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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Day At The VA - More Fraud

Dear Mr President, Congressman, Senators, and Foreign Dignitaries:

Memorandum For Record:  10 July 2014

What you are about to read it true.

No names have been changed.

This is the care a US Veteran receives today. It is disgusting, disgraceful, and will hit the Foreign Press within a week.

You did this. 

Perhaps all 60% Physically Disabled and above (Category 1A) Veterans should be authorized private health care for their injuries since they are not able to be cared for by the VA and thus fulfill the rules governed per USC 38.

What you are about to read is 100% true - the Veteran is not stupid - he carries a tape recorder. Their cameras record him, he records them. Copper Act, 1992 - he is still a Federal Officer.

The Story:

One week ago I escorted a 100% Physically Disabled Veteran to the VA Hospital and what you are about to read is unbelievable:

1) We went to the VA Dental - the Fee Service called and said he was eligible for Outside Dental Care. We arrive at 7AM for a check up and he was poked and prodded by a gal who was not a dentist - she did however identify herself as a dentist but she lied.

Her Comment to the vet: "Well, you are going to loose 4 teeth in the next 10 years so we might as well pull them now and give you Partials."

We said no so she got a real dentist. Apparently there was only 1 dentist there - the rest are farmed out to DHS Security Guards at the New FEMA Camp on Fort Lewis.

Apparently the vet was authorized outside dental care 1 Dec - 28 Feb of this year but a Real Dentist told hie he cancelled the authorization - he lied., he just lied.

2) We w3ent to the "Blue Team" where he is registered as a and he tried to make an appointment to get Synthroid and Testosterone, His doctor died and he went to get a new doctor. Two VA Employees were there and refused to make him and appointment to see a doctor.

They stood there and refused and told him to go to a Private Medical Clinic and get a referral to their doctors - they were unable mentally to make an appointment for him 100% Total and Permanently Disabled Veteran Service Connected could not get an appointment.

They kept demanding the Veteran go to their Primary Care Physician.

In 15 years the 100% Disabled Veteran has not had a Primary Care Physician assigned to him - but he does has a Primary Care Physician's Assistant who is working with him through Valor Medical Clinic - a Private Company working with the VA.

The Two VA Employees stood there in shock - they were mentally unable to fix the problem. They did not call anybody, they did not take the veteran to the Patient Representative - they just stared at him.

The Patient  Representative Marilyn Capizi was called and we left a message - but after 7 days no reply, none, NADA, Zip.

3) We then took the Veteran to the Private Medical Clinic where VA patients are sent. - Valor Medical Clinic.

First we called them and they hung up 3 times on us - no one there spoke English. Apparently they are under orders to hire non-Americas by the Obama Administration to handle our Veterans.

When we arrived we asked for an appointment for the veteran. The gal there had a hard time with English but finally made him an appointment. Her son was considering joining the military - not any more.

When she was told the truth about the VA she got really upset.

4)  Please understand that the Dental Work is 100% Service Connected and in 15 years all the VA has done is fill and pull, fill and pull, fill and pull.

Two months ago 8 VA fillings fell out so the VA did do some additional filling and the fillings completed last month are of such poor quality the VA Dentist we just saw said many of the 30 day old VA fillings are failing.

So the VA fills, refills, refills and refills a tooth and then pulls iit making a partial. This way the VA can doctor a tooth maybe 6 or 8 times, charging the IMF each time they play with one tooth.

What a racket - ripping off the American Tax Payer, and thus the IMF the cost of 6-8 appointments for each tooth. That is 32 teeth times 8 - about 250 different appointments for each veteran just for dental care spaced out about 6 months apart - a life time of work for some corrupt accountant.

In the mean time the vet suffers horribly.

5) We went back to the original dentist that was authorized to do work on hte veteran and asked itf they had been called by the VA Outpatient Services if this New Authorization had been approved because the veteran was in allot of pain - they said no.

6) The VA Fee Services (Outpatient Services) was then called and they said that the Veteran was just re-authorized dental care with a private dentist and  it should all be set up by Tuesday.

7) In hte mean time - the patient has made an additional call to a private doctor to get the Synthroid and Testosterone.

The last time the patient brought a year's prescription for Synthroid to the VA Pharmacy they gave him a 90 day supply and then threw out the Prescription so when he went back to get another 90 days they told him: Sorry - too bad.

8) In other words - the Tacoma.Seattle VA refuses to honor prescriptions form outside doctors at the VA for 100% Physically Disabled Service Connected Veterans.

9) Now - this veteran was offered Breast Reduction Surgery for Malaria.

10) He was also told about a lump in his left hand by the head of Orthopedics in Seattle: "We Want To Watch The Lump Grow and we refuse to treat it."

11) The Veteran was also told by a VA Doctor: You Are too young to get Lyme's Disease"

One last comment - the veteran is not depressed but angry at the VA Employees for being so incompetent and stupid. Did they think he would not make waves?

12) OK - so somebody changed his status form 100% to 60% (100% Unemployability for life)  and added an appointment in 2 years - that was dirty beyond belief - but this is a whole other issue yet is speaks volumes about how the VA feels about the veterans.

Shall we go on?

This nation, and it's representative, must now pay a price for their inability to care for those who bore the brunt of the battle.

Consider what is now happening to the US Dollar. This is only the beginning.

I do expect you to reply.


Ambassador, Dr William B. Mount
Knight of Malta, Russian
Cpt (Ret) US Army

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