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Friday, July 25, 2014

A Message To The Ukrainian People


You are killing your brothers and sisters because they realize how corrupt the Ukraine Politicians are.

(Pray to the Living GOD - Visualize - Peace in your nation.)

You kill your brothers and sisters in the Eastern Ukraine because they know how little you have yet how much the politicians in Kiev have.

The US/UK has been stirring up problems in your nation for over 100 years.

1) Do you forget the Balklin Wars in 1912-1914, funded by the English Banks - how your Grandfathers killed Bulgarians and Greeks and Turks to find the English Central Bank --- who sold them hte weapons?

2) Do you forget the First World War - which was funded again by the British Banks - the number of your grandfathers that dies to support the arms industry in the UK and America?

How many of your relatives died funding a war that made massive amounts of money for the UK/US Bank - which are controlled by the Roman Pope?

3) Do you forget the horrors of starvation after WW1 during the US funded Russian Revolution where millions of your grandfathers and grandmothers were starved to death?

4) Do you forget the English/French invasion of your Northern Most Port in 1991-1920 in an attempt toot take St Petersburg and strip your nation bare of it's heritage where the Americans had to bail  out the French hand British as you had sent them running with their tails between their legs?

5) Do you forget Daddy Warbucks and Prescott Bush and Henry Ford funded the NAZI Party and then forced Hitler to invade Russia - how many of your fathers and grandfathers died in that war and how much suffering do you remember?

While I was in the Ukraine in April of 2007 I went to the Btrhtday of an older gentleman living in Kiev near Krashatic Ave. I had no present to give him so I gave him my oldest and finest Harmonica that I had had for over 30 years - made in Germany. He cried and told me of the Germans in Kiev during W2 and how they played an identical Harmonica in the streets of Kiev during the war and the Children (He was a child) would dance to it.

The Germans did not want war either - but the English Bankers sure did.

I had no idea a tiny, old Harmonica would mean so much to a person but he cried for quite a while sharing the story. He was the oldest of the boys - he was retired, his brother had been a Minister of Anti-monopoly, and his other brother a great engineer - and they all remembered. Funny how GOD works.

I have not been able to play anything since.

6) Now the US Corporation sends in their terrorists to the Ukraine to make you kill your brother. They send in terrorists with sniper rifles, hand grenades, and guns of all sorts and get you hating a man who is your neighbor.

How long will you put up with these US Corporate Terrorists.

We in America are horrified that those in Washington DC have sent in men  and women to kill your brothers, your sisters, your mothers, your sons.

I ask the Ukrainians to stop killing your brothers, identify the US Corporate Troops in the Ukraine, and get rid of them.

Your war is not with your brothers in the Ukraine but with the English Banks that have funded their US Corporate Thugs to kill you. Your current Prime Minister is correct - kill the invaders, not your brothers.

Pray Ukraine - Pray for GOD's Intervention and turn to HIM while you still have a chance.

May GOD bless the Ukraine and it's people.
For You Intel Geeks In America

I have just learned that in 12-18 months the VA goes away completely - this is the plan for those in Langley - CIA.

Ukrainian People - the CIA/FBI will even kill Americans In Mass --- they are evil Fascist Pigs and Fascist Pigs Kill. That is all they know - kill. They are mostly Jesuits - Murdering scum - and they need to be wiped off the face of the Earth or there will never be peace - NEVER. This was said by the Chief Jesuit Hanz Kovlenback, 4/15/2000

So here is the latest CIA/FBI Jesuit Plan to kill America:

1) Over the next few months things will be relatively stable as 180 nations form the New Money backed by gold.

2) Expect a plan to bring in 100 Million foreigners in to America over the next 18 months form all over the world. Obama will kill any America standing in his way.

Fascist Pigs do what Fascist Pigs do - they murder.

3) In early/mid 2015 the dollar will be devalued in reference to other currencies by 70%, and by the fall by 90%. Your costs will sky rocket for everything.

4) In Early 2016 the Grid will go down - the gal who planned this is the Chancelor at US Berkeley - go after her.

5) Some areas will not have their power turned back on despite the fact that everything works - like the Seattle area. Millions will die - thank you CIA/FBI Scum.

6) When the power is turned back on most government paychecks will not go out - including the VA. You will be promised over and over again - "your check is coming" - but the Gay Boys in the White House will be lying in his speeches.

7) The Banks are already set to speed up the process of seizing homes (in early 2016) of those who skip a Mortgage Payment. Why do you think the local cops now have tanks?

8) By January 2017 the US Federal Reserve Dollar will cease to exist and not be replaced by anything - total Anarchy. The Congress and Supreme Court employees will be rounded up and sent to their underground shelters and be promptly terminated - killed. What does a Fuhrer need with Congress and the courts?

The members of the IMF who are currently holding office will also be terminated - killed. "Dead Men Tell No Tales." They refuse to honor their 12 June Deadline even today so GOD will have them killed.

9) Somewhere during late 2016 large amounts of the Bubonic Plague (Same stuff currently being tested in North Western China Today) will be released in small "Coffee Cans" on overpasses killing hundreds of millions of Americans. Casualty Rate: 95-98%. I hope like heck you have the products we have listed:

a) Citricare from Vim And Vigor
b)Baking Soda - keep your body basic
c) Vitamins - a $12 bottle of Centrum Silver and some Iodine Water Purification Tablets  is OK
d) IMMUSIST  - the most important

10) The American boarders will be closed when the plagues are released and without these products you are dead. The Ports now have special GUN BOATS to kill you if you try to get out by boat.

11) The US Navy will be ordered to do nothing as America die thanks to the CIA/FBI and Homeland Security. Considering the 65,000 Nukes the US Military has - maybe some foreign intervention is warranted - like funding political campaigns for folks who can stop this before it happens?-

12) The stories are all ready written and ready for release. In fact - I have noticed that the Wall Street Journal is printed with stories that have not happened yet.
 America - trun to GOD while there is still time and HE may stop this time line.

The Stories You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

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