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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Incident - Flight MH 17 Downed

 THE INCIDENT NEEDED TO START WW3 is the incident to start WW3.

On the 17th of the 7th Month in a 7 year Flight MH 17 fell out of the sky - a Boeing 777.

On the 16th (1+6=7) Obama announced new sanctions against US Companies doing business with the BRIC 177 nations?

Sounds allot like what the Drag Queen of the IMF said a few days ago -----7777777777. The reset to be on 20 July - the "World War" reset.

Early reports on Reuters and Early Videos showed that the Boeing 777 did not catch fire until it reached the ground.

CNN revealed that Reuters reported initially that Satellite Contact with the Black Box and contact with local Air Ports was lost at 33,000 feet. If a missile hit it the Black Box would remain in contact with the Satellites - it is pretty well sealed.

Its electronics and Black Box were shut down simultaneously.

Flight 370 (Another 7) kept contact with the local airport even though it was in flames until it reached 2,000 feet. It's Black Box was recovered immediately - which is why the area it crashed in was off limits to the rescue teams.

This plane lost contact completely, fell out of the sky, and burst into flames.

Within the hour the story will change despite early testimony and films.

The only two folks who can turn off a Boeing 777 are:

1) Boeing
2) US State Department

John Shapiro, 1 June 2012, Ast. Sec. of State: The Purpose of the State Department is to sell weapons"

Dumb Dumb John Kerry  now has the blood of 295 people on his hands - Fascist Pig. If he wants a WW3 so bad put him in a room with me for 10 minutes - the Coward.

So if the plane was hit with a Russian Missile how could the black box loose contact with the satellites and how could the plane fall from the sky not burning?

If the Boeing 777 got hit with a BUK missile it would have blow apart - yet the debris is in one small area.

Please tell me how a bunch of untrained rebels armed with oddball weapons could suddenly learn how to operate a Russian Buk Launcher and why would they shoot down a commercial airliner?

Look at the system in Wikipedia - it is one mess of computers:

Further - why would a Boeing Jet fl over an area that is off limits to Commercial air Travel since the Boeing Electronics will not allow this?
For You Intel Freaks - and Geeks

I am sure the US Army Cyber Command will flood this website with stupid stories to try and  bury this one - but it is already posted in a dozen overseas papers.

Thou shalt not lie US State Department and Mr President

Thou shalt not murder US State Department and Mr President

You cannot have your WW3

Your Dollar is going down - your IMF missed the last deadline on 12 June 2014 and GOD will now come against those who come hail from  DC and the underground bases in Denver and Central Southern Nebraska. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

US Military and CIA - "Darlings" you are in big trouble because your IMF Drag Queen missed the 12 June deadline - big trouble.
The News You Are Not Supposed To read

Dr William B. Mount

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