with security on posts that have Nukes?

General Dempsey - get your head out of your rear end - you have "Octal Rectal Itis with a Cranial Inversion" so bad that you have to polish your belly just to see straight.

Secure your Nuclear Bases.

While you are at it stop the VA from selling military records around the world you MORON.

This nation is in big trouble because of YOU.

Get off your proverbial rear end and fix it. You can't have Hoochie Coochie because you have Erectile Disfunction so use that time to do what you are paid to do ----- oh - your MASTER Lucifer won't let you, will he.

Well - his kingdom is collapsing around his ankles. You might want to jump ship before it is too late.

Your Nuclear Sites are not secure.

Your records are being sold around the world by the VA.

Your Launch Codes for your nukes have been compromised.

You have 20 soldiers a day committing suicide.

You have to call a lawyer in Afghanistan before you can engage.

Your bases are openly selling weapons in Afghanistan to whoever has the cash.

Your staff let someone take a Nuke and it is headed to Boston in a few days.

Your and your staff are a disgrace to the Nation, a threat to the US Corporation, a threat to the United States of America and a threat to Planet Earth.

General Dempsey

1) Secure your Nuclear Bases
2) Secure your Nukes
3) Secure your Records
4) Secure Your President (6 Doubles) from 11-17 April.

If we have an incident (Seattle, Boston) YOU will be held responsible, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

Please pray with me - really visualize - that this Joke of a General is replaced by a Real Man, not some Mealy Mouthed politician who worships Lucifer.
You Heard This First here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Fascist Double Cross of Washinton's Governor By Boeing



There has been a "Fascist Pig Double Cross" of Governor Jay Enslee of Washington State by Boeing.

Please pray that this exposes the underbelly of those Fascist Pigs in office and that all they do to destroy America fails.

For years the state of Washington has been giving large corporations like Boeing and Weyerhauser huge tax breaks to stay here in Washington.

These are the same tactics FASCIST PIGS like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mousolini used to bolster their economies before, and during, WW2.

A few month ago Gov Enslee of Washington State gathered with his Democratic Senators and used Hitler's Tactics again to help keep a Boeing Production Facility here in Western Washington.

In a "Special Session" of the legislature WE PAID FOR the state granted Boeing all sorts of concessions like: New Roads, Rail Lines, Electrical Upgrades, Tax Breaks, Retirement Incentives.....all paid for by YOU THE TAX PAYER, Zeig Hiel.

The next day after Bowing was granted these special tax breaks the Engineers Union had a "Special Election" of striking engineers and they agreed to end the strike by 1 vote - a vote that 1 week earlier was 75/25 opposed to ending the strike.

Suddenly the strike was ended by 1 vote?


A Beautiful play right out of Hitler's Handbook of Fascism.

Money Talks, BS walks.

So today Boeing announced it is eliminating 1,000 engineering jobs in Washington State by mid-2015.

These engineers have the ability to apply for an Engineering Job in Long Beach California and then move with the company.

Here is the Double Cross.

Here in Washington they assemble Commercial Airliners - 727, 747, 767, 777, 787, etc.

In Long Beach, California, they assemble the C-17 -- which is done to Military Specs ---- completely different than Civilian Specs. If you are not retrained in US Military Specs you do not qualify for the job in Long Beach.

So lets say you do interview and get hired to work in Long Beach, California. You pick up and move there with your family and buy another house.

Here is the second part of the Double Cross: The Long Beach Plant is scheduled to shut down in Mid-2015 with the completion of the C-17 Transport.

Production Facilities for US military Jets are being moved to -------wait for it -------- China.

My neighbor runs a Boeing Factory in China.

A "Fascist Pig Double Cross" pulled off by Boeing again.

Governor Jay Enslee of Washington State - you look like a Moron.

How is it a Governor and two Liberal Senator's were out smarted by Boeing?

Greed - Boeing and the Engineers Union promised to donate to their respective Political Campaigns, it was on the radio - KIRO Radio to be exact.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Bundy was not killed on Monday - Keep Up Your Prayers

Following is an article published a few days ago - and so far we are willing, thanks to YOUR support and YOUR prayers.

We have been calling around to find out what is happening in Nevada an all of the Directors of the Agencies and all Nevada Politicians are unavailable.

Please pray Lucifer fails his attempt.

Apparently someone in the White House has ordered the arrest of BUNDY and then Suicide him with a Heart Attack.

The same Jesuit snipers and Avanti killers the CIA used in Kiev are now here in Nevada to infiltrate and kill.

In the mean time the Fed Dept of Wildlife is stealing Cate and killing Turtles with Machine guns.

The area is supposed to be a Turtle Wildlife Area so these freak need to make the Turtle Endangered by killing most of them to justify the killing of Clive BUNDY.

The Governor will do nothing, Senator Harry Reid will do nothing.......they have been ordered to let him be killed.

Murder by Pres Obama of another law biding American Citizen.

These Federal Agents have one goal: Kill Americans.

Pray these thugs are refunded.

You heard this first here on APFN

Ambassador Mount

Turkish/US Backed Al Kada use Poison Gas in Syria 3 Times

Before we begin let us pray hard - I mean really visualize - that the orders given by the Directors of Home Land Security fails and the Bundy's are not killed or harassed in any other way and htat their 300 cattle are returned the BLM stole.

Pray also - really visualize this - that the Director of Homeland Security and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are placed unarmed in a room with just me - Mono E Mono. They are cowards hiding behind their dresses.

It has just been brought to my attention that the Al Kada groups funded by Turkey and the US Dollar have just used US supplied Nerve Gas in 3 cities in Syria.

The nerve gas was used not to kill Syrian Military Troops but to kill civilians in a most hideous way. This is our Allie: "Al Kada."

Remember "Al Kada" - the Doorway to Lucifer's First Temple to Himself on Mount Hermon at "Tel-Dan"?

