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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WIPP Nuclear Storage Facility Blows it's Bottom Again and Again

Remember that little Nuclear Melt Down at Carlsbad Canyons that the US Corporation told us not to worry about - right after they evacuated a USAF Base with Nuclear Weapons?

The WIPP Nuclear Underground Storage Facility in new Mexico, complete with a surface Nuclear Reactor apparently is not so stable any more.

(((Pray - Visualize - your eyes are opened)))

Well - apparently they had a series of Huge Explosions in the Caves under their Nuclear Reactor a few short hours ago.

I will only reference an article because by referencing any of the charts the website will shut down.

All records of these explosions were removed by the USGS Corporation from their records less than an hour after the "Earth Quakes."

Apparently our Idiot President Obama the Gay closed Yucca Mountain and concentrated over 20,000 Nuclear Weapons, and some Nuclear Storage Waste, here in these caves rather than doing what Russia does and store them in Arctic Crevasses at 39,000 feet underwater.

These Nuclear Weapons are stored without their detonators - essential in the detonation of any Nuke.

What appears to have happened is that a very powerful weapon similar to a Neutron Beam Weapon (Beryllium In A Can) was directed at specific weapons and caused detonation after detonation: Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom.... thus neutralizing all 15,00 weapons purchased by the Nuclear Energy Institute from the former Soviet Union but about 5,000 additional rogue Nukes and making the Nuclear Waste Storage Facilities Off Limits for quite a while.

Whoever did this not only knew how to detonate a Nuke form 100,000+ feet up but how to detonate Key Nukes and thus not to cause a Syncapedic Detonation which would have likely blown New Mexico off the map - not kidding.

This kind of weapon was fired by someone in a higher Harmonics using technology we barely understand yet they are now actively involved in our planet's internal affairs.

One must admit that this was one of the stupidest ways to neutralize Nuclear Weapons - yet some advanced species chose this method for some reason. Only 65,000 + more US Nukes to go right?

A Note For The IMF

You missed your 12 June 2014 deadline - you must be either stupid or arrogant beyond belief.

You had to poop out that $600 Billion didn't you, make it up on the computer?

By tomorrow morning not only will 12 Euronations have  gas deals with Russia trading Natural Gas using something other than the Dollar or Euroes, but they will also be considering going back to their old currencies and the Living GOD will not allow you to touch them, for if you do it would mean death - so HE has spoken, so it shall be.

12 June 2014 - You really screwed up this time didn't you IMF Directors?

Not only that - the New Natural Gas Lines are bypassing your little war in the Ukraine right?

You are so going down IMF and US Dollar and with it your Bankstas, they will die when they cannot meet their obligations.
The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

Play it again and again and drive the IMF and the US Corporation into the toilet:

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