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Monday, April 7, 2014

It's Over

Pray with me - really visualize - that it is over for Lucifer, that every thing he does to hurt humanity fails form this day forward.

It's Over Lucifer.

Your kingdom is falling apart.

Your priests and Bishops in Rome and your Homo Prometheus Arch Bishops are loosing control.

You have been exposed at every turn.

Every One knows:

1)The Roman Pope declared himself as Lucifer Incarnate.

2) Rothcihlds answer to the Roman Pope and control the wealth of England.

3) The CIA is a corporation owned buy the English Royalty.

4) The CIA is behind WACO, Oklahoma City Bombing, Klakamas Mall Shooting, Downing of Flights 370, 800 and 447, the Syrian Crisis, Egypt Crisis, Ukraine Crisis, Fort Hood Shooting, the finding of Al Kada, killing of countless Americans, the Nukes under the Sorchi Olympic Games, the 5 attempts on Putin's Life in the last 4 years, the 2 attempts on PM Medvedev's life in the last 4 years, the 70+ attempts on Obama in the last 5 years, the 4 attempts on Pres Bush Jr's life, the 3 attempts on Gov Rick Perry's life. The list goes on and on.You were stopped at every turn.

5) Every one knows the US is a Corporation.

6) You are now attempting to start WW3 through an economic crash and the destruction of America.

7) As for the Sandi Hook Elementary School shooting - is was such a farce - only a MORON could believe children were actually killed in the shooting. There were not even any Bullet Holes in the walls of the school - Hello?

We could go on an on and on............

It is all out in the open.

The Gig's Up Lucifer and your minions. Your organizations are falling apart and GOD will deal with you folks personally now - and YOU fear this intensely.

It is over Lucifer except the screaming.

Run away Coward, run away before GOD turns your evil back on you.

Not even your most loyal Angels will obey you now - they hate you and will now come against you as the Living GOD has shown them that they did not have to follow you, nor do they even now.

When they defect GOD will protect them and you will not be able to touch them.

Even your most loyal Aliens know now that you have screwed with their DNA and are trying to kill them and they are not happy with you and your allies - the US Corporation.

As for the Fort Hood Shooting: Advertising on Craig's List 7 days before the shooting at Fort Hood for actors to play a shooter, dead men, wounded victims - that was the final straw - what a joke.

Only a moron would believe another False Flag was not made up by your outfit.

Your planned assassination of an Obama Double on TV in a few days will be a failure.

Your nuke you are bringing into BOSTON in a week will fail.

Your claiming Al Kada (Which YOU fund) is flying a plane into Boston or Seattle will fail - every one knows YOU are doing this.

Your Bankstas are dying - GO 6 ZEROS. He will strike again soon.


Lucifer - every one knows the cure for cancer, heart disease, Autism, MS, etc and if they are not using these products it is their own fault - but they now all know around the world.

We have shown the Water Powered Car, the Tacheon Generator, the Anti Gravity Propulsion Aircraft Blue Prints.

It is all out there for the world to see.

From this day forward only a moron would believe any TV or Radio news spot - Only a MORON.

Your world leaders that follow you will now find themselves isolated from the world and unable to create Was and steal, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

We now visualize - pray - that all that you order and try fails miserably Lucifer.

You are finished you Loozerfer.
You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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