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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Russian Insurgent In Ukraine Are Wearing Clothes Purchased In America

he Russian Insurgents show on the front cover of the Wall Street Journal were again wearing shoes available in America, not the Ukraine.

(((((Please pray with me - visualize hard - that the US Corporate Government stops these needless wars world wide immediately.)))))

If one goes to the Front Cover of the Wall Street Journal you will see several strange things about a picture in the "Ukraine?"

1) First, the Ukrainian Soldiers are wearing American Tan Colored Combat Boots. Did the American Army REBOOT the entire Ukraine Army in a week?

2) There is a stop sign on a dirt road. Excuse me - there are scant few Stop Signs in the Ukraine, let alone a sign on a Dirt Road where a "Government Building" is?

3) New Tires thrown away in the Ukraine - they wear the tires out until they are bare.

Now go to page A-8 and look at the next picture.

1) Civilians lolly gagging around during an armed confrontation?

2) The shoes are, I believe, QMUniform.comn 5.11 Tactical Trainer Mid 2.0 Shoes - cost, $100. Now where does a Ukrainian get $100 for shoes if their average wage is around $200/month?

3) Note the Shoe Laces: Unavailable; in the Ukraine.

4) The hood is a Lawpro premium watch cap with eyes cut out.

5) It is currently about 18*C, or about 50 Degrees F, yet a guy is lollygagging in the left background wearing a T-Shirt?

So perhaps - just perhaps - the writers being in both Moscow and DC had their names attached to a story that is Propaganda?

Arn't you tired of being lied to APFN audience>

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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