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Monday, July 28, 2014

Where Oh Where Is The Pope Tonight


Cathy Rubio is a Radio Talk Show Host. She has been an inspiration to me ever since I met her on the phone about 6 months ago.

(Please Pray that the Evil is removed from this nation immediately.)

Cathy has always tried to tell the absolute truth about every subject I have heard her talk on and sometimes the truth is hard to find.

She has recently been following the International courts in Brussels and their findings on 19 July 2014. Apparently the Pope, and the Arch Bishop of Canterberry, and a whole host of other Catholics have been found guilty of Child Rape, and Murder as part of the 9th Circle Child Sacrifice Cult.

The next day they were all given various sentences and the Pope was sentenced to Life in Prison without parole.

Apparently he and his buddies were part of the 9th Circle  Satanic  Child Sacrifice Cult and mass Graves were found where the Roman Pope conducted these Human Sacrifices.

Let me describe what happens +- 3 days from Holloween for example: These 12 Leaders of this cult all raped a 6 month old child that has been bred to kill. Then they slice it's wrists, stab it in hte stomach to give it massive pain (At the exact Moment Lucifer Appears for a few seconds) drink the blood, and dance until morning light while local security blocks access and they burn the bodies. The other members of the cult usually engage in Drug Use and Orgies in front of their Demon Possessed 12 Priests.

The clean up crew comes in after dawn to literally clean up the area and dispose of the remains in a special dumpster while the Satanic Priests go home and puke up Human Blood.

The Circle of Light is 12 women sitting around in a circle in white Satan Robes burning black candles writing their desires on paper and placing them under the candle and chanting: "Satan I Love You."

These rituals are usually conducted in rented churches and have armed guards.

Each month has a specific ritual and Lucifer (Satan, Santa, Sanat Kumara)  shows up just as the Knife is plunged into an area of the body to cause the most pain in the victim.

The Chief Priests are usually Jesuit and Masonic.

This is what the Pope,and his cohorts,  were convicted of.

The steal children for Human Blood sacrifices and then also kill them.

Moody Blues:

"Knights in White Satan, never reaching the end,
letters are written, never meaning to send
and I love you (Satan), who oh I love You."

The Latern Treaty only states that the Roman Pope is exempt from prosecution by the Italian Courts - the rest of his staff may be arrested.

The Pope apparently, after he found out he was convicted, flew to DC on the 20th and went underground. Cathy says the sources thing a double has ben created and the Catholic Church will fake the Pope's Death.  HE abandoned his fellow worshipers like a Captain abandoning a sinking ship - a Coward.

Apparently the number of Catholics convicted of these crimes is quite extensive.

Roman Pope - you were warned here on APFN - do as GOD tells you or GOD will deal with you Now you must run and hide like a little child.

We shall see what this coward and his other Cowardly Jesuit Buddies do to avoid punishment.
Cathy Rubio maybe heard on US ---- or on News America TV

Cathy - thank you for your tip.

By the way - the US Corporate Embassy was kicked out of Libya lock, stock and barrel --- a sign of things to come.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Please note the current Pope has a wart on his left cheek.

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