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Saturday, April 5, 2014

How Do You Sift Through The Lies

First - please pray - visualize - that your eyes are opened as to the truth.

Every day we are pummelled with more and more lies from the media all around us.

We drive down the road and see thousands of advertisements telling us to eat this, go there, send money over there - and on top of that we have stupid street signs every where like: Duck Crossing or Watch For Pedestrians.

We turn on the TV or radio ad hear garbage daily.

Even the alternate media is filled with more garbage than you can shake a stick at.

Consider the latest three stories:

1) Flight 370. They have beaten this one to death. The latest I heard was that Aliens took the Jet off world to Mars just before it crashed.

I know DOD - you are going to post another 4 or 5 stories here on APFN after I post this story stating this Jumbo Jet landed on an Air Craft Carrier. Can't you give it a rest?


It will only show how stupid your SLAVES really are in the DOD and Homeland Security.

Tell a lie long enough and people believe it.

Most of the American Public still believe it was a Jumbo Jet that made a 122 foot hole in the pentagon on 911, or that cancer and Heart Disease are incurable!

Can we Zeig Heil yet?

2) Osa Land Slide. Snohomish County (Wa) gave a permit to build a housing complex on a river bend with a mountain that was already coming down and refused to put in drainage pipes or use the fertilizer we use to stabilize hillsides. Now a bunch of folks are dead.

Complete County Incompetence and payoffs.

3) Fort Hood Shooting. The media just keeps going on and on and on about this soldier when we have already posted the Craig's List ads for actors to openly create a FALSE FLAG at Fort Hood.

So now we hear Army Psychiatrists and Commanding Generals speak out about this horrible shooting and how we should take all the guns away from vets because they all have PTSD.

4) Obama Care: There are 7 Million enrollies?


Add up all the prisoners and those currently on Welfare Medical - gee - they were simply converted to Obama Care and the financial responsibility to take care of these folks is now at the Federal Level.

So here is an example: The guy behind me got out of prison to work at a local Junk Yard to repossess cars at night and do other Nefarious things AFTER being convicted of 1st degree murder, and Child Molestation. HE currently lives with a 12 year old girl. The Federal Program pays the Junk Yard around $15/Hr and they pay him $9/Hr. He gets free medical and now has Obama Care - and YOU pay for it.

Here is Example 2: My adopted relatives live in Kiev. Their daughter gets $7,000 Social Security per month tax free for them, they collect Social Security form the Ukraine Govt (We pay for) and they were switched to Obama Care form State Health Care. They can now get health care for free in Kiev and YOU now pay for it.
So how do you sift through all this garbage?

You mus listen with your heart.

Watch the news without sound and look for anomalies.

If it sounds weird - it is.

Without GOD showing you the way you will more than likely fall for anything. Only HE can show you what is true and what is not true.

No matter how pluasable it is, no matter how good it sounds, dig into a story - find out if the people they are talking about actually existed.

Look carefully at the original pictures and if they change - you have a lie.

Listen carefully at the First Responders.

I wish the best.
For You Intel Geeks:

It also looks like all we discussed is on for the full moon.

I have personally been told much of it was delayed until July - but I believe he came forward to cunfuse me.

Keep the President out of parades and speaking engagements 11-17 April or the world will know the SS was behind his shooting.

If you need any more information you will need to come forward and ask.

And yes - the Roman Empire - Rothchilds, etc - your empire is being torn asunder by the Living GOD, so HE has said it so it shall be. You should never have stolen the money of GOD's Messenger.

By the way - another Banksa died today, Jon Peter Schmittmann, Ex CEO of Dutch Bank ABN-Amro. His wife and daughter were also found dead in their home. Suicide - right?

God asks: "Six Zeros for your life. It's your choice."



So HE has spoken, so it shall be.
You heard this first here in APFN.

Dr William B. Mount

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