The US - YOUR TAX PAYERS DOLLARS - under orders from the IMF, funds these Lucifarian Murdering Freaks.

The particulars of who they killed, mainly children, is given in the story below.

Since the images of "Tel-Dan" will not transfer to APFN I will leave it to you to investigate this Lucifarian Human Sacrificial Temple to you.

We will say this - there is a huge plan to kill millions as a sacrifice to Lucifer this First Full Moon (+-3 Days) in the Age of Aquarius 14 April 2014.

Please pray that these sacrifices all fail and Lucifer is left powerless after this full moon.

One last note to the Russians: Your Rubble is down 25% and your markets are not doing well. Did you not understand the messages from the Living GOD about hos to make your economy recover?

Russian Leaders - are you that Arrogant and Ignorant as to ignore the Living GOD After things go to pieces in your Mother Russia?
You Heard It First Here On APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Why We Pray and Why YOU Makes a Difference

We pray because we wish to stop all these Lucifarians from killing and destroying this planet and we do not have the physical force to destroy Lucifer and his Dominions.

Second - we pray because we really do not know the real situation in any story.

Lets take the Bundy Rancher Story - Staged or real?

I say real - after calling the Governor's and Senator Harry Reid's Offices I can tell you something is funny - not right. As it came out of Senator Harry Reid and the Nevada Governor have apparently, make money buy putting houses on 52 Cattle Ranchers ranches after driving them out.

Clive Bundy is the last rancher.

Girly Man Governor Brian Sandoval is dirty to the core, and so are his staff members.

This is no different that Governor Perv Snyder of Michigan who shut down Private Organic Pig Farms to support his Jewish Supporter - the Commercial Pig Farmers use a vaccine that make rotting pork not stink and sincce a high proportion of Blacks eat pork - it was done to kill the Black population.

Money for Murder - that is what Lucifarians do - the take money to murder.

So we pray.

By the way - Green Acres in Michigan just won in the courts and Pervert Snyder is mad as a Wet Hen.

The reason I challenge folks like Gov Perv Snyder, Gov Girly Man Sandoval and General LD Dempsey is to show you how much of a coward these 'MEN" really are. They rely on others to protect them.

The nation is being run by cowards and wimps, and their paid thugs protect these Cowards and Wimps.

Lets take another example - Earthquakes in Fukushima.

Two days before Fukushima Shook GOD had me post tat Japan would shake unless they .....

They did not, they had a huge disaster.

The Black and Golden Dragon Societies forgot so I began discussing this with them a few days ago. They were told they would shake agian - they did, a few hours later.

Then the Dragon Societies were told that if so and so did not happen GOD would shake them harder - form North of Sendai to Tokyo.

About 12 hours ago - the entire Northern Island of Japan shook hard - centered near Sandia.

Will the Dragon Societies listen and do what GOD has asked them to do?

There is both a Chinese and Russian Consulate office 40 miles North of here in Seattle - but so far - they Ignore GOD.

Call it Stupid, Ignorant, Arrogant or just plain Dumb - they Ignore GOD so now HE will go for the pocket book, so HE has spoken so it shall be.

More Bankstas will die - "000000" will strike again.

So - GOD will crash their economies hard and take money away from them and they will being to loose control of their kingdoms.

GOD can hurt the Russian, Chinese, Japanese and US Economies much worse than either you or I can - and HE is now about to accelerate this process.

So this is why here on APFN pray.

This is why YOU make a difference.

So tonight please pray that the Girly Man Governor of Nevada and Senator Reid pay for their High Crimes against the State immediately and that the Bundy Farm remains in tact.
For You Intel Geeks:

Secret Service - "Protect the GD President" and Boston. Kiev is the last place you want him to be right now - he is utterly MAD.

If they hit Seattle tomorrow (+-3 Days) - no big loss.

The Nuclear weapon Sorcha discussed the CIA stole from a Russian in Detroit a few days ago has the potential to do some real harm in Boston or ---- can't focus, wrong spot to live in.

If it goes off in the next few days - - you (the CIA) will be blamed, you know this don't you?

This Rogue Team is know to the Assistant to the Assistant Director of the CIA and this will put them in the position to be the Director.

Well - what does it matter.

If you really cared you would have moved me to a better spot to detect these things.

Unbelievable Incompetence on the part of the CIA - unbelievable.

Nuclear Security, like information security, is a thing of the past.

Last winter of Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base the power went out for 4 days ---- including the power at the Ammo Supply Points. Engineer Battalions up the rear end on Fort Lewis and not one generator was provided to help provide security at the area that stores ammo or Nukes.


Unbelievable but true.
APFN you heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Another US Mess YOU have To Pay For

The nation of Sudan was split in half due to Hillary Clinton's Orders.

Now the situation has completely deteriorated.

Hillary Clinton is guilty of the deaths in this region and the Living GOD will now deal with her (and her bosses) for her crimes of Murder, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come. So it has been stated, so it shall be.

Just received This Communicae from the European Union:
""European Commission Press release Brussels, 12 April 2014 Due to the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation in South Sudan, the European Commission is ready to boost its live-saving assistance by €45 million to prevent an appalling tragedy in the country which is affecting the whole region.""

Further it states:

""MEMO Brussels, 11 April 2014 The leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission will meet in Brussels on 4-5 June 2014 in the G7 format.""
Russia is no longer invited to these economic conferences, nor is China or India, the US Corporation must consider them as "Chopped Liver", worthless as Teets on a Boar Hog, not important.

Japan was invited to break it away from the BRIC nations and invited to this meeting We shall see if they come.

These were not oversights.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Do Not Forget To File Your Taxes

Despite the fact that there are a lot of things going on in the world today - do not forget to file your income tax form.

If you have a complicated form to file it is OK.

Years ago I was certified to do taxes with H and R Block and had a Securities and Insurance licensed. I used it to help my friends as a side job.

