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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Intel Rpt: Euro Cracks As Germany Prints Deitch Mark

Euro Cracks As Germany Prints Deutsche Mark

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We have just learned that Germany is now printing their own Deutsche mark Again.

Now that President Trump is in office the Marshal Plan - the shipping of $ Trillions of Dollars to Europe to rebuild Europe after WW2, has ended.

The Bankers in Germany are now refusing to be  pulled down by the PIGS Nations - Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.

What we are watching was planned in 1944.

Within a few short months the Nordic Euro will form, including the nations of Germany, Austria, Finland, Sweden and perhaps France.

As for this insane influx of Africans into these regions - either they will be sent back of the Elites causing this will simply be “Taken Off Of Planet Earth.” So HE has said it, so it shall be.

What is supposed to happen is:

1) Paid Black Riots in Cincinnati - Stopped by Pres Trump

2) Paid Black riots in Chicago - Stopped by Pres Trump

3) Three large Firecrackers detonated in US cities and two in Europe- Le Havre and Rostock I believe - stopped by Pres Trump and Pres Putin.

4) Crack up of the Euro - Huge Devaluation by 90%

5) Dollar Devaluation by 905 within a year - Stopped by Pres Trump

As for the CIA - 955 of their forces are now lining up behind Pres Trump as they do not wish to see their families, their children, and their grand children fry in a huge conflict involving 10,000 Megaton Firecrackers.

As fopr the other “US Departments - like the FBI - we will know when they trun towards President Trump when they do as GOD directs them to do.

Until then - their leaders remain “Open Targets” for their opposition. So GOD has said it, so it shall be.

So we suppose this is about 5 “Ta Da Trumps” today.

In Other News:

Joseph Rago - Reporter of the Wall Street Journal, wwent to the Russian Consulate to get info about the Big “H”. and was found 2 days later dead.

The Wicked Witch of the West Strikes Again.

2) DNC is $3 Million in debt and any Foreign Investing into the DNC will be seized per the Election Laws of the US.

These NAZIs in the DNC are hated wherever they go.

Democratic Socialist Party - DNC - is the same party as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, etc.

3) Former Prime Minister of Australia Gordon Brown has revealed that 130,000 children were imported into Australia from 1945-2017 for child porn rings and only 2,000 remain alive today.

These 90,000 porn Kings days are numbered, so GOD has said it, so it shall be.


4) The White House has a New Press Secretary.

President Trump - you need to fill the Front Row of  Press Briefings not with “Has Beens” of the MSM but with those reproters who are bringing in the real hits and are Pro-Trump so you can get asked some intelligent questions.

You need to do it now while your approval rating is 79% among those who actually legally voted last year.


Please pray that your family is safe in the coming months and ask GOD to help with your finances - HE does hear you.

Again -- YOU are SOOOO important to GOD. You - from the confines of your house, your prayers are changing America. YOU.

Please pray for a comp0lete recovery for Jim Willie and his bronchitis.


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