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Thursday, April 17, 2014

CIA Funded Cuban Twitter To Destroy Cuban Government

As you read this please pray that the CIA attempts to shut down those who speak the truth fails.

as we all have read on the APFN Website the US Corporation has maintained the funding of organizations, like Allied Signal Group and US army Cyber Command in Fort Belvoir Virginia, to harass those who seem to speak the truth.

IE - My last story had a letter removed from the title.

The CIA is also using Twitter and Facebook to destroy the reputations of those who apparently do not bow to their Fascist Regime's Ideas.

For Example: Apparently all APFN Writers have 35 wives and about 500 children all over the world and are rotten racist Fascist Communist Pig Nut Cases, bla, bla bla.

It has come out that the CIA has also been using YOUR TAXES to fund a Twitter Campaign to take down the Evil Cuban Regime.

Using such companies they own such as "US Aid", "World Vision", UN NGOs" and dozens of other Front Corporation this CIA Corporation (Owned by the Queen of England) sent it's employees into Spain to hire folks to Twitter about the Castro Regime torturing their relatives, stealing their money, etc.

The real threat began when these Hired Internet Thugs threatened to do harm to the leadership of Castro - which amounts to an ACT OF WAR between the UK and Cuba.

Now Cuba has signed the BRIC treaties so these harassments tantamount to an ACT OF WAR against 140+ nations, like Russia, CHina, India, Brazil, Vietnam, etc.

If the BRIC leaders pushed the issue there would be necessarily a boycot of the entire English Island, and they would be under treaty obligation to do this.

I am not saying Castro and his staff are not utter pigs and when they visited a friends house back in the late 50s to give a speech at Princeton did not poop under the couch cushions, pee behind the curtains and wipe their behinds with the curtains.

Castro was welcomed by our personal friends openly and returned the kindness with the filth that they are. His entire house had to be gutted when these Castro Pigs left Princeton, New Jersey.

Regardless of how barbaric and ungrateful this Pig Castro is he and his nation have a right to exist without US Corporate, or English Crown, harassment.

American Taxes do not need to be used to harass the Castro Regime.

What is most amazing about this story is that it was exposed.

This was supposed to be a "Top Secret" operation and it was completely exposed for all to see.

Perhaps the selling of US Military Records by the VA records helped expose this little escapade?

Either way -- the CIA Dirty Laundry is once again exposed for the world to see. Names and addresses of the perpetrators, employment locations, companies names - all open for inspection and retaliation by foreign nations.
You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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