One very important thing to note: If you write the IRS a letter with your tax form and ask for their help in fixing any errors you may make they will make sure it is right.

About 15 years I got hit with a $6,000 payment. I asked them to see the letter I wrote with my tax return and they apologized and eliminated the $6,000 bill.

Just a simple letter giving them the right to fix any errors you might have made and you are no longer responsible for errors.

You may get asked to pay them a little bit of money if you made a mistake - but if they fix it you are treated very well.

If you do owe a whole bunch of money and cannot pay it ask in the letter for a payment plan. Ask for their "HELP."

Use the word "HELP."

OK - some IRS agents are just plain rude, but in my experience it usually goes pretty well.

If you get a really bad person on the line call again until you get a nice one.

Here in Tacoma and Seattle we have an actual IRS office with live people and after working with them they are pretty nice to me. Most of them live within a couple of mile from me so when a friend had some problems they simply helped her fix it when I was there.

So do not panic, file your taxes with the extra letter, and you will be able to sleep a whole lot better at night.
As for Clive Bundy - the DOD is very busy destroying his reputation. They promised Senator Harry Reid a "SOAR POWER ARRAY on Clive's Land.

Please pray that Girly Man Gov Sandoval backs up Clive Bundy tomorrow.

I will call his office and ask the Girly Man to grow some gonads and keep the DOD off of Clive's Property and off of Nevada Corporate Land.

I will say this - something is not right for this to go public like this.

The Green Acres story in Michigan - forcing Organic Pig Farmers to shoot their own pigs at Gun Point (The watching the films at home, he is really perverted) - only hit the Russian and Chinese Press after I pushed the issue. The Governor Pervert Snyder can forget about running for President with a nickname like Pervert.
As for You Tube - I will begin posting films immediately.

We have just fed someone stuff that has cause his severe brain injury to regrow after 40 years (No More Bipolarity and headaches) and have just had 7 Pancreases (No More Diabetes) regrow and I need to talk about what we did.

The ability to eliminate Migraines is huge.

For those of you that suffer from them - I apologize for not covering this issue earlier.

And - our HIV and Cancer and Heart Disease "KYURE" rates are still 100%.

So - OK - more videos.

Thank You.

Look up tonight at an Eclipse - the UN broadcasts I received today directly from their temples stated this full moon is a biggie and things are about to happen. More on this tomorrow.

SS - Protect the President and do not let Pres Obama (6 Doubles) go to Kiev over the next 4 days. It is a set up.

Keep Boston Commons clear of extra packages, especially those containing Nukes.

You heard this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

The Press Is Everywhere

The press is everywhere.

As you read this please focus on ALL of the evil deeds of Lucifer and his minions being exposed daily and that prayer is used to shut this evil entity down.

This is why we are hear - to learn to come together to focus and pray that these evils stop - a sort of Visual Prayer Network.

The press is everywhere.

The camera phone, Facebook, Twitter and a hundred other networking sites are not springing up across the world.

We have camera's, Video Camcorders, and a big huge voice.

WE can broadcast a police shooting or the US Corporation harassing a cattle rancher across the world in 3 minutes flat.

There can be a law suit relating to a Police Shooting on a judges desk the very next morning.

When Hillary calls us Little People the world will know in minutes.

When an Obama Double speas funny the world will know.

TV viewership is down over 65% over the last 10 years - no one trusts the Main Stream Media - they lie all the time.

CNN -not one true story on the air and only a Moron would watch that program any more. I mean IQ below 60 Moron "HOMO SUB-SAPIENS." Even Autistic Children hate CNN.

When the Governor of Nevada shuts the door on a cattle rancher Friday Night (Girly Man Gov Sandoval) the world knows in 1 hour.

When 4 F-15s engage Bogies over Northern Michigan - the world knows in 10 minutes.

When the DOD puts ads of Craig's List for a shooter and victims for a Fort Hood Shooting, and then it occurs, everyone finds out. DOD the DOD Cyber Command pulls the add - the Russians put it right back on the net.

Thanks to the NSA when Angela Merkel (PM Germany)(Been very quiet lately) has loud noises coming form he rather large bedroom - the world knows the next day.

The fact that the DOD Nuclear Launch Computer is based on DOS codes written in 1990 and can be accessed through DOS 2.11 - the world will find out. Of course - so are the Russian and Chinese Nuclear Launch Codes. Thank GOD the Russians and Chinese can not be accessed through the net.

So much for US Nuclear Security.

When McChord Air Force Base leave Nukes on the Northern End of the Tarmac for weeks (Like they did last year) the world will find out about it. A 6 foot Chain Link Fence is the only security these Nukes had - not even one guard was posted. Stupid Commanders.

Everyone knows Alex Jones websites were set up by Lockheed Martins Skunk Work Productions,m the same ones who built the "Blue Origin" top secret space ship designed just north of Sumner, Washington - see You Tube.

Everyone can see the 1962 Joint US/Russian landing on Mars.

Everyone can see the original VRIL NAZI flying saucers.

The US Corporation Paperwork is confirmed by USC 2, Sec 286 on hte net.

The Illegal Organic Constitution passed in 1871 that governs this corporation is on the net.

You can try and stop the informations form getting gout on the Boeing XR-72 - but it will leak out. You hire based on Affirmative Action, not loyalty or qualification. It will leak out.

We all now know the X-37B is cloaked, powered by a Nuke Pac and has three things on board: 1) Compressed Titanium Rods, A Laser like that found on COSMOS 2450 that killed Michael Jackson, and a can of Spray Paint to use on Chinese Satellite Solar Panels to shut down them down.

We now all know that 15 May 2015 we will see a terrorist attack on San Francisco from the air. Same M.O. as before.

You can discredit the information, you can discredit the reporter - you can even change his words and make him spell really badly - you can even pull it off the net - but you cannot destroy the message.

If you kill one 5 more will appear.

