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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

President Obama Vists Seattle

Today President Obama landed on Air Force One at Boeing Field at about 3PM. Air Force One took a left turn, a right turn and then a left turn - they did a donut on Boeing Air Field. It was fun to watch.

The what looked like an Armored Pick Up pulled up next to the President, he walked over to a crowd, and then got in an Armored Vehicle and was driven away to raise money in Medina.

This version of Air Force One has a rattle in the far left engine caused by a what I believe is a bent propeller and a faulty main bearing. They also need to check the tire pressures.

The real problem I saw was metal fatigue in the area just under the bend in the left windshield of the cockpit - with a minor crack developing. Something about the paint bonding to a new type of metal in this area.

Boeing - Fix it.

Also - in the last 14 months there have been allot of evacuations from the white house - the last one - that you are not supposed to know about - occurred 5 days ago --- there was an unknown security breach.

So the times we can confirm hte White House being evacuated in the last 2 months are:

1) 20 July 2014 - Building Near White House

2) 17 July 2014

3) 9 July 2014

4) 16 June 2014

5) 6 June 2014

Do you think they are paranoid?

You are correct. GOD is going to rip those in charge of the US Corporation a new rear end. Watch their paranoia sky rocket as they have been unable to start WW3.

12 June - and you missed it.
According to the USAF General ($ Star) in charge of Asymetrical Warfare (General - we have 30 months to live - and in this this time the round up, and assassination,  of Americans will begin.

That is about 880 days until the planned complete destruction of America - this has been confirmed by my sources as well. We also may be surprised very soon by a major eruption planned for this year to kill half the world's population - at least it is planned at the current moment.

Please pray that their plans are reversed and they are thrown out of this nation immediately.

Change your ways and turn back to GOD and HE may yet save this nation.
The News You Are Blocked Form Reading

Dr William B. Mount

PS - good luck finding the bomb on the Subway in 4 days (+- 3 days).

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