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Monday, May 11, 2015

World Falls Apart A Patch Adams Moves Forward

As the world falls apart Patch Adams keeps moving forward with his messages of Peace.

(Pray(Visualize) the world hears Patch Adams and does as he asks. All the funny funny stuff he does simply helps him promote his message)
1) Bad News of the Day:

a) Twelve hours ago Greece missed their payment to the EU and in a Defacto Method declared Bankruptcy as the Euronations moved to prohibit Greece's Bankruptcy - yet there is nothing in the news about this.

b) Last Thursday the entire World Bond Market stopped - it Pegged Out and was - well - trashed.

c) The US failed to pay China a debt on 17 April and now in May and has - thus - declared Bankruptcy in a Dejure Manner and  can no longer Veto it's Own Bankruptcy in the World Bank or the IMF.

d) In a foot hold intended to sponsor a "War In Greece" the US Corporate Forces have now moved into Macedonia to spark a "Civil War." The Rothchilds demand more money from hte greeks.

The US Embassy in Greece has set aside over $22 Million Dollars to pay "Armies of Violent Protesters" to make life in this tiny little nation a nightmare, thus allowing weapons and more "US Paid Protesters" to flood into Greece to make life there a living hell.

Since the US no longer obeys any laws and it's debt is no longer added up the spending in Greece to create a Civil War and kill Greeks could simply sky rocket through the roof as the State Department  was officially given  "NO LIMIT" on a budget to create Civil Wars around the world.

Next Targets: Moscow, Beijing and Ceylon.
2) As the world falls apart Patch Adams is moving 25 Clowns to Armenia to do three things:

a) Speak on stopping wars.

b) Initiate a planting project where they actually plant 1,300 trees and initiate a program to try and save the Armenian Flying Squirrel form extinction. The replanting of the trees will do more to help the squirrel to survive than all the laws on the books.

3) To teach doctors across the tiny ancient nation of Armenia to treat the Person, not the disease.

If you treat a disease you win some, you loose some.

If you treat a person you win 100% of the time.

This is what our videos are about - treating the person not the disease. When you watch the videos you have a purpose in life - to tell the world that there is hope. GOD can provide. You will never be lonely again sharing this news.

So while the world falls apart Dr Hunter (Patch) Adams moves forward to help give us peace.

Patch Adams (Dr Hunter Adams) now has a free hospital operating and needs Band Aids and other basic needs for those he treats. We try and buy him a Box of Band Aids every chance we get.

In addition - All the money from all the "Cure" videos (If Google Ever Pays Me) is to be sent to the Geseuitheit Institute to support his hospital.

In addition - if we ever get paid all the money from You Tube "The Cure" videos we earn this money will go directly to Patch and the Gensuintite Institute. Free Health Care does cost money.
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