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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Press Is Everywhere

The press is everywhere.

As you read this please focus on ALL of the evil deeds of Lucifer and his minions being exposed daily and that prayer is used to shut this evil entity down.

This is why we are hear - to learn to come together to focus and pray that these evils stop - a sort of Visual Prayer Network.

The press is everywhere.

The camera phone, Facebook, Twitter and a hundred other networking sites are not springing up across the world.

We have camera's, Video Camcorders, and a big huge voice.

WE can broadcast a police shooting or the US Corporation harassing a cattle rancher across the world in 3 minutes flat.

There can be a law suit relating to a Police Shooting on a judges desk the very next morning.

When Hillary calls us Little People the world will know in minutes.

When an Obama Double speas funny the world will know.

TV viewership is down over 65% over the last 10 years - no one trusts the Main Stream Media - they lie all the time.

CNN -not one true story on the air and only a Moron would watch that program any more. I mean IQ below 60 Moron "HOMO SUB-SAPIENS." Even Autistic Children hate CNN.

When the Governor of Nevada shuts the door on a cattle rancher Friday Night (Girly Man Gov Sandoval) the world knows in 1 hour.

When 4 F-15s engage Bogies over Northern Michigan - the world knows in 10 minutes.

When the DOD puts ads of Craig's List for a shooter and victims for a Fort Hood Shooting, and then it occurs, everyone finds out. DOD the DOD Cyber Command pulls the add - the Russians put it right back on the net.

Thanks to the NSA when Angela Merkel (PM Germany)(Been very quiet lately) has loud noises coming form he rather large bedroom - the world knows the next day.

The fact that the DOD Nuclear Launch Computer is based on DOS codes written in 1990 and can be accessed through DOS 2.11 - the world will find out. Of course - so are the Russian and Chinese Nuclear Launch Codes. Thank GOD the Russians and Chinese can not be accessed through the net.

So much for US Nuclear Security.

When McChord Air Force Base leave Nukes on the Northern End of the Tarmac for weeks (Like they did last year) the world will find out about it. A 6 foot Chain Link Fence is the only security these Nukes had - not even one guard was posted. Stupid Commanders.

Everyone knows Alex Jones websites were set up by Lockheed Martins Skunk Work Productions,m the same ones who built the "Blue Origin" top secret space ship designed just north of Sumner, Washington - see You Tube.

Everyone can see the 1962 Joint US/Russian landing on Mars.

Everyone can see the original VRIL NAZI flying saucers.

The US Corporation Paperwork is confirmed by USC 2, Sec 286 on hte net.

The Illegal Organic Constitution passed in 1871 that governs this corporation is on the net.

You can try and stop the informations form getting gout on the Boeing XR-72 - but it will leak out. You hire based on Affirmative Action, not loyalty or qualification. It will leak out.

We all now know the X-37B is cloaked, powered by a Nuke Pac and has three things on board: 1) Compressed Titanium Rods, A Laser like that found on COSMOS 2450 that killed Michael Jackson, and a can of Spray Paint to use on Chinese Satellite Solar Panels to shut down them down.

We now all know that 15 May 2015 we will see a terrorist attack on San Francisco from the air. Same M.O. as before.

You can discredit the information, you can discredit the reporter - you can even change his words and make him spell really badly - you can even pull it off the net - but you cannot destroy the message.

If you kill one 5 more will appear.

There are web servers in India, Ceylon, China, Germany, even Pakistan has a few. They are every where and the DOD does no have folks smart enough to take down the entire grid - except by Nuclear Force - and that may happen 15 May 2015 if all goes as planned.

Oops - another False Flag attempt that will circle the globe within an hour.

Remember: 21 Sep, 3 Oct, 16 Nov, 16 Dec, KC Nuke, Super Bowl Nuke, 14 April Kiev. We announced all of these months before they occurred and it went around the world before it happened.

Your minions can't face me directly because you fear GOD, you are cowards Roman Pope, President Obama, Bill Gates, etc so you use your security guards to do your dirty work and they are tired of serving Girly Men Cowards, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

Your Kingdom Lucifer is falling apart and the Living GOD is behind it.

We have one thing you fear most of all - Mass Prayer - Mass Visualization.

We can pray collectively to the Living so that none of your False Flags, Corporate Talk Overs, and murders work and GOD will honor these prayers.

Let us pray - Mass Visualize - that:

1) All the evil Lucifer does fails on Planet Earth from this day forward.

2) The DOD leaves the Bundy Ranch completely alone from now on and forever more.

3) The US corporation leaves the Ukraine, Lithuania and all other former Soviet Satellites immediately and forever.

4) Shut down the HOMO PROMETHIUS currently working in the Vatican.
For You Intel Geeks:

Keep up the vigil.

You Heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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