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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ten Plagues Hitting America Today

Time To Turn To God

Here is a list of 10 Plagues hitting America today, not including the 90,000 children form South America that have incurable diseases being shipped to our military bases to get our soldiers sick.

1) Flies in the Upper Mississippi Valley

2) Chicungunya VIrus

3)  Wildfires Out West

4) California Drought

5) PED Virus Killing Pigs Across the Nation

6) Citrus Greening - killing almost 70% of Florida's Citrus This Year - the cure sits on my desk

7) TR4 Banana Fungus - May Wipe Out Bananas - Again - the cure suits on my desk

8) Increase in Earthquakes - potentially Yellowstone will be blown by AMEC Corp 31 August.

9) Super Bugs - Resistant to Antibiotics

10) Radiation: Fukushima and Carlsbad Canyons

Time to pray Americans.

For You Intel Geeks

Here is a story showing 10 completely new Passports form flight MH17 - No Visa Stamps, - all completely blank -  another stupid statement by the CIA - no Visas in the passports. You must have roskzs iin ytour heads CIA.

GOD says: Prepare To Be Contained, so HE has said it, so it shall be. Langley will become as a prison for it's employees.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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