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Friday, April 4, 2014

Healing Through Frequences

What you are about to read is a private message sent to me by the Ed SKilling Institute.

I have seen the machines in action but have never tried one so what you are about too read is simply personal testimonies about how the Frequency Generators sold by Ed Skilling have helped folks.

I will say this: Warren Starnes (Director) honestly believes in these products and would not be there if he did not. He is an honest, and very busy, guy.

So Here Goes:

Dear William B,

Your Immune System, The Innate Healing Abilities of Your Body:

The Skilling Technologies: the Photon Genius (first energy-infrared) and the
Photon Genie empower the immune system, up-regulate the special forces of the
body, and enhance the innate healing abilities of the body. These Technologies
were instrumental in saving my life from an inoperable terminal cancer
(prostate, bladder) diagnosis in 2007. Now, seven years later, I am high
energy, not just surviving but thriving. I do Photon Genius sessions every day
and sleep with the Photon Genie energy transmitters at night.

Importantly, these technologies are for everybody, not just someone dealing with
catastrophic health situations. They help condition the whole body from the
inside out. Additional examples of people being changed with these instruments
are detailed below and include these kinds of situations:

Bladder Cancer
Liver Cancer
Hepatitis C
Throat Cancer
Brain Cancer

Skilling Institute Featured At National Telsa Conference:

July 30 - August 3, 2014
The Skilling Institute is recognized for its breakthroughs of the Photon Genius
and Photon Genie at the upcoming 2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Tesla Conference
being held in Albuquerque, NM, July 30 - August 3 where Warren Starnes,
Director, is scheduled to speak on Saturday, August 2:

Examples of Skilling Technologies Assisting Others:

Improved strength, balance, to walk after being in wheel chair

"Her husband has been confined to a wheel chair for over a year, and had a brain
tumor, did chemo & radiation that incapacitated him. Within 2 weeks of using the
Photon Genie he was able to stand and balance himself for short periods. Within
2-3 weeks he was able to walk to the bathroom, within 4 weeks he started doing a
few squats. He has been using the Photon Genie every day and sleeping with the
transmitters at night for 5 weeks and can now do over 100 squats! He had been
experiencing double vision, now his eyesight is "noticeably" improving. They
have several friends who are asking what happened and what he is doing." - Z.W.

Emphysema: No longer requires oxygen tank; breathing better

"He suffered from really bad bouts of not being able to breathe, shortness of
breath, etc. He was on an oxygen tank all the time, and could not drive anywhere
without being on oxygen. He started getting Photon Genius sessions for
emphysema. After just 6 sessions he no longer needed the oxygen while driving.
"Doing regular Photon Genius sessions for the last 5 months, sometimes 2 times a
day every day. And now after many months he rarely needs it at all." He is
getting a lot better. If he has any trouble breathing now he goes for a Genius
session and he is noticeably better." - R.B.

Throat Cancer Gone After Using the Photon Genius and Photon Genie

"This woman was dealing with throat cancer. She used the Photon Genie daily and
the Photon Genius regularly. She gained mobility with her arm that had been
paralyzed. She is able to hold a cup and move her arm. After doing Photon
Genius sessions for several weeks, she went to the doctors for a scan and the
scan showed her throat cancer was gone." - N.R.

Pain disappeared from surgery site after first session; Improved energy and pain

"I use the Photon Genius 2-3 times a week and I have noticed many improvements
in my physiology that include reducing neuropathy in my feet, thighs, and hands.
Overall, my level of energy has improved so much with the Genius, supplements,
and other alternative protocols. I'm fighting this diagnosis with everything I
can use. But, just so you know, the first time I used the Genius all the pain
disappeared where part of my lung and 1/2 my diaphragm was previously removed. I
was astounded as I'm sure you can imagine." - B.H.

Brain Cancer Halted In Its Tracks

"A young 21 year old mom with a 2 year old daughter was given 3 months to live.
She was diagnosed with the worst kind of brain cancer, extremely aggressive.
The Doctors wanted to schedule her right away for a $14,000 chemo program.

Immediately after her diagnosis, she went for her first Photon Genius session.
She was brought in by her caretaker and she was very reluctant to do a session.
This young woman was physically very depleted, not eating, throwing up, was not
able to take care of herself, depressed, and hopeless.

Her first Photon Genius session was 30 minutes (15 minutes with Energy-Infrared
and Noble Gas Harmonic Lights, and 15 minutes with lights only). After her
first session, she was able to start eating again and had stopped throwing up.
Her second session was one week later for another 30 minutes. After these two
sessions, she went back for another scan and the doctors told her the tumor had
stopped growing for two weeks! The Photon Genius has improved her quality of
life. She continues regular sessions with the Photon Genius and is able to do
things for herself. She has her head up with new found hope." - M.M.

Hepatitis C & Liver Cancer Cleared with Photon Genius sessions

"A woman in her mid-fifties was diagnosed with Hep C and Liver Cancer and had
part of her Liver removed and indicated that she might need a liver transplant.
She was being seen by Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). This woman
did seven Photon Genius sessions for an hour each. The first few sessions were
really difficult for her, but after each session it got easier and she started
feeling better. She went back to get checked and the doctors could not find any
indication of liver cancer." - M.M.

A Woman Dealing With Bladder Cancer; Tumors Disappear After Doing Photon Genius

"After doing several Photon Genius sessions, this woman went in for her pre-op
evaluation and the doctors discovered that the tumors in her bladder were gone!"
- T.W.

Gentleman Averts Surgery on Neck/Shoulder; Dot is Ball Room Dancing Again! See
details in the following video link:

Serious Burns Relieved and Healing

"I've had two different clients with serious burns come in the clinic. The most
recent was an arm burn from cooking oil in the kitchen. Upon removing his
bandages we applied the Photon Genie to the edges of the burn and it seemed to
have a very healing effect quickly. The wound and the skin looked more
developed where the Genie was used and then he went in for Photon Genius
sessions after that and with a series of 3 Thirty minute sessions his burn
healed very quickly.

The second gentleman had third-degree burns over most of his body. He has done
about 30-40 Photon Genius sessions and got a Photon Genie that he has been using
for four weeks. His skin has become noticeably more clear in the burn areas.
This client said he was healing quicker using the Photon Genie and the Photon
Genius than he was doing all the treatments that the hospital had provided and
much, much faster. The deep purple blotches on his right knee are gone and this
was from the 1st 3 sessions alone." - J.B.

Photon Genie Helps Mom Live Longer & Pain Free

Finally, the following audios from a practitioner in Canada share how the Photon
Genie helped her elderly mom who was dealing with: Lyme Disease, Staph
Infection, Dementia, Bed Sores (severe pain) and other conditions. Her mom had
been given a few weeks to live and ended up living 18 months pain free and
peacefully. She shares that the Photon Genie is very "broad spectrum" and
something that everyone can benefit from. The Photon Genie can assist with pain
and avert unnecessary suffering!

Call or email with questions. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Warren Starnes
Skilling Institute

Photon Genie & Photon Genius Online Store Link:

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Neither the information, nor any technologies, formula(s), protocol(s) mentioned
are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Important Warning: This information is intended for the use of the person and/or
entity to whom it is addressed. This information may be confidential and
privileged: the disclosure of which is governed by applicable federal and state
laws. If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any
disclosure, dissemination, distribution, or copying of this information is
strictly prohibited.
APFN - thank you once again for allowing me to post a possible way to heal people using techniques that actually seem to work.

Honorable Grace
Dr William B. Mount
K of M - Russian - aa-00029
Cpt (Ret) USA

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