Sunday, May 31, 2015

UN Broadcast 30/31 May 2015

This was by far the best and most interesting Conference the Arcane School has ever had. The speakers were top notch and the delivery was incredible.

Following is a review of the high Points of what was said - Part One. The second part may be (May Be) discussed tomorrow and will deal with how the Universe is organized, what Dark Matter really is, and how to access Dark Matter for energy and propulsion and how to use it as a weapon.

The conference theme was:

Let The Group Onward Move Out Of The Fire And In To The Cold toward A Newer Tension

1)  River Between Two Worlds:

 a) Water is ether that is condensed in this 3rd Dimension 1st Harmonics and makes up about 50% of our Blood Stream.

b) The Red Blood Cells are the Etheric Energy and an Inter-dimentional Circuit that connects us to the higher harmonics. The are represented in the Higher Harmonics as an Electrical Fluid so therefor Blood represents ether in it's densest form - IE: Blood is Life. Both Blood and Water act as a sort of Magnetic Recording Liquid.

c) As the blood pumps we actually see about 20% of the blood disappear and then reappear at the junction of the heart - it flows in and out of the Higher Planes.

d) Personality is thus set up by water on the Inner Planes of our souls.

e) Each Major Organ relates to a body in our Solar System: Heart represents the sun, Mercury the Lungs, Jupiter the Liver, Saturn the Spleen, etc. This is why when the Sun has troubles we can feel it in our hearts.

f) Our Soul's love in the spirit world is cold - thus we have to come down to the Lower Material Planes to feel the warmth of Friction (For all warmth is created by fiction). and through this warmth feel compassion. The Fallen Angels are thus the "Lords Of Compassion" and by giving us Pain and Suffering we will all evolve into a higher state of Nirvana and then begin our Spiritual Journey up the Harmonics.

g) All of the Hierarchy were once Humans and here is where we will end up there some day - much like the Mormon Belief where all were brothers and Jesus became the Good Guy and Lucifer the Bad Guy like Good Cop/Bad Cop.

h) The actual Absorbtion of water may actually help determine how healthy we are. Seem funny that this is exactly what Immusist does, doesn't it?

2) The Flow Of Life:

a) Science is Moving towards Alchemy.

b) The discoveries they are finding are incredible. Doctor giving the talk discussed the difference between rural vs city hospitals and discussed the need for more funding.
3) Out Of The Ashes

a) Bernie Rochford - Former Continuing Care Commissioner in the NHS (Health Care Service of the entire United Kingdom now Whistle Blower) discussed the fact that clearly 2/3rd (66%) of all patient care bills were paid out to Dead Patients - despite a mandatory yearly face - to - face patient review.

b) As a Commissioner she went to the Director and asked to stop this - at which point she was promptly fired.  Sounds allot like one of my first complaints about the VA?

c) The accountants simply make up Fake Doctors in their own names (Since these Doctors do not need medical degrees) and pay themselves for the treatment of Dead People. This is exactly what the VA has been doing  in Seattle, Portland, Pittsburg, etc. In addition - for Live Patients they actually make appointments for patients, do not tell them, and the make up notes about the appointments they never had.

d) So while the doctor above is calling for "Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money" the next speaker discussed the Fraud and Waste (Over 66%) inherent in the NHS and just how Evil Government Health Care Workers are when you point out this Waste, Fraud and abuse.

e) Think about Obama Care - Not One Cancer Case Cured of one case of Heart Disease Cured - yet we can do that for around $300. It is a complete program of Waste, Fraud and Abuse. My wife calls it a "Slush Fund."

f) Bernie discussed the "Tension" in her life due to the Nasty Evil things the UK director of the NHS is now doing to her and not one British Official is Man Enough to arrest the Director of the NHS for this Theft.

4) Libuse Savodinova - Vision

a) Libuse discussed the need for vision in her nation of the Czech Republic and how the need to stay focused  and on tract to complete a mission.

b) After the Czeck Republic became independent they elected a man who understood how the people felt and tried to help his tiny little struggling nation move up in the world. Since these people came out of Communism they despised the Russians and ejected any form of Communism and move towards the West.

c) The New President was elected and he seems to love Vladimir Putin and every thing the Russian's represent. The people are furious. This switch in policy (Sounds like Obama) has caused much tension in the Czeck Republic and this tension is causing Division.

5) Final Remarks:

The speakers discussed the need for tension - and they made several statements you have heard me discuss many times here - only now the UN Directors are having their eyes opened:

1) The Spiritual Hierarchy is in mass confusion and no one knows why --- Gee Whillikers, seems like we have discussed this many times.

2) The Christ of Lucifer will not return until the Earth is AT PEACE and is expected  return in hthe year of 2025.

3) Tensions here on this plane are quickly reaching a climax - and we will either have complete peace or massive Nuclear War.

4) A Practicing then Pshychiatrist stated those who believe in Conspiracy Theories may be mentally unstable and many are literally coming unglued at this point in time.

5) There seems to be a planned Ecological and Financial Melt Down coming that may necessitate Nuclear War and this really worries the Directors.
On a personal note:

I would like to remind the members of the Arcane School, Lockheed Martin and the United Nations here in New York and in London that the Nuclear Weapons I identified heading towards YOUR headquarters were not only large enough to vaporize you and your entire staff, they were set to go off at a time you were all in your offices, and that through Great Efforts I was able to identify where they were and thanks to Chinese and Russia Forces they were stopped In Route.

Remember the Colorado Missing Nuke - It Was Headed to London, it was stopped in Halifax.

8 Feb 2015 - Nuke went off just north of Donetsk, Ukraine I tracked for 30 days. The other 2 nukes were headed toward Stalingrad and Murmansk,

The DC outage - Caused by a Nuke a few weeks ago - I tracked for 121 days.

The recent Rogue Nuke in Northern Pennesylvania - could use some help on this one guys and gals. They guy who is packing this decide is getting kind of desperate and may consider Suicide by Nuke at the place of his choosing.

UN Members - you need to be Very Afraid - You are the primary targets so a little help would be nice - wince YOUR lives are at stake.

The war may start sooner than you think - Texas may be thrown out of the US on 1 July by Obama - the Executive Order was signed ---- and the US has countless Nukes - could use some help here boys and girls.

Obama and his staff are Insane and suicidal at this point.

(((Ask Yourself: What kind of Idiot or Insane Suicidal Maniac would try and stop this story from getting out knowing there my be a nuke headed for DC 12 June (+- 3 Days)  less than a mile from the White House?)))

This will be the First Planetary Destruction in History caused by Stupid and Lazy Intelligence Agents - CIA, Massod, SVR, Chinese Red Dragons, .......

Please pray (Visualize) that those in the United Nations wake up and help me stop this insane march towards World War 3 being profligated by the Vatican and Lucifer the Coward.

Oh yea - The US Corporation is now planning to over turn Madagascar - that means War. Allot of untapped resources there.

On a personal Note: Whoever reset my phone tonight does not wish this message to get out and obviously wishes a Nuclear World War 3. deal with them Russia and China.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Friday, May 29, 2015

Coded Message For The Leaders - Updated

The following is a coded message for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

There is a spiritual war going on between Good and Evil and the good is currently taking down Lucifer and his minions. It is for this Intergalactic and Interdimensional War that this message is written.

Jesus is French for Light and when you praise Jesus you praise the god of light - Lucifer.

