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Monday, April 3, 2017

St Petersburg Train Bomb - Disrupts FRUCT Conference


FRUCT Conference Draws Train Attack, St Petersburg - YouTube

While America is worried about Nuclear Option here and Nuclear Option there  and Who Tapped Into President Trump’s phone line there are huge changes occurring in the financial world.

First - China now has now joined forces with Russia to completely bypass the US Dollar for trade as they phase in the New Gold Standard - which will immediately include China, Russia and Bellarus.

A few days ago the Central Bank of Russia just opened an office in Beijing, China to begin trade. The initial Set-Up was planned way back in 1959 so this change in the economy is well planned, well staffed, and well funded. There is another Office not discussed in St Petersburg Russia.

Russian Oil is now being shipped to China in exchange gold. The real hold back is the Low price of Gold at the current moment.

Top Gold Producers in the world include the US, Japan, China and Russia. This, however, may be changing rapidly as new regulations forced by the last US President has really put a crimp on the mining of Gold and Silver in the US.

“The FRUCT Conference” will take place from 3-7 April In Saint Petersburg, Russia. This conference will cover areas like Open Source Cross-Platform Development. Mobile Linux, Internet Of Things, Smart Systems, Context Analysis and Data Mining.”

Basically - the FRUCT Conference in St Petersburg today is a Huge meeting where representatives of China, Russia India and Denmark, Finland and a dozen other nations meet with executives from companies like Dell, Nokia, Microsoft, Linux, etc and deal with the “Financial Platforms” that are allowing this New Gold Backed Currency to emerge world wide and how to stop Hackers from the US CIA and UK MI5 from shutting down these platforms.

So this morning somebody placed a Bomb in a train where people from across the Globe were meeting to discuss how to enhance this New Gold Backed Currency.

President Putin #2 is expected to make an appearance at the conference.

Did we not warn you President Putin of an attempt on your life a few days ago?

The blast killed 20 and wounded 50 others. The actual bomb was contained in a Brief Case. A second explosive device was found and disabled. You will find two more and there will be an attempt to bomb the conference on Wednesday at, I believe, lunch time.

The entire Subway System in Saint Petersburg is shut down and will remain so until each and every car and subway terminal is completely searched.

The US Media will blame this attack on a Muslim wearing Black Clothes and call it an ISIS Attack - watch and see.

One day this ‘Muslim”  has a beard and black robe in St Petersburg, the next day the same man is in Arizona claiming to be an Armed “Communist.”  When you find these 4 terrorist MEN  - and you will - extract the information and dispose of them and their bosses.

Your Intel Geeks found the Nuke outside of  Sophia on the way to Central Romania last week set to go off around the 16th this month - and you will find the four terrorists.

Look at the videos closely - I believe you will find the initial Terrorist has Shoe Laces - and follow him back to the American Consulate. First his Hotel, then to the Consulate in St Petersburg to collect some cold, hard cash.

So what happens to the financial markets when we start the process of growing gold in a few weeks and publish the results???
In other news:

1) “FU EU” Susan Rice has been pegged as the person in the White House who released the information collected by the CIA and NSA to the last President - who then gave it to the Democratic Presidential Candidate - the Big H.

It was not a team of 100 CIA agents that listened to everything and analyzed it from a dozen people - it was one Super Woman - capable of listening to 1 dozen calls and reading a dozen emails all at the same time.

No doubt this Sick Satanic NAZi should to jail forever for her crimes against Humanity - but for Bloomberg to claim it was all done by one person - absolutely irresponsible to the Max.

2) President Trump has asked China to deal with North Korea or he will.

After the Big H sold North Korea 152 Nukes it has put a real crimp in how world deals with this nation.

3) Chicago Mayor Ron Emanuel  has defied the current president and stated his city of Chicago will set funds aside for the Illegal Alien.

So in a city with around 4,200 shootings a year where over 760 people die of gun shots the Little Gay Boy - rather than dealing with this and creating a better living standards for these Americans - like rebuilding Chicago’s Infrastructure and putting Americans back to work - This little Gay Boy Emanuel  is setting aside huge amounts of money for the Illegal Aliens.

