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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fukushima Number 7

Please pray - visualize -- that the world turns to alternate power immediately. Alternate power being: Solar, Wind, Tacheon Generators, Water Powered Cars, Nuclear Fusion Reactors, Etc.

Here we go again - more large amounts of radiation are now discovered outside the Cumbrian England Nuclear Storage Facility.

Here in a small town named Driggs on the West coast of England - just East of the Isle of Man, lies a fairly large Nuclear Storage site.

Radioactive liquid is simply dumped into a sand pit. It then travels about 100 yards into the ocean.

Form the pictures of Driggs you will see a huge, and strange, Algea Bloom just directly west of the dump site where the radiation goes. It is also toe end of the road where folks in the town go to swim and play on the beach.

So now count them:

1) Chernobyl, caused by the CIA.

2) Fukushima

3) Nuke reactor in England that we showed a few weeks ago here on APFN that is now leaking.

4) Hanford - which now leaks enormous amounts of radiation into both the Ground Water and Columbia River.

5) Spokane Indian Reservation. Here we reported on over 100 ongoing dump sites of raw radioactive materials - thus causing great harm to the Spokane Indian Tribe.

6) Driggs, England.

7) THE CAVES - East Central New Mexico - which has has a Nuclear Melt Down making Fukushima look tiny.

Here on APFN we were told by hthe Living GOD that one Fukushima would break loose per month for the next 12 months - all ordered by the Rithchilds in London.

Yet the DOD Joint Chiefs of Cowards (Staff) remains Inept and unable to fix anything - only desiring to provoke Nuclear War with nations that have no malice towards Americans.

No wonder the head of the Joint Chiefs of Cowards, General Dempsey, has ED - he is absolutely Inept and Limp D....

Please pray that these Joint Chiefs of Cowards are removed from office immediately and replaced with real MEN.

Forget about the 2,300 vials of Eboli the Joint Chiefs gave to terrorists.

Forget about the "New Eboli" that is genetically modified to kill 95% of all Brown Eyed Folks that has now broken loose in Italy.

Forget about the fact that the New GMO Wheat contains over 300 frequency activated GMO Viruses.

Forget about the fact that Putin and his staff are about to have their accounts zeroed out for not listening to GOD.

Forget about the fact that Senator Harry Reid is a "Broken Mouth Cow" and about to be "Pregged."

We now have another Fukushima leaking into our oceans - the North Atlantic - ordered by David Rothchilds, who works directly for the Roman Pope.

Pray hard - Visualize - that these radiation leaks are contained and neutralized.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B Mount

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