God's Name is The I Am That I Am - Yeshu Raha Yeshu

His Number One Son's Name is Yehua - the A meaning servant of.

Every knee shall bow and every toungue confess that Yeshua is Lord.

Below every major Catholic Church built to worship Jesus is a temple to Sophia Pistis, "Mother of Lucifer."

The Message::::

Sophia is here and back in force and is stomping the snot out of the evil. Her forces have also arrived. Sopjia wants her planet back Now.

Her inheritance will be dispersed as soon as the "Ringing Cedar of Russia" and "Warren Buffett" come forward - which includes around $15.5 Trillion Dollars in gold.

Sophia may be reached at

From these 42 tons of gold will be given to Deutch Bank to help stabilize the planets economic system and 15 Tons of Gold to the  to the Ringing Cedar of Russia. One ton of Gold is to be given to the Mantle Feo of Russia.

The Pleadeans will bring whatever it takes to do this.

"From this will flow MY inheritance."

First - Russia will pay the bond I posted in Deutch Bank in full - which amounts to around $20 Billion currently.

Second - Sophia's  partner will receive $34 Billion

Finally - Warren Buffet will receive $3.5 Billion. The 34 + 3.5 will stabilize the planet at 37.5 Degrees above us.

The Galactic Council and the Pleadeans are taking over immediately.

The 12 +1 Chrystal Skulls in the Celestial Harmonics on Saturn's Rings have returned to Andromida for a download.

The 12 + 1 Elders here on Earth represented by these Chrystal Sculls will no longer be kept waiting and I am apparently the 13th Elder.

All 26 will eventually end up on Earth to stabilize the planet.

If this is not done immediately then Lucifer's time Line will be erased and the Fallen Angels will be as if they never existed.

"We Are The Golden Mean Of The Earth"
On a personal note:

After I got this call my phone got so hot I had to turn it off. Then - just posting this Coded Message was one pain in the Hiney.

Somebody does not want this message delivered - which make any sane individual realize that maybe there is some sort of validity to this message - other wise why would someone try and stop me?

What is so important in this message that the DOD and CIA would purposely shut down my computer several times, and over heat my phone,  to stop this message?

My recommendation: Warren Buffett, Deutch Bank and Ringing Cedar - you need to contact "Gia Sophia." If you do not, and she is real, then you are history.

Consider Jade Helm 15 and a nation with 65,000 Active Nukes, 250,000 Nuclear Tipped Surface to Surface and Surface To Air Missiles and over 100,000 Undersea "Hedgehogs" and 135 "Doomsday Nukes" purposely being broken apart by the Gay Boy in our White House in less that 5 weeks.

Consider also the Underground Base under the White House being torched off 10 minutes after I posted my warning 3 days ago forcing an Evacuation, or the Nuke that went off in the Eastern Ukraine 8 February 2015 I tracked for over 30 days?

Perhaps you could set your Egos aside for one moment and Humor Me and contact this "Gia" ?

Time is critical.

OK - let's see what happens.
The News You Need???

Dr William B. Mount

Another Personal Note: I just got done listening to the Director of Lockheed Martin discuss the Esoteric meaning of Light and our building of Star Ships at the UN HQ.

What if this Gia and Galactic Council thing is real - and you do not contact her --- then you are toast, baked to a crisp and then thrown down into the lower Material Harmonics (Band Widths) forever.

You do the math.

Insane Obama Throws Texas Out Of The Nation

President Obama may have gone completely insane - this is not a joke. As of 1 July Texas will no longer be in the United State yet the Fascist US Corporation will control the state - Zeig Heil.

If this is true then not only has Obama thrown Texas out of the Union he has thrown out the US Constitution of 1793 and of 1871.

Is there no one brave enough in the FBI, CIA, or Secret Service brave enough to arrest this wimpy gay boy and his Manly Husband Mike Ramsey (Michelle Obama)?

Michelle has an Adams Apple - She is a Drag Queen.

Here is the article, judge for your self:

Obama to Sign Executive Order Stripping Texas of Statehood Ahead of Jade Helm 15

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama will issue an executive order next week stripping Texas of statehood while creating a sovereign nation-state between the U.S. and Mexico, a White House official speaking on condition of anonymity told The Washington Post today. Effective July 1st, the laws governing the United States, including the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and, additionally, the Geneva Conventions, will no longer apply to Texas or its residents.
The order is set to become law just days ahead of what the Obama administration and the Pentagon are calling a “large-scale training exercise.” Dubbed ‘Jade Helm 15,’ the operation involves several states, including Texas, and consists of roughly 1,200 soldiers and seamen from U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Navy SEALs, and Air Force special operations forces.
In April, Texas Governor Greg Abbott placed the Texas State Guard on alert and instructed them to “closely monitor” the military exercise over concerns it might be a ploy to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens through the implementation of martial law. However, the Obama administration has repeatedly refuted these claims, calling them “conspiratory and baseless.”
Eric Masterson, a White House National Security advisor, said, “The purpose of Operation Jade Helm is to help the Texas transitional government facilitate a swift conversion into sovereignty. This isn’t some vast conspiracy; in fact, it’s very similar to what we’ve done in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Masterson said the overall objective is to curb illegal immigration by creating a buffer zone between the U.S. and Mexico, effectively shortening the border between the two countries. “The Texas-Mexico border currently accounts for 66% of the entire U.S.-Mexico border, with Texas serving as a focal point for illegal immigration,” Masterson said.
Beginning July 1st, the Lone Star nation-state will be solely responsible for its survival and prosperity, however the United States will maintain a fleet of U.S. Navy destroyers and nuclear submarines in the Port of Houston. Additionally, the Department of State plans to erect a heavily fortified embassy there, allowing the Port of Houston and all its assets to remain on U.S. soil.
“Of course any Texans who wish to obtain U.S. citizenship are encouraged to do, provided they seek it through legal means,” said Masterson, who added that current immigration policies apply to Texan nationals “the same as they do for everyone else.”

The article came from Real News Right Now which often times seems to jump to conclusions, but this story may be true. If it is - the Nation ceases to exist 1 July 2015.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Military IDs With SS Numbers Are No Longer Valid

The US Military ID Cards with Social Security numbers are now invalid.

The excuse is that there are Data Breaches and la, la, la.

They reality is that the Social Security Department is about to go away, period, and the DOD wants it's retiress to be taken care of.

In fact - many companies and agencies dealing with Money and ID Cards are going through Huge changes at the moment so expect anything in terms of Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, etc.

Here is what happened to a guy who served in the US Navy for for 40 years:

My wife's dependent ID card expired last April.  She discovered this  
when she tried to invoke Tricare as secondary insurance and it was  
denied.  My ID card had "INDEF" on the expiration date.

I went to the Draper National Guard center, where the nearest DEERS  
contact was located and was told several things.

1.  My ID card was considered invalid because it had my Social  
Security Number on it.  ID theft, SSN, yada, yada, yada.  I was issued  
a new one with a "DOD ID Number" in place of the SSN.

2.  The DEERS rep set my ID card to expire in a year when I turn 65,  
and my wife's a few years later when she turns 65.  At that time we  
will automatically be put on Medicare A and B and enrolled in "Tricare  
For Life."

I found this out by accident.  Please send this warning to all  
retirees you know.  Tell them if they still have their SSN on their ID  
card it needs to be replaced.  In a few years DEERS might not know who  
they are without a new DOD ID Number.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

China - Girdle Your Loins

Leaders of China - Girdle Your Loins.

