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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

President Cuts Off The Deep State At The Knees

Trump Cut Off Deep State At It's Knees


President Cuts Off The Deep State At The Knees - YouTube


Ever since we can remember the boarders of America have been open to whoever wishes to enter.

It was not until after WW2 that the idea was developed to create a Welfare State to destroy America by those very NAZI’s we fought and beat in 1945.

In 1966 the Cloward-Pivens model was developed at Columbia University and then adopted by the International Bankers on order to develop such a Huge Welfare State here in America that our economy collapses sometime around the year 2010 - under the last President.

Part of the Cloward-Pivens Model was to pay people to cross our Southern Boarder, get on welfare, and destroy America.

To this end over the last 20 years over 3 Million Illegal Aliens/yr have crossed this boarder every year - of which about 40% of them were not from South America but from Iran, Iraq, India, etc.

That amounts to around 60 Million Illegals. Further - the World’s Jails were emptied out into America in order to destroy us from within.

Cooperation with the last 8 Presidents has allowed this to happen.

In addition to the Welfare Load there have been millions of children who have been sold by their parents into Slavery and Sexual Prostitution all along our US/Mexican Boarders.



In addition - these children of these illegals were moved up through the nation - across the northern Idaho Boarder - into the Underground NSA Base to make Child Porn and Snuff films by none other than the Frazzled Rat and Mitt Romney’s Wife - See Retired Colonel Field McConnel’s Website.

If you swear loyalty to Lucifer you are sent Stock Tips and when you open them - these films are secretly posted onto your computer. You step out of line -- you go to jail for Child Porn.

I have opened some of these Stock Tips but never acted on an of them because you cannot trust Lucifer.

This is why a film was released clearly showing Huma Abadeen and the Frazzled Rat torturing and Murdering a young 8 year old little girl.

So as the World’s Ecology Collapses and food production falls world wide President Trump is bound and determined not to move 100 million refugees into this nations every year over the next 8 years to destroy America.

The UN Leaders, the Lucifer Trust Leaders, and the Pope call President Trump selfish for doing this.

The Lefty Loony’s say President Trump has no heart for not destroying this nation.

So now when the Men are arrested for committing a Felony for illegally crossing the boarders they are put in men’s Prisons, Identified and sent home.

When Women are arrested for committing a Felony and crossing the boarders they are identified and sent home.

This means that the Immigration Sweat Farms where Illegal’s get $1 a day to work 10 hour days is over.

No more Grafting - no more Illegal Money Laundering by ICE Agents.

When the Children cross the boarder illegally they are Identified and are - for the first time in 40 years - accounted for and then returned to their parents.

No longer can these children be sold into American Slave Labor Camps.

No longer can the Loony Liberals move these children into their Porn and Snuff making factories just North of the Idaho Boarder.

We took away the Democrat’s Slaves in 1865 and we are taking them away here in 2018 and the Democrats are Hopping Mad.

President Trump has just cut off a Huge source of Slaves and Child Sex toys for the Perverted Deep State.



Pray that this accountability remains forever.


Peter Strozak - Perverted FBI Agent who wrote the entire Fake Russia narrative - was just escorted out of the FBI Building. He is still, however, employed by the Son of the NAZI Gestapo - Robert Mueller.


1) In order to justify the Super Duper Top Secret Space Program run by Lockheed Martin out of Bethesda Maryland President Trump has just created the Unconstitutional US Space Force - thus breaking it away from the US Navy and Air Force.

Rupert Stadler - Chief Of VW Luxury Arm Audi, was arrested for the actions he took sever years ago when he flipped a switch and over 2,500 cars in America got over 250 miles per gallon.

To take a car and increase it’s mileage tfro - say - 22 MPG to 40 MPG like I did with a 1972 Chevy LUV Pick Up Truck is a Felony and you will be prosecuted for this.

In my case I gave the car away. In the case of VW they are arresting the man who threw the switch.

All New Cars in America are capable of getting 250 MPG but are not allowed to. Pray Lucifer and his minions in charge of this are immediately neutralized for life.

3) Over 22 people were shot druing a Gang War during an Arts Festival in New Jersey on Sunday.

Since it does not fit the Narrative of the Loony Lefty Media it will never be discussed -- even by FOX news.

4) The economy is doing so well in Russia that they have raised the Average Age for retirement to  abover the Average Age of male life expectancy.

Pray that the Governments across the Americas shrinks down to a manageable sizes and all the those Lonny Liberals who worship Lucifer are put out of office.

It’s time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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Monday, June 18, 2018

QE + QT = Economic Depression


(80) Q.E + Q.T. = Economic Abyss - YouTube


For the last 105 years this nation has been run by International Bankers out of London that have controlled every aspect of our lives through the Federal Reserve System (FEDS) - an illegal organization to say the least:

What jobs are available

What we will earn

Whet we can afford to eat

Even what is planted in the ground.

Today a Bank of America released a New Study using Out Taxes to tell us what we already know:

In 2007 when the markets began to fall these “FEDS”  forced many banks out of business and supported other banks as they pumped $$$ Trillions of Our Taxes into these banks (Quantitative Easing - Q.E.) - creating what we have seen as a massive inflation economy - and now these same bankers are pulling in  the Monetary Supply (Quantitative Tightening - Q.T.).

Just like they did to Germany just before it’s Mark collapsed and Adolf Hitler took over - forming the NAZI War Machine.

