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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bubonic Plague Strikes China

Far into the high mountain desert provinces of China the Bubonic Plague (Black Death) has struck the people of the town of Yumen.

(Please pray that those who did this are neutralized immediately)

Far from the population centers of China and high in the desert regions near Mongolia in the town of Yumen, (a city with 30,000 people) a 39 year old man has died of the Bubonic Plague.

There are outbreaks of the Bubonic Plague all time - one, two or three cases reported all over the world but they are usually isolated and in rural areas

The significance of this is: 

1) This is the exact  disease the 4 star General who was offered the job as the head of the Joint Chief's of Staff mentioned would be tested, and utilized, to kill billions of humans around the world by those at Langley - CIA Headquarters. This puts us all on high alert doesn't it?

2) This high desert area where Yumen is located area only receives about 2 1/2 inches of rain a year so rat populations are limited the usual culprit in the spread of this disease.

3) This city is near the area where there has been allot of Violence lately - near the area where the US Corporation wishes to create a civil war.

4) Another man, 38 years old, near Yumen died of the Bubonic Plague while herding animals in the desert only 4 days ago  - they are at the beginning stages of a Plague so somebody is seeding the area with the Plague.

5) Yumen is the center of Oil for the region - they actually have an oil wells and an oil refinery there. Cut the city off and you starve China of refined oil. Cut off China's Oil and they have to purchase US Corporate Oil using the IMF Federal Reserve Note (US Dollar). The BRICS nations dissolve.

This is dirty pool.

((Why does it everything centers around oil - Israel vs Palestine, Bundy Ranch in Nevada, now a Chinese Oil Refinery in Yumen, man tending animal in Ginsu Province near Oil Wells?))
Once the Bubonic Plague was detected here is what happened:

a) The City was quarantened - no one comes in, no one leaves. They have enough food for 30 days.

b) The military moved in to isolate the city.

c) Inside the city it was broken down into regions and travel is restricted. This is what we can expect here in the America Soon unless the CIA is contained along with the Jesuits.

Location of Yumen, Gansu Provence.
Location of Yumen City (pink) within Jiuquan City (yellow) and Gansu

The world will know CIA who is responsible for this.

The News You Are Not Supposed To Know

Dr William B. Mount

Be careful CIA - payback is a Bitch.

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