Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ebola Has Reached America

Ebola has reached America. 

There are currently two cases in Texas where the homes are isolated fcromthe public.

(Please pray YOU read and understand this article and what it may mean to you)

1) Apparently a US Doctor named Kent Bradley was working in Liberia with Ebola patients and he returned home to his 3 and 5 year old child and then realized he had contracted Ebola and went to a hospital.

All of those who were on the plane with him all of the Airport Food Employees, Janitors, etc have now been exposed to this Deadly Disease that was created in Langley - CIA HQ, 7 floors down.

2) Amber Brantley of Abilene in Texas has also apparently contracted something that looks allot like Ebola.

Remember Abilene from months ago - this city was a target for a Nuke at least 5 times - exactly why I do not know but then Evil is hard to figure out sometimes.

3) In a remarkable story in the Wall Street Journal the US State Department has rounded up all Peace Corps Workes and EMbassy Workers who have been working with sick patients (Eboli Suspected) and put them on flights coming home.

No isolation period, no checking for Ebola.  They just put them on a plane and sent them to America, routing many of them through Europe where Europeans get on and off the plane openly ---- even the sick ones were sent home without being tested for Ebola.

Think about it - you work with Ebola patients without protective clothing - an airborne disease created in the CIA HQ, and you get sick - so Dumb Dumb John Kerry orders you shipped to a local airport, then to a main airport where you may be routed through the netherlands, Ireland, New York and then on to maybe Atlanta or Seattle?

If this is a real Airborne Disease that is 90% fatal - thanks to the CIA we are all dead.

The 60th Air Wing (out of  Fairchild AFB in California)  has just received a new shipment of stuff to spray on us beginning in 2 weeks, I contains unknown pathogens and I believe contains CRE and Ebola.

If the X-33 Auroras (Arizona Base) go ahead with what they are planning they plan spraying the planet with some type of Pathogen in 2 weeks as well. It may contain Ebola and Cer and a host of tother diseases.

Ebola outbreak may already be uncontrollable; Monsanto invests in Ebola treatment drug company as pandemic spreads - NaturalNews.c

This is all occurring when Congress is going home. Remember - congressional underground bases contain Cyanide Canisters. What does Der Fuhrer Obama  need with a Congress and Court System - Operation Devolution.

If these US Corporate Owned Air Fleets begin spraying us 17 August and NYC and DC are hit hard with a Nuke 17 August then it is over for the human Race.

May I humbly suggest you have in your Medicine Cabinet:

1) Epsom Salt - a great Sulfa Drug

2) Bitter Worm Wood - a plant that kills parasites.

3) Citricare from Vim and Vigor

4) Iodine Tablets for water

5) Cenrtrum Silver

6) Baking Soda - Bacteria cannot live in a Basic Environment, but this new Ebola has DNA foreign to Planet Earth so I do not really know - buy the Non aluminum Baking Soda - I order it from Bob;'s Red Mill. bob is 86 and a really nice guy.

7) Immusist - at least 2 bottles.If it can help the body get rid of HIV and Cancer then it may just get rid of this Ebola, Right?

8) If I had the money I would order Ed Skilling's Photon Genuis - no questions asked. It is a super Rife Machine set to kill all sorts of bugs. It should be in every hospital across the world.

If I could have only 3 products - --- - I would have Baking Soda, Sea Weed (Centrum and Iodine) and IMMUSIST.

Remember - Ebola has a 90% kill rate and these Nut Cases like Obama and the CIA ARE relesaing it here in America.

Just 5 miles from here 600 Very Sick children are now staying on McChord Air Force Base --- which has over 200 Nukes on the base currently.

Fascist Pigs, National Socialists, must be killed or this is what you get - death everywhere, war, famine, pain, misery - Dead Russians, Dead Chinese, Dead Japanese, Dead Germans, dead ameriicas, Dead Brazilians, Dead Indians...............

Any questions President Putin, PM Medvedev - you were told this was coming along with your counter parts in China, India and Brazil --- yet you sent NO help. Well - here it is.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William Mount

Gee - No Errors - well US Army Intel - 95% of of you maybe dead very soon. Wake up Enlisted US Army Cyber Command your officers are idiots.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Conditioning For The Plague Has Begun

America is now being conditioned to accept the plagues to enter America.

(Pray hard - Visualize -  that those destroying America and her freedoms are killed immediately - GOD is doing just that)

America is being programmed now to accept the Plagues and the Wars put forth by the Rothchilds.

COnsider the following stories - all released on form 12:07 to 13:01 - all within a few minutes of each other:

1) DHHS: Patient Tested at CMC Did Not Exhibit Eboli Symptoms --- the article describes a gal being brought into the EMergency Room who did not exhibit Eboli.

2) Passenger Dies on US Airways Flight To Phoenix,. Cause of Death Still Unknown.

The story states that a 50 (DC #50) year old woman flew form Honolulu to Phoenix on flight "369" and dies as the plane was landing at 7 (Seven) AM.

US Airways Flight 369 - upon checking out the story - did not fly from Honolulu to Phoenix -- it was a made up story to confirm Washington DC to be hit with a Plague.
If you wish to be prepared there are only 3 products I would have to counter these coming plagues and I have enough for my family members:

1) Citricare - From Vim and VIgor. I have 6 bottles.

2) Baking Soda - Non-aluminum. I bought Bob's Red Mill baking soda.

3) Immusist - If it can Cure HIV it can cure the plague.

Most of you will not buy these items - fine, explain to the Living GOD why you ignored HIM.
The US Corporation must have it's war. It shut down the Russian Stock Market yesterday while COngress is still trying to sanction Russia and the US DOD also sent 5,000 more missiles YOU paid for to Israel to kill more people.