You were told that the US would get hit, then Russia then the Mighty China.

Two days ago DC was evacuated on Memorial Day as there was an  "Earth Quake" there and then Smoke began pouring out of a vent leading to these underground places you cherish so well.

This morning the man in charge of Russian Natural Gas Pipeline Manufacturing was shot with ripples throughout Russia as their Congress (Dumas) took action to ban "Hit Man" adds across Russia.

China, mighty China - Home of the Red Dragon and Golden Dragon Families. Now you will watch the Hand of GOD reach across China and you will not like what HE sows.

You should have done as GOD asked earlier. Now, since you did not listen to HIS message through HIS messenger, now HE will have to speak to your leadership.

Heed well what GOD says and may I personally recommend you do as HE has previously directed you to do or the penalties for Arrogant Ignorance will increase.


Chinese Leadership - Girdle Your Loins.
Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy 70th Birthday Patch Adams

While the rest of the world is trying to blow itself up Patch Adams (Dr Hunter Adams) is in Armenia teaching folks how to love one another.

That's right - his trips focus on teaching hospitals how to treat "Patients" as part of their family rather than a number on a computer.

Patch has - thanks to your recent donations - been able to build 2 FREE hospitals - one in West Virginia and one in Philly.

Two of Patch's dreams have come true - we provided him with the cure for cancer, YOU provided him with funds for his free hospitals for things like bandages, bandaids, Iodine, etc.

His third dream may come true after the return of Christ - Peace On Earth.

So as he celebrates his 70th he is surrounded with hundreds of old and new friends.

Happy birthday Patch.

When everyone else rejected me when I was homeless trying to figure out why the FBI stole all my money and came against me for stopping a Nuclear War Patch Adams stood by me. I realized I was as crazy as him and we struck up a friendship that has lasted almost a decade.

For over 4 decades he has the same message: Love, not hate.

Always a kind word to me and he wrote a book as well.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

His Happy Birthday Video will make you laugh.

Gesundheit Institute on Instagram: “Happy 70th Birthday Patch!! Photo by @yushkooksana on recent clown trip to Armenia. #patchadams #armenia #humanitariaclowning”

Gesundheit! Institute Happy Birthday to Patch! - Gesundheit! Institute

US Tries To Kill Russian Oil Pipe Line Manufacturer Director

Over the last 10 years Russia has made some tremendous progress towards recovering their mineral rights and taking back much of their industry form the Rothchilds Mega Monopoly that spans the globe.

In one are Russia has made tremendous progress is in the Oil Pipeline Manufacturing Arena - investiong around $1 Billion US Dollars throughout their infrastructure.

Today the Russian Oil Giant Gazprom is planning, and building, a natural gas pipeklie through Turkey and Greece and into central Europe to deliver Natural Gas to most of Southern Europe.

The current pipeline orders are coming 50% from Germany (Built by the Marshal Plan, still in effect) and 50% from Russian Manufacturers - 35% OMK, 15% Severstal.

The pipeline is 613MM in diameter and can handle up to 250 Autmospheres and is seamless - very high quality.

The US Embassy in Moscow apparently hired a hit man and the Director of the OMK Pipeline Manufacuring Factory was shot this morning by a very aggressive Gunman. HE was apparently shot in the abdomen and shoulder and is alive in intensive care in a local hospital. He apparently refused to destroy his companies production facilities of sabotage the pipeline manufacturing plant.

This "hit" occurring only a few days after Secretary of State Dumb Dumb John Kerry visited with a Putin Double. Go figure.

There will be a retaliation - but to what extent - when and where - - - but be assured the Russians will respond in a very strong way for the Unprovoked Attempt To Kill this 40 year old  Russian Director of KOMPLEKROSKOI-GROUP Oil Pipeline Manufacturing Division.

Bad choice US Secretary of State.

The Embassy paid $200 for the hit, cheapskates.

In an additional in a speech  given by the Assistant Secretary of State - there will be US troops in Myanmar (Burma) within the week. They refused US "Assistance" a few days ago. Oops. US Sponsored Revolution - here it comes - another US Sponsored Killing Spree.

As an America I am ashamed at the behavior of the US Secretary or State and his assistants. GOD will now unwind their empire, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

John Kerry - better check yourself out for Prostrate Cancer.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Russian Businessman Survives Attempted Assassination in Moscow | News | The Moscow Times

“Russian Size” Pipes Manufacturing Gains Momentum | Oil&Gas Eurasia

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

When GOD Speaks Things Happen

No sooner than I posted the story yesterday morning around 9:10 AM PST about the warnings to America being over than a tiny earthquake occurred under DC and smoke began pouring from below.

Those working under the White House and Capitol Building were evacuated for several hours.

It is amazing the number of people working underground for the US Corporation on Memorial Day.

You can connect the dots.

This was a warning DC - the next one GOD says will not be so subtle.

Do you understand US Macho Alphabet Soup Agencies?

Similar warnings will be sent to Russia and China, and many other major nations and for all I know they already have been sent.

GOD will now do my speaking and: GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED

You have my number.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

U.S. Capitol being evacuated - Washington Times

Seismic Monitor: North America

Diabetes Self Induced And Self Cured

We all know what causes Type 2 Diabetes in most people - a poor diet.

Too much bad stuff: Fat, Sugar, GMO Foods, Dies and a host of other stuff we know is bad for us.

Here is a story coming from a reader who gave himself Diabetes, realized what caused it, and then stopped eating poorly and lost his Diabetes.

Is it ever cured - NO - if he eats poorly again it will come back but for now it is gone.

"I suffered an unusual incident this last summer.  I OD'd on Mountain  
Berry Powerade.  I bought it on tap at 7 Eleven.  It's a non  
carbonated drink advertised as an 'electrolyte-enhanced sports drink'  
like Gatorade.  I purchased it to the tune of a 100 oz. mug, two or  
three times a day, 6 days a week, all summer long.  I never bothered  
looking at a bottle so I didn't see that it had a LOT of high fructose  
corn syrup.

After 4 months of this I began to experience frequent urination,  
thirst up the wazoo, fatigue, weight loss (39 lbs), constant hunger,  
and leg cramps all day every day.  One morning I woke up and I had  
blurred vision.  Up to this point I needed glasses for up close low  
light reading only.  I know a lot of you can see the diagnosis coming.

I went to the doctor on October 3rd, 2014, two months earlier than my  
usual yearly examination/physical.  He diagnosed me as a Type 2  
Diabetic.    My blood sugar was at 400 and I was fasting and my A1C  
was very high too, but I don't remember the number.  An A1C of 6 is  
considered normal.  He wrote me a 60 day prescription for Metformin,  
which I bought and took as prescribed.  I told the Doctor I was hell  
bent on reversing this problem.  'Yeah Right!' was his attitude.

I immediately stopped all sweetened drinks, candy and desserts.  The  
only sweet stuff I ate was fruit in the cup yogurts, quart sizes  
(about 3 days supply) at night as a treat once in a while.  I  
continued to eat dairy and meat products as normal.  When I ran out of  
the Metformin I did not renew the prescription.  Instead, I did some  
research, then began my own specific regimen.

On January 8th, 2015 I went in to see the same Doctor.  He was not  
happy with me.  He was not happy I stopped the Metformin.  He was  
especially not happy I insisted on reversing the diabetes all by  
myself.  Still, I had not gained or lost any weight since the the  
October visit, so he took another blood test on the spot.  A few  
minutes later and with disbelief he said, 'Your sugar level is normal  
and your A1C is 6.  He said only 5% of Americans are able to reverse  
diabetes like I did.

