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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oil Discovered on Bundy Grazing Land

The land Clive Bundy's family has been grazing on in South Central Nevada since 1877 had oil discovered on it several decades ago - which is exactly when the US Corporation sent in their thugs and Brown Shirts.

Please pray that the US Corporate Thugs run with their tails between their lags immediately.

When I was a child my neighbor worked for the California Department of Geology and had started hi career by working for Standard Oil discovering Oil. He showed me just exactly where huge oil deposits were inhtis nation.

The Oil was discovered in the area Clive Bundy was grazing his cattle and the BLM immediately told him to get his cattle off of the State Land, he sued.

Grazing Fees for this are in Nevada usually ran about $2 per head per year - so with 1,000 head of cattle how could he accumulate millions of dollars of grazing fees?

Exactly. They US Corporation lied about what he owed them so he sued - and won.

First: The lnd he was grazoing on was free until oil was found.

Second: Look at the map, The area belongs to the Nevada State (Corporation). Governor (CEO) of Nevada knows this.

Finally, the "Turtle Zone" that he was supposedly kicked out of has oil seeping up through a few springs just south of Mesquite, Nevada - the oil is only a few hundred feet down.

Harry Reid not only wanted a Solar Power Plant, he wanted an Oil Powered Plant he also wanted the Oil.

Dirty Harry: You are a Wide Mouthed Cow that is about to get Pregged in the fall.


SO lease pray with me - focus hard - that the US Corporate Thugs (BLM, USFS, ABCDEFG, Etc.) leave immediately with their tails between their legs.

The 13 Illuminati Blood Lines we must pray to turn to GOD to overturn this Petro Dollar and stop the US Corporation from their constant murders. These are those Lucifarians who run the Vatican and P-2 Lodge in Rome, and control the Rothchilds (Bauers) and thus the Rockefellars:

House of Borja
House of Breakspeare
House of Somaglia
House of Orsini
House of Conti
House of Chigi
House of Colonna
House of Farnese
House of Medici
House of Gaetani
House of Pamphili
House of Este
House of Aldobrandini

You heard this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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