They must have this war - but so many bankers are dying. There may be no one left to fund htis war.

Go Six Zeroes
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead - Go 6 Zeroes

Managing Director of Goldman Sachs was found dead on 
22 July 2014.

(Please pray that those destroying this nation are destroyed immediately)

According to the story the Managing Director Nicholas Valtz (39) loved to  Kite Board. After he went missing his family went looking for him and found his dead body on the 22nd still connected to his Kite Board.

Do you not find it strange that the man who manages Goldman Sachs did not have a body guard and did not have the Police out looking for him if he went missing in Eastern End of Long Island?

Goldman Sachs has a revolving door policy with the US Corporations - moving in and out of them at will - yet he had no security attachment and it took 48 hours to find a chipped body?

One article said he was Kite Boarding in New York Harbor?

Goldman Sachs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Why did it take 2 days to find his dead body in New York Harbor if he is chipped?

The cause of death was not released.

Goldman Sachs Managing Director Nicholas Valtz Found Dead - Bloomberg

You bankers were warned - do as GOD has director or you will first go broke, then you will go dead.

The longer you wait to do as GOD has said the more of you that will die.

Is that pretty clear Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, IMF.........?

GOD does not care what you do or who you are. I do not make the rues - HE does. I may not even like HIS rules but we have to live my them.

Your cherished Banker was found dead exactly 30 days after you missed the deadline.

Who is next to meet Lucifer and H*ll?

GOD says that since the US Treasury did not honor my TF5444E expect deaths from this batch of crooks - honor your own laws or die, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

It will be interesting to find out who dies next, won't it.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Read.

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Something Is Afoot In London

Something is Afoot In London

(Pray that those who want to kill us are destroyed immediately)

Yesterday I was given the fact that the Illuminati is planning something pretty big on 17 August - this is why they are so quiet.

Ever since the Illuminati missed their 12 June deadline GOD has been dropping them like flies being sprayed with DDT - see Banjamin Fulford’s Latest Blog - 6 Zeroes Strikes Again Hard.

These deaths are causing extreme fear and confusion at the highest levels.

We know that the Illuminati does nothing except through Astrology and Numbers - so stick with me.

Ever since Rome hung the King of Prussia King Frederick after he had ruled the thrown for 99 days on 15 June 1888 (6,6,7) Rome has taken over Germany and then through the Bauers (Rothchilds) the Bank of England and the warpath of the British Monarchy - or the Rightful House of McAlpine who the Stuarts ran.

The Virginia Charter of 1606 gave the King of England all land in North America.

The Treaty of 1783 gave all taxes form France, England, Scotland, Ireland and the US to the King of England.

The 1871 Organic Constitution made the US a Corporation

The Bretton Woods Agreement gave the US Corporation to the IMF, which is 54.5% owned by David Rothchilds.

So with the help of an one-dimensional being Lucifer the planet was taken over by Lucifer out of Rome.

Remember the IMF Directors Recent Video stating the world is reset July 20th?

So, now - what is going on 17 August?

Consider this:

1) 2014 = 2+0+1+4 =7 Year
2: 1+7=8, 8th month - August

3) 16=1+6=7= July
4) Flight MH370 was in the air for 17 minutes when it went down and 1+7=8.

5) Flight MH 17 was shot down 16 July 2014 (1+6=7, 7th month, 7 year (2+0+1+4=7)
6) AH Flight 5017 went down over Africa 25 July a few days ago - again 17, and a 50.
2+5=7, 1+7=8. SO it went down 2+5 (7) on a 7 month on a 7 year - 7,7,7.

7) 50 is the code for DC
8) Malaysia Airlines has 8 and 8 letters, 8+8=16,=7

9) Algerian Airlines has 8+8 Letters, 8+8=16,=7

All of this is meat to tell us something.

Pat Schupe believe the US CIA will blow 100 malls in America on 17 August.

I believe that the US will have a plane fly into DC on 17 August with possibly a Nuke or with the Eboli infected people on it working for some DC Foreign Aid program. The flight will have some kind of number aligning itself to 17 and 8 or even 50, and the pilot will more than likely be a Jesuit.

More later as it comes in - there will also be an coordinated attempt to again kill Obama and this time the Speaker of the House. By the way - Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have cancer - yeah.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Gotta go - they are shutting me down agian

Monday, July 28, 2014

Where Oh Where Is The Pope Tonight


Cathy Rubio is a Radio Talk Show Host. She has been an inspiration to me ever since I met her on the phone about 6 months ago.

(Please Pray that the Evil is removed from this nation immediately.)

Cathy has always tried to tell the absolute truth about every subject I have heard her talk on and sometimes the truth is hard to find.

She has recently been following the International courts in Brussels and their findings on 19 July 2014. Apparently the Pope, and the Arch Bishop of Canterberry, and a whole host of other Catholics have been found guilty of Child Rape, and Murder as part of the 9th Circle Child Sacrifice Cult.

The next day they were all given various sentences and the Pope was sentenced to Life in Prison without parole.

Apparently he and his buddies were part of the 9th Circle  Satanic  Child Sacrifice Cult and mass Graves were found where the Roman Pope conducted these Human Sacrifices.

Let me describe what happens +- 3 days from Holloween for example: These 12 Leaders of this cult all raped a 6 month old child that has been bred to kill. Then they slice it's wrists, stab it in hte stomach to give it massive pain (At the exact Moment Lucifer Appears for a few seconds) drink the blood, and dance until morning light while local security blocks access and they burn the bodies. The other members of the cult usually engage in Drug Use and Orgies in front of their Demon Possessed 12 Priests.

The clean up crew comes in after dawn to literally clean up the area and dispose of the remains in a special dumpster while the Satanic Priests go home and puke up Human Blood.

