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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Conditioning For The Plague Has Begun

America is now being conditioned to accept the plagues to enter America.

(Pray hard - Visualize -  that those destroying America and her freedoms are killed immediately - GOD is doing just that)

America is being programmed now to accept the Plagues and the Wars put forth by the Rothchilds.

COnsider the following stories - all released on form 12:07 to 13:01 - all within a few minutes of each other:

1) DHHS: Patient Tested at CMC Did Not Exhibit Eboli Symptoms --- the article describes a gal being brought into the EMergency Room who did not exhibit Eboli.

2) Passenger Dies on US Airways Flight To Phoenix,. Cause of Death Still Unknown.

The story states that a 50 (DC #50) year old woman flew form Honolulu to Phoenix on flight "369" and dies as the plane was landing at 7 (Seven) AM.

US Airways Flight 369 - upon checking out the story - did not fly from Honolulu to Phoenix -- it was a made up story to confirm Washington DC to be hit with a Plague.
If you wish to be prepared there are only 3 products I would have to counter these coming plagues and I have enough for my family members:

1) Citricare - From Vim and VIgor. I have 6 bottles.

2) Baking Soda - Non-aluminum. I bought Bob's Red Mill baking soda.

3) Immusist - If it can Cure HIV it can cure the plague.

Most of you will not buy these items - fine, explain to the Living GOD why you ignored HIM.
The US Corporation must have it's war. It shut down the Russian Stock Market yesterday while COngress is still trying to sanction Russia and the US DOD also sent 5,000 more missiles YOU paid for to Israel to kill more people.

They must have this war - but so many bankers are dying. There may be no one left to fund htis war.

Go Six Zeroes
The News You Are Not Supposed To Have

Dr WIlliam B. Mount

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