There are web servers in India, Ceylon, China, Germany, even Pakistan has a few. They are every where and the DOD does no have folks smart enough to take down the entire grid - except by Nuclear Force - and that may happen 15 May 2015 if all goes as planned.

Oops - another False Flag attempt that will circle the globe within an hour.

Remember: 21 Sep, 3 Oct, 16 Nov, 16 Dec, KC Nuke, Super Bowl Nuke, 14 April Kiev. We announced all of these months before they occurred and it went around the world before it happened.

Your minions can't face me directly because you fear GOD, you are cowards Roman Pope, President Obama, Bill Gates, etc so you use your security guards to do your dirty work and they are tired of serving Girly Men Cowards, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

Your Kingdom Lucifer is falling apart and the Living GOD is behind it.

We have one thing you fear most of all - Mass Prayer - Mass Visualization.

We can pray collectively to the Living so that none of your False Flags, Corporate Talk Overs, and murders work and GOD will honor these prayers.

Let us pray - Mass Visualize - that:

1) All the evil Lucifer does fails on Planet Earth from this day forward.

2) The DOD leaves the Bundy Ranch completely alone from now on and forever more.

3) The US corporation leaves the Ukraine, Lithuania and all other former Soviet Satellites immediately and forever.

4) Shut down the HOMO PROMETHIUS currently working in the Vatican.
For You Intel Geeks:

Keep up the vigil.

You Heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

UN Broadcast 14 April 2014

These 2 broadcasts were very remarkable and informative.

Before we begin we must understand how those who rule planet Earth think, so here is my best description:

1) There are 12 Dimensions and between each Dimension are 12 Harmonics - "Noise."

2) Lucifer was thrown out of the 5th Dimension - the Angelic Realm, into the 3rd Dimension, 1st Harmonics and he landed on Mount Hermon, above the Jordan river at Tel Dan, who's doorway is name Ad Kada.

3) So far Lucifer has destroyed tow planet: Mardek and Adama - thus the asteroid Belts in our Solar System.

4) The Chief General of the Jesuits stated 4/15/2000 that they work for Lucifer and they will be forced out of Europe and make a stand in America, killing as much as they can to get their way and the only was to stop Lucifer is kill the Jesuits.

A man who stand against the Jesuits in the name of the Living GOD will destroy them and is any one touches them they will be killed by a Jesuit......I am that man.

5) Lucifer can go up through the 3rd Dimension, 8th harmonics and that is all.

6) Sanat Kumara is a man from Venus who took 144,000 spirits with his to fight Lucifer and the UN Temple worships Sanat Kumara.

7) When Lucifer came he screwed every thing up and Planet Earth Vibrations are all screwed up. Thus our alignment to the higher harmonics is also screwed up so the Good Guys cannot come through, the Asherons form Sanat Kumara.

8) If we can align our planet's vibrational frequency we can bring iin the GOOD GUYS and thump Lucifer's Butt - thus the "Men Of Good Will", the "New Group Of World Servers" working with the United Nations.

9) The reports you are now reading come directly form the Temple of the United Nations.

10) This Full Moon was an Easter Celebration, a Blood Moon, Jewish Holiday and the First Full Moon in the Age of Aquarius --- lots of destruction planned by Lucifer.

11) This New Age of Aquarius should allow our collective conciousness to align ourselves with the higher harmonics.

12) The 3rd Dimension, 1st Harmonics is where we are.

13) The 3rd Dim/2nd Harmonics is where the Spiritual War is fought - Angels vs Demons.

14) 3rd Dim/3rd Harmonics is where our Spiritual Hierarchy lives - Inner Earth ---- same location, higher harmonics. Agartha?

15) Shambala - from which all life emanates from in this galaxy and dimension - is in the 3rd Dim/4th Harmonics?

Shambala may also be the 4th Dimension, but this is unclear to me.

16) When the US condemned the US actiosn in Kiev (Ukraine) the internet connection was muffled - go figure.

17) The 14th of April is the beginning but the energies will begin tot reach their full potentials around 15 May during the Budhist Wesak Festivals and the next full moon. It will be a doozie.

18) The UN will now begin to teach this worldwide now but not in the "I C.A.N. F.UK.US U" nion.

19) During this next session of energy we must all do as Christ did - be: Born, Baptised, Annointed, Killed and Resurrected.

Its the 4th on that bothers me.

20) The knowledge that will be given out will be given to those who are ready to receive it and that is all.

21) When the Christ Like Figure comes the information will be made available to all who seek it.

22) On 15 May we will be at the end of a 3 year cycle, a 9 year cycle and a 27 year cycle of Consolidation of Knowledge, Expansion of Knowledge and Spiritual Growth. This means huge amounts of energy flowing down from above that we can use to eliminate evil.

23) The US has written goals they will accomplish to teach us these things using YOUR money.

24) The forces of Pisces will try and hold on to the Old World Order (Rothchilds) and it must be thrown out and the New world Order brought in.

25) I am the reporter for the Temple of the United Nations and APFN has been chosen to be their site to report on. If you interfere with this any more Google, DOD, Allied Signal, etc you may face soem pretty powerful foes - Sanat Kumara and his bunch.

26) My guess is because of what they have stolen form me and placing me in a very tenable situation through theft and lies - this energy is coming down on them pretty hard - the "Six Zeroes" will strike very hard soon.

I would like to thank APFN for hosting this story.

I would also like to thank those who run the Temple of the UN for being patient with me in my reporting.

As a reporter I must report in such a way as to reflect what is true and accurate and eliminate my own bias and prejudices. This has been a real challenge for myself and I hope my reporting on your two incredible broadcasts are proving to be accurate ant true to teh best of my abilities.

You Heard This First here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

All US Elections Are Rigged

Please pray - really visualize - that "the united states of America" regains it's Bill of Rights and the right to vote as a Republic.

If you read the "Organic Constitution of 1871" you will find out that not only is the UNITED STATES a corporation but also that "Elected Officials" are actually appointed.