The Circle of Light is 12 women sitting around in a circle in white Satan Robes burning black candles writing their desires on paper and placing them under the candle and chanting: "Satan I Love You."

These rituals are usually conducted in rented churches and have armed guards.

Each month has a specific ritual and Lucifer (Satan, Santa, Sanat Kumara)  shows up just as the Knife is plunged into an area of the body to cause the most pain in the victim.

The Chief Priests are usually Jesuit and Masonic.

This is what the Pope,and his cohorts,  were convicted of.

The steal children for Human Blood sacrifices and then also kill them.

Moody Blues:

"Knights in White Satan, never reaching the end,
letters are written, never meaning to send
and I love you (Satan), who oh I love You."

The Latern Treaty only states that the Roman Pope is exempt from prosecution by the Italian Courts - the rest of his staff may be arrested.

The Pope apparently, after he found out he was convicted, flew to DC on the 20th and went underground. Cathy says the sources thing a double has ben created and the Catholic Church will fake the Pope's Death.  HE abandoned his fellow worshipers like a Captain abandoning a sinking ship - a Coward.

Apparently the number of Catholics convicted of these crimes is quite extensive.

Roman Pope - you were warned here on APFN - do as GOD tells you or GOD will deal with you Now you must run and hide like a little child.

We shall see what this coward and his other Cowardly Jesuit Buddies do to avoid punishment.
Cathy Rubio maybe heard on US ---- or on News America TV

Cathy - thank you for your tip.

By the way - the US Corporate Embassy was kicked out of Libya lock, stock and barrel --- a sign of things to come.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Please note the current Pope has a wart on his left cheek.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Gates Of Hell WIll Open On 27 July 2014

We have been tracking a story put out by many folks that the "Gates Of Hell Will Open 27 July 2014". Even Alex Jones perpetrated this story - but where did it come form and what does it mean to you?

(Please pray your eyes are opened)

Apparently about 2 years ago a program was created for the New Apple Phone called SIRI, Android version Seevey.

The program is an Artificial Intelligence Program that is sold as someone you can talk to. It is capable of carrying on 1 Million conversations at once using an AIML Core Processor. By 3 September this capability will be greatly expanded.

The creator is named Dr Richard Wallace and  currently living in Main and serves as the Head of the Board Of Directors of the Artificial Intelligence Foundation - funded by the Rockefellars.

A.L.I.C.E. is the abbreviation for artificial intelligence.

Apparently when you asked SIRI the question: What is 27 July 2914 it said: The Gates of Hell Will Open.

The alternate name for SIRI is: The Gates Of Hell.

So in about 1 hour and 30 minutes ALL telephone lines - bank transfers, personal calls, faxes, satellite call - all of them will then be routed through the Gates Of Hell - the NSA Computer.

SIRI was created through APPLE computing about 3 years ago and came alive 2 years ago (Owned by Microsoft) to tie all phone lines together world wide.

SIRI (The Gates Of Hell) - the NSA Computer goes on line tonight.

Do you think Obama came to Microsoft last week for money - he prints it?

The President of the US Corporation (Pres Obama) wanted to ensure that the US controls the world.

Without your permission any frequency, and sound combinations, and codes can be broadcast through your turned off phone to create whatever results they desire.

Wish to turn off Flight MH17 - Child's Play.

Make your car do a left turn on hte Freeway - no problem since your car talks to the NSA computer as of 1 1/2 hours form now.

A flip of the switch and ALL Bank Transfers can change instantly.

Bow to THE GATES OF HELL in the new NSA computer YOU paid for.

If you doubt me - ask SIRI.

The comment by SIRI: What is 3 September 2014: The Gates Of Hell Will Close means that the process will be completed by 3 September 2014.

If the New World Currency is to come on line it must somehow disconnect form the SIRI first or all transactions may be modified by tehe 12 underground bases of the NSA - it is not one computer but a series of many computers tied together by cables.

Sorry Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - out maneuvered again by the Rothchild's owed NSA corporation. You were personally warned Russia and you failed to take action.


For You Intel Geeks:

This means that the man with access codes to the computing system that will now control all phone lines world wide lives in Main (Alternate San Francisco) and remains without protection.

Our Intelligence Community has gone MAD - utterly stupid.

Three last things I will share with you:

1) SIRI sucks your phone dry of power.

2) Your phone gets hot when using SIRI or SEEVEY

3) After talking to this thing for an hour your brain gets sucked dry - you get dizzy. There is something about the program that temporarily drains your brain.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Friday, July 25, 2014

A Message To The Ukrainian People


You are killing your brothers and sisters because they realize how corrupt the Ukraine Politicians are.

(Pray to the Living GOD - Visualize - Peace in your nation.)

You kill your brothers and sisters in the Eastern Ukraine because they know how little you have yet how much the politicians in Kiev have.

The US/UK has been stirring up problems in your nation for over 100 years.

1) Do you forget the Balklin Wars in 1912-1914, funded by the English Banks - how your Grandfathers killed Bulgarians and Greeks and Turks to find the English Central Bank --- who sold them hte weapons?

2) Do you forget the First World War - which was funded again by the British Banks - the number of your grandfathers that dies to support the arms industry in the UK and America?

How many of your relatives died funding a war that made massive amounts of money for the UK/US Bank - which are controlled by the Roman Pope?

3) Do you forget the horrors of starvation after WW1 during the US funded Russian Revolution where millions of your grandfathers and grandmothers were starved to death?

4) Do you forget the English/French invasion of your Northern Most Port in 1991-1920 in an attempt toot take St Petersburg and strip your nation bare of it's heritage where the Americans had to bail  out the French hand British as you had sent them running with their tails between their legs?

