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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Do Not Forget To File Your Taxes

Despite the fact that there are a lot of things going on in the world today - do not forget to file your income tax form.

If you have a complicated form to file it is OK.

Years ago I was certified to do taxes with H and R Block and had a Securities and Insurance licensed. I used it to help my friends as a side job.

One very important thing to note: If you write the IRS a letter with your tax form and ask for their help in fixing any errors you may make they will make sure it is right.

About 15 years I got hit with a $6,000 payment. I asked them to see the letter I wrote with my tax return and they apologized and eliminated the $6,000 bill.

Just a simple letter giving them the right to fix any errors you might have made and you are no longer responsible for errors.

You may get asked to pay them a little bit of money if you made a mistake - but if they fix it you are treated very well.

If you do owe a whole bunch of money and cannot pay it ask in the letter for a payment plan. Ask for their "HELP."

Use the word "HELP."

OK - some IRS agents are just plain rude, but in my experience it usually goes pretty well.

If you get a really bad person on the line call again until you get a nice one.

Here in Tacoma and Seattle we have an actual IRS office with live people and after working with them they are pretty nice to me. Most of them live within a couple of mile from me so when a friend had some problems they simply helped her fix it when I was there.

So do not panic, file your taxes with the extra letter, and you will be able to sleep a whole lot better at night.
As for Clive Bundy - the DOD is very busy destroying his reputation. They promised Senator Harry Reid a "SOAR POWER ARRAY on Clive's Land.

Please pray that Girly Man Gov Sandoval backs up Clive Bundy tomorrow.

I will call his office and ask the Girly Man to grow some gonads and keep the DOD off of Clive's Property and off of Nevada Corporate Land.

I will say this - something is not right for this to go public like this.

The Green Acres story in Michigan - forcing Organic Pig Farmers to shoot their own pigs at Gun Point (The watching the films at home, he is really perverted) - only hit the Russian and Chinese Press after I pushed the issue. The Governor Pervert Snyder can forget about running for President with a nickname like Pervert.
As for You Tube - I will begin posting films immediately.

We have just fed someone stuff that has cause his severe brain injury to regrow after 40 years (No More Bipolarity and headaches) and have just had 7 Pancreases (No More Diabetes) regrow and I need to talk about what we did.

The ability to eliminate Migraines is huge.

For those of you that suffer from them - I apologize for not covering this issue earlier.

And - our HIV and Cancer and Heart Disease "KYURE" rates are still 100%.

So - OK - more videos.

Thank You.

Look up tonight at an Eclipse - the UN broadcasts I received today directly from their temples stated this full moon is a biggie and things are about to happen. More on this tomorrow.

SS - Protect the President and do not let Pres Obama (6 Doubles) go to Kiev over the next 4 days. It is a set up.

Keep Boston Commons clear of extra packages, especially those containing Nukes.

You heard this first here on APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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