Now I am not bragging, I just believe that knowledge is power.  I  
believe the human body is designed to heal itself *IF* you give it the  
right nutrition and glyco-nutritionals (foods that act like drugs but  
have no side effects or contraindications).  Diabetes has never been  
in any of my family.  I am the first one ever to contract it.  I threw  
away my 100 oz. mug.  I feel like I've been given a second chance and  
I do not want to squander it."

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

America - The Days Of Warning Are Over

America - The days of warning are over.

Pray - Pray - that you are not caught up in this coming war.

For Eight years GOD has warned the world of False Flags and Disasters and through this has stopped countless loss of life, including those lives in DC, Moscow, Beijing and countless other cities.

For years there has been help in stopping these disasters form those around the world who do not wish to see a Full scale Nuclear War. At the forefront of assistance has been the Russian Intelligence Agencies working across the globe to stop these US Made "Trigger Points."

One of the things the Fallen Angels believe is that is they die in a Nuclear Blast they die - go away forever: their very essence vanishes.

All of the major players have been contacted through this medium, through the TV and by radio stating exactly what the Living GOD wishes them to do financially to avoid this coming conflict and not one has responded.

Exactly when and how the Living GOD will judge I will not reveal - only that the time for warning is up.

It began with stopping a presidential assassination  and Nuking of Salt Lake 4 and 6 April 2007 and ends today. The first TV show clearly showed "Operation Devolution" - the operation of the US Government without a surface population.

The warnings end with a confirmation of exactly what was said by Sorcha a few days ago - that the US openly killed 9 motorcycle "Gang Members" (US Veterans) in Waco Texas last week and also the British are getting really upset about this coming war. London and DC (And Langley) will be the First such casualties - along with their underground bases.

Think about it - US Special Forces purposely targeting US Veterans - their leadership has gone insane.

The confusion in the Spirit World (Demonic Realm) is over whelming as the Gates of Hell are opened.

The destruction of the 4 Submarine Bases in New Britain about 2 weeks ago by Nuclear Bunker Buster Bombs in retaliation for the 311 attack on Japan (as described by Benjamin Fulford) and the Non-Response by the Cowardly Fascist Obama-Nation Regime should be indicative of coming events.

Now the Living GOD will do my speaking for me.

If I you in a leadership position in any of the major nations that should scare the living daylights out of you. Your underground bases and you off world areas are all Fair Game in a Nuclear War and remember the US NAZI Firepower.

No world leader will be spared if the "lights go out" - so says the Living GOD.

GOD will now speak. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but HE WILL SPEAK.

In the name of the Living GOD, and HIS SON YESHUA - no power on heaven or Earth can stand against the Judgement of GOD. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

You have my number, more importantly - you have GOD's number.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Obama Massacres Innocent Waco Bikers Over Putin Fears

British Leader “Begs” Putin To Spare UK In Coming Nuclear War

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Red Dragons - You Were Sent A Message

Red Dragon Family - your masters in Rome sent you a message, bow to them.

(((Pray - Visualize - that those demanding war are immediately and completely immobilized for life)))

A few years ago I warned the White Dragons 48 hours before the Fukushima (Sendi) Earth Quakes on 3/11. They  did not listen and they had someone create an Underground Lighting Strike - as evidenced by both the actions of the waters and the Blue Flash. You now have 4 million pounds of radioactive waste dumping into your bays.

You have refused to clean it up. You have refused to use lightning as we described, radionics machines and other methods the Soviets used to contain Chernoble when the US hit their reactors with a simple Pin Point Heat Wave.

Your Dragon Family Intelligence finally got President Bush Jr to sing like a canary so in response you hit the US Submarine Bases between New Britain and New Ireland with 4 Bunker Buster Nukes 2 weeks ago - which is basically a 155 Artillery Barrel capped on one end and a 5-15 KT Nuke inside pointing down. It creates a very directed hole - destroying any bunker.

Our Presidential Handlers in the White House did nothing - Nothing.

A Nuclear Attack against American Forces and our President "Numb Nu.." did nothing

Dumb Dumb John Kerry did, however, run like a Coward to Russia for help. One of Putin's Doubles met with him.

A few days after that the Roman Pope told the Rothchilds (Bauers) to send the Red Dragon Family a "Message They No Coulda Forget."

The next day one of the Chinese Solar Stocks (Hanergy) fell 47% in one second.

Your Yuan and your Ruble are owned by the Rothchilds - you are too cowardly to kill the Jesuits and Nationalize your own currencies.

You are owned by the Rothchilds, who bow to the Roman Pope and Lucifer the Loozer.

Red Dragons - you  and your Russian Allies paid on nothing GOD directed so HE will give you no backing. You are on your own and you do not have the guts to challenge the Rothchilds.


In the mean time - the Fudge Boy of Langley have a man running around Rogue in Pennsylvania with a Live Nuke. He realized after the Nuke went off in the Eastern Ukraine that if he torched it off in Tennessee the CIA Fudge Boys would double cross him and kill him - blaming it on "Al Kada White Male Survivalist Veterans."

CIA - Fudge Boys - no one will ever trust you again. Too bad - there are some pretty loyal agents running around in the CIA (And FBI) and they do not wish to see the US go down.

The best thing this Double crossed man  can do is contact an Ambassador for a tiny nation in Canada using a "Walmart Pay As You Go Phone" and hope he can take refuge in one of their nations in exchange for a Live Nuke. Try Bahran or Nepal.

In the mean time - US Park Police - you need to keep your eye on your Memorials and make sure no one from a Black Vehicle leaves a Black Briefcase anywhere around your areas - it is an Old Dirty Bomb. It may work or it may go critical. Just be aware - Hint Hint Hint: Lincoln Memorial folks. You want the exact time and location - call.

China and Russia - watch your step. You have not payed off what you were supposed to pay off and you could easily loose the next go around. A Corporation with 65,000 Active Nukes and 250,000 Nuclear Tipped Missiles and over 100,000 Naval Undersea Nukes is a dangerous beast no matter how you slice it.

One mistake and Planet Earth ceases to exist and the Living GOD will be beyond angry.

Have a nice day.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Shares in Chinese solar maker Hanergy plunge by 47 percent, 2nd company facing debt trouble | Fox Business

7.4-magnitude earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea, tsunami possible - WorldNews

Weekly geo-political news and analysis

Make Colloidal Silver Cheap

The following video teaches us how to make a life time supply of Colloidal Silver for under $20.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Please Pray -Visualize - that those spending money on Colloidal Silver watch this video and that those tryign to make us sick around the world are immediately flattened for life.

Will Wilson  - love your stories

Friday, May 22, 2015


People ask me daily: How Do I Prepare For What Is Coming?

What do I do?

Where do I begin?


Do not panic - preparation for any disaster is very easy.

We answer thin in a video called: Be Ready.

((((First - Pray with me - Visualize - that those who wish to destroy your home are immediately and completely immobilized for life.))))

Think like your grand parents - what if I had no electricity, water, and food for 90 days - how do you get ready?

You need 90 days of Food (Meds) , Water Toilet Paper, Ammunition, Heat and Communications.

Watch the video - the little advertisement will help fund Patch Adams Free Hospitals - Bandaids and Neosporin, etc.