5) Do you forget Daddy Warbucks and Prescott Bush and Henry Ford funded the NAZI Party and then forced Hitler to invade Russia - how many of your fathers and grandfathers died in that war and how much suffering do you remember?

While I was in the Ukraine in April of 2007 I went to the Btrhtday of an older gentleman living in Kiev near Krashatic Ave. I had no present to give him so I gave him my oldest and finest Harmonica that I had had for over 30 years - made in Germany. He cried and told me of the Germans in Kiev during W2 and how they played an identical Harmonica in the streets of Kiev during the war and the Children (He was a child) would dance to it.

The Germans did not want war either - but the English Bankers sure did.

I had no idea a tiny, old Harmonica would mean so much to a person but he cried for quite a while sharing the story. He was the oldest of the boys - he was retired, his brother had been a Minister of Anti-monopoly, and his other brother a great engineer - and they all remembered. Funny how GOD works.

I have not been able to play anything since.

6) Now the US Corporation sends in their terrorists to the Ukraine to make you kill your brother. They send in terrorists with sniper rifles, hand grenades, and guns of all sorts and get you hating a man who is your neighbor.

How long will you put up with these US Corporate Terrorists.

We in America are horrified that those in Washington DC have sent in men  and women to kill your brothers, your sisters, your mothers, your sons.

I ask the Ukrainians to stop killing your brothers, identify the US Corporate Troops in the Ukraine, and get rid of them.

Your war is not with your brothers in the Ukraine but with the English Banks that have funded their US Corporate Thugs to kill you. Your current Prime Minister is correct - kill the invaders, not your brothers.

Pray Ukraine - Pray for GOD's Intervention and turn to HIM while you still have a chance.

May GOD bless the Ukraine and it's people.
For You Intel Geeks In America

I have just learned that in 12-18 months the VA goes away completely - this is the plan for those in Langley - CIA.

Ukrainian People - the CIA/FBI will even kill Americans In Mass --- they are evil Fascist Pigs and Fascist Pigs Kill. That is all they know - kill. They are mostly Jesuits - Murdering scum - and they need to be wiped off the face of the Earth or there will never be peace - NEVER. This was said by the Chief Jesuit Hanz Kovlenback, 4/15/2000

So here is the latest CIA/FBI Jesuit Plan to kill America:

1) Over the next few months things will be relatively stable as 180 nations form the New Money backed by gold.

2) Expect a plan to bring in 100 Million foreigners in to America over the next 18 months form all over the world. Obama will kill any America standing in his way.

Fascist Pigs do what Fascist Pigs do - they murder.

3) In early/mid 2015 the dollar will be devalued in reference to other currencies by 70%, and by the fall by 90%. Your costs will sky rocket for everything.

4) In Early 2016 the Grid will go down - the gal who planned this is the Chancelor at US Berkeley - go after her.

5) Some areas will not have their power turned back on despite the fact that everything works - like the Seattle area. Millions will die - thank you CIA/FBI Scum.

6) When the power is turned back on most government paychecks will not go out - including the VA. You will be promised over and over again - "your check is coming" - but the Gay Boys in the White House will be lying in his speeches.

7) The Banks are already set to speed up the process of seizing homes (in early 2016) of those who skip a Mortgage Payment. Why do you think the local cops now have tanks?

8) By January 2017 the US Federal Reserve Dollar will cease to exist and not be replaced by anything - total Anarchy. The Congress and Supreme Court employees will be rounded up and sent to their underground shelters and be promptly terminated - killed. What does a Fuhrer need with Congress and the courts?

The members of the IMF who are currently holding office will also be terminated - killed. "Dead Men Tell No Tales." They refuse to honor their 12 June Deadline even today so GOD will have them killed.

9) Somewhere during late 2016 large amounts of the Bubonic Plague (Same stuff currently being tested in North Western China Today) will be released in small "Coffee Cans" on overpasses killing hundreds of millions of Americans. Casualty Rate: 95-98%. I hope like heck you have the products we have listed:

a) Citricare from Vim And Vigor
b)Baking Soda - keep your body basic
c) Vitamins - a $12 bottle of Centrum Silver and some Iodine Water Purification Tablets  is OK
d) IMMUSIST  - the most important

10) The American boarders will be closed when the plagues are released and without these products you are dead. The Ports now have special GUN BOATS to kill you if you try to get out by boat.

11) The US Navy will be ordered to do nothing as America die thanks to the CIA/FBI and Homeland Security. Considering the 65,000 Nukes the US Military has - maybe some foreign intervention is warranted - like funding political campaigns for folks who can stop this before it happens?-

12) The stories are all ready written and ready for release. In fact - I have noticed that the Wall Street Journal is printed with stories that have not happened yet.
 America - trun to GOD while there is still time and HE may stop this time line.

The Stories You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ten Plagues Hitting America Today

Time To Turn To God

Here is a list of 10 Plagues hitting America today, not including the 90,000 children form South America that have incurable diseases being shipped to our military bases to get our soldiers sick.

1) Flies in the Upper Mississippi Valley

2) Chicungunya VIrus

3)  Wildfires Out West

4) California Drought

5) PED Virus Killing Pigs Across the Nation

6) Citrus Greening - killing almost 70% of Florida's Citrus This Year - the cure sits on my desk

7) TR4 Banana Fungus - May Wipe Out Bananas - Again - the cure suits on my desk

8) Increase in Earthquakes - potentially Yellowstone will be blown by AMEC Corp 31 August.

9) Super Bugs - Resistant to Antibiotics

10) Radiation: Fukushima and Carlsbad Canyons

Time to pray Americans.

For You Intel Geeks

Here is a story showing 10 completely new Passports form flight MH17 - No Visa Stamps, - all completely blank -  another stupid statement by the CIA - no Visas in the passports. You must have roskzs iin ytour heads CIA.