So if you live in Chicago please realize your mayor hates you if you were born there.

4) The Fake News is putting up a fuss over the appointment of a Supreme Court Judge - calling the Senate Option to appoint him the “Nuclear Option.”

5) As for General Flynn - remember him - he has been appointed to lead a team in the Intel Agencies to Follow the Money to of the Paid Protesters and then to ensure those responsible are “Dealt With” ever so harshly.

6) As a final note - the last President’s Pre-Made family is gone.

His two kids have been returned to their families since they no longer serve any purpose.

His Male Partner - Mike Ramsey - “Michelle - has left his Gay “Hubby.”

For You Intel Geeks:

I was attacked by the Intel Community yesterday. A man singled me out and began discussing all sorts of things with me at a busy Grocery Store. After I ended the conversation I was wired for about 30 minutes and then slept for over 4 hours. They are using some type of a frequency weapon to shut me down.

I also received one text and Six phone calls from those who obviously work for the Intel Community.

Somebody in this country is trying awful hard to neutralize me and therefore wished both President Trump & Putin Dead and Nuclear War.

You folks in the Intelligence community trying to kill these presidents and start a Nuclear War are the lowest Bottom Feeders on the plant. You eat Excrement … and you need to be treated like Human Waste and disposed of at the earliest Opportunity.

The Bombs on the St Petersburg Train is a cover for an Open Hit on President Putin - something I missed due to these attack.

So please understand this - if you want President Putin and Trump Dead and a Nuclear War - do not move me and allow these attacks to continue.

From this day forward I do not speak to strangers or CIA Agents and my wife will not discuss politics on the phone and you ca no longer reach me through her phone.


You have all been cut off due to your open attack on me yesterday.

Do not kill my Presidents and do not blow this planet apart.

Go ahead - try and take out that bridge in Denver, or Boston, try another 9/11 or Sandy Hook, or Boston Marathon  - we will all know who is really behind it FBI/CIA won’t we???


Try to build gardens this year and if you wish more fruit trees try taking cuttings from them and growing them indoors ands the Chemtrails will kill your cuttings.

Today we will buy more 8th Element from Get The Tea to continue our Anti-Aging experiment and we are increasing our amount to speed the process up.

Thanks to the Tooth Powder from Uncle Harry’s and Immusist the infections in my mouth are gone

And - I am rubbing the Breathing Oil from Uncle Harry’s on my feet at night to eliminate Asthma - so far, so good.

Finally- be careful with the Vitamin B Complex from Get The Tea - it is really powerful and will give you Natural Energy all day so your Coffee Consumption will go way down.

Please pray that those attacking people across the globe are themselves caught up in their own plots and flattened immediately.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Moscow And Beijing Join Forces To Bypass US Dollar In Global Markets, Shift To Gold Trade | Zero Hedge

20th FRUCT Conference: Call for Participation | Open Innovations Framework Program FRUCT

  • Location Based Services, Navigation, Logistics management, e-Tourism solutions
  • Mobile Healthcare, Wellbeing, Automated diagnostics, Fitness, e-Health solutions
  • Future services: Proactivity, IoT, Smart Spaces, Context Analysis, Big Data and data mining
  • Energy efficient design of sensors, integration of peripherals
  • Cross-platform software, innovative mobile services, new approaches to application design, innovative UX
  • Smart Systems, Inter-device connectivity, embedded networks
  • Mobile device security, management of personal and business privacy
  • Modern network architectures, Emerging wireless technologies, Air interfaces and protocols
  • Mobile multimedia and video services and solutions

St. Petersburg subway blast: At least 10 killed, security camera could hold clues | Fox News




 """"Sky News reported. Putin said investigators were looking into all possible causes. An unexploded device turned up at a different subway station rigged with shrapnel and up to 2.2 pounds of explosives, the Interfax news agency reported.""""




Confirmed: Susan Rice "Unmasked" Trump Team | Zero Hedge



Trump says US will act alone on North Korea if China fails to help | US news | The Guardian

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Defies President Donald Trump And US Immigration And Customs Enforcement In A Big Way. – InvestmentWatch


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