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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oregon Burning Aborted Babies For Power

It's all about money and control.

Please pray - visualize - with me that these despicable practices stop.

In fact - this article has been repeated over and over again all across this nation: Aborted babies burned for power and heat.

It's OK, right because 95% of the babies are now white babies?

The practice of burning dead bodies for heat and energy goes way back to Jolly Old England - where dead bodies were burned in hospital incinerators to generate heat and to dispose of these unwanted, and usually infected, waste.

What the NAZI's did to the Jews the US Corporation does to our babies.

Think this odd - please reread the APFN Story about Soilent Green, where half of the Human Population has had their DNA changed (CODON 127 turned to CODON 129) because they have eaten Human Brains in their processed meats. Without the use of a Food Grade Surfactant like Immusist this ( insures Alzheimers Disease.;article=138870

Oh - I forgot - a US corporate Agency outlawed it, for a few days anyway.

At the VA in Phoenix an recent article on CNN showed these VA Employees purposely killing vets - you should see inside the hospitals. After they die they rip out as many body parts to sell as possible before "Disposing " of the body. It is one sick process run by sick men like General Shesenski - a Lucifarian Priest, a man who is incapable of getting within 100 yards of me he is so evil.

In Russia there was a factory cutting up Dead humans to make meat for the market.

(((((I had to sleep on the couch for 3 days after doing this story on Channel 77 Seattle.)))))


If I walk you through certain oriental sections of Seattle I can buy Human Body Parts for eating - hand, eyes, ears, livers, etc. It is a religious thing.

So now that you are totally grossed out and sick - let your eyes and ears be opened as to what is really going on around you.

This is a real spiritual war we are fighting and we need to focus on Lucifer and his forces of evil to be expelled from Planet Earth as soon as possible.

Look around you - do not ask GOD why he is trashing the economies of the world - the world is Evil run by Evil Men.

Ask instead how GOD can protect you and how YOU can pray to end this evil here on Planet Earth before we end up like Adama, Marduk, Mars and now Earth.

As you recall, we did a story on the Chinese grinding up dead babies and selling them as PEP PILLS. 

You saw this first here on APFN

Dr William B. Mount

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