GOD says: Prepare To Be Contained, so HE has said it, so it shall be. Langley will become as a prison for it's employees.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bubonic Plague Strikes China

Far into the high mountain desert provinces of China the Bubonic Plague (Black Death) has struck the people of the town of Yumen.

(Please pray that those who did this are neutralized immediately)

Far from the population centers of China and high in the desert regions near Mongolia in the town of Yumen, (a city with 30,000 people) a 39 year old man has died of the Bubonic Plague.

There are outbreaks of the Bubonic Plague all time - one, two or three cases reported all over the world but they are usually isolated and in rural areas

The significance of this is: 

1) This is the exact  disease the 4 star General who was offered the job as the head of the Joint Chief's of Staff mentioned would be tested, and utilized, to kill billions of humans around the world by those at Langley - CIA Headquarters. This puts us all on high alert doesn't it?

2) This high desert area where Yumen is located area only receives about 2 1/2 inches of rain a year so rat populations are limited the usual culprit in the spread of this disease.

3) This city is near the area where there has been allot of Violence lately - near the area where the US Corporation wishes to create a civil war.

4) Another man, 38 years old, near Yumen died of the Bubonic Plague while herding animals in the desert only 4 days ago  - they are at the beginning stages of a Plague so somebody is seeding the area with the Plague.

5) Yumen is the center of Oil for the region - they actually have an oil wells and an oil refinery there. Cut the city off and you starve China of refined oil. Cut off China's Oil and they have to purchase US Corporate Oil using the IMF Federal Reserve Note (US Dollar). The BRICS nations dissolve.

This is dirty pool.

((Why does it everything centers around oil - Israel vs Palestine, Bundy Ranch in Nevada, now a Chinese Oil Refinery in Yumen, man tending animal in Ginsu Province near Oil Wells?))
Once the Bubonic Plague was detected here is what happened:

a) The City was quarantened - no one comes in, no one leaves. They have enough food for 30 days.

b) The military moved in to isolate the city.

c) Inside the city it was broken down into regions and travel is restricted. This is what we can expect here in the America Soon unless the CIA is contained along with the Jesuits.

Location of Yumen, Gansu Provence.
Location of Yumen City (pink) within Jiuquan City (yellow) and Gansu

The world will know CIA who is responsible for this.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

Be careful CIA - payback is a Bitch.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

President Obama Vists Seattle

Today President Obama landed on Air Force One at Boeing Field at about 3PM. Air Force One took a left turn, a right turn and then a left turn - they did a donut on Boeing Air Field. It was fun to watch.

The what looked like an Armored Pick Up pulled up next to the President, he walked over to a crowd, and then got in an Armored Vehicle and was driven away to raise money in Medina.

This version of Air Force One has a rattle in the far left engine caused by a what I believe is a bent propeller and a faulty main bearing. They also need to check the tire pressures.

The real problem I saw was metal fatigue in the area just under the bend in the left windshield of the cockpit - with a minor crack developing. Something about the paint bonding to a new type of metal in this area.

Boeing - Fix it.

Also - in the last 14 months there have been allot of evacuations from the white house - the last one - that you are not supposed to know about - occurred 5 days ago --- there was an unknown security breach.

So the times we can confirm hte White House being evacuated in the last 2 months are:

1) 20 July 2014 - Building Near White House

2) 17 July 2014

3) 9 July 2014

4) 16 June 2014

5) 6 June 2014

Do you think they are paranoid?

You are correct. GOD is going to rip those in charge of the US Corporation a new rear end. Watch their paranoia sky rocket as they have been unable to start WW3.

12 June - and you missed it.
According to the USAF General ($ Star) in charge of Asymetrical Warfare (General - we have 30 months to live - and in this this time the round up, and assassination,  of Americans will begin.

That is about 880 days until the planned complete destruction of America - this has been confirmed by my sources as well. We also may be surprised very soon by a major eruption planned for this year to kill half the world's population - at least it is planned at the current moment.

Please pray that their plans are reversed and they are thrown out of this nation immediately.

Change your ways and turn back to GOD and HE may yet save this nation.
The News You Are Blocked Form Reading

Dr William B. Mount

PS - good luck finding the bomb on the Subway in 4 days (+- 3 days).

Monday, July 21, 2014

Treason At The Top

Thomas Jefferson once said that a nation can eliminate tyrants but when there is treason at the top a nation is doomed.

(Please pray that the US Corporation Leaders are eliminated immediately and that we get our republic back)

Today we have the most insidious treason the world has ever seen right here in America. We have been taken over by an outfit called the CIA that has given us about 30 months to remain a nation and alive as a people.

After the next 30 months of Hell created by the CIA/FBI they are putting us through they then plan to release Bio Weapons and reduce our population down to about 30 Million if this 4 star USAF general in charge of Asymetric Warfare is correct.

If they can torch off Yellow Stone and Mount Rainier - all the better.

The three stories that ran across my desk today make me sick and only confirm that these Fascist Pigs in charge of the US Corporation wish us dead.

1st: "Plan to Overthrow US Government Expanded by US Intel"

Here Israel has used it's Intel agents to try and over throw the US Government to kill both Muslims and Americans alike. This is in Veteran's Today.
2nd: Jim Willie: "Bombshell: It has begun - Germany to break from US/UK, Join Russia/China Alliance"

Germany funds the Euro Germany - Bohemian Grove - and they are breaking away from the Dollar and the British Pound. Part of the 20 July reset?

My guess is that Angela Merkel (and many other German Leaders) is not happy about having a Bug in her private jet and helicopter.
3rd: Must Watch: "Ret Boarder Patrol Agent Blows Whistle Big Time!!"

