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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bridge Blow In Brazil City To Host World Cup

 A Bridge has just collapsed in the city that is to host the World Cup.

(Pray that those who did this are destroyed immediately)

If you watch the Video very carefully you will see both sides of the bridge collapsing at the same time. This is very strange indeed.

Of the bridges I have blown, or seen blown, one side usually comes down first.

Fatalities, Vehicles Crushed As Bridge Collapses In World Cup Host City! RAW Footage! | InvestmentWatch

If they block this go to Whatreallyhappened at 17:13 today and watch it.

So why would anyone blow a bridge in Brazil?

Three reasons.

1) First, Brazil was recently threatened not to drop the federal Reserve Dollar or there would be certain consequences.

2) In just a few days they host the  6th Annual  BRIC summit where the key players will announce the plans to burry the IMF and they are falling apart.

3) Brazil is the Weak Link. The current president of Brazil is easy to threaten - she has NO back bone. We shall see what she will do now that her life is threatened.

Gotta go - US Army Cyber COmmand is really screwing with my computer tonight. By the way - Joint UK/US SF job, hosted by Brit Intel. Obey your Masters in London or else kind of a message. Terrorists in a UN disguises.

Dr William B. Mount

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