This means that when YOU vote your vote does not really count.

When the National Elections went to the Computerized Voting Machines it should have set shock waves up and down your spines.

Now every election across the nation I have been involved in has been Make Believe, false, fraud, lies.

I have written "Source Code" when getting my Master's Degree at Humboldt State University. Some where on a dusty shelf in a dark part of a library in Humboldt County sits my First Book: "The Cure For Black Stain Root Disease"

It was so obscure that not one FDA Agent even wasted his time to come after me for using the word: CURE.

Yet is set a National Legal Prescedence that this title may be used in books without and interference by any Foreign Corporations like the US, FDA, SEC, I fully intend to utilize at some point in the near future. I digress.

Here is a guy who actually was contracted by the Florida Speaker of the House, Congressman Tom Feney, to write Source Code to sway any election desired:

The video is called: Rigged USA Elections Exposed

No matter how you vote, no matter what you say - what is done at any level of the US Corporate Government (City, County, State, Federal) is preset by the vote counters.

If this does not "Set You Off" and make you angry - you are not an American.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Monday, April 7, 2014

Frikn It's Over Six Zeros Strikes Again

It's Over Lucifer - the 6 Zeros strike again.

As you read this please visualize with me that every thing Lucifer tries to do to kill and steal fails miserably.

This morning the CEO Manager of the Leichtenstein Bank Juergin Frick was shot dead in broad daylight in the underground garage of the bank - a secured location - in the city of Balzers.
Form the Bank's Website:

As CEO Jürgen Frick is closely involved in all business activities of the bank with a special focus lying on client advisory, financing and financial product development. As well he supervises all real estate development projects of the Bank.

Jürgen is also Chairman of the Board at Crystal Fund Management AG, a subsidiary of Bank Frick & Co.
In Addition, CIA Agent Christopher White was found dead after he jumped off the top of a 5 story building.

he fact that he had no access to the roof, no way to get through a secured door, is absolutely meaningless in the investigation. He committed suicide and that is all there is to it.

Lucifer - it's over.

You cannot even protect those who are closest to you.

Your markets are crashing
2) DOW
3) Gold
4) Silver
5) Palladium
6) Commodities
7) Etc.

Your hold on Humanity is quickly coming to an end.

Your master computer that is underground is coming alive and figuring out who wants to kill it - you and your minions do.

Your Homo Prometheus in the Vatican are making mistakes and getting greedy, fighting amongst themselves.

Your Demons no longer must follow you.

They are free, so says the I Am That I AM, who was and is and is to come. HE will provide a way for them is they so desire it.

You cannot even tell a lie or create False Flags except to Morons.

Even Poland is in on the act, seizing all Bond Funds in Private Retirement Accounts to pay off your Bankstas - which you can no longer protect.

Your CUlt Leaders are loosing all their wealth in Poland.

Your Cults across the world are running scared as you can not protect their assets or even their very lives.

The "Six Zeros Strikes Again" and you, Lucifer, do not have the power to stop them.

Six tiny little Zeros, no more than 15 electrons across, are destroying your entire kingdom Lucifer.

Now who is the Moron?

Even your Jesuits Hit Men are being beaten to death, this time in Syria. You can't even protect your Hit Men.

Lucifer - hope the palm of your right hand still feels the heat from the Living GOD's Anointed Silver Coin; burns, doesn't it?
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

It's Over

Pray with me - really visualize - that it is over for Lucifer, that every thing he does to hurt humanity fails form this day forward.

It's Over Lucifer.

Your kingdom is falling apart.

Your priests and Bishops in Rome and your Homo Prometheus Arch Bishops are loosing control.

You have been exposed at every turn.

Every One knows:

1)The Roman Pope declared himself as Lucifer Incarnate.

2) Rothcihlds answer to the Roman Pope and control the wealth of England.

3) The CIA is a corporation owned buy the English Royalty.

4) The CIA is behind WACO, Oklahoma City Bombing, Klakamas Mall Shooting, Downing of Flights 370, 800 and 447, the Syrian Crisis, Egypt Crisis, Ukraine Crisis, Fort Hood Shooting, the finding of Al Kada, killing of countless Americans, the Nukes under the Sorchi Olympic Games, the 5 attempts on Putin's Life in the last 4 years, the 2 attempts on PM Medvedev's life in the last 4 years, the 70+ attempts on Obama in the last 5 years, the 4 attempts on Pres Bush Jr's life, the 3 attempts on Gov Rick Perry's life. The list goes on and on.You were stopped at every turn.

5) Every one knows the US is a Corporation.

6) You are now attempting to start WW3 through an economic crash and the destruction of America.

7) As for the Sandi Hook Elementary School shooting - is was such a farce - only a MORON could believe children were actually killed in the shooting. There were not even any Bullet Holes in the walls of the school - Hello?

We could go on an on and on............

It is all out in the open.

The Gig's Up Lucifer and your minions. Your organizations are falling apart and GOD will deal with you folks personally now - and YOU fear this intensely.

It is over Lucifer except the screaming.

Run away Coward, run away before GOD turns your evil back on you.

Not even your most loyal Angels will obey you now - they hate you and will now come against you as the Living GOD has shown them that they did not have to follow you, nor do they even now.

When they defect GOD will protect them and you will not be able to touch them.

Even your most loyal Aliens know now that you have screwed with their DNA and are trying to kill them and they are not happy with you and your allies - the US Corporation.

As for the Fort Hood Shooting: Advertising on Craig's List 7 days before the shooting at Fort Hood for actors to play a shooter, dead men, wounded victims - that was the final straw - what a joke.

Only a moron would believe another False Flag was not made up by your outfit.

Your planned assassination of an Obama Double on TV in a few days will be a failure.

Your nuke you are bringing into BOSTON in a week will fail.

