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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gas Pipelines To Pypass Russia

As you read this please pray that the situation in the Ukraine calms down and that US/UK military and paramilitary forces stop killing hte people there.

Almost the whole of Europe is dependent on heat from Natural Gas. The nations West of the Ukraine use almost 400 Billion Cubic Meters of Natural Gas per year for heating and cooking.

Russia contributes not only ALL of the Ukraine Natural Gas but about 160 Billion Cubic Meters to these nations.

Two new gas pipelines have been prepared that would feed Natural Gas directly to Europe and completely bypass Russia.

First, an underwater pipeline from the area just off the Western Coast of Norway that would come onto land, skirt the coast land, and run across the bay into Denmark. This would provide between 4-40 million cubic meters of Natural Gas per year.

The cost here varies depending on the number of gas wells used, but cost estimates top $20 Billion.

The second proposed pipeline would actually steal Russian Natural Gas, sucking out of the Caspian Sea, running through Armenia, Southern Georgia, Turkey and across the Meditteranian into Greece. Form there two pipelines would be split - one north and one into Italy.

The second pipeline would run about $45 Billion.

If things go in Europe as they have in the last few years, you can pretty well double these cost estimates.

So while the US is slathering up Europe for a war with Russia they are stabbing them in the back by literally creating money out of thin air and running additional pipelines into Europe to cut Russian Profits.

Estimated completion time for both pipelines: 24 months.

IN addition, the US is now beginning to export oil directly to Europe to make them completely dependent on US Crude and Gas.

Estimated loss to Russia: About half your oil income - or about $75 Billion Dollars per year in 5 years.

Russia's Oil Barons are likely to be very angry and their Military Budget severely effected.

Seems like I got involved in this 7 years ago - saving Russia about $100 Million in oil income per year and they were not really grateful. IN fact - they cast me out to the wolves.

The 7 year cycle is up - now it is GOD's turn.

Should have listened Pres Putin and PM Medvedev.
For You Intel Geeks:

Seems like there is a 15 day, 6 hour, 6 minute separation between False Flags now - the pace has accelerated.

Think 14 April - 15 May - both Full Moons. One the Easter Full Moon, the next the Wesak Full Moon.

15 add up to 6 - so 6/6/6 - same weird cycle as before --- ever 6 months, 6 days and 6 hours?

Remember -

1) 30 Sep 2006, 12 US Cities to be nuked, WW3

2) 6 Apr 2007, Kill Bush, Nuke Salt Lake, WW3

3) 14 Oct 2007, Kill Bush, Nuke Chicago I think, US Special Forces Blew Up Nuke in Iranian Desert, stopped False Flag, S.F General Fired for this act.

4) 21 Apr 2008, Kill Bush, Nuke DC, car delivering nuke Lic: 987-JFK, Lincoln Memorial

5) 28 Oct 2008,...........

Now connect the dots - 15 days, 6 hours, 6 minutes - 6/6/6/.

This is coming directly form the Vatican - unless you prefer WW3?

I am just a messenger.
You heard it first here on APFN

Dr William B Mount

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