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Saturday, April 5, 2014

How Do You Get Healthy

Visualize - pray - that people around the globe wake up to the following ideas and that Lucifer's attempt to kill us through Genetic Food Modification fails miserably.

Today we spent a good 5 hours at a Health Food Store learning about how to get healthy.

Our food has been so messed with, and we have been so programed frobirth, to not even know where to begin.

First - eat well.

Garbage in, garbage out and an unhealthy body.

1)Avoid: Wheat, Dairy and Sugar.

2)Avoid: Water with chemicals in it - Fluoride, Chlorine, etc.

3)Avoid Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil) at all costs.

4)Avoid: Eating Chemicals, like MSG, Disodioum glummare........

If you can't pronounce it your shouldn't eat it.

Go to your local Health Food Stores and begin reading the label son the foods.

"Organic" is a good label.

"Natural" means nothing.

Start eating things like Organically Grown Products like potatoes and onions - they taste like a real potatoes and real onions and do not need things to make them taste good because they already taste good.

Learn about Essential Oils.

We now use Uncle Hairy's Breathing Oil to reduce Inhaler Use and his Citronel Oil to eliminate bugs instead of flea powder.

We just shop and learn.

Check out EDAN FOODS on line. This is where I get all my camping food from. When I go it is all ready and all I need is a can opener - from Chili to canned rice and beans.

I will take effort on your part.

Sure - the cures we give out here on APFN will work - but they work a whole lot faster and better if you eat well and avoid the poisons the American Food Industry is now using to kill you.

Tonight we ate Organic Hot Dogs on Spent Bread and we usually use an Organic Balsamic Vinegar or Home Made Salad Dressing to top it off.

The Salad Dressing is made of Organic Balsamic Vinegar, a pinch of an Organic Oil like Olive Oil, Walnut Oil, or perhaps Coconut Oil, and topped off with spices then mixed in a Magic Bullet (Tiny Blender) ans then stored in one of their containers.

We save so much money buying Organic and I am not so hungry - loosing about 70 pound in 2 years.

We are also having fun shopping for REAL FOOD.

Today we purchased 4 "RIFE MUGS" that have symbols on them that are supposed to help us not age, loose weight, etc.

The symbols on the mugs look identical to m,any of the CROP CIRCLES.

These CROP CIRCLES are usually either computer digital 8 bit message, a symbol like a star system or life form, or symbols for different frequencies that should be used to heal out bodies ----- but the US Corporate DOD and CIA simply suppress this information by killing those who figure out the symbols.

Pray with me as you read this - visualize - that their attempts to silence this area fails miserably.

If these Healing Frequencies are made out of magnetic material on a coffee mug it programs the water particles to do what the message tells it to do - help you loose weight, get smarter, heal your skin, get rid of parasites, etc.

All matter is merely light that is slowed down. We can use you minds collectively to guide this light to accomplish certain goals - IE, we use APFN as a Visual Prayer Network to accomplish this and ask the Living GOD collectively for HIS assistance.

Kind of like the Muslim Mass Prayer.

For Example: A type of healing circle:

But this is for a different day.

So go out and have fun and do not forget:

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William Mount


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