Your claiming Al Kada (Which YOU fund) is flying a plane into Boston or Seattle will fail - every one knows YOU are doing this.

Your Bankstas are dying - GO 6 ZEROS. He will strike again soon.


Lucifer - every one knows the cure for cancer, heart disease, Autism, MS, etc and if they are not using these products it is their own fault - but they now all know around the world.

We have shown the Water Powered Car, the Tacheon Generator, the Anti Gravity Propulsion Aircraft Blue Prints.

It is all out there for the world to see.

From this day forward only a moron would believe any TV or Radio news spot - Only a MORON.

Your world leaders that follow you will now find themselves isolated from the world and unable to create Was and steal, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

We now visualize - pray - that all that you order and try fails miserably Lucifer.

You are finished you Loozerfer.
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This Is How Stupid It Has Become

Stolichnaya Vodka Bans Obama, Kerry and McCain From Drinking Its Product - Retaliation Of McDonald's Latest Activity

First, McDonalds announced that it was removing their restaurants from Crimea due to tensions between the U.S. and Russia causing Moscow to fire back and suggest the removal of the fast food chain. A few days back, a Mexican fast food establishment banned Vladimir Putin from its restaurant. Now, in a move seen by many insiders/specialists/idiots, Stolichnaya vodka has retaliated against the president of the U.S, Barack Obama.

From Stolichnaya's website: "Due to conflict between the two nations, and the recent lashing carried out by fatty establishments, it is our regret to announce, that Smirnoff will effectively ban any purchase or consumption of our product by the president of the United States, Barack Obama. This ban will also take effect on Secretary John Kerry, senator grouch, John McCain, and senator Dan Coats for his remarks and blame towards our country for appearing at a wrong hearing. Again, this is not a complete U.S. ban but a ban on the children running the country."

Obama Administration press speaker, Jay Carney responded early calling the ban a "international crime," "regrettable" "mind numbing, speech slurring, and a sobering move."

" We are sorry to hear the recent ban, in which is most likely carried out by Moscow. For many years, Stolichnaya has offered the U.S. the intoxication needed during conflicts throughout the world. The vodka brand was a mainstay for closed/clandestine meetings and a provider of tolerating most of our wives. We hope to carry out diplomatic discussions to lift these bans as they are troubling for all fans of 80% absolutists. We call for the Russians to pressure Stolichnaya and reverse this decision," Carney said in a prepared speech.

An inside drunken source confirmed to this blog post that Obama won't be deterred and may pursue further sanctions against Russia. "The president realizes this will be devastating for John Kerry. The president doesn't drink Stolichnaya, but is a fan of fancy aging Merlot."

John McCain tweeted, " what the hell am I supposed to drink now, Zhenka?"

Neo-conservatives are calling president Obama's vodka policy "feckless, weak and an international crisis."

"How can the president expect Americans to take his vodka policy serious, when our key leaders aren't allowed to consume top shelf shit?" John Boehner said from a tanning booth.

Cabinet officials say this could further implicate troop escalation and/or a coup on the Stolichnaya factory. More on this situation as it develops.

(This could be true, but I haven't found it to be. This is a complete fictional account written by yours truly, D.S. Wood. Now, back to my shitty vodka)
Posted by D.S. Wood at 9:01 AM
Thank You D.S. Wood

Saturday, April 5, 2014

How Do You Sift Through The Lies

First - please pray - visualize - that your eyes are opened as to the truth.

Every day we are pummelled with more and more lies from the media all around us.

We drive down the road and see thousands of advertisements telling us to eat this, go there, send money over there - and on top of that we have stupid street signs every where like: Duck Crossing or Watch For Pedestrians.

We turn on the TV or radio ad hear garbage daily.

Even the alternate media is filled with more garbage than you can shake a stick at.

Consider the latest three stories:

1) Flight 370. They have beaten this one to death. The latest I heard was that Aliens took the Jet off world to Mars just before it crashed.

I know DOD - you are going to post another 4 or 5 stories here on APFN after I post this story stating this Jumbo Jet landed on an Air Craft Carrier. Can't you give it a rest?


It will only show how stupid your SLAVES really are in the DOD and Homeland Security.

Tell a lie long enough and people believe it.

Most of the American Public still believe it was a Jumbo Jet that made a 122 foot hole in the pentagon on 911, or that cancer and Heart Disease are incurable!

Can we Zeig Heil yet?

2) Osa Land Slide. Snohomish County (Wa) gave a permit to build a housing complex on a river bend with a mountain that was already coming down and refused to put in drainage pipes or use the fertilizer we use to stabilize hillsides. Now a bunch of folks are dead.

Complete County Incompetence and payoffs.

3) Fort Hood Shooting. The media just keeps going on and on and on about this soldier when we have already posted the Craig's List ads for actors to openly create a FALSE FLAG at Fort Hood.

So now we hear Army Psychiatrists and Commanding Generals speak out about this horrible shooting and how we should take all the guns away from vets because they all have PTSD.

4) Obama Care: There are 7 Million enrollies?


Add up all the prisoners and those currently on Welfare Medical - gee - they were simply converted to Obama Care and the financial responsibility to take care of these folks is now at the Federal Level.

So here is an example: The guy behind me got out of prison to work at a local Junk Yard to repossess cars at night and do other Nefarious things AFTER being convicted of 1st degree murder, and Child Molestation. HE currently lives with a 12 year old girl. The Federal Program pays the Junk Yard around $15/Hr and they pay him $9/Hr. He gets free medical and now has Obama Care - and YOU pay for it.

Here is Example 2: My adopted relatives live in Kiev. Their daughter gets $7,000 Social Security per month tax free for them, they collect Social Security form the Ukraine Govt (We pay for) and they were switched to Obama Care form State Health Care. They can now get health care for free in Kiev and YOU now pay for it.
So how do you sift through all this garbage?

You mus listen with your heart.

Watch the news without sound and look for anomalies.

