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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sinking in Your College Loans?

Are the payments for college loans a huge drag to you financially?

Are the interest rates going from 3 to 6% this month?

Have you tried to file bankruptcy against these loans only to be told by the courts they are exempt from Bankruptcy?

(Pray that you are able to dump these liabilities) 

I tracked down a College Loan form a friend who got the loan for their son - who now refuses to pay it and is getting away with it because he works for a Defense Contractor. The loan reverted to the Co-Signer - the parents.

The loan servicer?


These are some of the meanest people you will ever encounter - evil to the core, threatening people with all sorts of illegal things.

So Who Owns Nel-Net - Wells Fargo.

Who owns 75% of Wells Fargo - the US Corporation.

The Corporation used to be owned by large investors like Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway but what you will find is that these corporations invest for US Treasury Purchases and US Corporate Purchases to prop up the Stock Market. This is why Walmart can experience a 30% reduction in sales in 2 years and still have their stock values go up.

So Berkshire and Hathaway may show on paper their investors own huge amounts of Wells Fargo - but who are their investors?

Yup - President Obama and his Drag Queen Wife are personally making life Hel... for those who cosigned for college loans 30-40 years ago.

Even if you are now permanently physically disabled, or only collecting only $500/mo Social Security, NEL-NET; still demands their moneys thus violating their own loan agreements with their customers.

Obama will get his cut.

About a $1 Trillion is out in college loans - loans that promised good education, higher paying jobs, better life styles - all lies by the US Corporation meant to lock you up into a form of Slavery.

Consider the fact that the US Corporation owns 40% of the New York Stock Exchange -$240 Trillion in Value  - do you thing they really need the 6% interest on the College Loans?

Do you not think Obama could pay off the US Corporate Debt tomorrow, along with ALL college loans?

Yet: Social Security (Corp Owned by the IMF) pays out the Social Security Retirement Checks and the US Corporation (Owned by the IMF USC2, Sec 286) takes a good portion of it back in taxes and in College Loan Payments.

We are so screwed by the IMF - but do not worry, they missed their 12 June deadline and now they are about to experience the "FINAL" solution. 

So if you dare to go to college be careful - do it without taking out loans or putting your parents on the hook for the loans.
BRIC Nations: Destroy Wells Fargo and you take away another IMF tool to destroy the BRIC nations.
Can we ZEIG HEIL yet?

The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

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