Please also keep in mind your neighbors need to ready as well.

BE READY - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jade Helm - US Intel Brief

The video you are about to see is a summary of this Ambassador's latest Intel Briefing on Jade Helm.

It follows pretty closely to what Benjamin Fulford is now stating and appears to be much worse that we initially thought.

Please pray that those in charge of Jade Helm are immediately and completely immobilized for the rest of their lives.

Jade Helm - US Intelligence Briefing - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount


The Video: The Cure For Diabetes

You Have A Right To Know

And I have lost 80+ pounds, and my wife has lost 23+ pounds.



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Dr William B. Mount

Saturday, May 16, 2015

WA Governor Declares Drought Emergency During Rain Storm

Why would the Washington State Governor declare a State of Emergency over drought while it is sprinkling?

Is not the Columbia and Green Rivers full and are not they expected to be full all summer?

Is there not enough water that is we pump the rivers into the fields we have plenty of water for irrigation?

Are not the Columbia, Green and other rivers flowing high right now?

And where is all the money going since our Gas Tax increased by $1/Gallon last month?

It is not going to road repair, that is for darn sure.

Folks - we are so screwed.

It is their time to Rape and Plunder.

Pray that these Washington State Evil Leaders are completely immobilized for the rest of the our lives.

WA Governor Declares Drought Emergency During Rain Storm - YouTube

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Dr William B. Mount

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jade Helm - We Can Win

In the recent news the media has us all in a "Frenzie" about Jade Helm

Yes - under Operation Devolution the plan here is to exchange the Federal Reserve Dollar for the US Treasury Dollar, then devalue that to the point where we need to bring in the New World Order Gold Backed Currency and then kill off 300 Million Americans.

Yes - some pretty powerful people are behind these changes like the Roman Pope, head of the Jesuits, etc.

We can collectively ask the Living GOD (Visualize) right now to immediately and completely immobilize the people who are driving Jade Helm  to the point where they are unable to even move for the rest of their lives.

If we humble ourselves before the Living GOD then HE will act accordingly.

Do not fear the chip. In Deuteronomy GOD says that HIS mark will be on our forehead and on our right hand - it is what we say and do that defines us as GOD's children.

These Demon Possessed Creeps can tatoo me with numbers, cut off a finger, or implant a chip in you but how does that change your relationship with GOD?

Keep in mind "Jesus" means light, or Lucifer.

GOD's name is "The I Am That I Am" -  "Yeshu Raha Yeshu"

His Number one sons name is "Yesh- A", servant of Yehsu Raha Yeshu.

Deny Jesus - it means nothing. Sign documents, swear on a stack on Bibles you deny Jesus - you are saying you deny Lucifer.

Deny Yeshua - not a good idea.

There are some pretty powerful folks who do not want Jade Helm to progress the way the US CIA wants it to.

They US Corporation currently has about 65,000 Active Nukes, around 1,500 Active Hand Held Nukes, around 250,000 Surface to Air and Air to Air Nuclear Tipped Missiles, 135 Doomsday Bombs deployed (1 Would destroy Planet Earth), and around 3,000 Missing Nuclear Weapons, not including Davy Crockets, artillery shells, and the like.

These numbers do not include the small, and large, Nukes pre-planted in the Congressional and Presidential Bunkers world wide ---- yes --- they are also in the Chinese and Russian Bunkers.

If some creepy CIA Fudge Boys choose to obey the Rothchilds in London, and begin to destroy this nation somebody is going to go nuts and start torching off these weapons. Since they are located World Wide - by by Chinese, Russian, US, UK, Indian, Iranian, Syrian, German, French, Spanish, Italian.......leaders. You will vanish in a flash.

Ever see a Nuke go off?

It ain't pretty. Pretty much everything in it's path goes away.

So again - keep praying and we may see some pretty powerful allies step up to the plate and stop these Mad Men who are initiating Jade Helm around the world.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) As for the nuke on the move set to go off 17 May - it is currently moving in squares - teh carrier is driving around deciding where to move it to. The two ares he is considering are the Tennessee Nuclear Processing Plant discussed earlier and the second location is two blocks due West of the White House. It would be a pretty good ides to Quietly and Covertly patrol these areas 14-20 May 2015. It would also be a pretty good idea to use some High Tech Stuff to snag the Nuke before another day goes by - DOD, Hint, Hint.

2) There is yet another plot to kill the a Presidential Double in the White House set for 12 June. The Shooter will simply walk in with one of Obama's Friends (Buds) and shoot him. Please - take these Presidential Doubles out for coffee in Paris of Chicago this day and DO NOT use the Current Air Force 2, it's left front landing gear has some issues - tired metal on a shaft.

3) I do not know what is wrong with the Air Force  Mechanics - they have missed so much lately. Maybe they need some additional training on spotting fatigued metal - or maybe some new equipment. That Jolt in the last Air Force One you rode in was a computer issue causing the Brakes to malfunction.

Secret Service, FBI,  and US Marshals - do not bother to cuss me out again for stopping yet another attempt on Obama - and having the local Police handcuffing me again and parading me about as an AMBASSADOR will not stop my resolve.

Do Not Shoot Obama Or Let It Happen - is this clear Secret Service, US Marshals and FBI?

USC 5: You have sworn to protect and defend this Sitting Presidential Double - so do it and stop complaining about it. If you do not wish to do it then quit. It is your job.
Any Questions Secret Service, FBI, Etc - you have my number. If you call ---- Be nice - You play Macho and I will hang up on you.
OK - Too Much Info .....

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
PS - You Were Warned About this here. Thank GOD you listened. I am surprised you did not call me - since I posted the problems ON LINE so you can find them. This is what - the 4th time we have done this for you Mr President?

If I was recalled I could make a closer examination of these OLD jets and then you could nip these problems on the bud - Ya Think?

It's your life not mine.

Obama switches to new plane after mechanical problem grounds Air Force One - The Washington Post

Do not worry, there is nothing wrong with the sun. Be happy, do not worry.........N3KL.ORG


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why The Earthquakes/Train Wrecks World Wide

Following is why we are seeing the large number of Earthquakes and Train Wrecks world wide.

1) On 14 July 1944 the United States Corporation was set up under the Bretton Woods Agreement by  the Signatures of the treaty to control world wide populations, maintain the World Currency under the Gold Standard, and dozens of other conditions for a period of 70 years. After this there was to be negotiated a New World Wide Treaty.

2) One of the things the US Corporation did was establish the Office of Population Control under the State Department (Now, Office of Population) with an unlimited budget to control world wide populations htrough wars, murders, disasters, etc.

3) This Corporate Treaty ran out 15 July 2014 so the US Corporation no longer is in charge - it's veto powers are over -- but, old Dinasaurs die hard and there are many currently in power that feel this US Corporate Empire must be maintained "As Is."

4) One of the things the US Corporation has now done since about 1970 is too not only change weather patterns but also destabilize the Earth's Crust. What better way to maintain populations and status quo than to destroy entire nations by shaking the ground?

This shaking is causing world wide both large Earth Quakes and Train Derailments and - to a limited success - loss of ships.

The feeling at the top is that these Human Sacrificing Lucifarians (Satanists) are doing us a favor by "Reducing Excess Eaters and Poopers." You can watch their interviews on You Tube.

The primary targets for these 2 Figure 8 TRB 3s is the Pacific Plate to to kill people in the Pacific Rim nations.

