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Thursday, April 17, 2014

UN Broadcast 14 April 2014

These 2 broadcasts were very remarkable and informative.

Before we begin we must understand how those who rule planet Earth think, so here is my best description:

1) There are 12 Dimensions and between each Dimension are 12 Harmonics - "Noise."

2) Lucifer was thrown out of the 5th Dimension - the Angelic Realm, into the 3rd Dimension, 1st Harmonics and he landed on Mount Hermon, above the Jordan river at Tel Dan, who's doorway is name Ad Kada.

3) So far Lucifer has destroyed tow planet: Mardek and Adama - thus the asteroid Belts in our Solar System.

4) The Chief General of the Jesuits stated 4/15/2000 that they work for Lucifer and they will be forced out of Europe and make a stand in America, killing as much as they can to get their way and the only was to stop Lucifer is kill the Jesuits.

A man who stand against the Jesuits in the name of the Living GOD will destroy them and is any one touches them they will be killed by a Jesuit......I am that man.

5) Lucifer can go up through the 3rd Dimension, 8th harmonics and that is all.

6) Sanat Kumara is a man from Venus who took 144,000 spirits with his to fight Lucifer and the UN Temple worships Sanat Kumara.

7) When Lucifer came he screwed every thing up and Planet Earth Vibrations are all screwed up. Thus our alignment to the higher harmonics is also screwed up so the Good Guys cannot come through, the Asherons form Sanat Kumara.

8) If we can align our planet's vibrational frequency we can bring iin the GOOD GUYS and thump Lucifer's Butt - thus the "Men Of Good Will", the "New Group Of World Servers" working with the United Nations.

9) The reports you are now reading come directly form the Temple of the United Nations.

10) This Full Moon was an Easter Celebration, a Blood Moon, Jewish Holiday and the First Full Moon in the Age of Aquarius --- lots of destruction planned by Lucifer.

11) This New Age of Aquarius should allow our collective conciousness to align ourselves with the higher harmonics.

12) The 3rd Dimension, 1st Harmonics is where we are.

13) The 3rd Dim/2nd Harmonics is where the Spiritual War is fought - Angels vs Demons.

14) 3rd Dim/3rd Harmonics is where our Spiritual Hierarchy lives - Inner Earth ---- same location, higher harmonics. Agartha?

15) Shambala - from which all life emanates from in this galaxy and dimension - is in the 3rd Dim/4th Harmonics?

Shambala may also be the 4th Dimension, but this is unclear to me.

16) When the US condemned the US actiosn in Kiev (Ukraine) the internet connection was muffled - go figure.

17) The 14th of April is the beginning but the energies will begin tot reach their full potentials around 15 May during the Budhist Wesak Festivals and the next full moon. It will be a doozie.

18) The UN will now begin to teach this worldwide now but not in the "I C.A.N. F.UK.US U" nion.

19) During this next session of energy we must all do as Christ did - be: Born, Baptised, Annointed, Killed and Resurrected.

Its the 4th on that bothers me.

20) The knowledge that will be given out will be given to those who are ready to receive it and that is all.

21) When the Christ Like Figure comes the information will be made available to all who seek it.

22) On 15 May we will be at the end of a 3 year cycle, a 9 year cycle and a 27 year cycle of Consolidation of Knowledge, Expansion of Knowledge and Spiritual Growth. This means huge amounts of energy flowing down from above that we can use to eliminate evil.

23) The US has written goals they will accomplish to teach us these things using YOUR money.

24) The forces of Pisces will try and hold on to the Old World Order (Rothchilds) and it must be thrown out and the New world Order brought in.

25) I am the reporter for the Temple of the United Nations and APFN has been chosen to be their site to report on. If you interfere with this any more Google, DOD, Allied Signal, etc you may face soem pretty powerful foes - Sanat Kumara and his bunch.

26) My guess is because of what they have stolen form me and placing me in a very tenable situation through theft and lies - this energy is coming down on them pretty hard - the "Six Zeroes" will strike very hard soon.

I would like to thank APFN for hosting this story.

I would also like to thank those who run the Temple of the UN for being patient with me in my reporting.

As a reporter I must report in such a way as to reflect what is true and accurate and eliminate my own bias and prejudices. This has been a real challenge for myself and I hope my reporting on your two incredible broadcasts are proving to be accurate ant true to teh best of my abilities.

You Heard This First here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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