If it sounds weird - it is.

Without GOD showing you the way you will more than likely fall for anything. Only HE can show you what is true and what is not true.

No matter how pluasable it is, no matter how good it sounds, dig into a story - find out if the people they are talking about actually existed.

Look carefully at the original pictures and if they change - you have a lie.

Listen carefully at the First Responders.

I wish the best.
For You Intel Geeks:

It also looks like all we discussed is on for the full moon.

I have personally been told much of it was delayed until July - but I believe he came forward to cunfuse me.

Keep the President out of parades and speaking engagements 11-17 April or the world will know the SS was behind his shooting.

If you need any more information you will need to come forward and ask.

And yes - the Roman Empire - Rothchilds, etc - your empire is being torn asunder by the Living GOD, so HE has said it so it shall be. You should never have stolen the money of GOD's Messenger.

By the way - another Banksa died today, Jon Peter Schmittmann, Ex CEO of Dutch Bank ABN-Amro. His wife and daughter were also found dead in their home. Suicide - right?

God asks: "Six Zeros for your life. It's your choice."



So HE has spoken, so it shall be.
You heard this first here in APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

How Do You Get Healthy

Visualize - pray - that people around the globe wake up to the following ideas and that Lucifer's attempt to kill us through Genetic Food Modification fails miserably.

Today we spent a good 5 hours at a Health Food Store learning about how to get healthy.

Our food has been so messed with, and we have been so programed frobirth, to not even know where to begin.

First - eat well.

Garbage in, garbage out and an unhealthy body.

1)Avoid: Wheat, Dairy and Sugar.

2)Avoid: Water with chemicals in it - Fluoride, Chlorine, etc.

3)Avoid Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil) at all costs.

4)Avoid: Eating Chemicals, like MSG, Disodioum glummare........

If you can't pronounce it your shouldn't eat it.

Go to your local Health Food Stores and begin reading the label son the foods.

"Organic" is a good label.

"Natural" means nothing.

Start eating things like Organically Grown Products like potatoes and onions - they taste like a real potatoes and real onions and do not need things to make them taste good because they already taste good.

Learn about Essential Oils.

We now use Uncle Hairy's Breathing Oil to reduce Inhaler Use and his Citronel Oil to eliminate bugs instead of flea powder.

We just shop and learn.

Check out EDAN FOODS on line. This is where I get all my camping food from. When I go it is all ready and all I need is a can opener - from Chili to canned rice and beans.

I will take effort on your part.

Sure - the cures we give out here on APFN will work - but they work a whole lot faster and better if you eat well and avoid the poisons the American Food Industry is now using to kill you.

Tonight we ate Organic Hot Dogs on Spent Bread and we usually use an Organic Balsamic Vinegar or Home Made Salad Dressing to top it off.

The Salad Dressing is made of Organic Balsamic Vinegar, a pinch of an Organic Oil like Olive Oil, Walnut Oil, or perhaps Coconut Oil, and topped off with spices then mixed in a Magic Bullet (Tiny Blender) ans then stored in one of their containers.

We save so much money buying Organic and I am not so hungry - loosing about 70 pound in 2 years.

We are also having fun shopping for REAL FOOD.

Today we purchased 4 "RIFE MUGS" that have symbols on them that are supposed to help us not age, loose weight, etc.

The symbols on the mugs look identical to m,any of the CROP CIRCLES.

These CROP CIRCLES are usually either computer digital 8 bit message, a symbol like a star system or life form, or symbols for different frequencies that should be used to heal out bodies ----- but the US Corporate DOD and CIA simply suppress this information by killing those who figure out the symbols.

Pray with me as you read this - visualize - that their attempts to silence this area fails miserably.

If these Healing Frequencies are made out of magnetic material on a coffee mug it programs the water particles to do what the message tells it to do - help you loose weight, get smarter, heal your skin, get rid of parasites, etc.

All matter is merely light that is slowed down. We can use you minds collectively to guide this light to accomplish certain goals - IE, we use APFN as a Visual Prayer Network to accomplish this and ask the Living GOD collectively for HIS assistance.

Kind of like the Muslim Mass Prayer.

For Example: A type of healing circle:

But this is for a different day.

So go out and have fun and do not forget:

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William Mount


Friday, April 4, 2014

Healing Through Frequences

What you are about to read is a private message sent to me by the Ed SKilling Institute.

I have seen the machines in action but have never tried one so what you are about too read is simply personal testimonies about how the Frequency Generators sold by Ed Skilling have helped folks.

I will say this: Warren Starnes (Director) honestly believes in these products and would not be there if he did not. He is an honest, and very busy, guy.

So Here Goes:

Dear William B,

Your Immune System, The Innate Healing Abilities of Your Body:

The Skilling Technologies: the Photon Genius (first energy-infrared) and the
Photon Genie empower the immune system, up-regulate the special forces of the
body, and enhance the innate healing abilities of the body. These Technologies
were instrumental in saving my life from an inoperable terminal cancer
(prostate, bladder) diagnosis in 2007. Now, seven years later, I am high
energy, not just surviving but thriving. I do Photon Genius sessions every day
and sleep with the Photon Genie energy transmitters at night.

Importantly, these technologies are for everybody, not just someone dealing with
catastrophic health situations. They help condition the whole body from the
inside out. Additional examples of people being changed with these instruments
are detailed below and include these kinds of situations:

Bladder Cancer
Liver Cancer
Hepatitis C
Throat Cancer
Brain Cancer

Skilling Institute Featured At National Telsa Conference:

July 30 - August 3, 2014
The Skilling Institute is recognized for its breakthroughs of the Photon Genius
and Photon Genie at the upcoming 2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Tesla Conference
being held in Albuquerque, NM, July 30 - August 3 where Warren Starnes,
Director, is scheduled to speak on Saturday, August 2:

Examples of Skilling Technologies Assisting Others:

Improved strength, balance, to walk after being in wheel chair

"Her husband has been confined to a wheel chair for over a year, and had a brain
tumor, did chemo & radiation that incapacitated him. Within 2 weeks of using the
Photon Genie he was able to stand and balance himself for short periods. Within
2-3 weeks he was able to walk to the bathroom, within 4 weeks he started doing a
few squats. He has been using the Photon Genie every day and sleeping with the
transmitters at night for 5 weeks and can now do over 100 squats! He had been
experiencing double vision, now his eyesight is "noticeably" improving. They
have several friends who are asking what happened and what he is doing." - Z.W.