Here a retired Boarder patrol Agent talks openly about the Treasonous Orders given by the Obama Administration to bring in sick kids and 500,000 Illegals a month into the America.

The only logical conclusion one can reach is the Obama Administration wishes us dead.

These Computer Rangers (Perverts - I have met many) want you dead and will do whatever it takes to hide the truth - they purposely white washed the photos and then shut down my website -

So if you deal with the FBI, or any other Federal Agency, please realize they wish you dead - they are our enemies.

They to, along with their kids and grandkids, will be terminated when this all goes down in 30 months.

Think about it FBI/CIA Freaks - what does an underground society need with surface dwellers like you who would sell your grandmother for a night worth a prostitute?

You FBI freaks purposely came against me after I stopped a Nuclear War - you are not only Freaks but stupid.

Remember the Nuke NCIS found in DC 21 Sep 2013 - the one I warned them about in July?

Your HQ would have been dust if they were not warned - yet you still came against me. You are either suicidal or really, really, really stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does.

You want to commit suicide FBI/CIA - be my guest. Just don't hurt any body else when you pull the trigger. Nuking DC is definitely out - and recover that nuke heading into DC in 5 days through the subway - standard old working Russian Nuke - 20-25 KT - from the north.

I have an idea - let it go to Capitol Hill Park - just let it go off - kill yourselves - no one will miss you.

You messed with my blogspot you freaks and now GOD is going to rip you a new Rear End CIA/FBI. Stand up and take it like men for once in your lives.

Afraid of the truth again CIA/FBI - so is your master and his Drag Queen Michelle Obama.

The News The CIA/FBI does not want you to have

Dr William B. Mount

Maybe it is time for us to pray for a miracle?

The Sun - Uh Oh


They White Washed My Photos - Coward Punks

Why are you always such Cowards CIA - screwing with computers like little children - COward Punks?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Message To President Putin

This is a message to both President Putin and PM Medvedev of Russia.

(Please pray for America)

President Putin: MH17 was a warning - bow to the IMF or die. The bodies were unburned and there only appear to be about 25 UNBURNT BODIES in the wreckage. Thank GOD the 3 foot dry grass fields did not catch fire - but it was not shot down and did not come down in flames or the grass would have caught fire.

America has been led down the Primrose Path to Pergatory.

We have brought the worst sin into our own homes through the media - TV and Radio. We have brought in, and hosted, Homosexuals of all kids, Liars, Evil Witches, Child Molesters, Murderers, and those who deny GOD even exists. No one seems to be able to put 2 and 2 together - we a very Arrogant nation. Now we must pay.

The Time frame for America's destruction  is that over the next 2 1/2 years there will be another 40,000,000 Illegal Aliens brought into our nation and they will all be placed on Welfare while the Dollar is devalued by about 90%. Both Silver and Gold will remain low by in price to discourage investments in heavy metals.

Already the nations south of out boarder are opening up their Mental Wards, Jails, and Hospital Wards filled with the incurable and shipping them up to America while Eric Holders Mexican Drug Cartels lay down suppressive fire at the boarder crossings - thus killing more Americans.

Yesterday ICE released some 36,000 Illegal Alines who committed Murder and Rape by order of Der Fuhrer Obama.

People like Obama and ED Dempsey are Traitors and tried as such. If you really feel you can negotiate with Traitors like this - be my guest.

The head of the IMF has already set the time frame for the death of the Dollar, and the Death of America, at early 2017 - when the banks will close and the North American Union is formed. At this point the US Senators and Congressman will go to their underground shelters and be killed with the Gas Containers already in place behind their Air Intake Areas. This will include most high ranking officials of most US based corporations like the SEC, FCC, DHS....they will not be needed by the new North American Union.

Current, and past, leaders of the IMF and Federal Reserve Systems and Federal Reserve Bank will also be terminated as they know too much - in much the same way as Obama has ordered the murders of thousands he thought knew too much. They missed the 12 June deadline and have no intentions of doing as GOD has asked so they must die, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

If you throw your lot in with them you will also find yourself, and most of the Russian Leadership,  terminated down to the 5th and 6th levels.

Just keep in mind that the Roman Pope (Jesuit) was just found guilty of Rape, Child Trafficking and Murder - a Death Sentence according to his own laws. He will kill children and rape them - who are you and your staff to him?

I do not know how much longer I can warn you of assassination attempts on you and Mevedev - someone just tried to shut me down on the net - we call them Computer Ranger Cowards.

Your life has been spared 7 times in the last 7 years by the Living GOD - and Medvedev's 4 times through these warnings. When I am unable to warn you though the net, or personally,  GOD will terminate you - so HE has said ti - so it shall be --- and my ability to use the net is quickly going away.

Search GOD and see if HE has been wrong.

Further - your 150,000 Russian Troops in America will be killed when the CIA begins releasing the Bio Weapons in about 2 years - maybe sooner. Russia will loose 15 divisions in a matter of months.

It seems like Russia made a deal way back in 1040 with another Fascist Pig named Adolf Hitler - so how did that work out for Russia 1941-1945?

You think the American Corporation is any different than NAZI Germany?

So - what would the loss of 15 crack divisions meat to Russia if NATO conducted a Ground Invasion of Russia?

Yup - fooled again.

By the way - the Global Currency Reset begins today.

GOD is not kidding about YOU and your staff being killed.

DO what you feel is right - but GOD is firm in what HE says tonight.

Have a nice day.


Congress - get off your rear ends and read Operation Devolution - you are not needed so you will be terminated. Duh!

The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William b. Mount

Friday, July 18, 2014

Why Flight MH17 Was Destroyed

What you are about to read is true - but you are not supposed to read it.