5) As man turns towards Evil the Sun is being used in a large part by GOD to try and reach us. Last night there was a huge Proton Burst - Protons have weight. This causes earthquakes and train derailments world wide: IE the Earthquakes in Nepal and Northern Japan this morning, along with dszens of smaller ones along the Pacific Rim.

6) One of the things the Underground Cities build in around 2000 was a double TRB3 aircraft that is in the figure of an 8 and uses Magnetic Propulsion for move. A picture of the TRB3 may be found on the net or below. These two  Figure 8 aircraft wsit atop the Pacific Plate and are currently using certain frequencies near 152MHZ to create both underground electrical strikes and expanding bubbles to destabilize these plates.


7) The Atlantic Ridge is a bit different and needs Nuclear Stimulation to let loose - so - various US Departments are participating in drilling small holes in this plate and "Nuking" the Atlantic Ridge. To date only small earthquakes have been produced but a large one is planned for the Official Kick Off of Operation Jade Helm. We shall see.

9) So - last night we had a huge Proton Burst form the sun and Nepal has another huge earthquake, along with Japan and there are allot more to come and the Full Moon is not scheduled for another 2 weeks.

10) We also had a nasty train derailment in Philly this morning - although this one was caused by sabotage by a Disgruntled Union Worker. Here comes the CIA created "ISIS" attacks. Symbol for the Jesuit Scum: IHS -- ISIS, Horace, Seth. They worship Lucifer.

11) Also watch the people begin to go nuts - Angry - when the Sun spots out large amounts of energy. Again - you can track this on N3KL.ORG

OK - Too Much Info - GOD says that until we turn towards HIM we will see the Sun increase in volatility. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Triangle UFO Above Germany Leaves Questions In Its Wake (VIDEO)

noaa_proton_G8_3d.gif (640×480)

Jumbo Seismic Monitor

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You Have Been Found Wanting

Over the last year GOD has had me file certain financial forms with different corporations around the world. These were done as a Test from the Living GOD for the people in these Corporations and Governments.

These forms were filed as an Ambassador and member of Foreign Royalty and thus from someone who is "Officially" allowed access to the Blue Temple on Sirius B - for those leaders in high places you know exactly what this means. (See the Illuminati Pyramid of Red/White/Blue).

Since you and your people did not act in a positive way to follow the procedures your master Lucifer set forth not only are you liable for discipline from Lucifer so is Lucifer subject to discipline from the Living GOD for violation of his signed obligations.

In other words - the Living GOD is now legally obligated to crush, and destroy, your organizations at will and in HIS time as long as these obligations remain unmet.

Here are the obligations you have ignored:

1) Treasury Form 5444E: This form requests money locked up in my Social Security Funds on the London Stock Exchange - whose number is in red on the back of a Social Security Card. Since this is held by the Federal Reserve System and they refuse to pay - they are going away and most of their employees will be terminated along with their owners. They know too much.

2) VA Waste Fraud and Abuse Forms: Since the VA refuses to pay on these they will be severely cut back during Jade Helm and no one will hire these Ex-VA Employees.

Since the Red Dragon Family now controls the IMF, and they run the VA, they will also be destroyed along with the Chinese Economy. They should have authorized their payments.

Already their economy is faultering.

GOD will not be mocked.

3) US Treasury Forms 211 - since the US Treasury refuses to honor these forms and they are to be destroyed. As the US Treasury Dollar is devalue to 10% of it's original value what is left of the US will switch to the New World Dollar. Those US Treasury employees that survive the coming DC riots will not be hired by any other corporation.

Further - since the Red Dragon Family now controls the US Treasury through the IMF, and since the US Corporation no longer has Veto Power there (Bretton Woods Agreement), the Chinese have thus legally refused to honor these forms. Therefor the Heavy Hand of both Lucifer and GOD will be upon these leaders until they honor their obligations.

4) The $500 Million Dollar Russian Bond filed at Deutch Bank in Florida. Since Deutch Bank is run by the Vatican and they refuse to honor this form, and since they answer to the Vatican Trust, and they answer to the Vatican Council, these organizations (And their leaders) will now have the Heavy Hand of both Lucifer and the Living GOD laid upon them until they honor this bond.

Further - since this is a Russian Bond, and the leaders of Russia refuse to honor this bond, their economy will now faulter and their financial leaders will now be dealt with by both Lucifer and the Living GOD.

Already they are no longer the financial leaders they were meant to be. That has been taken from them.
For Governmental Leaders of China, Russia and Mexico:

If the planned destruction of America does begin 11/12 September 2015 with the Dollar Exchange and the Nukes China has in Syncranous Orbit over America are detonated in March 2016 - leading to the detonation of the Nukes pre-planted by the Fudge Boys of Langley in the sequence we have already described ---- then your planned invasions of America will occur and the Living GOD will then destroy your armies and tear your nations apart just as the Mormon prophesies.

(Can't Post the video until the 16th - I am out of data
To All Governmental Leaders:

When this occurs the members of Parliaments, Congresses, Judges, Ambassadors, Presidents and Industrial Leaders  around the world will run for their luxurious underground shelters. We have seen several of them.

What does a Fascist underground government need with Judges, Congressman, Presidents, Congressional Staff, Industrial Leaders and Intel Agents?

You will be terminated.

Your only hope for survival  lies in arming their own citizens to protect them from the riotous gangs that must ensue following the dollar devaluations and welfare elimination. You must make this all work above the ground and learn to cooperate with each other.

This is your only chance for survival.

This is the Final Round Up - the elimination of Evil and the preparation for the coming of the REAL YESHUA.

Leaders of major nations - you have been found wanting and GOD now has the legal grounds to act.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Sorry I can't track the nuke headed South and East of Indianapolis - out of data.

I ran out of data - the nuke 8 Feb in the Eastern Ukraine went off

I ran out of data - The EMP Tiny Hand Helped Nuke created a minor power outage in DC

Now I am out of data - who know where this nuke will go - good luck White House Staff. You will be receiving another Dirty Bomb that may be a little more intense on top of a memorial soon by the Iranians - out of data, can't post it's where abouts.

Remember 21 April 2028, 21 Sep last year?

Monday, May 11, 2015

World Falls Apart A Patch Adams Moves Forward

As the world falls apart Patch Adams keeps moving forward with his messages of Peace.

(Pray(Visualize) the world hears Patch Adams and does as he asks. All the funny funny stuff he does simply helps him promote his message)
1) Bad News of the Day:

a) Twelve hours ago Greece missed their payment to the EU and in a Defacto Method declared Bankruptcy as the Euronations moved to prohibit Greece's Bankruptcy - yet there is nothing in the news about this.

b) Last Thursday the entire World Bond Market stopped - it Pegged Out and was - well - trashed.

c) The US failed to pay China a debt on 17 April and now in May and has - thus - declared Bankruptcy in a Dejure Manner and  can no longer Veto it's Own Bankruptcy in the World Bank or the IMF.

d) In a foot hold intended to sponsor a "War In Greece" the US Corporate Forces have now moved into Macedonia to spark a "Civil War." The Rothchilds demand more money from hte greeks.

The US Embassy in Greece has set aside over $22 Million Dollars to pay "Armies of Violent Protesters" to make life in this tiny little nation a nightmare, thus allowing weapons and more "US Paid Protesters" to flood into Greece to make life there a living hell.

