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Monday, May 29, 2017

Trump Busts 3 More White House Leakers

Understand This - Understand The Level Of Lies

To the Smartest, most active and one of the largest audiences on the net - welcome

And to the coolest Audience.

What you are about to see has been on the internet -- off and on -- for about 6 years.

The American’s pull it off, the Russians put it back on.

When I was living in the Ukraine I can confirm that before the Censorship Google has been conducting over the last 10 years -- this landing was real.

The video:

(157) Us-Ussr Landing On Mars 1962 Using Alien Technology - YouTube

The Woman Behind Hitler's Flying Saucers | Maria Orsic [Orschitsch], the Vril Society and Aldebaran | Stillness in the Storm
In other news:

As for the grid failures reported today - isn’t it interesting they are all occurring in the cities the Intel Told us they would occur 3 years ago.

Current Solar Data: NOAA data

Powerful Geomagnetic Storms Hit Earth - Will Stocks Fall Next Week? | Zero Hedge

Please pray that your family wakes up and that it is ready for what is coming.


The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

Trump Busts 3 More White House Leakers

To the Smartest, most active and one of the largest audiences on the net - welcome

And to the coolest Audience.


As President Trump drains the swamp he has apparently identified 3 more leakers working right there in the White House.

Before he left on his trip to Europe and demanded European Leaders  pay America what they are contractually supposed to pay America he left behind a few “Tidbits”

These Tidbits were actual Fake Internal Documents.

Each suspected Leaker was left a different story so when the story broke President Trump’s Team then knew:

1) Who the leaker was

2) Which Reporter received the Top Secret Fake Story

3) Which News Network Director approved the airing of this FAKE Top Secret Story.

So through these 3 Leakers President Trump now has a Pack Of DC Rats who have participated in Treason - Busted -  and there is No Room to Squirm.

These Simpleton Leakers - busted.

These people were identified already by Congressman Anthony Weiner and Huma Abadeen - but the legal system needed that “Extra” bit of evidence before they are sentenced to 20 years to life in prison.

Now he has that evidence.

He will act quickly, quietly and under the radar.

Ta Da Trump

As part of Yesterdays Technological Revelations - here are the Latest Tacheon Generators being produced - one in Russia, one in Australia - although the Australian Bunch has been shut down.

Kind of goes along with the Water Powered P-51 Aircraft in 1941- right?

The two videos:


I have been down for about a week.

First I cut myself with a rusty knife from the shop, then I ripped off part of  my tow playing with the cats outside.

So - I ate too much Immusist and Citricare together - max we are learning is 30 drops of each per day.

Then I rediscovered Get The Tea’s Allicin C.

Fevers are gone.

Last night I woke up with a horrible dry throat so after trying other brands I finally ate 3 Get The Tea’s Ceylon Cinnamon tablets. Within one hour my Dry Mouth was gone.

Every time I turn around I am amazed at Ronnie’s Get The Tea Products.

I now know to sue the Citricare and Immusist sparingly as they are very powerful

I now know how very powerful Get The Tea’s Cinnamon and Allicin C is.

Just access them through this video and say “Mount” sent you.

Please pray that your family learns from this video to be ready.

Please also pray that Sean Spicer has the Moxy to continue in his roll as White House Press Secretary.


The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

Three Leakers Of Classified White House Information Said To Be Identified, Expected To Be Fired | Zero Hedge

(207) Russians Create Free Energy Device! It's REAL! - YouTube

(207) Lutec Australia Proof Of Concept - YouTube

Sean Spicer - Wikipedia

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trump Rips EU Leaders New Rear End

The Trump Song

Trump Defends America Across Europe

Welcome to the smartest, most active --- and the coolest audience on the planet …. You make the difference


That is correct.

In several meetings across Europe President Trump has torn these European Leaders a New Rear End.

First - He wants them to pay up what they owe NATO to defend their nations. This amounts to 2% per year of the enter EU budget.

Second - The EU will not charge America with a Tax to subsidize their military under the GLOBAL WARMING Initiative - and the latest Paris Agreement - a Non - Binding agreement we might add.