We all have seen the initial video showing the bodies of flight MH17 where the bodies are dead but unburned. The [plane simply feel out of the sky into tall, dry grass and the bodies were not burned and the grass did not catch fire and the there was NO debris Field.

Only Boeing and the US State Department have this ability to shut off both the Black Box and the Boeing 777 electronics simultaneously.

So now we know who did it and how.

(Pray GOD opens your minds and those that did this are punished for murder in accordance with GOD's Laws immediately)

But why?

Three reasons really:

First - The UN Director Ban Ki-moon stated on an internal video at the HIV Conference that about 100 attendees to the 2014 HIV Conference in Melbourne (Australia) were on the plane - this includes the UN Director for HIV Health.

The UN Director had the story: "William Mount The Cure For HIV" as did others on the Boeing 777. They were going to reveal the Cure For HIV.;_ylt=A86.ItEn.clTN4ABcYmbvZx4?p=binki+moon+video+message+at+hte+20th+international+aids+conference&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=hp-avast&type=avastbcl&fp=1

Second - Flight MH17 (Seven) was 17 (Seven) minutes ahead of President Putin's Plane - it was a warning to bow to the Rothchilds.

Finally., The need to start WW3. A New World Bank that is going to displace the IMF was just funded and a New World Currency created 15 July 2014 - 71 years after the Bretton Woods Agreement created the US Dollar as the world Currency. The Dollar is dead.

The $100 Billion in initial finding is will be provided as follows: $41 Billion form China, $18 Billion form Russia, Brazil and China, and $3 Billion form South Africa.

The bank opens officially 15 July 2014 - Thus the Absolute Need for what the Director of the IMF calls for a "RESET by 20 July" - a World War.

The Headquarters for the New World Bank will be in China - which displaced the US as the largest trading nation in the world as of January of this year.

When China revalues it's Yuan it may become the largest GNP in the world - displacing the US Corporation.

This may also be found in teh Bridges Weekly 17 July 2014 but Google is now blocking this site, as they are the initial video of the crash of MH17.

All over the world you can find the truth - all but America, Australia, England and Ireland.

The Fascist Pigs who run the US Corporation are now blocking the news on the Internet. 

If your son or daughter is in the military and they use computers in the Intel World - they are Fascist Pigs - cut them off from the family.

The IMF thought they could ignore the 12 June deadline - oops.

The only 7 countries that will continue to use the Federal reserve Note are: US/UK, Scotland (?),  Ireland (?) Canada, New Zealand (?), and Australia (?).

Even the UK bankers are making deals with Russia for using the Ruble.
As a side note - today at the UN Headquarters major players in this New World Bank in China are meeting to finalize all treaty and corporate agreements to open this bank.

The Rothchilds, and thus the Roman Pope, now loose 5% of all the trade around the world and thus control of the world's finances and they are like children and want to destroy anything they can at the moment.

12 June baby - your IMF missed it. Stupid is as Stupid does.

For news about the BRIC nations go to:


I cruise on,,

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Remember - MH17 - Unburned Dead Bodies, no debris field, no grass fire

If this video was not so revealing the US Corporate Fascist Pigs would not be hiding it - would they?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Israel Begins Ground Invasion of Palestine

World War 3 was supposed to start six hours after MH17 went down - so what is happening is that the War Plans are now being carried out even though the world now knows that the US State Department downed MH17.

In addition - President Obama The Gay just signed an Executive Order giving all Illegal Aliens Amnesty if they sign up for Obama Care and accent the CHIP in their arm in two years it is in Obama Care - read the paper work.

Remember - ALL new borns in the European Nations are now chipped.

So the war against Humanity by the IMF controlled organizations has begun.

Throw out your TV, stop bringing the Perverts into your homes, and pray.

It is now H Hour.

Dr William b. Mount

Video Showing Flight MH17 Shot Down Was Filmed At The Wrong Time of the Day

The film showing Flight MH17 being shot down was filmed about noon, the plane went down in the evening.

Oops - you got it wrong US State Department.

You Nimrods in the US State Department are as stupid as Your Master: Dumb Dumb John Kerry.

You kill an Ambassador and try to start WW3 - You Loose.

Too bad, so sad, Touche'

You missed your 12 June Deadline - you are falling apart.

Stupid is as Stupid does.

Dr William B. Mount

Flight MH 17, Unburned Dead Bodies

If this was shot down and went down in flames the bodies would be burned - right?

The electronics were shut down and it came down in one piece.

Only Boeing and the US State Department can do this.

Sec of State John Ketty - you purposely killed these folks you Murderer.

From this day forward those who hail form DC, under Denver and Under South Central Nebraska will be Cursed, so says the I AM That I AM, who was and is and is to come.

Unburned Dead Bodies

Dr William B. Mount

The Incident - Flight MH 17 Downed

 THE INCIDENT NEEDED TO START WW3 is the incident to start WW3.

On the 17th of the 7th Month in a 7 year Flight MH 17 fell out of the sky - a Boeing 777.

On the 16th (1+6=7) Obama announced new sanctions against US Companies doing business with the BRIC 177 nations?

Sounds allot like what the Drag Queen of the IMF said a few days ago -----7777777777. The reset to be on 20 July - the "World War" reset.

Early reports on Reuters and Early Videos showed that the Boeing 777 did not catch fire until it reached the ground.

CNN revealed that Reuters reported initially that Satellite Contact with the Black Box and contact with local Air Ports was lost at 33,000 feet. If a missile hit it the Black Box would remain in contact with the Satellites - it is pretty well sealed.

Its electronics and Black Box were shut down simultaneously.

Flight 370 (Another 7) kept contact with the local airport even though it was in flames until it reached 2,000 feet. It's Black Box was recovered immediately - which is why the area it crashed in was off limits to the rescue teams.