Since the US no longer obeys any laws and it's debt is no longer added up the spending in Greece to create a Civil War and kill Greeks could simply sky rocket through the roof as the State Department  was officially given  "NO LIMIT" on a budget to create Civil Wars around the world.

Next Targets: Moscow, Beijing and Ceylon.
2) As the world falls apart Patch Adams is moving 25 Clowns to Armenia to do three things:

a) Speak on stopping wars.

b) Initiate a planting project where they actually plant 1,300 trees and initiate a program to try and save the Armenian Flying Squirrel form extinction. The replanting of the trees will do more to help the squirrel to survive than all the laws on the books.

3) To teach doctors across the tiny ancient nation of Armenia to treat the Person, not the disease.

If you treat a disease you win some, you loose some.

If you treat a person you win 100% of the time.

This is what our videos are about - treating the person not the disease. When you watch the videos you have a purpose in life - to tell the world that there is hope. GOD can provide. You will never be lonely again sharing this news.

So while the world falls apart Dr Hunter (Patch) Adams moves forward to help give us peace.

Patch Adams (Dr Hunter Adams) now has a free hospital operating and needs Band Aids and other basic needs for those he treats. We try and buy him a Box of Band Aids every chance we get.

In addition - All the money from all the "Cure" videos (If Google Ever Pays Me) is to be sent to the Geseuitheit Institute to support his hospital.

In addition - if we ever get paid all the money from You Tube "The Cure" videos we earn this money will go directly to Patch and the Gensuintite Institute. Free Health Care does cost money.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Gesundheit! Institute Home - Gesundheit! Institute


Aging Reversed - YouTube

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Fight Back

First - please pray (Visualize) that you understand this article and that these articles go viral to wake up America.

Second: If you have a Microwave Oven of Television you are lost, irradiated on a daily basis. It does not matter what you watch - only that you watch or use the Radar Range (Microwave Oven).

We are being conditioned in America for our own destruction and we feel helpless to even move in any direction. Please be aware that this is a fight between GOD and Lucifer and it has been going on for Eons.

What you can do is pray, do what GOD asks of you, and be prepared for any thing Lucifer will throw at you.

We fight not against flesh and blood but against Powers And Princes of Darkness led by their Commander and Coward Lucifer - or Satan.

Here are some examples of conditioning we all receive daily:
1) The United Nations Conference last weekend was very, very informative. One of the most important things the said was: "We do Not Even Know How Automated Trading on the New York Stock Exchange is Done, it is all done through Artificial Intelligence nad we have Price Setting."

So we have two things going on on Wallstreet:

1st) Prices for metals and many stocks are set in London

2nd) The Artificial Intelligence Programs control much of the stock market prices (NYSE, American Stock Exchange, Japanese Stock Exchange, Chinese Stock Exchange, etc.)

This means that as the market collapses around you that you will believes everything is Great based on the Stock Exchange's Values>.

Example: Stocks are up, unemployment is down - the economy is in a FULL RECOVERY.
2) There are some good generals.

A recent video circulating has a 4 star general stating he will not fire on US Citizens.

In order to become a Major you have to be in a Satanic Cult - sacrificing Humans monthly. SO what this "General" is stating is that he will sacrifice Americans monthly but not fire on Americans?

Think about it.
3) In a few recent interviews the "Guerilla  Economist" exposes the US Corporate Evils on their planned attacks on America - an he dies a great job at it.

We are thus conditioned to Hate the US Military and Obama, and fear them killing us. It is a type of conditioning for us to accept our own destruction.

What we need to be doing is praying and preparing, not fearing.
So here is an example:

The Rothchilds Round Table in London has just set up the nuking of America. In their recent plan they intend to Nuke 2 US Cities (Atlanta and San Francisco) before 12 March 2016 using pre-positioned nukes.

On 12 March 2016 (=- 3 days) they will detonate a series of nukes across the world in this order: LA, Sacramento, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Boise, Capitols of France, Moscow, China, then the nukes will be detonated in the US heading South and East in a V pattern. Simultaneously release of Bio Weapons will then occur to kill around 4 Billion Worthless Humans as they hide underground. They will throw everything they have at us - Earthquakes, floods, etc.

The world will be readied for Lucifer's Return at the beginning of the New Cycle in 2025.
4) So - do we just roll over and die?

Pray - Visualize - that those planning and implementing these Evil Plans are immobilized by the Living GOD for the rest of their lives - and so immobilized they can not even speak.

We can win this by doing as GOD has directed us to do.

Watch the video THE CURE FOR CANCER and stock up.


In the last days even the shadows of the Believers will heal those in the streets.

So - enjoy life and appreciate what GOD has given you.

We live once to be judged, they have to stay here eons and eventually will be cast down into the Lake Of Fire never to return.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Whistleblower: 4 Star General Foretells Impending Collapse Of America - YouTube

The Guerrilla Economist V's Interview With 4 Star General - YouTube

4-Star Admiral Slams Obama: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated All Of Our National Security Agencies - YouTube


He used to be a Satanic Human Sacrificing Priest until he turned to the Living GOD and his son Yehsua.

FIGHT BACK - Most Spirits will roll over, for those persistent ones play Harp Music and pray.
GOD has a plan: If my bond was paid on and the FBI was smart enough to pay me back what the stole from me according to GOD, and the US Treasury paid me all they owe me - these stories and videos would have never been made. I would have moved to Montana years ago and left the press.

If Lucifer was smart - he would have ordered me paid off long ago.

Since Lucifer is too stupid to pay me, and his Minions share this stupidity, imagine what GOD will allow me to print and video tape over the next coming years?

When I open my eyes and I am no longer on Earth my job will be done.


Aging Reversed
Morgellons Reversed
The Cure For Cancer
Stroke Damage Reversed - In A Cat
Fountain of Youth

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

UN Conference 2/3 May 2015 - Fascinating

The UN Conference this weekend in New York City was perhaps one of the most revealing conferences that the United Nations has ever had.

There were about 50 attendees and around 400 who attended via the internet.

So - exactly who are these UN Leaders, where did they come from, what are their overall goals, what do they want from us and what do they plan on doing over the next 10 years?

Most importantly : How will it effect you?

The answers they stated will surprise you.
1) Who Are They:

First you must realize that the Universe is teaming with life. Each plane of exixtance is based ofn frequencies. We live in the 3rd Dimension, 1st Harmonics.
a) Lower Material Planes:

1) Our Plane - 3rd Dimension, 1st Harmonics - We vibrate at about 50 - 100 Mhz.
2) Astral Plane - 3rd Dimension, 2nd Harmonics - Vibrates about 100 times faster - or 10,000 Mhz
3) Galactic Plane - Vibrates at 1,000,000 Mhz.

b) Energy Planes:

4) Celestial Plane - the Angels, where our souls go when we die - vibrates at 100,000,000 Mhz. Here matter and energy merge and here is where the Angels come from.
Those who lead the planet ware the "Fallen Angels." They were thrown out of heaven and down - through a Star Gate through the sun - and into this plane and they are only allowed into the Astral and Galactic Plane.

This explains why they love symbols of the sun and why the Egyptian Symbols all had a Sun Type Symbol.

"The Heavens Are Hidden Through A Golden Disc Of Light"

The came down form the Heavens and inhabit Humans - the "SONS OF MEN."

The Fallen Angels just hop from body to body and have a 40,000 year cycle and belive that after this time they will be brought back to their "Heaven,"

They are re-incarnated over and over again.

