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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Something Is Afoot In London

Something is Afoot In London

(Pray that those who want to kill us are destroyed immediately)

Yesterday I was given the fact that the Illuminati is planning something pretty big on 17 August - this is why they are so quiet.

Ever since the Illuminati missed their 12 June deadline GOD has been dropping them like flies being sprayed with DDT - see Banjamin Fulford’s Latest Blog - 6 Zeroes Strikes Again Hard.

These deaths are causing extreme fear and confusion at the highest levels.

We know that the Illuminati does nothing except through Astrology and Numbers - so stick with me.

Ever since Rome hung the King of Prussia King Frederick after he had ruled the thrown for 99 days on 15 June 1888 (6,6,7) Rome has taken over Germany and then through the Bauers (Rothchilds) the Bank of England and the warpath of the British Monarchy - or the Rightful House of McAlpine who the Stuarts ran.

The Virginia Charter of 1606 gave the King of England all land in North America.

The Treaty of 1783 gave all taxes form France, England, Scotland, Ireland and the US to the King of England.

The 1871 Organic Constitution made the US a Corporation

The Bretton Woods Agreement gave the US Corporation to the IMF, which is 54.5% owned by David Rothchilds.

So with the help of an one-dimensional being Lucifer the planet was taken over by Lucifer out of Rome.

Remember the IMF Directors Recent Video stating the world is reset July 20th?

So, now - what is going on 17 August?

Consider this:

1) 2014 = 2+0+1+4 =7 Year
2: 1+7=8, 8th month - August

3) 16=1+6=7= July
4) Flight MH370 was in the air for 17 minutes when it went down and 1+7=8.

5) Flight MH 17 was shot down 16 July 2014 (1+6=7, 7th month, 7 year (2+0+1+4=7)
6) AH Flight 5017 went down over Africa 25 July a few days ago - again 17, and a 50.
2+5=7, 1+7=8. SO it went down 2+5 (7) on a 7 month on a 7 year - 7,7,7.

7) 50 is the code for DC
8) Malaysia Airlines has 8 and 8 letters, 8+8=16,=7

9) Algerian Airlines has 8+8 Letters, 8+8=16,=7

All of this is meat to tell us something.

Pat Schupe believe the US CIA will blow 100 malls in America on 17 August.

I believe that the US will have a plane fly into DC on 17 August with possibly a Nuke or with the Eboli infected people on it working for some DC Foreign Aid program. The flight will have some kind of number aligning itself to 17 and 8 or even 50, and the pilot will more than likely be a Jesuit.

More later as it comes in - there will also be an coordinated attempt to again kill Obama and this time the Speaker of the House. By the way - Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have cancer - yeah.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr William B. Mount

Gotta go - they are shutting me down agian

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