This plane lost contact completely, fell out of the sky, and burst into flames.

Within the hour the story will change despite early testimony and films.

The only two folks who can turn off a Boeing 777 are:

1) Boeing
2) US State Department

John Shapiro, 1 June 2012, Ast. Sec. of State: The Purpose of the State Department is to sell weapons"

Dumb Dumb John Kerry  now has the blood of 295 people on his hands - Fascist Pig. If he wants a WW3 so bad put him in a room with me for 10 minutes - the Coward.

So if the plane was hit with a Russian Missile how could the black box loose contact with the satellites and how could the plane fall from the sky not burning?

If the Boeing 777 got hit with a BUK missile it would have blow apart - yet the debris is in one small area.

Please tell me how a bunch of untrained rebels armed with oddball weapons could suddenly learn how to operate a Russian Buk Launcher and why would they shoot down a commercial airliner?

Look at the system in Wikipedia - it is one mess of computers:

Further - why would a Boeing Jet fl over an area that is off limits to Commercial air Travel since the Boeing Electronics will not allow this?
For You Intel Freaks - and Geeks

I am sure the US Army Cyber Command will flood this website with stupid stories to try and  bury this one - but it is already posted in a dozen overseas papers.

Thou shalt not lie US State Department and Mr President

Thou shalt not murder US State Department and Mr President

You cannot have your WW3

Your Dollar is going down - your IMF missed the last deadline on 12 June 2014 and GOD will now come against those who come hail from  DC and the underground bases in Denver and Central Southern Nebraska. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

US Military and CIA - "Darlings" you are in big trouble because your IMF Drag Queen missed the 12 June deadline - big trouble.
The News You Are Not Supposed To read

Dr William B. Mount

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Sun And Your Health

Have you looked up lately?

The sun is changing and it is changing YOU.

(Pray your eyes are opened)

Are you feeling agitated, noticed everyone else is feeling agitated and angry?

A guy passes you, moves in front of you purposely, slams on his breaks and turn and you want to kill him?

Are you noticing how "Short" people are becoming?

Have you stuck you left arm out the window when you are driving in cool weather and feel your arm burning?

I have  had Plastic Siding stacked up for 4 year s and cut it three days ago to use it and  two days ago it melted - like a blow torch hit it. Same spot - 4 years, guaranteed for life - and two days ago it melted like somebody hit it with a blow torch. It was only 90 degrees outside.

So why are my tree leaves burning in the sun?

Why is the Cell Tower not able to receive my internet request?

Ever wonder why the Government is going underground and leaving you hung out to dry?

If you go to and sohoswww you will notice the sun is doing three things:
1) First it is having allot of sun spots both in the visible and invisible range - both below and above the visible range.

These sun spots are causing uneven heating throughout the solar system and is effecting our life in a particularly strange way.

Thus in the invisible range energy hitting the Earth is greatly enhanced. So on a cold day you might get a sun burn and think this as odd.

Be wary - the Government sponsored websites paint over allot of what is really going on so sometimes they will show the truth, at other times they will not. I encourage you to use non-us data to reach any conclusions.

Search on, or,,,.......
2) The Sun is getting larger and changing from yellow to white - a huge change.

This change in the sun is causing a change in the Full Moon Times. Since the UN Broadcasts are based around the Full Moon I watch and the Full Moon is now off by at least an hour - this has never happened before in modern times.

How far it expands is only speculation but there are those that speculate it is turning into a White Giant, other say we are about to enter another Ice Age.

Years ago GOD showed me tree tops burning from the heat of the sun - so I planned my house and property around this concept. Trees are planted behind the house to block the hot evening sun but it is open to the East to heat the home up quickly in the winter time.

This expansion also explains the draughts and extreme weather anomalies now occurring - enhanced by HAARP arrays across the world of course.

Ever look at the top of a Boeing Building, or a US Corporate Building - mini HAARP arrays that can be tied together. Pretty effective at hiding the truth from us Tax Payers.

Obama: "Never let a disaster go to waste."
3) The  sun is now also pulsing at all harmonics - both in the light range but also in the magnetic range. This Magnetic pulsing is what seems to be causing allot of problems at the current time.

If you look at the graphs on you will notice that the magnetic output is now changing. Often times the graphs show that there is no logical pattern any more.

The real problem comes from the pulsing - constant change - bam, bam, bam - hitting the Earth over and over again.

This constant change, couples with low and high level sun spots - has been shown to modify DNA - Genetic Mutation - that is manifested as Cancer in Humans.
There are three ways to protect yourself in this situation:

a) First, wear a magnetic bracelet, put a magnet in your pocket - create a weak magnetic shield around your body.

It will also protect you from the effect of the  Chemical Trails the 60th Air Wing (Fairchild Air Force Base, California) is spraying all around the world - parasites, GMO DNA for wheat (and other corps), chemicals, elements like Barium and Aluminum, and who knows what else.

b) Second, follow the procedures in APFN THE CURE FOR CANCER UPDATE 4. This will ensure the cancer you get is destroyed by your own body.

I stress: Sea Weed and Immusist.;article=144365

c) Finally - I spray my roof every couple of years with Polyacrylic  from Home Depot - it's like putting Saran Wrap on your roof. It extends it's life by 3-5 years.

This year I will experiment with metal flakes and magnetic powder in the Polyacrylic - we shall see- but it may work. Who knows.

Following are two articles that dicsuss what this Magnetic Pulsing is doing to the Animal Kingdom, like the beaching of whales all over the world, bees dying, You and I  getting lost, cancer in humans, etc.
APFN readers - this information is critical to your survival in the coming years as the sun changes so you may wish to print this and reread it.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Triple Checked - no spelling errors