The SONS OF MEN live only once and then we either go up into the "Heavens" or down into a lower harmonics where things are filed with elemental things like Fire and Brimstone to think like a Cabbage Plant forever more.

They fear the name of Yeshua and run from Harp Music.

Pulsing Energy in the field of 10,000 - 1,000,000 Mhz will destroy them - or at least make them run.

Apparently they were sent here only to Watch, Observe, but somewhere along hte way they were corrupted like Lucifer.

2) What do they want:

They want to go back to "Heaven."

They feel like they need to learn Compasion before they can go back to "Heaven " and they have 40,000 years to learn it and their cycle is over.

They think in a backwards kind of manner which is why they were thrown out of Heaven in the first place.

For example:

They feel like they need to make war to understand the need for peace.

They feel like they need to kill to understand life.

They feel like they need to hate and give out as much pain as they can to fully understand the need for love.

In addition - they "FEED" off of our pain so the live inside Human Bodies and give the bodies pain so they can have what they call an "Esoteric Ecstacy" or an "Esoteric Orgasm." The more pain they dish out - the happier they are.

Since they only reside in a human Body they do not have to feel the pain they dish out nor do they fear dying - so they dish it out every chance they get.

They travel up and down through the Galactic, Astral and our Plane and gain wealth - they take wealth from others so they can have time to try and figure out how to go home. In other words - if you are not a Fallen Angel or have not sworn loyalty to Lucifer - you are screwed.

This is why my requests from the Living GOD are blowing their brains - is they do not cash these bonds or Treasury Forms they GOD will destroy them. GOD somehow tricked them into giving me some incredible titles and if they do not honor them they loose it all. No heaven ever.

Technology is also now being used to try and figure out how to get back to the "Heavens."

They study us to try and determine how to place their souls into artificial beings and have these "ROBOTS" give off the same frequencies we mere SONS OF MEN emanate when we have sex and fear and pain so they can get an Esoteric Orgasm  on a continual basis. In this way they can live forever and get an "Esoteric Orgasm" any time they wish.

We Humans are their mere slaves.

Other beings brought into this plane of existence serve these Fallen Angels.

3) What Are Their Plans For The Future:

Complete Anarchy - THE PLAN must be carried out. Religion destroyed, the economy destroyed - all must be readied for the NEW CYCLE beginning in 2025.

In other words - they plan to disrupt and destroy and kill as much as they can between now and the year 2025. Then they will rebuild in the name of Lucifer and in 2032 Lucifer will throw up a tent over the north Temple Mount and declare himself as god according to Hanz Kovlenback, Chief Jesuit Murderer, 4/15/2000.

4) How Are They Getting Away With This:

These powerful Fallen Angels have taken over the bodies of willing servants and these servants now run the planet. They care little about laws and decency - some of these Fallen Angels are the most perverted freaks you may even encounter and their Slaves (Humans, Tall Grays, Tall Whites, Draconians, Archons)  are just as perverted and will be destroyed along with these Fallen Angels.

As man turns away form GOD they gain more and more power.

Think about it - through the TV we are bringing in lies, perverts, murders, Gays, and Demon Possessed People into our homes and we go to a Corporate Church twice a month and then put GOD back on the shelf when we get back?

Lucifer then goes back and petitions GOD and asks for power in our homes to destroy us because we bring Lucifer's Perversion (Satan' Perversion) into our homes.

We give them power.
5) How does this effect you:

Collapsing economy

Over $1.50 in taxes for every gallon of gas you buy.

Cars in Germany get 250-300 MPH while yours get what - 25 Mph?

Electric Cars with a 3,000 mile range are only available to the Higher Ups in the military. You - the Public - are "Too Stupid" to understand Plate Batteries and this why you can't buy these:  is what I was told by the CIA Director and head of Washington State Technologies.

Disrupted Family Life

Bad Health: Cancer, Heart disease, MS..

6) What About the Tension here on Earth today:

There is an Intergalactic/Interharmonics War and the war is causing huge tension among their Hierarchy as beings in these realms are beginning to understand who these Fallen Angela are and what they are doing.

This war is causing huge tensions here on planet Earth.

7) Why is GOD now opening the gates of Hell to bring in all the Demons?

If these Fallen Angels repent and turn towards GOD and ask GOD to change the way they think - to abandon the ways of their MASTER Lucifer - and do this through HIS #1 SON (Yeshua) then the Living GOD will accept them back into "Heaven."

There time is very short.

Those that refuse to repent will tear this planet apart like spoiled little children.

Those that do repent will need to prove it through their works here on Earth in reversing some of the Evils they have perpetrated.

It is that simple.

If you read the Bible in the original Hebrew and the New Testament in the Greek and have GOD's eyes to understand then this is no surprise to you.

If you mind is filled with the teachings of Demon Possessed Men then you will never understand this.

OK - Too Much Info.

I wish to thank those at the United Nations for allowing me to participate in this two day conference.

I will now break ranks and talk about two other issues:

(A) Nuke is SE of Indianapolis in a warehouse - --- I am seeing a Train Station.

The Nuke is headed towards a Nuclear Facility either in Southern Ohio -- Waverly? or towards Western Kentucky at the tip - just as the river heads South?

Something about Langley Fudge Boys Pay Back?

Your Langley Fudge Boys Assistant Director will understand - also - you killed an FBI Director. Bad Jujubees Fudge Boys.

Detonation 17 May (+- 3 Days). The war will cancel all debts with China and allow the US Corporation to nationalize all of the Chinese holdings in North America.

The location of the final destination is changing as this Fudge Boy has an attitude.
Look up - N3KL.ORG

While the rest of the world is saying the Solar Cycle is over GOD DOES NOT AGREE.


Any questions?
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Red Dragons To Be Taken Down By CFR

In a recent report entitled Revising "U.S Grand Strategy Towards China" the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)  has decided to take the Red Dragon Family, and thus the Chinese Economy, down a notch.

Through the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) the Council of Foreign Relations plans to control China through their corporations.

The CFR answers directly to the Rockefellar Round Table.

The Rockefellar Round Table answers directly to the Rockefellars and Brazinskis.

The Rockefellars answer directly to the Rothchilds (Bauers)

The Rothchilds answer directly to the Bauers - Deutch Bank - in Frankfurt.

The Frankfurt Banks answers directly to the Vatican Bank.

The Vatican Bank answers directly to the Vatican Council - the Pope, Lucifer Incarnate - according to the Pope's Declaration in 1869.

Lucifer hates life - he and his cohorts were thrown out of Heaven and down here and all they can do is destroy.

So thus - the Roman Pope has ordered the Chinese Economy to be taken down a notch.

If the Red Dragon Family would like to remain a World Economic Power they need to do as GOD has directed them to do. If not the CFR may be successful - so says the I Am That I Am who was and is and is to come.

Any Questions Red Dragon Family?

((Please Pray (Visualize) that the Red Dragon Family gets this message.))

Just as surely as that nuke went off on 8 February North of Donetsk and the EMP (Hand Held Nuke) crippled the DC Power Station a few weeks ago, the Red Dragon Family will be dealt with by Lucifer unless they do as GOD has directed them to do in previous articles we have written. So HE has said it, so it shall be.

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Dr William B. Mount

CFR Says China Must Be Defeated, & TPP Is Essential to That RINF Alternative News & Alternative Media | Breaking News Real Independent


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You are not crazy - you are being watched.


Dr William B. Mount