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Friday, July 18, 2014

Why Flight MH17 Was Destroyed

What you are about to read is true - but you are not supposed to read it.

We all have seen the initial video showing the bodies of flight MH17 where the bodies are dead but unburned. The [plane simply feel out of the sky into tall, dry grass and the bodies were not burned and the grass did not catch fire and the there was NO debris Field.

Only Boeing and the US State Department have this ability to shut off both the Black Box and the Boeing 777 electronics simultaneously.

So now we know who did it and how.

(Pray GOD opens your minds and those that did this are punished for murder in accordance with GOD's Laws immediately)

But why?

Three reasons really:

First - The UN Director Ban Ki-moon stated on an internal video at the HIV Conference that about 100 attendees to the 2014 HIV Conference in Melbourne (Australia) were on the plane - this includes the UN Director for HIV Health.

The UN Director had the story: "William Mount The Cure For HIV" as did others on the Boeing 777. They were going to reveal the Cure For HIV.;_ylt=A86.ItEn.clTN4ABcYmbvZx4?p=binki+moon+video+message+at+hte+20th+international+aids+conference&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=hp-avast&type=avastbcl&fp=1

Second - Flight MH17 (Seven) was 17 (Seven) minutes ahead of President Putin's Plane - it was a warning to bow to the Rothchilds.

Finally., The need to start WW3. A New World Bank that is going to displace the IMF was just funded and a New World Currency created 15 July 2014 - 71 years after the Bretton Woods Agreement created the US Dollar as the world Currency. The Dollar is dead.

The $100 Billion in initial finding is will be provided as follows: $41 Billion form China, $18 Billion form Russia, Brazil and China, and $3 Billion form South Africa.

The bank opens officially 15 July 2014 - Thus the Absolute Need for what the Director of the IMF calls for a "RESET by 20 July" - a World War.

The Headquarters for the New World Bank will be in China - which displaced the US as the largest trading nation in the world as of January of this year.

When China revalues it's Yuan it may become the largest GNP in the world - displacing the US Corporation.

This may also be found in teh Bridges Weekly 17 July 2014 but Google is now blocking this site, as they are the initial video of the crash of MH17.

All over the world you can find the truth - all but America, Australia, England and Ireland.

The Fascist Pigs who run the US Corporation are now blocking the news on the Internet. 

If your son or daughter is in the military and they use computers in the Intel World - they are Fascist Pigs - cut them off from the family.

The IMF thought they could ignore the 12 June deadline - oops.

The only 7 countries that will continue to use the Federal reserve Note are: US/UK, Scotland (?),  Ireland (?) Canada, New Zealand (?), and Australia (?).

Even the UK bankers are making deals with Russia for using the Ruble.
As a side note - today at the UN Headquarters major players in this New World Bank in China are meeting to finalize all treaty and corporate agreements to open this bank.

The Rothchilds, and thus the Roman Pope, now loose 5% of all the trade around the world and thus control of the world's finances and they are like children and want to destroy anything they can at the moment.

12 June baby - your IMF missed it. Stupid is as Stupid does.

For news about the BRIC nations go to:


I cruise on,,

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Remember - MH17 - Unburned Dead Bodies, no debris field, no grass fire

If this video was not so revealing the US Corporate Fascist Pigs would not be hiding it - would they?

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