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Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Message To President Putin

This is a message to both President Putin and PM Medvedev of Russia.

(Please pray for America)

President Putin: MH17 was a warning - bow to the IMF or die. The bodies were unburned and there only appear to be about 25 UNBURNT BODIES in the wreckage. Thank GOD the 3 foot dry grass fields did not catch fire - but it was not shot down and did not come down in flames or the grass would have caught fire.

America has been led down the Primrose Path to Pergatory.

We have brought the worst sin into our own homes through the media - TV and Radio. We have brought in, and hosted, Homosexuals of all kids, Liars, Evil Witches, Child Molesters, Murderers, and those who deny GOD even exists. No one seems to be able to put 2 and 2 together - we a very Arrogant nation. Now we must pay.

The Time frame for America's destruction  is that over the next 2 1/2 years there will be another 40,000,000 Illegal Aliens brought into our nation and they will all be placed on Welfare while the Dollar is devalued by about 90%. Both Silver and Gold will remain low by in price to discourage investments in heavy metals.

Already the nations south of out boarder are opening up their Mental Wards, Jails, and Hospital Wards filled with the incurable and shipping them up to America while Eric Holders Mexican Drug Cartels lay down suppressive fire at the boarder crossings - thus killing more Americans.

Yesterday ICE released some 36,000 Illegal Alines who committed Murder and Rape by order of Der Fuhrer Obama.

People like Obama and ED Dempsey are Traitors and tried as such. If you really feel you can negotiate with Traitors like this - be my guest.

The head of the IMF has already set the time frame for the death of the Dollar, and the Death of America, at early 2017 - when the banks will close and the North American Union is formed. At this point the US Senators and Congressman will go to their underground shelters and be killed with the Gas Containers already in place behind their Air Intake Areas. This will include most high ranking officials of most US based corporations like the SEC, FCC, DHS....they will not be needed by the new North American Union.

Current, and past, leaders of the IMF and Federal Reserve Systems and Federal Reserve Bank will also be terminated as they know too much - in much the same way as Obama has ordered the murders of thousands he thought knew too much. They missed the 12 June deadline and have no intentions of doing as GOD has asked so they must die, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

If you throw your lot in with them you will also find yourself, and most of the Russian Leadership,  terminated down to the 5th and 6th levels.

Just keep in mind that the Roman Pope (Jesuit) was just found guilty of Rape, Child Trafficking and Murder - a Death Sentence according to his own laws. He will kill children and rape them - who are you and your staff to him?

I do not know how much longer I can warn you of assassination attempts on you and Mevedev - someone just tried to shut me down on the net - we call them Computer Ranger Cowards.

Your life has been spared 7 times in the last 7 years by the Living GOD - and Medvedev's 4 times through these warnings. When I am unable to warn you though the net, or personally,  GOD will terminate you - so HE has said ti - so it shall be --- and my ability to use the net is quickly going away.

Search GOD and see if HE has been wrong.

Further - your 150,000 Russian Troops in America will be killed when the CIA begins releasing the Bio Weapons in about 2 years - maybe sooner. Russia will loose 15 divisions in a matter of months.

It seems like Russia made a deal way back in 1040 with another Fascist Pig named Adolf Hitler - so how did that work out for Russia 1941-1945?

You think the American Corporation is any different than NAZI Germany?

So - what would the loss of 15 crack divisions meat to Russia if NATO conducted a Ground Invasion of Russia?

Yup - fooled again.

By the way - the Global Currency Reset begins today.

GOD is not kidding about YOU and your staff being killed.

DO what you feel is right - but GOD is firm in what HE says tonight.

Have a nice day.


Congress - get off your rear ends and read Operation Devolution - you are not needed so you will be terminated. Duh!

The News You Are Not Supposed To Read

Dr William b. Mount

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