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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fascist Double Cross of Washinton's Governor By Boeing



There has been a "Fascist Pig Double Cross" of Governor Jay Enslee of Washington State by Boeing.

Please pray that this exposes the underbelly of those Fascist Pigs in office and that all they do to destroy America fails.

For years the state of Washington has been giving large corporations like Boeing and Weyerhauser huge tax breaks to stay here in Washington.

These are the same tactics FASCIST PIGS like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mousolini used to bolster their economies before, and during, WW2.

A few month ago Gov Enslee of Washington State gathered with his Democratic Senators and used Hitler's Tactics again to help keep a Boeing Production Facility here in Western Washington.

In a "Special Session" of the legislature WE PAID FOR the state granted Boeing all sorts of concessions like: New Roads, Rail Lines, Electrical Upgrades, Tax Breaks, Retirement Incentives.....all paid for by YOU THE TAX PAYER, Zeig Hiel.

The next day after Bowing was granted these special tax breaks the Engineers Union had a "Special Election" of striking engineers and they agreed to end the strike by 1 vote - a vote that 1 week earlier was 75/25 opposed to ending the strike.

Suddenly the strike was ended by 1 vote?


A Beautiful play right out of Hitler's Handbook of Fascism.

Money Talks, BS walks.

So today Boeing announced it is eliminating 1,000 engineering jobs in Washington State by mid-2015.

These engineers have the ability to apply for an Engineering Job in Long Beach California and then move with the company.

Here is the Double Cross.

Here in Washington they assemble Commercial Airliners - 727, 747, 767, 777, 787, etc.

In Long Beach, California, they assemble the C-17 -- which is done to Military Specs ---- completely different than Civilian Specs. If you are not retrained in US Military Specs you do not qualify for the job in Long Beach.

So lets say you do interview and get hired to work in Long Beach, California. You pick up and move there with your family and buy another house.

Here is the second part of the Double Cross: The Long Beach Plant is scheduled to shut down in Mid-2015 with the completion of the C-17 Transport.

Production Facilities for US military Jets are being moved to -------wait for it -------- China.

My neighbor runs a Boeing Factory in China.

A "Fascist Pig Double Cross" pulled off by Boeing again.

Governor Jay Enslee of Washington State - you look like a Moron.

How is it a Governor and two Liberal Senator's were out smarted by Boeing?

Greed - Boeing and the Engineers Union promised to donate to their respective Political Campaigns, it was on the radio - KIRO Radio to be exact.

You heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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