Quantitative Easing to Quantitative Tightening leads to - always - an Huge Economic Downturn.

In this case - the International Bankers are trying to start a massive Nuclear Conflict as the economies across the planet begin to fall.

IE - Venezuela World Wide.

Today the Bank of America released a massive report filled with Double-Speak that says exactly what you just learned in 3 Minutes.

Further - Benjamin Fulford was just told that we should be wary of a Fall in our Stock markets world wide very soon.

Like Jim Willie says - the Time Frame is not important (Continue to pray for him) but the sequence of events is.

A call to Noble Gold will key you in to some of our options at this point - but if the Bank or America is correct then by September we will all be in a world of hurt.

Countering this - of course - is the “Make America Great” organization of former Generals & Admirals who are trying to stabilize what we have here in America.

As for the tariffs  - these were planned years ago so what we are seeing is President Trump playing out what has already been agreed to despite what the Idiot Loony Lefties report in the Main Stream Media and here on the net.

The difference between now and the 1930’s is that today our Oceans are dying, our Ozone is gone thanks to NASA, and our soil is depleted, our DNA is being purposely changed to make us permanently sick, and our food is made up of Poisonous GMO foods thanks to our White House leadership.

As for our Depleted Ozone and crop lands we have already shown the formulas that will reverse this - but keep in mind that those on top wish 7 Billion people dead now or they would be using our formulas.

Today we were sprayed with large amounts of Toxic Metals - Including defoliants like Agent Orange - from these Chemtrails and not one peep out of any Congressman or the President about it.

So we need to “Hunker Down” folks and do as the Bible Says; “A Prudent man stores up for hard times.”

Pray that those on top forcing us into this Economic Abyss are neutralized permanently and immediately.



As for this Fake Robert Mueller “Investigation” it was created to distract you and make you think something is happening.

Jeff Sessions is the Attorney’s General and if he wanted to pull Mueller’s Funding and stop the investigation he would.

If he wanted to arrest Hillary and Huma Abadeen for torture and murder as we all saw them do on a video - he would.

He was never allowed to arrest these Murderers - not even delay them.

You don’t think he got to be the US Attorney’s General by being a Lilly White Christian, do you?

He is one very dirty Lucifarian - just as dirty as the Frazzled Rat. He is following a sciIpt - doing what he is told to do by his “CIA Handlers.”

The goal here is to make those who worship the Living GOD think that those currently in the leadership position are doing good things and - to an extent - they are.

As for this investigation against the Russian Spy Yuri Dmetriev - it is a complete joke. If you examine the pictures you will see that there are clearly 2 Yuri’s.

What did happen is the original Yuri investigated Russian Gulags - (Like Our FEMA Camps) exposing just how Evil the Russian Leadership really is. So now the Russian Court System is being allowed to throw the Original Yuri into a Gulag for the rest of his life.

If President Trump wished to put an end to these threats to his Presidency he would pick up the phone, call the head of the MP’s in the US Navy or Army, and have those coming against him quietly arrested.

What did happen though - is that 2300  Elites across the nation were quietly arrested - those who know exactly what is going on and those who are likely to blow the whistle. So the US Department of Justice simply Silenced those most likely to expose what is really going on.

So over the next few years what we should see is the “World’s Wealth” transfer from England to China - just like Lucifarian Hanz Kovlenback (Jesuit Chief General) said was going to happen in a Interview April 15th, 2000.

The real control of the wealth will remain in the Council of 45 that run the world.

All President Trump will really do is exactly what his CIA Handlers tell him to do. He is merely a player in a massive game run by a few very sick, demon possessed people.


1) The US Army is now testing out Self Powered, titanium armored,  Ground Mounted Doomsday weapons in Sryia. Once released it kills everyone not carrying a US Military Chipper ID Card - incluing Reservists and member sof the Nation Guard.

What could possibly go wrong?

2) The Private Corporation funded by Our Tax Dollars AMA is now fully supporting the Murdering of patients in the hospital the Doctors determine are no longer any use to society.

This is the same organization that told me to go to He…ll for publishing the vide “THE CURE FOR CANCER.”

In Belgium - nearly 30% of all patients killed never give their consent to be killed.

In Norway under the NAZI Protocol set up during NAZI Occupation called: “Groningen Protocols” (Children Of the Moss Women) doctors are routinely killing babies they think will not be will not be what they call “Productive.” Real numbers in Norway indicate over 2,000 babies are killed yearly.

So now the Hospitals are given the Green Light to create Death Panels to kill those who they want to kill.


I saw this Death Panel in action in 2008 as an 86 year old man was denied health care at St Francis Hospital Tacoma because - according to the Doctor - he had no reason to live.

4)  Further - Congress has given the Green Light to allow doctors to force Mind Altering Drugs onto whomever they wish. If you refuse to take your drugs then they will come by your house and raid it- taking all of your weapons and -- if so determined - your knives as well. They will be able to take whatever they wish without the Due Process of the Law.

What is even worse is that when you call the Suicide Hotline for the VA you may be arrested and forced to take those Mind Altering Drugs as your possessions are seized and you are placed in some tiny apartment.


Pray that the Governments across the Americas shrinks down to a manageable size and all the those Lonny Liberals who worship Lucifer are put out of office.

It’s time we pray for your family and again pray for the President’s Safety, sit back and enjoy the show.

Be ready folks for what is coming.

These stories come from you - the viewer

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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