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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Sun And Your Health

Have you looked up lately?

The sun is changing and it is changing YOU.

(Pray your eyes are opened)

Are you feeling agitated, noticed everyone else is feeling agitated and angry?

A guy passes you, moves in front of you purposely, slams on his breaks and turn and you want to kill him?

Are you noticing how "Short" people are becoming?

Have you stuck you left arm out the window when you are driving in cool weather and feel your arm burning?

I have  had Plastic Siding stacked up for 4 year s and cut it three days ago to use it and  two days ago it melted - like a blow torch hit it. Same spot - 4 years, guaranteed for life - and two days ago it melted like somebody hit it with a blow torch. It was only 90 degrees outside.

So why are my tree leaves burning in the sun?

Why is the Cell Tower not able to receive my internet request?

Ever wonder why the Government is going underground and leaving you hung out to dry?

If you go to and sohoswww you will notice the sun is doing three things:
1) First it is having allot of sun spots both in the visible and invisible range - both below and above the visible range.

These sun spots are causing uneven heating throughout the solar system and is effecting our life in a particularly strange way.

Thus in the invisible range energy hitting the Earth is greatly enhanced. So on a cold day you might get a sun burn and think this as odd.

Be wary - the Government sponsored websites paint over allot of what is really going on so sometimes they will show the truth, at other times they will not. I encourage you to use non-us data to reach any conclusions.

Search on, or,,,.......
2) The Sun is getting larger and changing from yellow to white - a huge change.

This change in the sun is causing a change in the Full Moon Times. Since the UN Broadcasts are based around the Full Moon I watch and the Full Moon is now off by at least an hour - this has never happened before in modern times.

How far it expands is only speculation but there are those that speculate it is turning into a White Giant, other say we are about to enter another Ice Age.

Years ago GOD showed me tree tops burning from the heat of the sun - so I planned my house and property around this concept. Trees are planted behind the house to block the hot evening sun but it is open to the East to heat the home up quickly in the winter time.

This expansion also explains the draughts and extreme weather anomalies now occurring - enhanced by HAARP arrays across the world of course.

Ever look at the top of a Boeing Building, or a US Corporate Building - mini HAARP arrays that can be tied together. Pretty effective at hiding the truth from us Tax Payers.

Obama: "Never let a disaster go to waste."
3) The  sun is now also pulsing at all harmonics - both in the light range but also in the magnetic range. This Magnetic pulsing is what seems to be causing allot of problems at the current time.

If you look at the graphs on you will notice that the magnetic output is now changing. Often times the graphs show that there is no logical pattern any more.

The real problem comes from the pulsing - constant change - bam, bam, bam - hitting the Earth over and over again.

This constant change, couples with low and high level sun spots - has been shown to modify DNA - Genetic Mutation - that is manifested as Cancer in Humans.
There are three ways to protect yourself in this situation:

a) First, wear a magnetic bracelet, put a magnet in your pocket - create a weak magnetic shield around your body.

It will also protect you from the effect of the  Chemical Trails the 60th Air Wing (Fairchild Air Force Base, California) is spraying all around the world - parasites, GMO DNA for wheat (and other corps), chemicals, elements like Barium and Aluminum, and who knows what else.

b) Second, follow the procedures in APFN THE CURE FOR CANCER UPDATE 4. This will ensure the cancer you get is destroyed by your own body.

I stress: Sea Weed and Immusist.;article=144365

c) Finally - I spray my roof every couple of years with Polyacrylic  from Home Depot - it's like putting Saran Wrap on your roof. It extends it's life by 3-5 years.

This year I will experiment with metal flakes and magnetic powder in the Polyacrylic - we shall see- but it may work. Who knows.

Following are two articles that dicsuss what this Magnetic Pulsing is doing to the Animal Kingdom, like the beaching of whales all over the world, bees dying, You and I  getting lost, cancer in humans, etc.
APFN readers - this information is critical to your survival in the coming years as the sun changes so you may wish to print this and reread it.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Triple Checked - no spelling errors

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