Finally - In what has angered German Prime Minister Angela Merkel (Hitler’s Daughter) and the New Child of France Macron (Election Thief Himself) -- after 72 years President Trump is eliminating the Marshal Plan. Trillions of American Dollars will no longer flow into European Banks to help hold them up.

This means that $Trillions of American Dollars will no longer subsidize German Car Manufacturers to sell their cars in America.

This also means that $Billions of America Dollars will no longer be used to transfer Tens of Thousands of Western European Businesses to move form Western Europe into  Eastern Europe.

The Day of American Subsidies is Over.

Europe will pay up for what they owe NATO or their imports will be given a Tariff. They will pay what they owe, one way or the other.

We beat these NAZIs in 1945 on the ground, and we will now take them on and crush them financially by December.

Apparently the Leaders of Eastern Europe still remember the Communist and NAZI heavy hand.

Poland’s Prime Minister gave a blistering speech slamming the UE for being soft on Terror.

Let us hope the other Eastern European Leaders never forget what the NAZI’s and Communists did to their people.

In other news - there was apparently a shooting in Egypt killing 25 people.

The initial films were pulled - but in them there were no busses, no roads, the Body Bags used were those used in America not Egypt, and every one was hit in the head form someone firing a Machine Gun?


Within minutes the initial films were pulled.

Very sloppy work SERCO - sent through the Entrust Company.

Finally - In a story that has been banned form Western Media Apparently the Indian Nuclear Power Plant has been leaking radiation into the river for the last 5 months.

Apparently their pipes used to carry Coolants to the Reactor Core are - well - made of a very  high tech material - and - it is -  disintegrating.

Apparently the Reactor has been “Shut Down” way back in March - but that actually takes 4-6 months so until then it will continue to leak a High Stream of radiation isn’t to the Tapi River.


We got the creepy crud - fevers and chills. First time in 10 years.

So - we reached for the  Citricare and Immusist.

We are eating

1) 50 drops of Citricare twice a day for 3 days

2) 50 drops of Immusisit per day for 3 days

Within a Day the chills were gone

Within 2 days the fevers were gone.

Now we are waiting for the slowness to go away.

Both Immusist and Citricare can be found on Ebay

I am still reeling from the fact that after using Uncle Harrys Tooth Powder I had no cavities - and yes - you can get this on Ebay as well.

Please pray that those who called me and threatened to take President Trump and myself out are changed. He made allot of threats in that call.

Please also pray that your family is not caught up in what is coming.

For You Intel Geeks: Within 10 days another member of your ruling Council will be Replaced, then exactly 5 days later one more, then 16 days later one more. This will mean that on your Ruling Council you will have 7 Doubles.

DNA that is indistinguishable.

CIA - you did not do as GOD asked -- so you will loose Nominal Control of this Ruling Council as they will obey their NEW Handlers.

You, in the CIA, will take no action to stop this because you are - well - Arrogantly Ignorant - Simpletons at the top.

Powerful, but stupid.

You are not mentally capable of fixing the problem because you believe GOD is a myth.

After the next 31 days - and the first may even die as early as tomorrow (Replaced, Sorry) and you will become SLAVES of this council, not rulers.

You are too stupid to stop this - something about a few 211s, 5444Es, Russian Bonds ---


31 Days Max…..

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

Merkel Furious With Trump After "Unprecedented" G-7 Failure To Reach Consensus On Climate Change | Zero Hedge

Trump chastises fellow NATO members, demands they meet payment obligations - The Washington Post

Trump scolds NATO allies over defense spending -

Trump Slams "Very Bad" Germans For Selling Millions Of Cars In US: "We Will Stop This" | Zero Hedge

Poland's Prime Minister Delivers Blistering Speech Slamming the EU for Being Soft on Terror ⋆ The Constitution

BREAKING: Gunmen Open Fire On Coptic Christians In Latest Egypt Attack, At Least 23 Dead & 25 Injured – InvestmentWatch


Egypt retaliates with strikes at militant locations in Libya - Al Arabiya English


Scientists probe mysterious leaks as Gujarat’s nuclear plant contracts ‘small pox’ | india-news | Hindustan Times

In a highly-guarded Indian nuclear reactor complex, toughened radiation resistant pipes have contracted ‘small pox’.