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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ebola Has Reached America

Ebola has reached America. 

There are currently two cases in Texas where the homes are isolated fcromthe public.

(Please pray YOU read and understand this article and what it may mean to you)

1) Apparently a US Doctor named Kent Bradley was working in Liberia with Ebola patients and he returned home to his 3 and 5 year old child and then realized he had contracted Ebola and went to a hospital.

All of those who were on the plane with him all of the Airport Food Employees, Janitors, etc have now been exposed to this Deadly Disease that was created in Langley - CIA HQ, 7 floors down.

2) Amber Brantley of Abilene in Texas has also apparently contracted something that looks allot like Ebola.

Remember Abilene from months ago - this city was a target for a Nuke at least 5 times - exactly why I do not know but then Evil is hard to figure out sometimes.

3) In a remarkable story in the Wall Street Journal the US State Department has rounded up all Peace Corps Workes and EMbassy Workers who have been working with sick patients (Eboli Suspected) and put them on flights coming home.

No isolation period, no checking for Ebola.  They just put them on a plane and sent them to America, routing many of them through Europe where Europeans get on and off the plane openly ---- even the sick ones were sent home without being tested for Ebola.

Think about it - you work with Ebola patients without protective clothing - an airborne disease created in the CIA HQ, and you get sick - so Dumb Dumb John Kerry orders you shipped to a local airport, then to a main airport where you may be routed through the netherlands, Ireland, New York and then on to maybe Atlanta or Seattle?

If this is a real Airborne Disease that is 90% fatal - thanks to the CIA we are all dead.

The 60th Air Wing (out of  Fairchild AFB in California)  has just received a new shipment of stuff to spray on us beginning in 2 weeks, I contains unknown pathogens and I believe contains CRE and Ebola.

If the X-33 Auroras (Arizona Base) go ahead with what they are planning they plan spraying the planet with some type of Pathogen in 2 weeks as well. It may contain Ebola and Cer and a host of tother diseases.

Ebola outbreak may already be uncontrollable; Monsanto invests in Ebola treatment drug company as pandemic spreads - NaturalNews.c

This is all occurring when Congress is going home. Remember - congressional underground bases contain Cyanide Canisters. What does Der Fuhrer Obama  need with a Congress and Court System - Operation Devolution.

If these US Corporate Owned Air Fleets begin spraying us 17 August and NYC and DC are hit hard with a Nuke 17 August then it is over for the human Race.

May I humbly suggest you have in your Medicine Cabinet:

1) Epsom Salt - a great Sulfa Drug

2) Bitter Worm Wood - a plant that kills parasites.

3) Citricare from Vim and Vigor

4) Iodine Tablets for water

5) Cenrtrum Silver

6) Baking Soda - Bacteria cannot live in a Basic Environment, but this new Ebola has DNA foreign to Planet Earth so I do not really know - buy the Non aluminum Baking Soda - I order it from Bob;'s Red Mill. bob is 86 and a really nice guy.

7) Immusist - at least 2 bottles.If it can help the body get rid of HIV and Cancer then it may just get rid of this Ebola, Right?

8) If I had the money I would order Ed Skilling's Photon Genuis - no questions asked. It is a super Rife Machine set to kill all sorts of bugs. It should be in every hospital across the world.

If I could have only 3 products - --- - I would have Baking Soda, Sea Weed (Centrum and Iodine) and IMMUSIST.

Remember - Ebola has a 90% kill rate and these Nut Cases like Obama and the CIA ARE relesaing it here in America.

Just 5 miles from here 600 Very Sick children are now staying on McChord Air Force Base --- which has over 200 Nukes on the base currently.

Fascist Pigs, National Socialists, must be killed or this is what you get - death everywhere, war, famine, pain, misery - Dead Russians, Dead Chinese, Dead Japanese, Dead Germans, dead ameriicas, Dead Brazilians, Dead Indians...............

Any questions President Putin, PM Medvedev - you were told this was coming along with your counter parts in China, India and Brazil --- yet you sent NO help. Well - here it is.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William Mount

Gee - No Errors - well US Army Intel - 95% of of you maybe dead very soon. Wake up Enlisted US Army Cyber Command your officers are idiots.

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