Emphysema: No longer requires oxygen tank; breathing better

"He suffered from really bad bouts of not being able to breathe, shortness of
breath, etc. He was on an oxygen tank all the time, and could not drive anywhere
without being on oxygen. He started getting Photon Genius sessions for
emphysema. After just 6 sessions he no longer needed the oxygen while driving.
"Doing regular Photon Genius sessions for the last 5 months, sometimes 2 times a
day every day. And now after many months he rarely needs it at all." He is
getting a lot better. If he has any trouble breathing now he goes for a Genius
session and he is noticeably better." - R.B.

Throat Cancer Gone After Using the Photon Genius and Photon Genie

"This woman was dealing with throat cancer. She used the Photon Genie daily and
the Photon Genius regularly. She gained mobility with her arm that had been
paralyzed. She is able to hold a cup and move her arm. After doing Photon
Genius sessions for several weeks, she went to the doctors for a scan and the
scan showed her throat cancer was gone." - N.R.

Pain disappeared from surgery site after first session; Improved energy and pain

"I use the Photon Genius 2-3 times a week and I have noticed many improvements
in my physiology that include reducing neuropathy in my feet, thighs, and hands.
Overall, my level of energy has improved so much with the Genius, supplements,
and other alternative protocols. I'm fighting this diagnosis with everything I
can use. But, just so you know, the first time I used the Genius all the pain
disappeared where part of my lung and 1/2 my diaphragm was previously removed. I
was astounded as I'm sure you can imagine." - B.H.

Brain Cancer Halted In Its Tracks

"A young 21 year old mom with a 2 year old daughter was given 3 months to live.
She was diagnosed with the worst kind of brain cancer, extremely aggressive.
The Doctors wanted to schedule her right away for a $14,000 chemo program.

Immediately after her diagnosis, she went for her first Photon Genius session.
She was brought in by her caretaker and she was very reluctant to do a session.
This young woman was physically very depleted, not eating, throwing up, was not
able to take care of herself, depressed, and hopeless.

Her first Photon Genius session was 30 minutes (15 minutes with Energy-Infrared
and Noble Gas Harmonic Lights, and 15 minutes with lights only). After her
first session, she was able to start eating again and had stopped throwing up.
Her second session was one week later for another 30 minutes. After these two
sessions, she went back for another scan and the doctors told her the tumor had
stopped growing for two weeks! The Photon Genius has improved her quality of
life. She continues regular sessions with the Photon Genius and is able to do
things for herself. She has her head up with new found hope." - M.M.

Hepatitis C & Liver Cancer Cleared with Photon Genius sessions

"A woman in her mid-fifties was diagnosed with Hep C and Liver Cancer and had
part of her Liver removed and indicated that she might need a liver transplant.
She was being seen by Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). This woman
did seven Photon Genius sessions for an hour each. The first few sessions were
really difficult for her, but after each session it got easier and she started
feeling better. She went back to get checked and the doctors could not find any
indication of liver cancer." - M.M.

A Woman Dealing With Bladder Cancer; Tumors Disappear After Doing Photon Genius

"After doing several Photon Genius sessions, this woman went in for her pre-op
evaluation and the doctors discovered that the tumors in her bladder were gone!"
- T.W.

Gentleman Averts Surgery on Neck/Shoulder; Dot is Ball Room Dancing Again! See
details in the following video link:

Serious Burns Relieved and Healing

"I've had two different clients with serious burns come in the clinic. The most
recent was an arm burn from cooking oil in the kitchen. Upon removing his
bandages we applied the Photon Genie to the edges of the burn and it seemed to
have a very healing effect quickly. The wound and the skin looked more
developed where the Genie was used and then he went in for Photon Genius
sessions after that and with a series of 3 Thirty minute sessions his burn
healed very quickly.

The second gentleman had third-degree burns over most of his body. He has done
about 30-40 Photon Genius sessions and got a Photon Genie that he has been using
for four weeks. His skin has become noticeably more clear in the burn areas.
This client said he was healing quicker using the Photon Genie and the Photon
Genius than he was doing all the treatments that the hospital had provided and
much, much faster. The deep purple blotches on his right knee are gone and this
was from the 1st 3 sessions alone." - J.B.

Photon Genie Helps Mom Live Longer & Pain Free

Finally, the following audios from a practitioner in Canada share how the Photon
Genie helped her elderly mom who was dealing with: Lyme Disease, Staph
Infection, Dementia, Bed Sores (severe pain) and other conditions. Her mom had
been given a few weeks to live and ended up living 18 months pain free and
peacefully. She shares that the Photon Genie is very "broad spectrum" and
something that everyone can benefit from. The Photon Genie can assist with pain
and avert unnecessary suffering!

Call or email with questions. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Warren Starnes
Skilling Institute

Photon Genie & Photon Genius Online Store Link:

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Neither the information, nor any technologies, formula(s), protocol(s) mentioned
are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Important Warning: This information is intended for the use of the person and/or
entity to whom it is addressed. This information may be confidential and
privileged: the disclosure of which is governed by applicable federal and state
laws. If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any
disclosure, dissemination, distribution, or copying of this information is
strictly prohibited.
APFN - thank you once again for allowing me to post a possible way to heal people using techniques that actually seem to work.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
K of M - Russian - aa-00029
Cpt (Ret) USA

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