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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why We Pray and Why YOU Makes a Difference

We pray because we wish to stop all these Lucifarians from killing and destroying this planet and we do not have the physical force to destroy Lucifer and his Dominions.

Second - we pray because we really do not know the real situation in any story.

Lets take the Bundy Rancher Story - Staged or real?

I say real - after calling the Governor's and Senator Harry Reid's Offices I can tell you something is funny - not right. As it came out of Senator Harry Reid and the Nevada Governor have apparently, make money buy putting houses on 52 Cattle Ranchers ranches after driving them out.

Clive Bundy is the last rancher.

Girly Man Governor Brian Sandoval is dirty to the core, and so are his staff members.

This is no different that Governor Perv Snyder of Michigan who shut down Private Organic Pig Farms to support his Jewish Supporter - the Commercial Pig Farmers use a vaccine that make rotting pork not stink and sincce a high proportion of Blacks eat pork - it was done to kill the Black population.

Money for Murder - that is what Lucifarians do - the take money to murder.

So we pray.

By the way - Green Acres in Michigan just won in the courts and Pervert Snyder is mad as a Wet Hen.

The reason I challenge folks like Gov Perv Snyder, Gov Girly Man Sandoval and General LD Dempsey is to show you how much of a coward these 'MEN" really are. They rely on others to protect them.

The nation is being run by cowards and wimps, and their paid thugs protect these Cowards and Wimps.

Lets take another example - Earthquakes in Fukushima.

Two days before Fukushima Shook GOD had me post tat Japan would shake unless they .....

They did not, they had a huge disaster.

The Black and Golden Dragon Societies forgot so I began discussing this with them a few days ago. They were told they would shake agian - they did, a few hours later.

Then the Dragon Societies were told that if so and so did not happen GOD would shake them harder - form North of Sendai to Tokyo.

About 12 hours ago - the entire Northern Island of Japan shook hard - centered near Sandia.

Will the Dragon Societies listen and do what GOD has asked them to do?

There is both a Chinese and Russian Consulate office 40 miles North of here in Seattle - but so far - they Ignore GOD.

Call it Stupid, Ignorant, Arrogant or just plain Dumb - they Ignore GOD so now HE will go for the pocket book, so HE has spoken so it shall be.

More Bankstas will die - "000000" will strike again.

So - GOD will crash their economies hard and take money away from them and they will being to loose control of their kingdoms.

GOD can hurt the Russian, Chinese, Japanese and US Economies much worse than either you or I can - and HE is now about to accelerate this process.

So this is why here on APFN pray.

This is why YOU make a difference.

So tonight please pray that the Girly Man Governor of Nevada and Senator Reid pay for their High Crimes against the State immediately and that the Bundy Farm remains in tact.
For You Intel Geeks:

Secret Service - "Protect the GD President" and Boston. Kiev is the last place you want him to be right now - he is utterly MAD.

If they hit Seattle tomorrow (+-3 Days) - no big loss.

The Nuclear weapon Sorcha discussed the CIA stole from a Russian in Detroit a few days ago has the potential to do some real harm in Boston or ---- can't focus, wrong spot to live in.

If it goes off in the next few days - - you (the CIA) will be blamed, you know this don't you?

This Rogue Team is know to the Assistant to the Assistant Director of the CIA and this will put them in the position to be the Director.

Well - what does it matter.

If you really cared you would have moved me to a better spot to detect these things.

Unbelievable Incompetence on the part of the CIA - unbelievable.

Nuclear Security, like information security, is a thing of the past.

Last winter of Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base the power went out for 4 days ---- including the power at the Ammo Supply Points. Engineer Battalions up the rear end on Fort Lewis and not one generator was provided to help provide security at the area that stores ammo or Nukes.


Unbelievable but true.
APFN you heard this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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