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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Crackdown On Sanctuary Cities Begins


.Trump's Crackdown On Sanctuary Cities Begins - YouTube

The Trump Administration has begun cracking down on cities that are illegally protecting, and funding, illegal aliens.

It is one thing to help families with food and rent like we do here on our channel - it is another thing to openly violate law after law and invite Illegal Aliens into your counties and cities and bankrupt the very municipalities you have sworn to protect.

A few days ago the New US Attorney’s General Jeff Sessions announced that any grants from the Department of Justice will be granted if these Cities and Counties are in compliance with ALL Federal Regulations - Including Immigration Policies.

‘This Guidance requires jurisdictions to comply and certify compliance with Section 1373 in order to be eligible for OJP grants.”

Now - you know lawyers as well as we do - 99% of them are selfish little rats loyal to the Queen of England and Operate Illegal Courts all across America.

Operative Word - Greedy

Just keep in mind they are greedy above all else and they are not going to loose their income over a few Illegal Aliens.

It’s all about the money

Follow The Money

So what this really means is that either these Greedy Little Lawyers  comply and hand over all those Illegal’s collecting Welfare and are in their Prisons or they are out of a job.

The Trump Administration has targeted 3 Maryland Cities as a test since they have already said they will not comply.

No money, no prisons and no attorneys.

So what do you think these Attorneys who run these departments are going to do???

They will comply.

 Then this will be done nationwide.

Those that lie about compliance with Sections 1373 will be arrested. - quietly and one at a time - but they will be arrested.

Courts and Judges that do not prosecute will loose their funding and they will be out of a job.

Judges who previously took bribes to promote MOB JUSTICE - once they are no longer Judges will be silenced - Dead Men Tell No Tales.

I grew up in politics - money talks - BS walks. About 99% of the judges will sell their souls for money.

They will all comply or go away permanently.

President Trump has made them all an offer the no canna refuse.

A Private Note to VP Pence: If you continue to come against President Trump in any way you will be replaced by a double within 6 months. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

Any questions Mr. Vice President???

In other news:

1) Nuclear Explosion in Ammo Dump in Ukraine???

Watch the video - probably not because ammo continued to fly out of the dump after the “Nuke” went off and the winds are not right.

However - we love your reports Benjamin Fulford and we all appreciate the efforts YOU and your associates are putting into preserving Planet Earth.

2) The body of Vince Foster was exhumed and they found 2 Bullet Holes in the back of his head - yea - Suicide???

So how do you try the Big H when the Original one is dead???

3) In a recycled story from 10 years ago - Homeland Security announced that Laptops may carry bombs.

When I traveled to the Ukraine the second time way back in early 2007 the Airport Security demanded to X-ray my computer and I requested they respect the fact that I have Treaties on them - they did not care.

Well - The Department of Homeland Security has just once again that laptops may contain explosives. The just announced that you cannot take your laptops onto planes any more.

So here we go again - more restrictions for flying into and out of the United States due to absolute stupidity on the parts of the idiots who run these “Departments.”

Department - Dictionary Definition 1945: An Agency Of A Fascist Government.

Zeig Heil

Please keep in mind that the First US Plane Hijacking came the day after the US outlawed carrying guns of planes.


4) In a bizarre story - Chemicals began bubbling out of a Storm Drain near Greenville South Carolina. The fire department blocked the roadway.

5) Finally - WI-FI test was conducted using Male RATS. They were exposed to 2.4GHZ for 30 days - what we are now experience with our 4G and 5G WI-FI systems.

These WI-FI electromagnetic Waves impaired their Unimodal and Cross-Modal encoding of information.

They got stupid - it fried their brains.

Unplug your WI-FI device at night and turn your cell phones off.


We used our Tiger Stream and watched the old Movie HERBIE and the new movie “PASSENGERS“” for free a few nights ago.

If you call them use the code ”Mount” and you save $75 on the device.

Tonight we plan to watch another movie - perhaps an old classic or the new film THE BOSS  from our home for free.

Free is good.

To the smartest, the most active and one of the largest audiences in the world - thank you for coming.

Greg Hunter and Jim Willie - we love you guys - keep up the good work.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

'Sanctuary' Crackdown Begins: Homeland Identifies 3 Maryland Counties Harboring Illegal Immigrants | Zero Hedge

AG Sessions Makes Surprise Sanctuary City Announcement; Vows To Withhold Funding | Zero Hedge

Benjamin Fulford: March 27, 2017 - YouTube

EXCLUSIVE: Nuclear Explosion in Ukraine | Veterans Today

Conventional - i think - but with no radiation detectors who really knows - but the b;last pattern does not appear to be nuclear.

Note how quickly the cloud disperses and the munitions continuing to explode after the "Nuclear Detonation."

BREAKING: Autopsy Results From Vince Foster’s Exhumed Body–Cause Of Death To Be Changed – News Feed Hunter

INTEL: ISIS Grabbed Airport Scanning Gear - Can now hide bombs on aircraft!

Hazmat working to ID substance after chemical spill near Upstate - FOX Carolina 21

The effect of Wi-Fi electromagnetic waves in unimodal and multimodal object recognition tasks in male rats. - PubMed - NCBI




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