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Monday, July 7, 2014

Six Zeroes Strikes Yet Again - JP Morgan

Yep - Six Zeroes has struck yet again.

(Please Pray - Visualize - that these Bankstas who have destroyed America go away permanently)

This time the two that were killed were associated with JP Morgan Bank, a wholly owned corporation by the Rockefellar Trusts.

Jefferson Police were called to the house of Julian Knott and his wife because they were found unconscious in their log home under "Suspicious Circumstances."

The wife - Alita Knott was a sales associate with Caldwell Bank.

Julina Knott was the head of the Global Network Operations Center for JP Morgan Bank in Whippany, NJ. .
No further information was available from the Morris County (New Jersey) Prosecutors Office of Coroner's Office.

Too bad, too sad - you were warned here on APFN and in Pravda

Further - your 12 June deadline was also missed so many more will die and your reset on 20 July will fail, so says the King of Kings - and not your king but the Real KING.

There will now be a war in hte heavens - those who have managed this planet have done a rotten job and it is time for a change in leadership so this is what GOD will now do. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

12 June baby - and you missed it. There are consequences and this is the age of these consequences to come true. Keep ignoring it and more will die, more will fall apart - it is what GOD does.

Who's next?
This News You Were Not Supposed To Hear.

Dr William B. Mount

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